Thrive Leads – The Best PopUp/Optin Plugin for WordPress Review

Thrive Leads – The Best PopUp/Optin Plugin for WordPress Review

Hey guys,
In this video I’m going to take through a complete demo of Thrive Leads which is an
amazing WordPress Plugin that allows you to quickly and easily create very attractive
opt-in forms and popups to help you grow your mailing list. Thrive Leads is honestly one of the best things
I’ve ever purchased online! So let’s get started so I can show you how
powerful this plugin really is! Before I take you through a complete demo
of Thrive leads I just want to quickly show you the some of opt-in forms that I have created
using the plugin and are being used on my website.
Keep in mind that all of the opt-in forms are responsive which means they work on any
screen size and mobile devices. On my home-page I have this, in-content opt-in
form which is created using a shortcode. On some of my pages I am using a Ribbon which
is what this opt-in form down here called. I have also created a basic widget opt-in
form which can be seen here. And in some of my blog posts, I have a link
opt-in form which can be seen here. I’m going to go ahead and click on it just
so you can see what happens. And boom! A form pops-up as soon as I click
on the link. One last feature that I use and really like
is the Lock opt-in form which requires users to fill in the form to unlock the content
behind it. I use this in most of my Audio posts. I’ve created a Thrive Leads demo page so I
can show you some other types of opt-in forms you can create with Thrive Leads. Please note
that the following forms are pre-built and have not been customized in any wayp. You
will notice that they look pretty awesome by default. You can create a standard pop-up.
You can have in-content opt-in forms on specific pages or posts.
You can create slide in opt-in forms which slide in from left, right above or below.
These opt-in forms also stay on the screen if the user scrolls down the page. You can create Screen Fillers which fill up
the whole screen. With Screen Fillers a user is unable to scroll
up or down unless they fill in their details or close it. and lastly you can create Scroll Mat’s which
take up the whole screen and give you the option to either fill in your details, scroll
down manually, scroll down by pressing the down arrow.
Once you scroll pass the opt-in form it completely disappears. As you can see you can do some pretty awesome
stuff with ThriveLeads and if you have been looking at other opt-in solutions you will
probably realize that Thrive Leads offers the same features and MORE! Ok let’s dive in a little deeper so you can
see exactly how it works. Once you install Thrive Leads you will notice
these new Menu’s in your WordPress Admin Panel. Thrive Lightboxes and Thrive Dashboard. In this video we are not going to cover Thrive
LightBoxes because you need to purchase an additional tool called Content Builder to
effectively use them. In short, ThriveBoxes allows you to build
your own 2-step opt-in forms. We will cover 2-step opt-in forms later in
the video. Let’s take a look at the Thrive Dashboard Here you can set-up your API Connections,
Custom Fonts – that you can use for your opt-in Forms and You can download icons to use in
your forms. There’s nothing much to see in General Settings
so we are going to skip that and go to the Thrive Leads Dashboard where all the good
stuff happens! Here you will see all of the op-tin forms
that I am using. I’m just to go through them before I show
you how you create them. Here is the opt-in Form that is on my HomePage.
As you can see it’s placed into the HomePage using a Shortcode.
The same goes for Audio Lock that I’m using. Here is the Link opt-in form you saw at the
start of this video. Now if I scroll to the top you will see that
I also have a Lead Group. Don’t worry if this doesn’t make sense right
now because I will go through this in a lot of detail shortly. Let’s click on here to expand it.
In Lead Groups you can create a Ribbon
A lightbox which is a standard popup box. A Widget form
A Post Footer which is a form in the footer of a post
A Slider in An In Content form.
A Screen Filler Lightbox which you saw at the start of the video which takes up the
whole screen. A PHP insert which advanced users can use
to add opt-in forms to places where the standard opt-in form can’t be added.
Between your header and the content area for example.
And lastely there’s a Scroll Mat which you also saw at the start of this video. On every form you create you can see the number
of impressions the form has had. For those who don’t know, the number of impressions
is basically the number of people who saw the form.
You can see the number of conversions. Seeing as I only made my website available to the
public 2 days ago, I haven’t had any conversions as of yet.
You can also see the conversion rate which is shown as a Percentage when it’s available.
With Thrive Leads you can very easily choose whether you want your opt-in Form to be displayed
on a Mobile device, on a Desktop computer or on Both. A very amazing feature that Thrive Leads has
is the ability to test Forms against each other.
