This Is INSANE News For Console Fortnite Players… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

This Is INSANE News For Console Fortnite Players… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

Hey what is going on guys, in this video today
we’re gonna be discussing the incredible news regarding console Fortnite that was announced
yesterday. So at around 2 PM the Fortnite competitve
Twitter account tweeted “Calling all Agents! It’s time to find your Duos partner for the
#FortniteChampionSeries, and then they attached a link to a full blog post. Now, first off this is just great news for
Fortnite in general because we haven’t had a major all-platform competitive even since
the winter royale. However, as I get into the details contained
in the blog post you’ll see why this is earth-shattering news for console players specifically. So the blog post says “FNCS Chapter 2 – Season
2 Begins March 20th. Calling all Agents! It�s time to find your Duos partner. The Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) returns
on March 20, and is open to eligible Duos players who have each reached Champion League
in Arena and enabled 2FA on their accounts. To warm up your skills, the action kicks off
with a training simulation that runs from March 13 – March 15. But here’s where it gets really good. In this season of FNCS, there will be two
tournament tracks: one for players on PC, and one for players on console and mobile. Each track will have equal prizing and their
own champions. Keep in mind, and this is mission critical,
your Duos partner needs to be in the same platform group. This means that PC players cannot partner
with console and mobile players. During FNCS, each week�s event will send
the top scoring Duos players per server region through to the Season Finals. They will be joined by the highest ranked
Duos players on the overall Series Leaderboard across the entire season. Full official rules can be found within the
additional intel page. And then finally, In addition to the new Season,
expect to hear more from us soon on our evolving 2020 competitive roadmap.” I don’t mean to get like emotional here because
it’s just a video game at the end of the day, but I really feel like this is something that
we’ve wanted for so long, and to see it finally come to fruition is just unreal. I’ll never forget making a video almost 2
years ago exactly before competitive Fortnite was really even a thing, and they annoucned
that all input devices and platforms would compete against each other in every single
tournament. And I made a video about that single decision
that happened so long basically saying “Not only is this bad for controller players, but
it basically eliminates any chance of console players having any kind of success in competitive
Fortnite.” Fast forward about a year and a half later,
and that was pretty much entirely true. A lot of PC on controller players had success
at the highest level of competitive play, but pretty much no console players. However, we got our first glimmer of hope
with the Winter Royale. That tournament was so awesome for 2 reasons. First, it seperated console players from PC
players so you knew every single person you ran into was either on an Xbox or PS4, so
basically a totally level playing field. The other reason which was probably even bigger
was the fact that console had the same prize pool as PC, that part was totally unexpected,
and it showcases that Epic was starting to manuver their strategy a bit to gear towards
console players,,, and I always thought that should’ve been a no-brainer decision from
the beginning because there are way more console Fortnite players than PC Fortnite players. However, even after he winter royale was a
massive success based on the amount of people who played and the amount of money given out,
people were still thinking this was probably just a one-off thing. The common line of thinking was basically
“Alright, Fortnite is gonna throw console a bone every once in a while and let them
win as much money as PC players, but when something serious like FNCS roles around,
everything will go back to normal with PC players dominating and getting the lion share
of prize money. That post that I just read-off basically dunked
on all the people that thought Epic would never give console an equal prize pool in
a serious competitive tournament. And this is basically the final step that
we had been hoping for that creates a 100% legit and recoginized console Fortnite scene. Console players that are incredibly but currently
have relatively small followings like Byzic, 60fpswithadeam, Apostle, GucciBrows, and so
many more are finally gonna get their chance to really make a name for themselves, and
not only be recognized by the console Fortnite competitive community, but the entire competitive
community in general. And I have a very strong suspicion that over
the next few weeks you’re gonna see a lot of PC players that are strongly against console
getting the same prize pool. The best way to counter those people and kinda
prove them isn’t to argue with them or say mean stuff to them, you wanna play the event
and watch other console players play the event to prove that console Fortnite deserves to
be it’s own thing. So now that I went on that little tirade of
why this is so unbelievably awesome for all PS4 and Xbox players, let’s actually dive
into the specifics of this duos FNCS. Alright so the first thing I wanna emphasize
in case you missed it when I read the intitial post is that according to Epic, you need to
have reached champs division to compete in this event, which means you need to be over
6000 points in arena. The official tournament begins March 20th
so you guys still have a decent amount of time, so I have a feeling a lot of people
are gonna be grinding arena this next week or so. So the way that the scoring an advancement
system works for this duos FNCS is similar to what you’ve seen in other top online tournaments,
basically it’s multple different rounds on each weekend. So basically round 1 will be open to all players
that are in champions and have a duo. Each time will be able to play up to 10 games
in a 3 hours time period, and then at the end of round 1 the top 1000 duos advance to
round 2 in EU, Na East, NA West and Brazil. However for all the other regions it’s only
the top 400 duos. Then in round 2 there will be another 3 hour
or 10 game session in which the top 50 teams in each region advances to round 3. And then at the end of round 3 the top 20
duos from EU, NA East, NA West, and Brazil guarantee their spot in the FNCS finals, while
it’s only 10 duos from the other regions. Since there’s 4 weeks, that qualification
system right there will makes up 80 out of 200 or 40 out of 100 teams in what Fortnite
calls stage 2 depending on the region. The rest of those spots will be given to the
most consistent non-qualifiers via Series points. The description they give is: Series Points
are awarded to all teams, regardless of qualification status, at the conclusion of each Week�s
Round 3 window. For clarity, teams will only be awarded series
points for actual participation in a given Round. By way of example only, if a team reaches
Round 3 but fails to queue for or otherwise misses all matches during a Round 3 session,
then that team will only be awarded series points for those matches it participated in
through Round 2. And here’s the full list of series point values
so a 1st place finish in any round will give you 500 points and that goes all the way down
to top 10,000 which will give you 16. So more teams will actually qualify via this
series points system than actually being top 20 in any given week which I think is really
cool. Then once the final 200 or 100 teams depending
on the region make it stage 2 it’ll then be widdled down 1 more time to the top 50 duos
who will advance into the grand finals. Definitely a pretty confusing system as FNCS
usually is, but I think once the event comes around it’ll be a lot easier to understand. Now that you hopefully somewhat understand
that, let’s get into the prize pool details. So I’m only gonna show Europe and NA East
since they’re the biggest, but if you wanna see your region specifically I’ll make sure
to link the full rules page in the description. So this right here is prizes for the teams
that make it to round 3 of stage 1 each week. First place on EU is 5 grand and it goes all
the way down to 400 for top 50, and on NA East it’s 4.5k for 1st, but this time only
the top 25 duos get money, and it goes down to 400 also. And here are the 1 time prizes for the teams
that make it to stage 2 and the grand finals: First on Europe is a whopping $70,000 and
even if you place last which is 200 you still get a solid amount of money at 1.8k For NA
first is considerably lower at 44,000 but at least even last place gets rewarded although
it’s only 1120 compared to the 1800 of EU. Also just to re-iterate one more time, this
is the prize pool for both PC and Console + Mobile, it’s exactly the same in every single
way which again is incredible. So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you watched the entire thing be sure to let me know with a comment down in the comment
section below. What are your thoughts on console getting
their own FNCS with the same exact prize pool as PC, I really wanna hear your guyses thoughts
on this one because it’s so monumental. Be sure to leave a like, leave a comment,
subscribe, turn on post notifications, do whatever the heck you want, and I, will catch
you guys next time!

