Top 15 Scariest Videos Found On The Internet

Top 15 Scariest Videos Found On The Internet

It seems that everyday there’s something
new and terrifying caught on tape. While some things are clearly faked or later
proven to be some wild ad campaign, others are disturbingly convincing and really make
you think twice about the world around you. While we can’t say if these 15 examples
are real or not, they’re sure to make you question the supernatural. Here are 15 truly scary videos found on the
internet. 15. Dragon Sounds
This video was uploaded in October 2016 and is titled “Apocalyptic strange sound was
heard again in Slovakia”, but most are saying the audio presented sounds strangely like
the mythical creatures, dragons. While the sounds are quiet and distant at
first, as the video goes on they get louder and more clear. Even stranger, nothing can be seen in the
nearby sky. This isn’t the first video showcasing strange
sounds in the sky, trumpet likes sounds and similar roaring’s have been heard all over
the world in the past few years. There are countless theories as to what these
sounds could be. Some believe they’re the work of Haarp,
the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program which was established by the U.S government
to test ionospheric sound and radio communications. Most work from Haarp was said to have been
completed in 2007, but a University currently owns the facility so it’s not unlikely that
any research could still going on. Even with that as a logical explanation, it
doesn’t seem likely that of all sounds to be tested a roaring would be of utmost importance. Other theories about these noise is the infamous
chemtrail conspiracy theory. Many believe that aircrafts leave behind trails
of dangerous or debilitating chemicals when passing over populated areas, although an
exact reason why is still uncertain. Many argue that the same thing can be done
with audio effects and that these sounds may be spread out by the government to brainwash,
or sicken us. The final and least popular theory is that
these sounds are that of real dragons. Yes, many believe that the magical creatures
still lurk in the shadows, the sky, or high caves and that this video happened to catch
them roaring at one another. Whatever you believe to be true, the audio
here is unsettling to say the least. The uncertainty behind the clear sounds makes
the entire situation more disturbing. 14. Home of a Serial Killer
Screenshots of this popular video have made the rounds all over social media, and the
video itself has over a million views. The description explains that this man, James
Ranking, was hiking in the woods when he stumbled across this confusing and eerie scene. In a wooded area near a park in New York,
he found 25 missing persons posters were taped to trees, along with ratty old bedding, a
shovel, a large tent, and a collapsed handmade wooden cage which surrounded a filled hole. James also explains that he tried to get every
poster in shot but he heard voices coming toward him so he stopped filming and turned
around. In an edit of the description he goes on to
explain that he posted this video as a sort of call for help in case anything happened
to him while he was still in the woods. He also wasn’t sure what exactly he had
stumbled upon. He didn’t know if the posters were there
to help find the missing, or they were some twisted shrine of someone responsible for
their disappearances. Local law enforcement were contacted and subsequently
investigated the people residing in that wooded area. The owners told police that the decorations
were part of an upcoming Halloween party, which officers took as the truth and decided
to not investigate further. James made a valid point during an interview,
however, that if these were meant for a Halloween party; why had they been up for weeks or even
months? As it was clear that the posters had not been
freshly mounted. Either way the investigation ceased and James
encourages everyone to avoid the area and the people living in it. 13. Subway Possession
This video was uploaded by Dolan Chorng in mid-2011, and has since garnered over 5 million
views. The same video has gone viral on several different
occasions over the past 5 or so years. The encounter was recorded by Dolan as he
was walking the San Francisco subway system with a friend. They heard screams coming from down the walkway
and assumed someone was hurt. They came across a woman crouched behind a
large yellow bin. They see that blood is splattered along the
floor, and Dolans friend picks up what appears to be a fingernail or small blade of sorts. The woman, wearing a white dress and ripped
stockings, is covered in blood as it pours from her mouth. She writhes back and screams, as well as slightly
growls. The two young men watch in terror, Dolans’
friend even attempting to bend down and help her. The woman continues to scream and squirm about,
and even goes as far as to stab her own genitals with a pencil. Eventually she crawls toward the men, gets
to her feet and attempts to attack them. The video ends there. While there have been some sources that claim
Dolan made a statement, it’s very uncertain what happened to everyone involved after this
video was shot. Many viewers say she’s more likely on some
heavy drugs than possessed, but regardless of the source for this erratic behavior, stumbling
across something like this has got to be life changing in a negative way. 12. Poltergeist Livestream
YouTuber and gamer Rubzy, was livestreaming while pet sitting for a friend. He was alone in his friend’s apartment,
late at night while gaming in front of his audience. Strange and unsettling things began to happen
as he was live. First a door slams on its own, which immediately
startled Rubzy. He went to investigate but found nothing out
of the ordinary so he returned to his computer, where a viewer informed him that a light had
