TONY ROBBINS | 30 Minutes for the NEXT 30 Years of Your LIFE

TONY ROBBINS | 30 Minutes for the NEXT 30 Years of Your LIFE

97 thoughts on “TONY ROBBINS | 30 Minutes for the NEXT 30 Years of Your LIFE

  1. You know I was at a point in my life I felt so alone so I downloaded a app to meet new people. Build friendships because I don't have many friend's and this one man told me about this bloke. He told me I am a inspiration because all my pain in life and all the hurt and disappointment I've had to deal with I try with every strength within me I can find to change the negatives with some positives. I'm in a dark whole for 25 year's old with 3 depending children I often wonder what I've achieved and feel like I have achieved nothing I listen to every negative comment and it makes me doubt me but deep down I feel that strong person I was still inside and I struggle to find her and set her free again.. This video infact the words in this video hit me and it's so true what he says. If we control our mind and move out all negative thing's we will focus on the most positive. And anything then can be achieved. I just want to be free again be a great mum and be healthy and only we can achieve what we truly desire. Thankyou for this video every day I will watch one of your videos I will meditate and I will rebuild the strong person I am and achieve my goals. Have a blessed day. Stay focused everyone even the people you think have the most perfect lives have the same struggles we are all human. 💜

  2. I am 36 years old and live with my husband in our beautiful home. I completed my masters in Human Resources in 2011 and have worked in HR ever since. However, I have not been lucky enough to secure a role where I can develop or be supported enough from a Manager who will effectively ‘take me under their wings’ and progress. I am the ‘type’ of person who likes to get things done quickly and that comes with mistakes as I have learnt over the years. This is something that I am currently working on but even working slowly I have found I still make silly mistakes. For example, I would type raod instead of road on a HR system that does not have spell check. 
    The level of roles I have secured previously are at administration level and I really want to secure a HR Advisor role where I am supported by a Manager. I keep getting told as I have the education I should be aiming for higher roles such as HR Business Partner etc. However, when applying for such roles I get rejected due to lack of experience. Then it is full circle I have to then apply for HR Administration roles, my previous roles have either been contract or I have been made redundant. I have also found that in some places I have worked my colleagues will talk about me behind my back of which I have caught them out on and really demoralises me. My personality is very closed book and I do not like to talk about my personal life as I feel people become jealous. From a young age I have been told not to trust people and that stuck with me ever since I was in high school. I find it very difficult to trust people as I feel they are judging all the time. My current employment is a prime example, any employee who comes to seek help from HR as soon as they have left the office the team are either bitch or judge. I am not of that nature and it really upsets me which is why I do not engage in conversation with them. 
    My current role is contract which comes to an end in August and I am basically the same level as someone who is 50 years old. From the first day I met her I knew she didn’t like me, I have worked there for almost 4 months now and only today she tells me that she wants folders a certain way. The company has 300 employees, which means I now have to go back to every folder and amend the folder to certain way that she likes. This is the kind of treatment I deal with on a daily basis. She also like to have the last word on everything and when I do something wrong she huffs and puffs and goes on and on about it for hours in front of everyone. I do not know why she is treating me like when I am not taking her role I am leaving soon. I really really want to become a better person and reading all the self-help books available and just want to work in a place where I can at least get on with people without being fake and develop my career. We are looking to get pregnant which is another thing that plays on my mind all the time, if I secure a permanent role and then get pregnant I have a feeling I will be kicked out.

  3. Change on the outside in inevitable but you changing on the inside is a choice, changing your mind the way you think and see things in life. Ex. When the work force changed from the file cabinet to the computer some was not willing to change and got comfortable with the old and did not embrace the new or change and got left behind, that some business had to shut down. You must be willing to change on the inside because change on the outside is happening.

  4. So awesome to have #TonyRobbins as one of my top 3 personal online coaches.
    Late in life have I taken it up but better late than never.


  6. The only way to true happiness is knowing & having a relationship with our creator Jehovah God…..JW.ORG

  7. Great video. I listen to this in the car on Apple car play. What a great 33 minutes on the way to start my day

  8. Tony, I'd rather have money and not be growing than be dirt poor and "growing." WTF does that mean? Platitudes. Dude has made millions on platitudes. Awesome salesman.

  9. Dude, cure that hoarseness…I know it’s a professional disease coming to people that speak a lot…but damn…for foreigners like me it’s like to hear a doberman barking…if you can’t cure it, at least put captions in all your videos so that I can mute the audio and understand what you’re saying without having to listen to your voice…sorry.

