Timothée Chalamet – Interview for Le Matin (Swiss newspaper) (with English subtitles)

Timothée Chalamet – Interview for Le Matin (Swiss newspaper) (with English subtitles)

I’m with Timothée Chalamet, we’re literaly on Hollywood Boulevard at the Roosevelt Hotel, one of the oldest hotels in Hollywood – Hello sir
– Hello, thanks for having me – How are you?
– I’m fine – So we’re gonna talk about Beautiful Boy but my questions are gonna be…different
– Alright – First, losing 20 kg must have…
– No no, not 20 kg, 20 lb! I don’t know how many… – Oh OK, about 10 kg then
– Ah ah, 20 kg – Yeah, you would have disappeared completely if that was 20 kg
– Ah ah, “disappear”! “He’s not here, he’s a chair” Was it hard? It was very difficult, but I gotta say it was not hard during the shooting but afterwards, when I put on weight again gaining weight was harder than losing it In order to lose it, I just had to…well, not “just” but I had to eat very small quantities but very rich and nutrient – That’s good, that’s good, your French is very good
– My French is not perfect so…
– Yes, it is! – Your sister is an actress
– Yes she is Isn’t she jealous that you’re so successful? No, the truth is, I went to LaGuardia like her and I wouldn’t be an actor without her…
– Oh that’s great …because she helped me a lot get inside this school, she helped me prepare and she’s very talented Earlier, when we were chatting, I asked you about success and about girls and I saw a shy Timothée, with his head down Is success intimadating? You’ve been famous for 2 years now, how do you deal with it? Well about that… I’m happy to be successful but that didn’t turn my life upside down My friends are still my friends, I still have the same relationship with my parents I believe it has something to do with the fact that I grew up in New-York too cause growing up, my friends were not actors, they were not in show business I still have my life in New-York I can still act from New-York I still have my apartment there So my life didn’t completely flip like you could imagine like a musician who doesn’t come from a central city or from a metropolitan area and then moves to a big city, becomes famous, has their life completely turned upside down. THAT would scare me, but that’s not the case for me A young man, who already is a great actor, you don’t wanna miss Timothée Chalamet – Thank you sir
– Thank you, thank you very much

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  1. Is this the the fifth(?) French-language interview he did in this year alone? Quotidien, Canal+, TF1, Popopop… and now Le Matin. Did I miss any other interviews?

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