100 thoughts on “The Ugliest Newspaper In Britain

  1. I always understood the word 'liberalism' to mean tolerance to all beliefs and thoughts as long as it didn't denigrate your own beliefs and thoughts.
    Brother, was I wrong, nowadays, 'liberalism' means exactly the opposite to any form of free speech or expression that they, 'the liberals' find offensive
    to their 'superior' way of thinking, even to the eventual detriment of their own way of life. By the way, are all the 1.7K objectors by any chance 'Guardian readers'?

  2. The trouble with Jews is that as soon as you criticise them or don't tow the line they try to peddle you are labelled anti-semitic. Without fail. Currently we have the Labour party tearing itself apart over claims of racism and anti-semitism. Corbyn is a stereotypical left wing dreamer whom I used to believe made his party un-electable, but the truth is they were reduced to this state by Blair and his corrupt cronies and it is these same people who are trying their utmost to have Corbyn removed. They don't realise that it was their actions that drove Labour voters away whilst pushing most of those who remained further left. We all know the stupid things Corbyn has done but he's not racist or anti-semitic. Not adopting the "internationally accepted" definition of anti-semitism, formulated by Jews, isn't racist except in the eyes of the Jews and their Blairite lackeys who would willingly tear apart the party to regain control. Telling the truth about Hitler's support for for the great Zionist goal of an independent Jewish state got Ken Livingston duly labelled and forced out of the party. For telling the truth!
    These days all it takes is the right person to label you. There is no debate, the label sticks and whether you're left or right leaning, the mob go into a social media feeding frenzy.
    As with Islam, the Jews have a huge problem with their history and some of its people. Why did Hitler hate the Jews? Perhaps the role that wealthy Jews played in bringing about the first world war. Perhaps their funding of both sides of the Franco Prussian war. Like all wars, somebody profits whilst the vast majority loses, in the case of WW1 to the tune of tens of millions of lives and untold billions of pounds, dollars, marks and francs. The Jews would have their hands in this air brushed out of the history books, and have almost succeeded.
    Islamists need to recognise and address not just the criminal elements in their mosques but also the teachings of their holy books which in their present form have no place in modern western society. Christianity in general, and Catholicism in particular, have undergone this painful process, albeit reluctantly. In the information age it is much harder to control access to the facts and in a free, non secular society, people are learning. The Jews need to recognise their own bloody history and acknowledge the devious, underhand political and financial scheming by their own super rich elite which has cost them so many millions of their own lives.
    In the end all these conflicts boil down to one which has been raging through the millennia, and that is the haves and the have nots. How many people actually want to go out and kill or be killed. How many working men and women, with children and jobs and a home life would actually want to leave that behind to die a horrible death in a foreign land. Not many. Yet hundreds of millions have done so. Internal revolutions aside, how many billionaires son's have died an anonymous death in war? How many members of the royal families or the ruling elite fight and die in these wars? Not many. Wars are always fought by the masses on behalf of the elite who own or manipulate the media and control the government's. Wealth is everything to the wealthy and morals, social justice and the poor be damned. To learn who is behind all major man made events just follow the money.

  3. Any state which allows any religion to run it or set the rules is finished. Europe toiled under the yolk of Catholicism for over a thousand years during which time there was no cultural, medical, scientific or social progress. It was rightly called the dark ages and if left in the hands of the Vatican would be the same to this day. The reformation was a dangerous time for free thinkers and artists across the continent and it wasn't until other branches of Christianity began to flourish that the long slow climb to civilisation and freedom could begin. Mind you the Catholic church found plenty of diversion and new victims, oh sorry, converts in its military conquest of South and Central America. As an illustration of the effectiveness of religious indoctrination you need look no further than the Americas. With all its vast natural resources it's people are amongst the world's poorest yet are probably the most devout members of the Catholic church. The Catholic church has only been rivalled in infamy by Islam, radical or otherwise. The only changes brought about in the middle East have been because of the oil. The most important source of industrial energy in the world and the Islamic states float on an ocean of it. Their royal families and sheikhs are the richest people in the world yet the masses are scraping a living. Few have access to a proper education and disobedience of the church means a death sentence, as does being a gay person, or an independent woman or even being the wrong type of Muslim.
    These two great religions of peace extended their spheres of influence at the point of a sword. Islam is socially, culturally and technologically a thousand years behind Europe but as it's people begin to prosper they may eventually see things from a more enlightened viewpoint.
    Unfortunately this may be at the cost of the white European whose liberal, weak spirited leaders continue down the failing path of multi-culturalism and misguided social engineering.

