The Tumblr Tag Challenge (ft. Troye Sivan) | Tyler Oakley

The Tumblr Tag Challenge (ft. Troye Sivan) | Tyler Oakley

– Well hello everyone. My name is Tyler Oakley, and I am here with one
of my absolute favorites. Say who you are. – I’m Troye Sivan. – And where can people find you? – On forward
slash Troye with an e. – So Troye and I have kind of noticed that since we started hanging out y’all can’t handle it. Like y’all are goin’ fucking apeshit. So we decided to not look at
the Troyler tag on Tumblr until we turned on the camera. Okay, ready? – Yup. – Troyler search. (laughter) Wait, it has begun. Can we talk about this? – Apparently I’m now riding a slightly– Well, not slightly,
morbidly obese Tyler Oakley. – That’s my normal look. This is actually what I look like. That’s what you look like. So this is you– – I’m obviously wearing some
vintage Tyler Oakley jewelry and a vintage Tyler Oakley crown. – Floral crowns are out. Okay, so here is a fusion
of us as like a baby. – And the baby is wearing half
opaque glasses apparently. – Which probably by
the time we have a baby those will exist, those kinds of glasses. – It’s actually fucking cute. Should we? Oh beautiful, – [Troye] Gorgeous.
– [Tyler] Okay. – Your face. – Here we can see Tyler
romantically carrying me into the ocean. – I love your bikini top, and I love this goin’ on right here. Oh that’s cute. – Someone did a drawing of us. – They did this on their phone. That’s impressive. – That’s very, very impressive. Oh my god. – Make it stop. What? – What is that? – This is a mom dog human. – That is not a dog. – That’s a dog human
fusion, and I’m the mom. And it’s you’re one of my babies. – And it says, it says family, love heart, love heart, love heart. – Great. – Troyler is life, a lovely montage. – That’s cute. I like these montages. – Cute. So apparently it looks like
I have hair curlers in, but instead of hair curlers they look like just little, tiny Tyler Oakleys. One of them is wearing a blue wig. – You should be so lucky. – I’m kind of terrified. – This is one of the first pictures of us. – He want the d. He want the d. – I was drunk here. It was my birthday, and– – I wasn’t drunk. I have no excuse to look this way. – Troy was sober. – I was completely sober. That’s just my duck face. – This one says we are like
the hottest couple ever. – What is going on there? I like how they made me the male. – This is like Dirty Dancing. Why are you the guy? – I’m the guy in the relationship. – I hate it when people are like, “Who is the guy in the
relationship?” between gay couples. – We’re both guys obviously. – We are both gentleman. I am a man. This is a man. We are both the men. – We just happen to be men with One Direction and Hello Kitty tattoos. – Hey. – Another creepy montage. – And in the middle it’s
got a love heart that says, “Can you not?” – That was us eating pizza yesterday. You guys are fucking quick. – Oh, what? Why am I always the girl? – And why do we have a devil child? – And Beyonce is our child. Just a family portrait. The gremlin got it from you, and then Beyonce got it from me. – I fucking hate him. I literally hate him. – You love me. – Harry Styles with a Troye and Tyler hair piece it seems. – That is a weave of epic proportions. – Yes, that is a weave of course. – We look great here. This is us eating corn dogs. – It says Troyler in
approximately 3.4 years. This is completely accurate. – This girl says, “This is how Troyler
makes my friend feel.” That’s cute. – That’s kinda– – Is that what you look
like when you kiss? – You weren’t kissing in this photo. Tyler like a shit kisser in this photo. Tumbler user Troyler Oakley says, “I know you two are going
through the Troyler tag. “I see you..twinks.” – I’m not a twink. I’m like a, I’m a jock. – Tyler’s like a geek jock. – Oh, okay. – It’s the glasses. Troyler? More like slam your big dicks
into each other, am I right? – No, you’re not right. – That is definitely not right. Going through the Troyler
tag makes me rethink my life. Same. – Oh, is that what it said? I though you were just
making an announcement. Here’s a fan fiction. We’ll read that later. This fan fiction is called Troyler, MLK and Brussel Sprouts. Do I wanna know? This is the worst montage I’ve ever seen. So good job, Perks of Being a Whaleshark. – We hate you. – You know I love you. – Tyler lifting me up like
in the scene of Lion King. (mumbles) (camera clicks) – Okay, so, here we have a
manip, as you guys call it, of Tyler and me. I would do us. – I would do us. Tell them about that night we hung out. – So I went to Tyler’s hotel room– – Okay, it doesn’t sound like that. We didn’t get any time to
hang out in Playlist Live, and he texted me. He’s like, “We need to hang out. “I wanna at least get a selfie.” He was just coming– – I did not text you, Tyler texted me. – Anyway, he was coming to my
room just to take a selfie, and we ended up hanging
out for like four hours. And Troyler was born. Oh wait, that’s me. – [Tyler] You look so good.
– [Troye] That’s me. – We look like a really,
really old couple. – That’s us in 50 years. Here’s our wedding picture. – That was a great day. – That was a good day. I will never forget that day. Oh, damn. (dancing sounds) That ass though. Really though. Okay, so that was
interesting or something. – To say the least. – What did we just find? I feel like we’ve looked into your brains and it’s not pretty. – Not at all. – But somehow (mumbles). – I don’t know, yeah, this is kinda– – It’s kind of a thing. – You’re giving me some ideas. – Okay. If you guys like this video,
be sure to give it a thumbs up and maybe Troyler will return. And until then, go on over to
Troye’s channel and subscribe, because he’s one of my
absolute favorite Youtubers. He is amazing. And watch the video we made over there. What did we do? – We tatted ourselves up. We got some Harry styles. We got some Hello Kitty. We got some Disney princesses. And it turned out awesome. So go click on my face. Click on his face. Also the link will be
below in the description. And subscribe while you’re over there. And I feel like I should tell you guys, because I discovered
Troye through Tumbler. His Tumbler is amazing
so follow him on Tumbler. The link will be below. He’s one of my favorites. So now we’re doing like everything. – Of course, of course. If you know what I mean. Tyler will know cuz he’s
one of my favorites. – Shut up. And we can’t wait to see what else you guys put in the Troyler tag. We’ll be watching. Have a good life and we
will see you guys next time. – Bye. – You guys are dirty. – Just thought I’d pop by.

100 thoughts on “The Tumblr Tag Challenge (ft. Troye Sivan) | Tyler Oakley

  1. Wait, I'm lost. Are these two actually boyfriends? (Sorry, not from this fandom hehe, please don't kill me)

  2. life is wild, when this video came out i was a sad closeted 13 year old who was so deeply depressed from trying to repress my true self. and now, five years later, i’m much so happier, and celebrating pride month as an openly gay woman. but none of this would have been possible without all the supportive and inspiring lgbtq community i found on youtube. so thanks boys, for all you’ve done. ♥️🏳️‍🌈♥️

  3. Shit I'm crying actually I miss the old days of YouTube and I know that's so gross to say but I miss these videos and I miss troyler anf I miss just the whole feel of it am and when it was an actual community and just ugh I cant believe watching troyler videos has made me like this

  4. Who else was low-key reading the steamy fanfic at 4:05–4:06 and noticed they edited out the part where it actually got steamy😳😳😅😅😳🙄

  5. i used to be so obsessed with troyler jesus the nostalgia is slowly piercing my body until i disappear into a void of gay confused panic attacks.

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