Let me show you. At the moment I have a Ribbon and a Widget
running on my site. I can test these against each other to find
which one is performing better. Another thing I can do is automatically pick
a winner. So for example, If I didn’t them to be display
at the same time. I could set a test to see which one performs the best. When one of the
forms starts beating the other by 95%, Thrive Leads will automatically archive the losing
opt-in Form and leave only the winner to be displayed on the website. This is a VERY powerful feature to ensure
that your forms are optimize as best as possible. I will show you a live example of this later
in this video. For now I’m going to close this window.
Minimize this and create a New Lead group by clicking on the Add New Button.
I’m going to name this Lead Group, Demo. Display settings is where you can select exactly
where the opt-in forms you create are displayed. Let’s take a look at this in more detail.
So you have your basic settings which allow you to display your forms on your Front Page,
on your Blog Index, on ALL of your Posts, on ALL of your Pages ,on ALL of your 404 error
pages and on your Search Page. You can also set exclusions which is pretty
self-explanatory and you can save your settings as a template and use them quickly and easily
in another Lead Group. It’s worth noting that you are able to save
everything in Thrive Leads as a template so you can quickly re-use it Let’s take a look at the categories tab.
Here you can display forms on specific categories. This is very useful is you wanted to create
a very targeted opt-in form that targets users who read posts from a specific category..
As you can see, you can also display forms on posts with specific tags and so on.
The posts tab allows you to display the forms on specific posts. and the last tab I’m going to cover is Pages
because this is what I’m going to use for this example.
I have already created a page called ThriveLeads Demo. I’m going to select it so all of the
opt-in Forms I’m about to create are going to be displayed on that page only.
I’m now going to browse to the Thrive Leads demo page just so you can see what it looks
like. And there we go, it’s just a dummy page I
created for this video. Let’s go back to thrive leads and click on
save & close. Ok, now we can create all of these opt-in
forms but for this example, I’m going to create a Lightbox.
To do this, I need to click on this Green icon here.
Then I need to create a form. I’m going to name my form Demo.
Just so you are aware, here you can create multiple Lightbox forms and test them against
each other. Here you can select what triggers the Lightbox
to Pop-up. At the moment it’s set to Show-on-page-load.
You can change the pop-up trigger to – when certain amount of time has passed.
– when user scrolls to a specific part of the content.
– When the user scrolls to a percentage of the way down of the content
– when the user clicks on a element. – When the user is about to exist the page.
This is also known as Exit Intent. or when the user reaches the bottom of the
page. I’m just going to leave it on Show on Page
Load. Display Frequency.
Here we can set how often the opt-in form is shown after a user closes it.
I’m just going to leave it on 7 days. Animation.
This is the type of animation you would like your opt-in form to have.
You can also see a Preview of each animation before you save your settings.
Here is a list of the animations available at the time of this video.
Let me zoom in for you. I’m now just going to quickly go through a
few of the animations so you can see how they work.
I’m going to use Rotational. Now here you can create and edit the opt-in
form, you can clone the opt-in-form, you can reset the stats and you can achieve it. Let’s go ahead and create the opt-in form. here you can see all of the Pre-Built templates
that you can choose. Of course you can build them exactly how you
want them from scratch but for this example I’m just going to select a Pre-Built design. We are currently in this tab. Opt in Templates. Here you can use a saved form template you’ve
created. We are going to cover Multi-step Templates
later on. I’m now going to scroll down so you can take
a look at all of the pre-designed templates that are available.
Please feel free to pause the video at any time to take a better look at them. I’m going to go back up and select this template.
And there we go. In just 2 seconds we can create an awesome looking pop-up form.
On the side here you have all these elements that you can easily add.
Again, I’m going to scroll down so you can take a look. Feel free to pause the video
at any time. Ok, let me show you how easy it is to add
an element. I’m going to add a Countdown timer to the
pop-up form by a simple drag and drop. And there we go, we now have a timer. Let’s say we wanted to edit the writing up
here. I just need to click here and a box will pop-up.
To change this writing I’m simply going to select it and then type Freebie.
If I want to add an underline, I select it and just press on the B button.
I’m going to change the color of this writing too just so you can see how easy it is to
do. I know red doesn’t look good but this is just
an example. Now let’s say we wanted to change the way
the Countdown looks. We can click on it to bring up the box and
then we can begin making changes. There are also pre-designed styles as you
can see here. I’m going to leave it on style 3 and then
center the countdown timer. I’m also going to change the color to green. Let’s take a look at the form.
Before the Form is usable we need to connect it with our mailing service.
I’m going to create a new connection. You can use an API to connect it or a HTML
Form Code. You will probably be using an API so I’m going to leave it on API.
