Tips on How to Start a Bullet Journal

Tips on How to Start a Bullet Journal

Although this seems like a basic thing, my
first tip is to really think of the size of your future bullet jornal. You need to chose a notebook that you will
be able to carry all year round so this choice can make or break your bullet journaling habit. When I first started bullet journaling I used
the medium sized molekine notebook, which you can see on the right but I soon found
out that I preferred larger pages so I could have more room to draw calendars and timetables. Besides the size, you should also think about
if you prefer to write with dots, lines, a grid or just plain paper. I am currently using a dotted moleskine bullet
journal and I think I will never go back. Dotted paper gives you the perfect layout
for customizable spreads but it isn’t as harsh as lines or grid paper. Before starting to work on your bullet journal
I really recommend searching for other bullet journals on the web and seeing what people
are doing with their notebooks. You can find tons of inspiration on tumblr
and youtube and incorporate [a few of the things you find in your own journal. You have tons of layouts to chose from, including
daily, weekly and monthly spreads, as well as habit trackers, timetables, timelines,
task lists, you name it. If I could choose one person to recommend
to you, I would definitely check out Boho Berry because she has the most beautiful bullet
journal I’ve ever seen. Another thing I think is so important is just
to start simple. Most people I know that have quit bullet journaling
are mostly perfectionist people, that ended up not enjoying how their spreads were looking
because they were trying to over-complicate the task. Remember that the thing that the bullet system
was supposed to revolutionize the journaling world is the fact that it is such a simple
system in comparison to traditional journaling methods. Just because you find wonderful bullet journals
on the internet, it doesn’t mean you have to commit to that aesthetic. Just face your journal as a tool for productivity
and not merely as a creative outlet. As such, I would recommend you to spend a
week or so preparing your bullet journal, drawing a few spreads or numbering a few pages,
just to get the hang of it. I especially like to do this the week before
the new year. However, as soon as you officially start bullet
journaling, don’t worry if your handwriting is messy or smudged – your journal is yours
and nobody needs to see it. Just keep writing and try to see how the journal
develops through the year. Maybe you will be surprised to find out that
your journaling skills improve as the months go by. Since we are on the topic of committing, I
also recommend for you to schedule a certain time each day to write in your bullet journal. One of the things that makes people quit bullet
journaling is just finding out a few weeks after they started that they haven’t written
almost anything down. I like to spend 10 minutes each day just sitting
in front of that empty page and just trying to remember of things that I need to do, or
I need to accomplish. If all of those productive things are already
written down, I end up writing about things that I am grateful for, or books that I want
to read, or countries where I want to travel. There is always something to write about and
the task of writing every day becomes addictive and that is when you understand that you are
committed to journaling. For a final, very functional tip, and I think
I’ve mentioned this in my last year’s bullet journal setup video, I recommend you
to draw and write your permanent spreads in the back of your bullet journal so you can
quickly access them without having to check your table of contents. [I normally use this method to access my timetable,
a year calendar, youtube requests, the contacts of companies I’m working with, general contacts,
financial information and so on. I also like to keep my bucket list in the
back of my journal so it doesn’t get lost between all the weekly spreads in between. I hope you’ve enjoyed this video! If you want more information about bullet
journaling, check out my Bullet Journal 101 video, as well as my bullet journal setup
for the last year. I will be sure to upload a 2017 setup in January
so keep an eye out for that. Bye!

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  1. I have been watching you for a year now and you've actually inspired me to get into planning!! I've been using my bullet journal for a half a year now!

  2. I always wanted such a video to start my bullet jurnal thank u mariana looooooooooooooooooooooooove you so much always inspired by u to do my best i wish u reply on me on instagram :*

  3. hola mariana, esta semana estaba en youtube buscando videos sobre formas de estudiar, ya que soy algo desordenada. Me encontré con tu canal y la verdad que me ha parecido de lo más genial. Quería hacer un video request sobre como mejorar la letra y los diferentes tipo como imprenta minuscula y cursiva, ya que es de importancia para mi mejorarla

  4. +Mariana , what makes you keep going ?

    can someone tell me how some people do something and keep doing it for long times ?
    i just keep givingup at the first few days as soon as i don't see any progress .. ??!!!! i hate it !

  5. The layout of a bullet journal is very simple. I recommend following the layout from the creator's website, especially if you are not Picasso. People drive themselves crazy wanting to have a bullet journal that looks like an art book. The whole point of the system is to enhance productivity, not have the cutest looking drawings on it so you can put it on Pinterest.

  6. Thanks for sharing your videos. But can you teach us, step by step, how to do a bullet journal, for example where do we have to put page numbers, etc. It will be very helpful for begginers haha.
    Thanks again nice video.

  7. For me this system didnt work because I'm really bad at handwriting and have few time to draw all the calendar/dates. But I absolutely love how people do it and how beautiful their bullet journals turn out! great video Mariana!

  8. You could do a video walking through how you plan things out, like whether you do it the night before, the morning of, as you go, etc., and how you prioritize tasks and things like that 🙂 Just a suggestion, I love your videos!

  9. Genius idea putting more permanent spreads in the back of the journal. Thank you, I am going to use this idea for my finances and year-at-a-glance. Happy New Year to you, Mariana and all your readers.

  10. I am a big fan of the way u simplify seemingly monstrous tasks like journaling, organisation, planning study etc..

    Hats off Mariana 😊💜💛👍

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  12. Your videos inspire me to enjoy life in a fun organized fashion without feeling crushed by the busy life. thank youuu

  13. Mariana, I really LOVE your channel and your tips. I'd like to know if do you still using your bujo with a filofax, once I could see in another video that you have grid papers to insert your daily tasks in filofax, in the same way you do in the bullet journal

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    Fiquei com algumas perguntas que gostava que respondesses, if thats okay? Ah, e parabéns pelo teu sucesso!
    Como está a correr o Direito? E em que curso andaste no secundário? (pergunto isto pq sou de CT mas não descartei a hipótese de ir para Direito). Quando andavas no secundário usavas o método de Cornell (acho q era assim q se chamava?) Oh, e por falar nisso, quando imprimes as folhas nas quais usas esse método, elas são tamanho normal A4?
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  16. Great advice, love your videos! I have BJ for a year. Love the idea of putting those pages in the back. Have a great new year!

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  18. This is by far one of the best best best YouTube vids on Bullet Journals. I just started one this year. I was super excited about it and then got overwhelmed by ALL the vids I watched. But your vid reminded me that this is MY journal and no one has to see it. It has to work for me. I'm starting simple like you suggest. Thanks for inspiring me!

  19. Come on guys! I love her as well, but she didn't posted a video this week, I'm so sad and disappointed! Why nobody talkes about that!!!

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    You got a new subbie, you can check my channel If u feel like❤

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  22. I have a whole board on bullet journaling on my Pinterest account. If anyone wants to check it out my name is Kaitlyn Lovegood on pinterest

  23. THANK YOU!! I was so excited to start doing this, (I really need this and my smartphone IS a complete distraction, no matter what app I've tried) I found layouts that looked great online, started setting up my journal and discarded it after the first DAY, from the index (table of contents really) on! luckily, my particular journal is just a very cheap ringbound "journal", so I can cleanly rip the pages out, start in pencil each week to figure out how it works for ME!

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