Top 5 Best Poker Bluffs | PokerStars

Top 5 Best Poker Bluffs | PokerStars

Bluffing is a huge
part of poker. In fact, it’s an
essential weapon in every player’s arsenal. Oh, my god. [INAUDIBLE] Um– Here’s the top five who’ve
transformed the skill of bluffing into an art form. Is this real life? At number five,
it’s Vanessa Selbst. No one folds lightly to
Vanessa, because everyone knows the Vanessa is aggressor. On the big game, she tangled
with Antonio Esfandiari. In this hand, she’s bet
the flop and the turn, and Antonio isn’t a believer. Can Vanessa sell her
story on the river? Vanessa could have
been semi-bluffing a five on the turn just as
easily as she semi-bluffed her diamonds. She’s met adequate resistance
from Antonio the whole way, so I’m fairly
certain she knows she can’t win this pot by checking. So the question is, surrender,
or fire one last bullet? She’s loading up. And Vanessa fires
$59,700 on a stone bluff. There it is, the over-bet. We’ve been here before. This bet is supposed to polarize
Vanessa’s hand, nuts or air. And Antonio can pretty
much only beat air. This will be an
absolutely sick call. Vanessa could very easily
have played a huge hand the same way. $59,700. $59,700. By overbetting, she’s
given him really tough odds to make the call,
not even getting 2 to 1. Is a pair of 6’s going to win
enough to justify those odds? Not likely. Antonio with $119,000 behind. He’s probably still
thinking about that check raise on the turn. If she had a big
hand, would she really have given him the
chance to check behind? Finally– and people discount
this more than they should– Vanessa has the stupidity
factor in her favor. If Antonio calls these
wrong, he feels stupid. I think– What’s happening? I think Antonio turned a
straight with a 5 or 7, suited. Yeah? What does she have? And I think she has a flush. I think she has it. Worst read ever. Well, that’s what [INAUDIBLE]
the couch cannon thinks, but it’s Antonio’s
read that counts here. And Antonio folds. What is going on? Antonio folds. Little bit dirty on the pump
fake by Antonio, but Vanessa– wow, what a sick bluff. Bye, [INAUDIBLE]. Antonio may not have
thought that one through, but at number four, we
find Johnny Lodden thinking long and hard about a
very difficult decision at the final table of
the EPT 11 grand final. Unless he snaps off a 5,
he’s going to have to check. Well, he went full way to the
flop, heads up to the turn, which is a 4. That gives him extra outs. Now he can catch a
deuce for a straight. The question is,
he’s got to say, what is this guy calling with? Did he really just have a
7 suited, and not 3 bet? Well, now Mateos has to bet. By betting now, now Johnny’s got
to say, OK, if I call this one, I’ve got to call from
the rest on the river. So, it’s not just like, hm,
we’ll see what he’s got. Now Johnny’s got to think about,
well, the bet is only $650,000. There’s $3 million in the pot. I have 6 outs. Sure, I’m not the
favorite, but it’s close. He’s not getting
the right price, but it’s not that far off. If Johnny’s right– that he’s
up against the bluff– his fives are good. Johnny calls. Great call. Great call from Johnny. He’s getting slightly
the worst price to draw, but he’s also got
the possibility of having the best hand. So, the bet sizing for Mateos
allowed him to play this hand. OK, another ace on the river. That’s a good card
for Johnny Lodden. It wouldn’t seem like
it, but it’s one less ace that Mateos could have. Actually, it’s been
checked to the Spaniard. This is a really exciting hand. This is going to get
replayed over and over. Oh, my goodness. He does it. He goes for it. Wow. This is gutsy. Johnny wants to play so bad. His read is right. The question is,
sometimes– you can tell, Johnny’s first instinct– call. I got this guy beat. He’s messing with me. A lot to learn about some
high-level poker here, where it’s like, you
just go with your gut, and you trust your read. And both of these guys
have virtually nothing, but are playing a
massive pot here. What he may end up doing
is talking himself out of his read. Oh, man. I hope Johnny makes this call. It would be epic. One of the greatest–
if he makes this call, one of the
best reads we’ve ever seen in a final table. One of the greatest played
hands we’ve ever seen. I mean, this instantly
goes on many lists as just one of the
all-time greatest calls. This is one of the greatest
hands I’ve ever seen– if he makes the call. If he makes the fold, it
still is a great hand, but it’s so much more epic
if Johnny makes this call. There goes the fold. And he shows the bluff. And Lodden’s playing so good. When she calls, he doesn’t call. Get showed the bluff. [INAUDIBLE] Put in so much money in
that hand, with the right read, and then changed his mind. [NON-ENGLISH] Vaya con Dios. Back in the day, before
Adrian Mateos was born, a three bet mean business,
a four bet was always aces, and a five bet didn’t exist. Then along came the
internet, and button clicking became a thing. At number three, a
German [INAUDIBLE] with an interesting haircut
takes pre-flop leveling to a new level. Contrary to what
Benny might think, this isn’t a mandatory three
bet, or even a mandatory call to an early position raiser. Did you really think he’d fold? Benny Spindler three bets. Story checks out. Now $20,000 to play,