  10. Here is something actually motivational from Tony. Its a picture not a virus anything:

  11. I saying your will power doesn’t last please do message me I would like to see and understand how and why your feel that way

  12. Working 16 hrs/ day for a long time, can kill you. If we lived in tribes,/ families. … No way would that be necessary. Robbins's neurotic drive of go go go…comes off as sick.

  13. Стандарты и прогресс, друзья, всегда лучше получить 10% от яблока, чем от огрызка. Тони, респект!)

  14. As long as your 1% better than the day before.. progress is inevitable.. it’s the miles in the marathon which strengthens the pace of life along the way

  15. So he slept every day from 2:30am to whenever he had to get up to start work at 8am.

    Let’s say he slept 2:30-7am.

    So four and a half hours’ sleep.

    I call TOTAL BS

  16. For me this is how simple it is. "I don't smoke.". "I don't drink". "I work out every morning.". "I eat well.". "I <fill in the blank>". This is what you say to yourself and you become it because instantly in your mind you are it. Learn to listen to what you say to yourself, and control what you say to yourself, and your life will change overnight.

  17. I've spent the last three years of my life, keeping my head above water, I feel like I've been carrying three people's bags of rocks on my back and dying inside. Carrying the painful burdens of those who aren't willing to carry their own weight, on my own. My growth is non-existent. Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh

  18. Tony Robbins is so great! I love listening to these videos. He is so inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable! It helps me strengthen my Life Coaching skills. I also just created a Youtube Channel myself. I hope to integrate above knowledge into my life coaching practice + youtube. THANKS TONY!

  19. That opening line is really compelling. When I first got started online I was pouring many long, exhausting hours into my affiliate business to finally crack the code and work out how people were making so much money online. It hasn't been easy, but it's definitely been worth it and the results have been incredible. I'm documenting what I've learnt along the way as well which has really helped. The bulk of what I do now is just teach all about it and try to inspire others.

  20. Attitude is the fuel for your behaviour engine. It’s the vehicle that drives your success. Refuelling every day and knowing where you’re going is the key!

  21. Can never get enough, i still use tony Robbins coaching , the reason i became one..New to YT could use feedback for my new chan. From my fellow law of attraction/Tony Robbins racing fan base thanks guys!!

  22. For those who think he is a joke: how many times did you decide you want to do this or that but never followed up? Did someone hold you back? Did someone said you can't do that? It's yourself who is the biggest pull down in your life. Certainly not everyone will be rich but because you achieved your goal will make you feel rich. As a foreigner I had to work very hard for what I have. I decided i want to be an ICU nurse guess what, i became an ICU nurse. It was scary but I did it. I decided to get my BSN, the online classes were so intimidating. But I wanted and I did it. I wanted to be the charge nurse on my unit, I worked hard so they can see what I'm capable of and I became a charge nurse. Nothing will fall into our lap without work. I lost 40 lbs because I worked very hard on it. All my achievements depended on me how much I wanted. Yes, we do need these pep talks to remind us that it's up to us where we end up. Have a goal and go for it, or when you look back you will have so much regret. In stead be satisfied with the achievements and be proud of it.

  23. The greatest tip Robbins has ever given is that whatever it is you're trying to accomplish that you should go interview those who are already experts. If you want to be a doctor go and talk to several who are already the best in their field. Auto mechanic? Same thing. You want to be rich? Talk to some people who are very wealthy and ask them how they did it. People love to tell their story. Then you can have a gameplan based on those who have done it already.

  24. I'm Reading your books
    Unlimited Power and Awake the giant within
    Your books is awesome it is giving me vision about life and teaching me how to think positive in every situation
    Thank you sir you are great your books are Wonderful

  25. If I'm in deep debt now and my focus is to pay off the debt can still compel to make money even though I'm in debt.

  26. Oh good. I love it. More generic advice from rich people that don't have my problems. Nice. I appreciate the oversimplification. None of this bullshit factors in The Human Condition.

  27. I finally understand “contentment.” I always thought that’s when you were happy with what you’ve got, and I never could be. The truth is you have to be happy with your progress.

  28. I NOW command my subconscious mind to give me the emotion and whatever it takes to show this person and help this person change there life NOW!

  29. Thank you for the videos and podcasts and conferences that you do. Your message is like a guide that helps me to redefine, rediscover, regain my ground when I feel lost, discouraged or want to give in to settle for less. I Truly appreciate what you do to help others to succeed and achieve their dreams. And Thank you for being you.

  30. too many things to write down lol. i wish i did more with the Personal Power program back when i bought it. but never giving up!
    it sounds just like it.

  31. i like to paint landscapes. i don't do it enough and i rarely finish them. but i love it and learn little things every time.
    now i'll make it a standard to finish them on a consistent basis. i'll break it down to little steps.

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