Top 10 Arylatecarbon Blade – []

Top 10 Arylatecarbon Blade – []

And now TOP 10 boards with arylatecarbon No. 10 Yinhe T-8 We start between the top ten of the Chinese Yinhe or producer. Taking into account the number of boards on the market are arylatecarbon threw this model boards only for messages that are other than the manufacture of DHS Butterfly and who use arylatecarbon in the production boards. This board is appreciated by users for a performance comparable to much more expensive boards, and even better than some. According to my estimation, the best player for the board is the longest such uses, it is best to chose linings and is best suited to his style of play. A lot of people deleted cheaper for this company because older colleagues from the club to play something recognizable stamp. Given that we made a lot of reviews I can say that the control and speed on some Chinese boards could really impress. Of course, the world of table tennis are the opinions of the immediate environment because in this environment, we check the players play better. But a lot of times it so happens that such a better player throughout his career he had three or four boards. Why? Because wont equipment is more important than the equipment itself. Returning to the board Yinhe T8 you are already discontinued in the same installment. It is produced in the form of spacer T8s carbokevlar that is closest to the plastic arylatecarbonu. Kevlar is a little softer than arylate. Players who use this board to compare it Butterfly ALC. It is the ideal alternative for people who do not want to throw lots of money and want to check whether this type of boards will fit their style. 9. Sanwei F3 Sanwei F3 is the second option notable Chinese and commands. People who had contact with the board most have compared it to Butterfly Timo Boll Spirit. I personally believe that the board is extremely versatile because they fit into it covers both soft and very hard Chinese. With all this, we feel a lot of control and stability. Sweetspot that is homogeneous zone reflections on this board is enormous. This board lands in ninth place because it is very popular. Price-wise, however, trumps all items from the list. 8 Butterfly Boll Spirit Let’s start with what it says about this board manufacturer Timo Boll played the board during the European Championship finals in 2002 and won the singles and doubles play. Then came further successes: the defense of the title TOP 12 winner in 2003 and a bronze medal at the European Championships in 2003. The seven-ply offensive board consists of advanced materials – layers of Carbon and Arylatu and appropriately selected five types of wood. Carbon provides exceptional stability and speed, and Arylat is very good flexibility. For anyone who wants to increase ball handling and precision of your game and play like Timo Boll. Indeed, in those years arylatecarbon it was very unpopular. The board, however, conquered the market and is probably the most recognizable of the board arylatecarbon. In those years it was a technological wonder but with this statement, that play like Boll same board thanks to a little exaggerated. But nowadays there are some boards that provide a better feeling with the new generation of plastic balls. 7 Butterfly Boll ALC This board manufacturer praises in this way: Timo Boll, one of the leading players of the world, chose this model. Made in Japan. A newer version of the legendary board Boll Spirit. Good balance of hardness and control at a relatively low weight. Optimal precision, a little softer reflection typical of boards Arylate-Carbon. Dynamics, control and support for the game rotating. Strong attack topspinowy Timo Boll and the stability of his attacking strokes and blocks confirm the advantages of the board Timo Boll ALC. According to my assessment is correct and everything is a technological leap after Timo Boll Spirit. It’s hard to look for negative reviews on this board. Delights control, speed, power hitting. Board model promoted by Ma Long – double gold medalist champion from 2015 and 2017 in those years apparently it uses this board. This is the same board OFF Timo Boll Spirit and Timo Boll ALC. Without the proper technique hard to control the ball. For this price this board also is astronomical as well as boards Butterfly. No. 5 on the list opens the first half Nam Butterfly Innerforce ALC Further development boards with Arylatecarbonem is Innerforce Butterfly: Technologically advanced new generation of board manufactured using carbon fiber and twisted Arylatu. Thanks to these materials vibrations are damped better, but it is possible dynamic game with high precision. Made in Japan. Quite soft feeling resulting from the characteristic of the series Innerforce laying plywood. Bastian Steger uses this board and says, In the game you need your power and control. Board Innerforce ALC supports me in this perfectly, providing the speed and precision, without losing control over the ball. The manufacturer also says the board looks great. How przykleimy linings and we’ll play a few training board ceases to be nice to the eye. Definitely a great addition to the series of boards arylatecarbonem. It has slightly different properties with an indication of this is soft. Earlier positions were much more hard and gave a lot shorter holding the ball. We go higher and now number 4 DHS Hurricane Fang BO B2 There is always a problem with a full description of the characteristics and boards DHS. Undoubtedly, the manufacturer suffers because its hard to convince the recipient that has a good product nothing about him saying. Test this board made a channel – you will find a link in the description. This board is designed for powerful rotary attack. With all this support very short play flip. It is a weapon that can really surprise you. The price of this board is high but not as abstract as the predecessors in the series, Timo Boll and Ma Long. For this many tournaments on the ITTF ranking, we can see that this board uses kadrowicze the Chinese national team, for example, Fang Fan Zhendong and BO. This is definitely the hit of the year 2017 and the board conquered the German market. In Poland, we do not have many customers but certainly over time there will be people who will want to try it. TOP3 is now the podium DHS Hurricane 301 If a previous board said that the board is HIT ULTRAHIT. It had been signed by any player it would probably price was higher. So we have a board for a reasonable price with high-end technology. Ranking number between slower and OFF control of the biggest so far exchanged. Review boards will do this for some time. At the moment I can only recommend it for anyone who wants to have more control in your arylatecarbon equipment. For each player playing strong offensively who wants to improve the effectiveness of playing the ball 40+. It is not yet popular product but made quite an impression on the people testing it. I believe that the boards are arylatecarbon too fast for people playing amateur. However, the board can be recommended as an attempt to check whether the higher rate will bring the appropriate consequences in the game at some amateur players. Once again, an incredible amount of control at a large rate. Surprise at this position for some people, because they probably have no idea what this board. Well, the number 2 and the rest of Butterfly Zhang Jike This is a limited edition boards. Modeled on the legendary Viscarii. I will add improved version Viscarii. Balas arylatecarbon plus – it’s poetry in this board. Someone may say that balsa or arylatecarbon is bad but after a few bounces, you can fall in love with this board. This would be my number one if not for the fact that the board is no longer produced. Owners of these limited editions can feel lucky. Definitely one of the best offensive boards that are on the market. This board clearly has a soul. Those who understand this have the possibility of reflecting this model. And finally, number one. Butterfly Viscaria It is legendary board which is produced all the time. Over the years, little has changed. Users of this model with a black sheet definitely felt the difference as renewed design boards. The manufacturer boasts of it this way: Legendary board Arylatu combining the advantages (flexibility and vibration damping) and carbon fiber (transmit power board). Designed for diverse attack with a focus on rotation. Board, which became the prototype for other very popular boards. Outstanding quality and precision of typical Japanese boards. To this can be added that this board uses and used Zhang Jike The player who won the world championship in 2011 and Olympic gold in 2013 and 2012. When acquiring these titles using just Viscarii This model is appreciated by many players. There are rumors that Timo Boll uses just the top Viscarii, and is only appropriate overlay stuck on their series of boards. It was my top FPS pants planks arylatecarbonem. If you poustawiał otherwise write it in the comments. If you have a favorite board with a arylatecarbon you can review it in the comment. A lot of people watching and I think these tips, you can help someone. Thanks again been following that channel, lajkujcie, subskrybujcie and until next week.