For this video I’m connecting Thrive Leads to Mail Chimp as you can see here.
The list I want all of the subscriber to go to when they opt-in using this form is Website
Subscribers. Down here you can select whether you want
to use a Double opt-in or a single opt-in. Most mailing providers do not give you the
option to be able to change this but Thrive Leads can override this.
With Double opt-in the user will get an email asking them to confirm their subscription.
but with te single opt-in it the user will be subscribed to your mailing list WITHOUT
them having to confirm the email. Down here you can select what type of fields
you would like on your Pop-up form. Let me zoom in for you. It’s pretty self-explanatory
so I’m not going to go into details. I’m going to display the name field and the
phone field along with the email field. There’s an option for you to use Google’s
ReCaptcha service to help you prevent spam signups. And down here you can choose what happens
once the user enters their details into the form.
You can just reload the page their on or Redirect them to a URL.
A thank you page for example. Before we finish up with our pop-up form,
let’s change the writing on the button. down here you can add different states.
So for example, I’m going to add a pre-built state called Already Subscribed.
Now the pop-up form has 2 states. One is it’s default state that we were working
on and the second is an Already Subscribed state.
It’s basically for, what happens when a user is ALREADY subscribed. By clicking on this little eye icon here you
can completely hide the form from every user who has already subscribed. Here’s the default state.
Here’s the already subscribed state. Let’s save the changes and see this pop-up
form in action. Now when I refresh the page the opt-in form
should pop-up and there we go! It’s as easy as that! Remember how we set the frequency to 7 days.
Now if I refresh the page the pop-up will not appear for another 7 days. Let’s go back to the dashboard I’m going to scroll down and add a ribbon. A ribbon is a different opt-in form so it
may have different options. For example, in trigger there are less options compared to
the Lightbox that we created before. In the position option I’m going to select
bottom. Now I’m going to go ahead and create the ribbon.
I’m just going to randomly select this one. As you can see, it looks pretty good by default.
I’m going to save it and then go to the ThriveLeads Demo page and click on refresh.
And there we go, there’s the Ribbon. I’m going to close this and go back to the
Form area. I’m now going to clone the ribbon and in position
I’m going to select TOP. I’m also going to quickly change the design
of this new ribbon just so you can see another pre-designed template in action. Ok now I want to see which one will perform
better. A green Ribbon at the top or a Blue Ribbon
at the bottom. To find this information I will need to start
an A/B test I’m just going to leave these settings as
default and click on Start Test. Here you can see a graph on how the ribbons
are performing against each other. Seeing as we just started the test there is
no data available at the moment. Down here you can see more information on
the competing ribbons. Now let me show you how works.
I’m going to go to my Thrive Leads Demo Page and refresh it.
As you can see the green ribbon appeared again. Let’s refresh it one more time, hopefully
this time the blue ribbon will appear. And there we go, the blue Ribbon is now showing. So as you can see, the opt-in form take it
takes in turns to be displayed which allows you to determine which one performs better. Let’s head back over to this page.
You can also manually stop the test and set a winner.
I’m going to set our first Demo form to be the winner. Now the second form which was the blue form
has been removed from the active forms and placed in the achieved forms section so if
you ever needed to go back to it you can. Down here you can see all of your completed
tests. So for example let’s click here.
This is the same page as we saw before in which you are able to see how the opt-in forms
are performing against each other. Let’s go back. Since we are done with this, I’m going to
achieve the form So now if I click on achieve you can see both
of the forms are there. From here I can easily View the form, Re-Add
the form to activate it or completely delete it. Ok let’s go back to the dashboard. From here I’m going to click onto the Lightbox
which is the first pop-up form we created. I can now created a new form but I’m just
going to change the existing form so you can see how easy it is to do.
In order for us to see the new form we need to change the display frequency settings to
0 Animation we could leave the same but let’s
just try another one to see what it looks like.
I’m going to select Bounce In. I’m now going to click on the blue button
to edit the design of our existing opt-in form. So this was the first pop-up opt-in form we
created. From here I’m just going to change it by selecting
another template. Ok so what I’m going to show you now are the
Multi-Step Templates. Basically what the Multi-step templates do
is they give the user an option. You will see exactly what I mean in just a minute. I’m going to select the first multi-step template
and scroll down to the bottom. Again, please feel free to pause the video
to take a better look at the templates currently available. This is just a warning that my existing form
will be deleted. I’m going to press Ok. So this is how the Multi-Step templates look
like. In this case, if the user clicks on the green
button a form pops up asking for their details but if they press the red button the form
closes. Of course if you wanted to, you could set it so the red button also displays something
different once the user clicks on it. Anyways let’s see how this works.