  4. Pat, I shake your hand Brilliant. I'm a Born in Britain, living in S Germany.. of course NOOOO problems anywhere despite 1.2million "refugees" coming here. They are all truly wonderful people with such a kind nature (cough) NO problems at all (cough) the news (RTL) is a bit like the BBC, R1 is more balanced. The far left are more dangerous than the far right – as you know the more right parties are gaining ground because of the Stupid decisions by merkel AND no voice.. Just everyone Shhhhh everything fine (cough)

    5:00 .."By some middle aged university educated prick that spent his whole life on the dole" I had to laugh. So so true.

  5. I think it best to begin differentiating between political Islam and true, religious Islam. Political Islam is Islam that is primarily devoted to making the world submit to archaic laws and rules and religious Islam is just people who truly believe that God's name is Allah and they must submit personally to him.

  6. The Guardian did not go batshit crazy just recently, it's been like this since the 1980s at latest. Always found it to be least readable of the UK broadsheets because of its deliberately obscurantist style, a sure sign of people liking the sound of their own voice more than the message they wish put across.

  7. Israel is the aggressor, they stole the land from the Palestinians. They have no rights at all there. Their even kicking out the true hebrew jews

  8. The BBC used to be lefty and independent. I used to trust it.
    I thought it was funny that a government department like the Beeb was for more trustworthy than American corporate media. Supposedly private enterprise they are slaves to corporations that are in bed with both major parties. They were state media.
    The BBC has turned into lapdogs for the Conservatives. They are not for the people and unbiased like they used to be.
    I don't read any particular paper, and then only on the net.
    I dont know about anti-Semitism or anti-Israel, but I think I've read a lot of economic and social articles I agree with.

  9. You are spot on as usual and tell it as it is, Pat. The trashy Guardian does burn well on the fire because of the hot air of stupidity it is composed of. Any thing alien to commonsense can be found in its biased pages!! As for the Brussels broadcasting catastrophe , it's a spouter of lies and deceit.

  10. Hey Pat to be anti ZIONIST does not mean that one is anti semitic, You forget about the creeping takeover of Palestinian land grabs, No I am not pro Arab either , nor am I an anti Semite !

  11. Muslims are now, the hidden majority of share holders. Because patrol taquiyya is the only news our fake protector knows. Fuck islam!

  12. Damn-right, Mr.C. Where do we listen to your monologues when You Tube shuts your channel down? It won't be on Patreon. What's plan B?

  13. I pray the God you say you dont believe in bless you mightily because whether you believe it or not he has given you so much understanding wisdom and such a wonderful clear way of speaking that gets the message across so good. Fairplay to you sir you are so plugged in. I loved every video I seen so far. Well done.

  14. THE LEFT IS TAKING OVER BY THE BROTHERHOOD. for money of other ways ….the Jews are liberals , the left is not liberals they were pushed together like conservatives and far rright … so we need to understand that we see left divide d in liberals and left and right too divided in libertarians and concervatives and far right leftovers of kkk neo nazi conspiracy theorists )))) OH YOU JUST SAID SELF HATING JEWS ( I'm a Russian American Jew)yes that's the word we ALL HAVE ONE ENEMY ISLAM. thank you for such understanding such smart explanation I live the way you speak !!!!!!!!!!