and hello, Paul Fulton is going to fall
back with A6 off. OK, so I know I would be an
advocate of re-raising Benny Spindler if you have any
sort of hand, but– a– Benny’s not the only
player in the hand, b– cold four betting with A6 is not
a winning play overall, and c– no– just no. Action back on Benny,
with Bergstrom giving up his pair of fours. Boy, Fulton doesn’t look
very comfortable, does he? Oh wait, that could just
be because he’s British. Now, now. Those are not calling chips. Benny Spindler is going
to five bet to $90,000. I guess either King Jack
is too weak to call with and Benny wants to
turn into a bluff, or we’re just seeing a good
old fashioned stack swinging contest, which– by the
way– doesn’t necessarily equate to good poker, though
it is awesome to watch. Fulton has an auto marked. He does have the best hand,
got to wonder if he knows it, though. Oh, my word. It’s a six bet. There is some serious button
clicking going on here. I’m not even going
to pretend like I know what these guys should
or are going to do anymore. I’m out. All right, now I know
a lot of you kids out there are spitting up your
energy drinks and fist pumping in your hoodies like mad,
but to me, this is more like a game of
chicken than poker. Who will blink first? Not Benny Spindler. It’s a seven bet jam. Fulton has now invested
half his chips on this hand. Got to wonder if he’s
regretting it now. Oh, my word. This is the sickest hand ever. Benny Spindler shows
the king jack at the end as he rakes in that pot. Benny Spindler went on to
win the EPT 8 London title. The year before
that, Daniel Negreanu stunned the table with one
of his favorite party tricks. Daniel is determined. Angel small river bet is a value
hand that kid poker can’t beat. Although it’s hard for him to
rep a hand, he’s bumping it up. Figure you got aces or kings. Can I say that, or
is that illegal? [INAUDIBLE] I can say what he has,
but not what I have? Yep. OK. I’m thinking aces or kings. You think right. Daniel really pulled the
trigger correctly on that one. And Shlome is now thinking, if
you read me for aces or kings, surely you can
beat aces or kings. I have to fold. If I show one, do
I have to show all? No. OK. I can show one? Yep. I can show one if I want to? I don’t feel like it. I don’t have a
good one the show. Aces or kings are good, right? Of course. Just saying, that’s
what I thought he had. Not that I can beat it. Daniel knows how to
entertain the table, but for max entertainment,
you have to show the bluff. At number one, from [INAUDIBLE],
Miss Finland, Sara Chafak, pulls off the best
block of all time– on the very first hand. Hi. Hi. Ronnie, if you bust
her on the first hand– He bets. $30,000. And Sara raises with
a straight draw. You have something? Yes, I do. I believe you. I believe you. $30,000? Yeah. That’s the way all my
relationships start– with lies. So, Ronnie has called
the raise and improves to trips on the turn. Oh, boy. Why are you checking? You raised me on the flop. Um– num, num. She bets just over half the pot. Ronnie, do not bust her
before the swimsuit portion. Ronnie’s clock is running. Remember, every player has
30 seconds per decision. If he thinks she’s
bluffing, he’ll call. If not, he could raise. The shot clock. Oh, yeah. i forgot that. Raise. $155,000. $155,000. She really should
not be calling this. $255,000. She re-raises. What? Just [INAUDIBLE]. Oh, OK. I’m not used to those yet. Really, huh? $255,000. Yes. Ronnie calls, which means
we’re going to the river, and that means the cage
is coming into play. The board bricks out for Sara. She has just ace high. Check. She’s bluffed every
straight so far. All in. And she shops. [INAUDIBLE] please slide
what you’re card is. She slides out the bluff card. Oh, my god. How is this happening? I thought it would be– I wanted to stay and play
with you, Miss Finland. I understand. I know, I am. 10 seconds, Ronnie. Wow, like that. He’s playing a time bank chip. He gets an extra 30 seconds. There’s a reason why the
Finnish reputation, right? I have a four. He shows her his hand. You know, I have trips. I don’t if I can fold this hand. I don’t know how you play, I’ve
never played with you before. What is going on here? If I fold this hand,
and they see this fold, and you have like king
queen or something, it’s going to be the most
embarrassing thing ever for me. You understand this, right? I don’t have any time
to think over this hand. I’m like nervous. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s nice over there. $300,000. $500,000. Oh, my goodness. $600,000. Five seconds. And Ronnie’s folded. Holy schnikeys. [INAUDIBLE] Come on. It’s a bluff. Show. She has ace high. Ronnie, you’re
going to the cage. He cannot believe it. I was really scared. Oh, my god. You were really scary. Is this real life? Did this happen to me? I almost had a heart attack. That was awesome. Thank you. Wow, that was fantastic. You’ve got some balls, girl. I could have two million chips. Oh, my god. Good lay down. Oh, my god. Rumor has it, Ronnie is
still in that cage crying. So, those are the poker
stars top five bluffs. Keep an eye out for more
countdowns on Holy [BLEEP]. Would you have folded my hand?