gone off by itself. While investigating the scene again, another
door slammed right in front of him. For the rest of the video many of his viewers
and fellow gamers are now just as scared as him. Throughout the remainder of the stream a glass
breaks on its own, a box falls of a table, loud knocking or punching can be heard on
the doors and walls, and the doors continue to open and slam on their own. Eventually Rubzy decides he isn’t going
to stay around and deal with this alleged poltergeist, he texts his friend that he was
pet sitting for that he will be leaving. As he’s about to head out a chair clearly
and quickly moves about 3 feet on its own. Rubzy thankfully uploaded a 7-minute-long
video which compiles all the activity throughout the night, which is linked below. He also explained that his friend has apparently
never had these experiences in his apartment, but Rubzy has been fine since leaving the
dwelling. Many believe that a spirit in the home was
distressed that a stranger was present. 11. Creeper
Chicago Couple Jack Mackercher and Jordan Buranskas caught unfathomable footage on their
security camera in the summer of 2016. The couple had been out to dinner and came
home to finish up some laundry but fell asleep while watching TV. The next morning Jordan noticed her purse
was missing, and couldn’t find it anywhere. The couple argued over whether she at left
it at the restaurant the night before. To prove a point Jordan reversed in the footage
to prove she walked in with the purse, but before she could even reach that point she
saw something horrifying. An intruder had broken into their home and
was watching them sleep from the second-floor balcony. He first stood in place for about 5 minutes,
just staring down at the couple. He then walked away and returned for another
10 to 15 minutes, just standing perfectly still. Jack and Jordan claim he would have had to
climb 6 flights of stairs to reach a sliding glass door near the rear of the house. After staring for nearly 20 minutes, the intruder
grabbed Jordans’ purse and hurried off, without even waking their dog. Jordan told interviewers that she likes to
believe he was watching the TV and not just staring silently at the sleeping couple. Although this incident could have ended much
worse, it’s sickening to imagine someone watching you while you sleep without you ever
knowing. 10. The Upstairs Demon
This video was uploaded in February 2016 and has just over 80,000 views. The description reads that the uploaders friend
experiences things like this with his neighbor every night. The one minute video is a pitch-black room,
because the more important content is the audio. An array of disturbing sounds can be heard
coming from the upstairs neighbor. From high pitched screams to low bellowing
growls, some of the sounds don’t sound human at all. Some argue this is the work of someone suffering
from nightmares, and other believe this is a form of possession that the neighbor may
not even know is occurring. Despite your beliefs, fake or real, innocent
or not, those sounds are the perfect nightmare fuel for anyone with nearby neighbors. 9. Possession on the Phone
This video starts out harmlessly, as a Hispanic woman lies in bed eating cookies and recording
a video for her friend or boyfriend. As she is chatting and eating her phone suddenly
falls and she cries out gently in distress and fear. Her phone, still lying on the bed catches
a glimpse of her hand which seems tensed up, and it sounds as though she’s struggling
to make any noise. The door slams apparently on it’s own, but
she then bolts out of bed screaming and crying and runs out of the room. Loud and deep screams can be heard in the
distance after she leaves the room. Reports claim she is doing fine after seeing
a priest and many question if this was a possession or a seizure. Either way the sound she produces will shake
you to your core as you want nothing more than to help her. 8. Muslim Exorcism
Yet another distressing possession allegedly caught on tape. This video comes from India, where a young
Muslim woman has been possessed by an unknown force. As an imam khatib [ee-mom kah-teeb], a type
of Muslim priest, stands by and tries to exorcise the young girl. He asks who is possessing her, to which the
girl, in a sharp growl of a voice responds “Izul”. The priest goes on to ask why Izul has possessed
the girl to which he responds “to protect her, she is nice”. At the priest goes on to cite the Quran and
attempt to expel the demonic spirit it pleads “Please I am protecting her, I want to be
her friend, she is good.” As the priest and others continue to cite
the Quran, the girl screams and fights back but is eventually subdued. 7. Ghost Boy
In 2008, a 17-year-old boy named Jesse was on vacation with his family, in Savannah,
Georgia. Many have claimed that Savannah is one of
the most haunted cities in America, so Jesse was eager to visit a few haunted locations. The family agreed to make a stop at a historical
cemetery, where Jesse pulled out the family camcorder just for memories sake. What he got was more than your everyday memory. Off in the distance of the footage a small
white figure can be seen running. The figure looks like a little boy, with lacking
details. Jesse claims that the figure caught his eye
because it seemed to be chasing a shadowing woman which quickly disappeared. The small spirit then jumped abnormally high
into a tree, and dropped to the ground but disappeared just before making landfall. Of course, people were immediately skeptical
that the footage was faked. However, paranormal, historical and technical
professionals reviewed the footage and were surprised themselves to find that it was authentic. 6. The Wessex Way Monster
This short video allegedly shows a creature bounding across an empty highway in the middle
of the night. The video was created November 14th, 2007