  15. Britain Robbed India Of $45 Trillion & Thence 1.8 Billion Indians Died From Deprivation

  16. The "Guardian" really distinguished itself in all it's trendy horror, when the Poles celebrated their Independence Day by a march along I wide highway in Warsaw! Their crime, for the "Grauniad" was that they were all carrying red & white Polish flags, men, women, the elderly & the young! I believe the numbers were around 60,000, and the next day the Guardian carried the headline,
    "60,000 NAZIS MARCH IN WARSAW!" Polish friends, who thought that Britain was Poland-friendly, you know, after the Battle of Britain & Monte Casino, etcetera, were shocked, horrified and stunned by this insult by the British Press to the Polish people!!
    Because if you REALLY want to insult a Pole, calling them a "Nazi" is about the vilest, lowest, most insulting word you can use, far exceeding ANY other slur or epithet!! It is an insult from the gutter, from a cracked sewer, and from that moment my opinion of the "Guardian" sank beneath the waters of contempt without trace!! And I'm English!! Long Live & Prosper the gallant people of Poland & hasten the day when the "Guardian" is no longer considered a newspaper even fit to wrap fish & chips in Britain! or be recycled as toilet paper!!

  17. THE DAILY MAIL? He fails to mention. The most racist , inaccurate news paper. YET CONDEL is talking about the guardian!
    Deluded condel strikes again.

  18. Wouldn’t it be a shame if the guardian newspapers weak link were disrupted ,, its distribution chain ,,, I e the lorries that transport the papers from the printers to smiths news the local distributors therefore landing the guardian with huge financial penalties combined with a huge loss of sales / propaganda !!!

  19. They and their managers, et.al. have become subdjugated. The American international channel "ABC", whose president is the husband to Susan Rice (ex 0Bama advisor), has suffered similar. Identify the 'Media Manipulation"!!
    Charlie Hebdo R.I.P.
    Always your Friend…
    … L' Air.

  20. Pat Condel's veracity and eloquence in decrying the anti-Semitic newspaper called the Guardian is much appreciated by those who wish to know the truth. I only wish that the anti-Semitic delusional paranoid conspiracy theorist pricks who believe that the Jews control the world's media would take the time to read this piece of excrement trying to pass itself off as a legitimate newspaper, because only then would they realize that Jews don't control the world's media. Keep up the good work Pat, and may God bless you! (Oh, I forgot that you are an atheist). Well, bless you anyway, Pat.

  21. I never Read papierwaren, nor watch main steam media news on tv anymore for years now! I like your video's very much But I must comment on this one, because Israël is becoming more and more some kind of a roque state. Remember when they proudly showed the world how they would welcome and take very good care of jews from Russia, Eastern Europe, and from Africa(the real jews by the way!) their fellow people, their brothers and sisters so they called them? What a farce was that, so it seems now!! There are numorous video's on social media now, and more coming viral by the day which WILL really shock you to the core!! The racism against, and the fear these people (especially against the coulored and black people) have to endure now, day in day out, is allready gone out of control, and ALL IN PUBLIC!! You must check this out yourself mate, and we'll see if you'll still can be that modered about the holy state of Israël. It's a human catastrofe in progress allready. AGAIN, see for yourself, in the Negev desert, Israël has build the biggest concentration camp in the world, and it's in uwe, and almost FULL already!! I couldn't believe it myself at first. Makes me think…. Did Israël execute the operations on 9/11 behind the scene, with even 2 mossad build mini nucs in the twin towers? After all they also had a team of young Israelians there at location, whom got arested because they were dancing with joy and filming when the"Planes" dove into the twin towers. Mysteriously they were back in Israël in no time, and made no secret of it, that they were there "to film the event!" WTF is going on?!?

  22. I know your video has been placed on the web in 2012 already, but I was just wondering why is it STILL THERE?!?

  23. WTO = Worst Tarrifs Out there (Even an acronym won't help the Brexiters understand)

    WTO = Wankers Take Over (Brexit fun for all!)

    WTO = Weakened UK Trashed by Others (Brexiters shame, Brexiters gain)

    WTO = World's Twats Overspill (too cerebral for Brexiters?)

    I D S = Irritable Defunkt Sheister

    I D S = Idiot: Don't Scrutinise

    I D S = Inimitably Dumbass Super-cretin

    I D S = Idiotic Doo Doo Sharp-Shooter

    I D S = Isn't Devilishly Smart

    I D S = I Daresay Shitforbrains

    Nigel Farage, look what you've fookin' done
    Destroyed Britain just for a bit of fun
    To end movement for us all
    Stay inside our wall
    Except for his wife and kids
    (They're German, after all.)

