Timothée Chalamet Broke His Only Rule for The Tonight Show

-I feel so bad
for all of you guys. -No!
-You were waiting in line outside,
you saw Jessica Chastain, and now you´re like,
“Who the hell is this guy?” [ Laughter ]
-No, no. I — We — Honestly, everyone´s
going to know you, buddy. -Okay.
-Yeah, if they don´t already. I want to know
where are you from. -I´m from New York. I grew up
like 15 blocks from here, so this is —
-Is that right? [ Cheers and applause ] That´s the way to do it.
-Oh, man. This is so strange.
-Is that right? I thought you were French
for some reason. -My dad´s French.
My dad, who´s in the back. He´s watching me right here.
-Hi, dad. I met dad. Yeah, I met dad. -Listen, I had one — I had one rule for myself
when I came out here, and it wasn´t to go, “Oh my God, I´m doing this
for the first time,” and that is exactly
what I´m doing. [ Laughter ] But just gonna keep going.
-You´re doing great. You have two big movies. “Lady Bird,” which you´re
fantastic in, and — -I´m nothing like that guy
in real life, I promise, for those who have seen it. -No.
That´s what acting´s all about. [ Laughter ] I am this guy.
Yeah. This is my job.
Yeah, this is me. [ Cheers and applause ] -Yeah!
-No, no, no. I got to hear you, buddy.
“Call Me By Your Name.” I was blown away by this movie. I couldn´t believe —
I go — First of all, it´s gorgeous,
the way it was shot, and where you were
in Northern Italy? -In Northern Italy
in a town called Crema, which is where our director
was from, so could shoot a scene
and go home right away. That was his game plan.
-Oh, my gosh. You were fantastic in it.
-Thank you. -Armie. -Armie Hammer,
Michael Stuhlbarg. Armie Hammer is unbelievable. Oh, the guy — your dad? -Yeah, he has an amazing speech
at the end of the movie. -The whole — Again, I don´t
want to spoil anything or say — What can we actually
say about it? It´s a coming of age story
set in the ´80s, and this — this kid´s family
is in Italy. -It´s in Italy, yes,
and then Armie Hammer shows up, and that´s — -But he´s not playing
Armie Hammer. -He´s not playing Armie. -No, people are acting
in this movie. -Yeah, yeah, there´s a lot
of acting going on. And certainly I would hope
there´s a lot of acting in it because Armie´s wife
would be really mad at me if this all played out
in real life. -Yeah. You´ll see
what actually happens, but the dialogue is so tricky. I will also say,
I love the opening titles, which I saw it was Chen Li
did the opening titles because it´s these
beautiful pictures of, like, statues and — -I´m so glad you credited
that person, and I might be wrong about this, so maybe this has to get
fact checked or something, but I´m pretty sure Luca
was just walking around Milan, and he saw the font in the front
of a store he liked, and he said, “I´ve got to get
in touch with that person. They´re going to do the font
for the movie.” -That´s — I saw that. And I go, “Already,
I´m in a different world. This is a movie
I´ve never seen.” -Fantastic.
-I loved it. And then every single scene, you go, “Gosh,
it´s so beautiful,” and then you just see — You´re 17 in the movie
or something? -Yeah. -And it´s just like, awkward
watching you grow up and you go — It´s just tricky.
[ Laughter ] And I remember —
I was just like, obviously, I had no idea
where it was going, and I just thought you did
such a great job. -Thank you.
Thank you. -And like you said, stay tuned to the end
of the movie, which most people do
for a movie. [ Laughter ] But the end, the end is
wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Well done, buddy. -No spoilers.
No spoilers. -No, I can´t spoil it,
but I will say, it does end. The movie ends.
-The movie does end. -Eventually, the movie ends. Yeah, but well done,
and congrats on your success. I love
that you´re from New York. -Thank you.
-And your dad did a great job. Did a great job.
-Thank you. Appreciate that. [ Cheers and applause ] I want to show everyone a clip. Here´s Timothée Chalamet
in “Call Me By Your Name.” Check it out. -Play that again.
-Play what again? -The thing you played outside. -Oh, you want me to play
the thing I played outside? -Please. -Ah.
Of course. -I can´t believe
you changed it again. -Oh, I changed it a little bit. -Yeah.
Why? -I just played it the way Busoni
would have played it if he´s altered Liszt´s version. -And what is wrong with Bach, the way Bach
would have played Bach? -Bach never wrote it
for the guitar. In fact, we´re not even sure
Bach wrote at all. -Forget I asked. -Yeah. [ Cheers and applause ] Timothée Chalamet, everybody!

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