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  1. Super filmik!!! Kiedyś grałem troszkę 20-letnim Spiritem wg mnie to najlepsza deska pod względem czucia jaką trzymałem w ręku 🙂

  2. Tutaj taka mała informacja czym jest różnica arylate carbon a zylon carbon . Natomiast jeśli chodzi o szybkość i czucie to warto spróbować mimo beznadziejnego koloru rączki Gewo X-Force VC – mega ultra kontrola i duża szybkość.

  3. Świetny filmik jak wszystkie na kanale 🙂 . Panie Dariuszu może zrobi Pan filmik o deskach Stiga. Ponoć sporo zawodników chińskich gra deskami tej firmy a Pan do tej pory sukcesywnie pomija tą firmą w swoich recenzjach oprócz małej wzmianki o stiga ac w top 10 desek all . Pozdrawiam.

  4. Bardzo ciekawe i interesujące zestawienie, brakuje mi jednak na wstępnie jakiegoś teoretycznego wstępu. Chodzi mi głównie o informacje czym jest arylatecarbon; jakie właściwości mają deski z arylatcarbonem (stosunek szybkości do kontroli, drgania, uogólniona waga) czy też ogólnie dla jakich zawodników, jakiego stylu gry polecasz deski z arylatem.

  5. Darku, świetny materiał, a jakie zdanie jest na temat Sanwei F3 Pro: This is an excellent clone of the popular Timo Boll Spirit and Timo Boll ALC blades sold by Butterfly. It looks great too and is only a third of the price! Buy from Megaspin ($49.95). taki opis znalazłem, jest do zdobycia jeszcze taniej…

  6. I’m glad I got DHS h301. Softer feeling but very aggressive during spin play with focus on consistency. True ALC blade!

  7. @tabletennisexperts , what is your opinion on the 'Yinhe V14 Pro' blade. This blade is gaining attention as it was tested by MaLong and been used by finalist- Liu dingshao through out Australian open 2018. Let me know. Thanks in advance.

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