100 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Poker Bluffs | PokerStars

  1. I wouldn't consider any of these "great", a bluff should be considered "great" if it forces the other guy to flop a great hand like high two pair or trips. These are just single pairs.

  2. Last hand was a horrendous fold! You really think she has a full house or landed a straight on the river? If that's the case, you make the fucking call and leave with your head held high bc the odds were extremely unlikely. He didn't analyze the hand at all and panicked. He should have gone "all in" on the turn when she re-raised. Only a very unlikely full house could beat him at that point.

  3. You should also say that Lodden spend around 4 minutes to make a decisión. 4 minutes of Adrian Mateos making the statue make the bluff better.

  4. Whats annoying is at most cash games etc.. you can’t pull off bluffs like this. Anything higher than like a Q pair or any two pair and people will call anything so at lower stakes anywhere below 100 you basically just need to wait for a good hand.

  5. la verdad que es una basura este video porque le llaman "BLUFF" a algo que en realidad es xD. PoR LO tanTo jajajajajaja. NAdie sabe jugar como yo, los invito a jugar o pelear cuando quieran

  6. To everyone saying that the last hand wasn't a good bluff, 1. Remember that the other player can't actually see her cards and 2. She played the whole way like she had pocket Queens so he was right to fold

  7. There’s a distinct gap between 11:41 and 11:42.
    At 11:41 she’s looking at him.
    At 11:42 she’s looking at something else.

  8. Would not called the last one a bluff since she bluffed in the wrong moment / wrong hand. The only reason she won was because the guy was retarded. Lol.

  9. 10:47 In seiner Fresse sieht man das er ein kein guter Spieler ist.
    Dieser Dummkopf…wie kann man da folden mit 3 4er
    War doch klar das die niemals irgendetwas hat das 3 4er schlagen könnte…
    Das war doch so ein offensichtlicher Bluff..
    Online wäre es auch ziemlich dumm zufolden..

  10. I'm not a professional poker player because life in Puerto Rico is very difficult but it would surely win 67% of the poker players

  11. Great bluffs dont include getting someone to fold 2nd pair with 4 cards to a straight out there. Or a low pair on your hand with 2 aces on board. You guys and your shitty lists. A guy getting someone to lay down ace 6 preflop
    I almost fainted when I saw that. Wow. He folded a hand that is an instafold most of the time. Now chris moneymaker in 03 is heads up for the championship that is list worthy. Last one the guy only folded cuz she was hot. Not a good bluff just he is a shitty player. That's a never fold and he must be working at bk now

  12. #3 is just bad poker. The raises were all weak.. With the weak raises, you knew neither had shit. All it would take is a big bet to buy it.

  13. I love the way kara scott looked at her after she made the original turn bet and then sat back like no way she has it

  14. These fucking kids have ruined poker forever . A 7 bet all in bluff? By the 4th and 5th bet they both knew that neither had an all in hand. I would have been shoved . I know easier said than done but I’m a fucking genius… a genius without a stack. All because I’m not down with the preflop dick measuring contest. And these little fags show the bluff! I would neverrrrrr! Make those fuckers think about it. Then show up with the nuts next time… and yeah yeah I know easier said then done. But like I said I’m a fucking genius and run all over these shitty $25 dollar hometown tourneys. I just don’t have the guts to play with the big boys and can’t afford to lose money. When you think like that you can’t play

  15. I actually turned a set of 4's in a hand similar to this last one. I had 4-5 off and flop came K-9-4 rainbow. There was a bet and a call. The turn came another 4 which lead to another bet and a call. The river was a complete blank so I checked. My opponent lead out, I raised, then he SHOVED. I ultimately made the call and ran into POCKET KINGS which he flopped a set and turned a boat. I feel this guy's situation even though I feel her looks had ALOT to do with him folding.

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  19. The last one was so stupid. There is literally no hand that was beating him. No other possibility was there. The way she played she couldn't have had a straight cause she raised him on the flop and it was impossible for her to have a four cause she wouldn't have called the big blind with that early position

  20. It’s hard to tell the true context of how good the bluff is without seeing the whole hand including the pre-flop stuff, when you just jump in on the turn and we don’t know what’s been going on the whole hand, there’s no way to truly tell how good it was

  21. #1 she had no idea how to play poker….. he should have known…… pro-skills(reading opponents behavior and determining opponent cards) dont work against noobs…

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