    He got cross inside 'is carriage,
    Funnier, when he's rhymed with 'Garridge'
    'e don't like those forrin' voices
    'e don't want those forrin' choices
    He's Ok mate with a pint and a pack
    of his favourite booze and fags

    E R G = Ever so slightly to the Right of Ghengis Khan

    E R G = Each, a silver spooned Recalcitrant Git

    E R G = Erstwhile Remorseless Gentleman wolves in sheep's clothing

    E R G = Evil Racist Gloaters (with 'me first' tendencies)

    E R G = Every Rotten Graceless act of self-interest

    E R G = Environmental Respect Gone (like the rain-forests)

    E R G = Economics Rapes Goodness (for bundles cash without ethics)

    E R G = Earwig-like Research Goons (of the far right, intent on self-interest)

    E R G = Earnest Religious Gang (in me first, un-ironic money-grabbing fervour)

    E R G = Eschew, Repeal, Grab the loot

    E R G = Evade the rules, Rape the weak, Gain with a savvy smile

    E R G = Eat all you can, Ruin that which slows you, Grab the loot

    E R G = Everyone for themselves and surely Remainers if there was more Gold in remaining

    E R G = Eventually, Remainers will be shown to be right but the gold will be Gone.

    E R G = Every Resource Goes (under the hammer for easy cash)

    D U P = Disingenuously Underestimating Peace

    D U P = Deliberately, Undermining Pragmatism

    D U P = Diligently, Uber-religious Partisans

    D U P = Dumbass, Unfriendly Patriots?

    D U P = Dreadful Underhand Party-poopers

    D U P = Death-cult, Unconditionally Po-faced

  24. I agree with you, although as an American I rarely read it and when I do, I think I am reading the NYT or Washington Post. You go Pat…

  25. The Gaurdian online begs for donations to keep it free. I'd pay to get rid of this hard leftist wing propaganda tool otherwise not a single penny to it.

  26. The guardian is issued to BBC employees free of charge. Say no more. Carry on with the exposure of these liberal armchair terrorists pat.

  27. Obviously a man who believes the Guardian no longer represents the Raiders and I have to agree with him all the points he makes certainly have a real sense of Truth about the type of people who are intellectually inferior and consider their self to be intellectually superior but read a newspaper that is more like a comic book then something that informed you to such an extent hopefully current encourages racism towards the Jewish people and the Christian would you respect I actually agree with this man and every word he has said and the reason for this is because he really cares about the nation he lives in who really cares about the future and the children of this country and their families he honestly cares this is the reason why he makes his videos to point out the complete the proxy of the Apocalypse

  28. Thank you for exposing the Guardian for what it is: a printed item so vile, nailing it to the inside wall of an outhouse would be an insult to faeces-covered anuses everywhere.

  29. I don't know why the lefty political correct morons are against Israel. Surely the Israelis have more right than anyone to live in Israel. It was after all their homeland until they were persecuted and pushed out of it. They have only reclaimed what is rightfully theirs. One thing is for sure – They won't be pushed around or dictate to by anyone anymore and who can blame them after all the persecution they've had to endure over the centuries and not just from the Nazis. The Jews have given a lot to the world.
    What has the Moslems and Isis Arabs and Palestinians given apart from Bloodshed and Tears ?

  30. A masterful takedown of that cancerous and insidious lying piece of shit that masquerades as a newspaper and is a criminal waste of paper. You can literally smell the hate, hypocrisy and lofty condescension dripping off it’s pages.

  31. Well said, Pat. Wouldn't wipe my arse with it. And here in Scotland, we have a similar paper, just like the Guardian, it's called The National. And it's readership are the usual far left, pro Independence, anti-English, anti-working class lowlife scumbag's. Quality British media, NOT!!!!!!

  32. It sounds to me like the Guardian readers are atheists. Arrogant, delusional, superficial, phony intellectuals, self righteous, God hating, Christian hating, Jew hating and even Jew hating Jews.

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