and was captured via a security camera for highway patrol. The humanoid creature seems to be roughly
the size of an average sedan, and moves on all fours. It also moves at apparently high speeds since
it appears to jump across traffic despite an oncoming car in the near distance, moving
at roughly 40 to 60 miles per hour. Some have called this creature a chupacabra,
others have compared it to the notorious Rake, and many believe it to be a work of effects. Either way the motion and appearance of this
creature is alarming. If it was faked, it was done quite well for
2007. 5. Ghost Taxi
This short video from mid-2016 presents supernatural CCTV that allegedly shows a ghost following
a man into the taxi. This clearly occurred at night, possibly in
or a near a parking lot. The man in a white shirt stands to the side
waiting for his taxi to arrive. He appears to be standing next to a white
box or pillar, and as he walks toward his ride a woman comes from behind the pillar. She’s wearing a dark jacket with a white
dress or skirt, and her long black hair veils her face. At first she seems so realistic that you assume
she’s going to get into the cab with him, but just as the door opens and the unsuspecting
man steps in, the apparition disappears in thin air. While man are thrown off by her shocking similar
appearance to the Grudge and other similar Japanese horror entities, the footage is still
distressing and eerie. The way the man seems so unaware of her presents
will make you be afraid to look behind you, even if you have the creeping sensation that
a presence is following just inches at your heels. 4. The Ghost in the Attic
The original uploader of this video claims that he caught a ghost on camera a few weeks
prior to this filming, and ever since then he had been doing makeshift ghost hunting
in his home. While the ghost had appeared before, it never
had the power to move things or even make sounds. However, when this video was taken on January
9th 2008, the ghost seemed to have newfound power. The video begins as the homeowner records
his dog from under the bed, as it is out of the dogs behavior. In what feels like only a matter of seconds,
a loud knocking startles the homeowner. The knocking occurs again, several times,
and he determines that it’s coming from the attic. On a brave whim, he goes up to the attic and
sets his camera up in the distance, to investigate the area. He finds that a few boxes have been knocked
over but he continues to search around. As he stands in place, scanning the area a
tall tin can perched on a box is knocked over in a loud crash. Without a second thought he runs downstairs
and away from the scene. Several moments of inactivity pass before
the light seems to dim or go out and movement can be seen in the distance. The light comes back on and an unknown force
moves the camera around before leaving it in a dark corner. At the end of the video, the homeowner explains
that he didn’t retrieve his camera for several weeks. 3. Ghost Doctor
This video was posted a Honduran entertainment Facebook page titled La Otra Dimension where
it accumulated 1.3 million views, which is not counting the numerous unrelated YouTube
uploads of the same video. According to claims by the original post,
this video was captured at the school hospital – Universitario in Honduras. In this hospital there’s a rumor or legend
that a doctor killed himself due to stress and he now haunts the halls. The video shows a long hallway lined with
stretchers and off to the right is an open doorway. After a few seconds a flesh colored head seems
to peek out of the door way and slowly creep into the hall with jagged motions. The figure comes out into the middle of the
hallway and quickly evaporates from sight. Real or not this imagery is terrifying and
one of a kind. 2. Poltergeist in the News
A small town in Jamaica was apparently so shaken up by an alleged poltergeist attack
that they called their local news station. Jamaica’s CVM News was sent out to the scene
to interview a young boy, an 11-year-old who had been under constant attack from a poltergeist. When interviewed, the boy explained that the
poltergeist was a spirit of his friend who died, but his mother disagreed saying that
it was an evil entity only presenting itself as the long past friend. During the interview, the young boy is thrown
back in his chair and slightly lifted off the ground and thrown against a wall before
his mother runs in to grab him. These movements are dramatic, clear and unsettling. If this spirit really was portraying itself
as someone the boy knew, that’s enough to bother anyone who has lost a loved one and
believes in the forces of supernatural evil. 1. Moorpark Haunting This footage is often considered
the most convincing paranormal footage to date. Daniel Hobbitt was an independent cameraman
that would use a single camera to ghost hunt and explore. When Daniel heard of a haunted hospice unit
of a hospital and a haunted Moorpark home, he geared up and set out. While in the Moorpark home, Daniel filmed
the inside of a bedroom where he captured an amazing dark figure that seems to materialize
in camera view before disappearing from the shot. Later at the haunted hospital, Daniel locked
his camera in a supposedly haunted storage closet, and left it running for several hours. The first hour of footage was blank and boring,
but suddenly a white and shimmer figure appeared on screen, which suddenly morphed into a face
and then into darkness again. The time period in which this evidence was
caught, was not a time that independent editing programs were readily available, more importantly
several professionals from varying fields have deemed the footage authentic, convincing
and unaltered. Which is what has made for these chilling
images to be considered the best of their time.

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