100 thoughts on “Tilt Brush: Painting from a new perspective

  1. This actually brings to tears to my eyes. I've been waiting since the day I got my first Apple//+ for this. I am hoping that I can use the equipment with my vertigo – but it is worth a shot to be able to do this and have the Oculus VR desktop.

  2. is there any software that allows you to do this on a computer minus the headset, so basically you can walk within your art??

  3. I came across this video and now I've pre-ordered the Oculus Quest. I also plan to get the Rift S.

  4. I wish I could just put on a VR and make my empty house have pictures on the wall, sofa's, coffee machine, carpets, make the windows show a nice day outside, a arcade room, pretty much everything irl. So that way my empty house would feel like I'm rich. Even though, my house only has a bed, and a desk.

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  6. would be cool if you could import images from outside into the medium, activate the feature to turn on a camera outside headset and you show it enough of what it needs to see to import what you want in whatever way you need, and then you 3d-ize it into the application for editing and manipulation, hardware would be inexpensive. software shouldn't be difficult.
    next step: importing the environment around the user into the app for editing and manipulation. .walk around Rome with several 360 cameras and import that into the mainframe again

  7. you don't have to draw in dark btw. I wonder why all VR ads tend to do this kind of dark environment which in my point view increase anxiety for a lot of people

  8. 2016 how did I mi… Oh yeah it's because I didn't keep up with VR news and apps because I never had a vr set ahah. I think VR might make me super motion sick though 😹

  9. i was at my friends house for his birthday and we played on his vive and i went into tilt brush and made a little tree and then set it on fire 🙂

  10. I wish tilt brush has liquid and air dynamics and not just painting i hope we can create animation with tilt brush either.
    GOOGLE do you make update to tilt brush?

  11. I hope you have a great day hello, good afternoon, you are wonderful thank you for being beautiful the greatness is you. Goodnight

  12. Adult can now draw like babies but in 3d, for a 1000 dollars, what a wonderfull time to be alive ! Can't wait for Google to release , eat like a baby in 3d

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