100 thoughts on “This Is INSANE News For Console Fortnite Players… (Fortnite PS4 + Xbox)

  1. I want to play against pc players, I just want no stutter lags on console, I can’t even tunnel or triple edit without completely facing the other direction on accident becuase frame and stutter lag. My PS4 is pretty old now though but a new one will no way fix the problem. Epic need to lower the graphics it’s the only way. Ps4 works to hard becuase epic always upgrading graphics.

  2. why does everybody act like all pc players are snarky annoying little bitchy type players that's not a fair representation of pc players and I feel its an unfitting way to stereotype us, ps I don't care what I play on or what you play on as long as I am having fun playing the game with my friends, so one of a few wishes is for everyone to stop with the pc vs console wars BS its time for it to die, and for us just to enjoy it.

  3. Servers laggy as hell, we have editing an building delay ASWELL its not good!! I havent played for 2 weeks cuz there messing up everything

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  7. In this case why not just split platform in arena.I am not against console getting their own FNCS but however this is still unfair for mobile and Intendo player.Beside console comp is way easier,the price pool for it should be cut in half

  8. Dude you're the best! We love you gronky. Can you give me a tip " I started playing from season 8," but not getting better with time..

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  11. Just STOP ALL CROSSPLAY WITH PC PLAYERS!! JESUS HOW HARD CAN IT BE? Not everyone likes playing arena or tournaments, console vs console, pc vs pc in everything including pubs could eliminate 1000's of complaints about the game! Also why is there Solo's, Duos, & Squads but no Trio's? 1, 2, 4 player matches….but no 3? (Who does the math for Epic?) Just add Trios as a regular game mode, not LTM!!

  12. It's literally no news really on west server the payout garbage… not to mention the server stability is horrible, wait till you get in a stacked lobby end game and your rubber banding, can't build or shoot… it's a joke right now and starts next week…lmao
    Ggs epic

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    PC: More FPS, less input delay
    Controller on PC: See above + some aim assist to compensate for using sticks
    Console: FUBR

    Personally, I am a console player myself and I gave up on waiting for Epic to improve my game experience. In the very end, this Game is just a business for them and somehow they came to the conclusion, that console players are not worth the effort.

    tl;dr: fAck you, Epic.

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    I work on fridays, I want to play in this so bad, but I can’t.
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