If we click down here on state 1 we will be able to see and modify the form that is shown
after the user presses on the green button. And here it is. Let’s save the form by clicking on Save Changes
and go to the Thrive Leads Demo page to see it live.
Once again, I’m just going to refresh it. And there we go, here is the form we just
created. Did you notice the Bounce In animation effect? Let’s click on the red button to see what
happens. The lightbox is now gone. I’m going to refresh the page to bring it
back up. Now let’s click the Green button.
And there we go. This is how Multi-Step Templates work. Ok, let’s move on to some other feature of
Thrive Leads. Since we don’t need this anymore, ‘m going
to archive it. Let’s head back to the Dashboard.
Before we scroll down, let’s go ahead and delete this whole Lead Group since it’s not
needed anymore. Now let’s take a look at Lead Shortcodes.
I’m going to go ahead and create a new one called Demo.
Same thing as before. We first need to create the opt-in form. Here are all the pre-designed templates that
you can use with shortcodes. As you have probably realized they are very
similar to the once you have seen already. But take note of the name. See how up here
they named Shortcode Set and then a number? They are your normal shortcode templates. Now if I scroll down, You will see that these
templates have a different name. Content Locking. Let me zoom in for you. These templates are used to lock content with
an opt-in form. We will go through one of these opt-in forms shortly.
I’m going to continue to scroll down to the bottom so you can see all of the templates.
Ok, so for this example I’m going to select this template.
I’m going to press save and then head back here. What we need to do now is copy this Shortcode
by simply clicking the copy button. I’m now going to go into the ThriveLeads Demo
page I’m going to paste the Shortcode down here
and update the page. Let’s take a look at the Demo page now.
As you can see, an opt-in form has been created exactly where I placed the Shortcode.
That is basically how Shortcodes work. Anywhere you place them within your content they display
an opt-in form. Now let me show you something really cool
you can do with Shortcodes. Let’s go back to the dashboard.
I’m going to remove this Shortcode and add a new one. I’m going to enable Content Locking and then
create the opt-in form. By enabling Content Locking we get a Lock
Mode option. At the moment it’s on hide. I’m going to leave
it on this and go to design the opt-in form. I’m going to scroll down to the Content Locking
templates and select this one. Ok, I’m now going to copy the shortcode and
go to the ThriveLeads Demo page. We don’t need this shortcode anymore so I’m
going to delete it. Just so I can make it easier for you to see
how the Content Locking Form works I’m going to select all of this text and make it bold.
I’m now going to paste the Content Locking shortcode.
See how there’s text in the middle of the code that says Hidden Content.
Anything inside the code will be hidden. I’m now going to grab the end of this code
and place it at the very end of the post so it covers all of the bold text.
Let’s press update and see this opt-in form in action. And there we go.
As you can see all of the bold text has been completely hidden.
I’m now going to enter my details in the form. Voila! After entering my details into the
form the content has been unlocked! Pretty cool right? Now if the user that provided you with their
details came back to this page or to a different page that uses the exact same content locking
form, Thrive Leads will detect this and will NOT show them the Content Locking opt-in form. For example, I’m going to refresh this page.
See how the form is not being shown? For it to show again I will need to clear
my browsers data. I’m now going to use a Firefox addon to clear
all of my browsers data. If I press on refresh now the opt-in form
pops back up. Ok let’s go back here and change the Lock
Mode to Blur. I personally use the Blur mode on my website. Now let’s refresh the ThriveLeads Demo page
to see what happens’. See how there is blurred text behind the Content
Lock Form? I really like this feature of Thrive Leads
so I’m going to show you one more example with anther template. Here I’m just going to copy and paste to increase
the amount of text behind the Locked Form. and there we go. Ok now let’s go back to the dashboard to look
at another opt-in form option. I’m going to delete the Lock Content opt-in
so it doesn’t get in the way. Now I’m going to add a ThriveBox.
On a little side note, it’s good to know that within the plugin there are often videos that
show you exactly to use its features, like this for example.
I’m not going to let it play just because I’m just about to show you this feature myself.
