Tips for Back To School Anxiety

Tips for Back To School Anxiety

– Hello, hello, hello my friends. Kaitlyn here and do you get anxious about going back to school? I haven’t been in any kind of
school in six or seven years and yet I still wake up
with my heart pounding with anxiety about school. So the bad news is it
never really goes away. (uptempo techno music) So this video comes from
a subscriber question. And JJ wants to know: “How do
I deal with social anxiety ahead of coming back to school? I always tell myself that I’m gonna do my best to overcome it but always end up being the shy one.” This is also me JJ. I was super nervous especially
when starting a new school like middle school, high
school or going to college and I’ve talked before
about how new school years always made me want to reinvent myself. So let’s talk about some
things that worked for me. My number one advice, it’s always to go to
that back-to-school night and the meet your teachers kind of thing. So for me having social
anxiety means that things can get really overwhelming
and situations like going into a school where there
are obviously lots of people so lots of social interaction. I need to be able to have some control of the situation and you
can’t control other people so what can you control? You can control knowing
where your classes are or where your locker is or
the best route from locker to class to next class. Basically any time you
can get into the school before that school bell
rings and talk to teachers and administrators, other
students that might be in your classes, you’re just normalizing the whole school thing so
that it’s not gonna seem quite so scary on that first day. The second thing I always
did when going back to school is to have something that
was special or unique that I was super excited about. Maybe this is like a new backpack or school supply or a
cute and stylish — “stylish” — outfit. Stylish for the early 2000s. A fresh notebook you’re
gonna start or a binder that you had decorated
in unicorns and rainbows. Whatever it is, it could serve
as a conversation starter for someone who’s maybe a
little less socially anxious or more extroverted than you are. And so they can see it and go like, oh, that’s a really cute outfit or oh, I really love unicorns too. But if nothing else, it could
just be a comfort to you to be something to
ground you in the moment if you start to feel super anxious. And finally, number three,
which admittedly is something that I still struggle with a little bit but it’s to recognize that it’s okay to be nervous and/or shy. Trust me like 90% of everyone there and that includes adults
is some level of nervous on the first day. The big goal is just to not
let that anxiety control you and that’s done by steps one and two which is putting some things in place in order to help you get past it but basically being shy
isn’t some kind of curse that’s going to make you
a lonely outcast forever. You will “find your tribe.” It may take a little while
so just don’t despair if like on the first day, you’re
walking into the lunch room and everybody seems to have tables and you’re like, oh no, what do I do. Ah! If you can get up the courage, go set at a table with some new people and try to make friends. If you can’t, that’s okay. Go sit by yourself. Maybe someone else who is
also kind of struggling and worried about where they’re gonna sit will come sit with you. Just don’t beat yourself up about it. I know from experience
that only hurts you. (lip trill) Hopefully that was helpful. Thank you JJ for your question. Sorry, I answered it a little bit late. I hope you’re still in school. For the question today, I’d
like to know if you guys have any other questions
you’d want me to answer about school whether it’s middle school, high school, college. I went to all those so
I can hopefully give you advice on them all. I do have a playlist of other school tips if you are on that back-to-school advice training right now, and I highly recommend the how to make a good first impression video. Hopefully, you have subscribed and turned on those notifications. And remember that you can check me out on these other social media sites. I’ll see you guys not Thursday, bye. (uptempo techno music)

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  1. I was and am a nerd and proud of it! I wasn't proud of it when I started high school but nerds tend to naturally flock together. We just gravitated together over the first couple of weeks and hung out for the rest of high school.

    I don't think that kind of scenario is rare. Us nerds tend towards being shy and retiring but there's strength in numbers!

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