Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit

Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Corner of the internet, I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the
Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit. Before we get started, I want to remind you
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box below. SOoo…epileptics be warned… 10 –
Urrrmm…what the actual frog is going on here! This website is a seizure in a bowl…or…webpage…. It looks like we tapped into the Matrix Mainframe…
and I honestly want to get out. Argh. I don’t know what this means…nor do I
want to. This is a subreddit…..and it is a mystery…coming
in to number9 we have f04cb41f154db2f05a4a Got that? So…this is a mysterious subreddit written
in Unix Timestamp…I don’t event know what that means, I had to google it. So the sub reddit is some kind of code, and
some people have cracked a few posts….some of which say no one can survive and all will
die. Good. Great. Let’s get the long names out of the way,
shall we, we have at number 8. OH 973 dash namuh dash 973 dot come… my
absolute fave…what a banger…..said no one. Ever. This website is reportedly the work of a madman
– an insane mathematician, to be precise. At frst you are presented with numbers in
some kind of pattern…the further into the site you get, the more the plot thickens and
the more eerie it all gets. Artwork starts popping up, and it is good…
but it makes my soul feel kind of cold and detached. You’ll also be treated to sentences such
now. This next one is actually a Youtube Channel
you shouldn’t visit….at number 7 we have Webdriver Toroso
SO…where to start? Webdriver Toroso is a youtube channel with
18 and a half million views and over 100 thousand subscribers. I am sure each of the people who viewed their
videos can’t actually tell you what exactly is going on. The videos are comprised of shapes and sounds,
which are usually piercing. These guys haven’t uploaded in 6 months,
but the channel is still very much there… but don’t visit it…it’s probably a trap
or a trick. Probably. Some say it is a test channel from youtube…hmmm…or
is it. 6 – Hekatestation
Like with a lot of the website on this list, I have no idea what is actually going on with
this website, other than it is mysterious, seems oddly sinister and I am not sure if
it will give my computer a virus. When you load up this page, you are confronted
with three triangles. Clicking on each one will lead you down a
different path…some of which will lead you to a puzzle, others will give you clues to
a password you can later use to download pdfs. I don’t know though…it’s creepy. 5 –
This is baffling to me, but I actually kind of like it….even if I have no idea what
it is I like. is an existential crisis summed
up on a web page. You’re greeted with a man sitting at his
laptop. Turn your sound on and scroll up and down
the words to the right and see what he has to say…if you scroll fast…he keeps typing
and it is all nonsensical and great. You can also chat with a bot and look at a
bug forum. Like I said, I have no idea what is going
on…I like it…it will miss with your mind… but if you’re in to that…go get it! 4 –
White Enamel seems to be some kind of horrifying online game or interactive movie or something. When the site launches you are overlooking
a town. You can then explore parts of it, and it seems
to be a sprawling mental asylum with scary sounds and scary rooms. Also, the page loading screens are needles
that lose fluids…like we the viewer are being injected. 3 –
Ever had that sinking feeling…you must be on….where you are forever
falling….into some kind of colour warping rabbit hole. The sound too….jeeze…the sound…….it
sounds like it is all over…over and over again! 2 – Possession Begins
OH my god this terrified me. I went on to this website after stumbling
across the link on a forum and it is pretty weird and unsettling. You get there and the site tells you to plug
earphones in and close your eyes. The site then uses your camera to tell when
your eyes are opened or closed…a creepy voice in your ear will prompt you when to
close and open up your eyes….which…nope. You see all kinds of weird stuff….like a
fly lying on its back dying and church window panes. Mysterious and horrifying! Let’s end this absolute nope of a list with
a happy…but mysterious….but actually maybe a tiny bit sinister website you shouldn’t
visit….we have 1 –
OMFG…DOGS! It sounds like my brain process when I go
for a walk in the park. But maybe don’t visit the website if you
want to remain a dog lover, because I feel like this website will subliminally turn you
against them….that, or you’ll end up admitting they are the true overlords. If you do visit OMFGDOGS…. Be prepared for retina burning rainbows, cartoon
dogs running, video game music and an endless stream of OMG…its actually kind of hypnotizing
if you try and read the background…it will either send you cross eyed or make you sick. You’ll also lose your mouse among the pooches. Ergh. SO that was the top 10 Mysterious Websites
You Shouldn’t visit….hands up you foolish few who actually visited these! RF
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100 thoughts on “Top 10 Mysterious Websites You Shouldn’t Visit

  1. Don't visit these websites!
    Binge on our vids instead

  2. The webtorso one apparently being a channel made by YouTube itself it’s not so “apparently”. On another top from other channel (can’t remember which) it was mentioned that Google itself said that yes, indeed, it was a channel made by YouTube to test the FPS on their videos.

  3. If you search up webdriver torso on yt it looks really different to normal (i think it only works on desktop mode)

  4. In the image of the video there is a creepypasta made by morte bianca (it means white death, it is italian)

  5. Maybe the dream man is Bill Cipher, as he is a dream demon. After all, the axolotl said he would be revived in a different form, a different time

  6. I viseted once… I got really dizzy and went to the bathroom to puke so i love it cuz im trying to loose weight with less efort


  8. 1:24 picks random numbers and letters and puts .com
    Hacker: what should we name our website?
    Dumb hacker:*a bunch of random numbers and letters?*
    Smart hacker:*pft have fun with that*
    Hacker:oh we will

    That is how 1:24 was made!!!

  9. I wached a video about webdriver torso, and people were saying that their content was awesome, and amazing… But I don't get it…

  10. maaan the moment you said "F-Zero" I went !!!!!!
    E3 has come and gone again, and that marks another announcement event where Nintendo has not announced a new game for this awesome game series… It's been 15 years and some of us are dying

  11. when i went to nobody here the man was standing in his chair with his hands on the keyboard

  12. This is scarier than getting tested on Monday and you forgot to study

    Come on, you know you get scared !

  13. Well I didn’t know any of these websites, so saying don’t go is like saying down look down. Not sure why you have this video actually publicizing the bloody sites🙄🤷🏼‍♀️

  14. I visited falling falling, nobody here, endless horse, staggering beauty. those were creepy. The isolation, intense.

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