Ok same as always. We first need to create an opt-in form Now take note that with ThriveBoxes you can
use 2 types of opt-in Forms. For example, you can select templates that
utilize the Lightbox feature. or you can select templates that use the Screen
Filler feature. For this example, I’m going to use this Lightbox
template. ThriveBoxes also use shortcodes so I’m going
to copy the code and go to the ThriveLeads Demo page. I’m going to remove the Content Lock shortcode
that was previously added. Here I’m going to write: Looking for the 100
best recipes? and I’m going to put that inside the shortcode
that I just copied. To make it easier to see I’m going to remove
all of this text down here. I’m also going to make the Looking for 100
best recipes text bold. Ok, let’s see ThriveBoxes in action. Now if I go down and click on the text, an
opt-in form appears. To make this look better I’m quickly going
to add an animation effect. Just so you can see something different I’m
going to change the template to one that uses a Screen Filler. Ok, now if I click on this text the pop-up
takes up the whole screen and I cannot scroll up or down until I take some action on the
pop-up. The way many Internet Marketers including
myself use this feature is by adding some style to the text.
Like this for example. Now let’s go back to the Thrive Leads dashboard
and look last opt-in form option. Sign-up Segue is not something that I needed
to use as of yet so I haven’t got one set-up. So what I’m just going to click on the video
so you can see exactly how it works. Ok, now that we have covered all of the opt-in
forms available in Thrive Leads let’s quickly take a look at some additional features. Up here in Settings you can select to have
your opt-in Forms use Lazy Load. Lazy Load basically means items on the website
are only loaded when they come into view for the user. So for example, if you have a lot of images
on your website, there’s no point loading all of the images on the page because the
user may never scroll down to see them all. By using Lazy Load, images will only load
when they come into the view for user which speeds up the website. In Thrive Leads you can set Lazy Load on Forms
very easily. By using Lazy Load Forms you can also use
caching plugins such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache. Next is Advanced Features.
Let’s click into Asset Delivery. Asset Delivery allows you to automatically
send a download link to new subscribers. So for example, if you had an opt-in form
that said: Enter your details to get access to a PDF
You could have the PDF sent to the subscriber right away.
Keep in mind that you can set-up different optn forms to send different download links. It’s pretty basic so I’m not going to complete
go through it but just so you can get an idea, up here you can set-up your email delivery
service. Here you can create a default email template
and here you can add all your downloads. Ok, let’s move onto Smart Links.
Smart Links is a very clever and very useful feature.
Smart Links are links that you can use to send to people and when click on it they will
only see specific opt-in forms or no opt-in forms at all depending on what you set. An example of this would be, if you are sending
out emails to your mailing list who have already subscribed then it’s a little silly if they
continue to see opt-in forms. By using Smart Links you can also ensure that
even if people in mailing list are using different devices, including mobile phones, after time
Thrive Leads will be able to detect that these people have already subscribed and therefore
should not be displayed any opt-in forms. Another example would be to use SmartLinks
to target a specific audience and only display forms that will help you up-sell something.
To create a SmartLink you first need to select where you want to send your visitors.
You can send them to your Homepage, a specific post, a specific page, a specific product,
a home slider, to your portfolio or to a custom URL. Then you need to tell Thrive Leads which Lead
Groups you would like to target. You can then select what the form should do
if the user has already subscribed. Should the form be hidden or should it display
the Already Subscribed state of the form. Lastly you need to select how long you want
this to last for. You can select Only Once, until the visitor
closes the browser tab, you can set a custom period of time or have it last as long as
possible. Once you’ve gone through all the steps Thrive
Leads will generate a link for you that you can copy and send to your people. Ok the last thing we need to cover are Lead
Reports. Here is where you can see all of your reports.
I don’t have much data here as this site has only been up for 2 days but you’ll be able
to get an idea of what type of reports are available within Thrive leads. Here are the types of reports you can see.
Down here you can select the date Interval, the source which are your opt-in forms and
graph interval. Down here you can see your data as a Graph. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you
can see the users that have subscribed to your list using Thrive Leads.
You can see information such as their email, the date and time they subscribed, Opt-in
form they used. The type of form it was, what URL they were
referred from and you can even view the form. And that’s it.
Before we finish up it’s worth mentioning that Thrive Leads is continuously updated
and new features are always being added. All updates to the plugin are 100% free. Also the support you get is absolutely fantastic!
With every ticket I’ve ever made it taken less than 24hours to get a response. Furthermore if you subscribe to their email
list which I highly recommend, they send you information that they have gathered and analyzed
to help you create better opt-in forms. I know this was a long video but I really do hope
it was helpful. I said at the start of the video that Thrive
Leads is probably the best thing I’ve ever purchased online and now you probably understand
why. For more information visit the link in the
description below. or feel free to contact me.

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