Tırnak Süsleme Sanatı – Kolay Gazete Baskılı Oje Deseni (Basic Newspaper Nail Art)

Tırnak Süsleme Sanatı – Kolay Gazete Baskılı Oje Deseni (Basic Newspaper Nail Art)

Hi Ladies! Today, we’ll show you how to create the design that you all love: newspaper nail art. You’ll impress everyone around you with this nail art. What is more, you can create several designs with the exact same technique. For this design, you’ll need: newspaper, alcohol, base coat, top coat and a light colored nail polish for the background. As always, we start with a layer of base coat. Once the base coat is dry, we apply two layers of our light colored nail polish. Make sure that the first layer is dry before applying the second. Let’s do a simple test to see if we’ll get satisfactory results using the newspaper we have. Wet one of your fingers by dipping into tap water, and press your finger against the newspaper. After a couple of seconds, if you can see the print on your finger, it means you can use that newspaper. Cut pieces of the newspaper slightly larger than your nails. Remember, you don’t have to use the smallest text. You can use different font sizes, puzzles or shapes. This is up to your creativity. Once the nail polish is dry, we can move onto newspaper transfer. Take a piece of newspaper you’ve already cut, and dip it in alcohol for a couple of seconds. You can use rubbing alcohol for this. As long as the alcohol ratio is high, you can use cologne, or alcoholic beverages as well. Of course, these might end up being more expensive. We take out the newspaper piece from alcohol, and press it against our finger for about 30 seconds. To get rid of extra alcohol, you can press against your finger using a cotton pad. Next, we slowly lift the newspaper, and voilà! We’ll use the same technique on other fingernails as well. However, since alcohol is volatile, you’ll need to replace it frequently. Of course, use a very little amount at a time. You can clean your cuticles using a cotton swab dipped in acetone. To make our design more long-lasting, we apply a layer of top coat. Here we go. This nail art is both so easy and beatiful. If you try this out, make sure to share your pics and comments with us. If you liked this video, don’t miss the other videos on the playlist. Enjoy your nail art!

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  1. Cok guzel olmus ellerine saglik, her yerde sadece kucuk yazili olanlar var bulmaca fikri cook guzell

  2. Çok güzel olmuş bulmaca ve B harfi gerçekten çok yaratıcı ve güzel bende denicem çok beğendim 😊👍

  3. bu arada illa alkol olması gerekmiyo kolanya da kullana bilirsiniz ben yaptım oluyo tavsiye ederim sonuçta herkezin bildi gibi kolanyanın içindede alkol var😊😊

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