TOP 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips 2019 | Guaranteed Pinterest Growth Strategy for Business and Bloggers

TOP 5 Pinterest Marketing Tips 2019 | Guaranteed Pinterest Growth Strategy for Business and Bloggers

Have you ever checked popular Pinterest accounts and wondered what are the secrets of those big Pinterest accounts that have millions of monthly views and get thousands of page views on their sites on Pinterest so In today’s video I want to show you the most current Pinterest marketing tips Which work equally well for bloggers online business selling products and for ecommerce sites I will also share with you a link to a page where you can download my printable Pinterest SEO checklist for free This is how it looks so you can print it or maybe you can use it on your computer If you want to get the link stay with me until the end of this video But for now if you are new to my channel welcome I’m in a stage of Anastasia and I share Pinterest marketing tips every Thursday So my tip number one is SEO optimization of your profile and boards on Pinterest surprise Surprise Pinterest is a search engine, but not a surprise for you If you’re following me for a while now because I talk about Pinterest SEO in every second video on this channel Pinterest is not just a social media platform But it’s first and foremost a powerful Visual search engine so users on Pinterest don’t just scroll down the field like they do on Instagram or on Facebook People on Pinterest also do search queries over Here for example like this So it looks very similar to Google and the biggest difference is that the results have shown in the form of images but most of the images on Pinterest have some kind of tax description next to them and Based on this text Pinterest decides for which keywords. This particular image should be ranking high and shows this image to users who have similar interests in their feeds or in related pins and If you scroll down under the pin you will see lots of related pins They’re called more like the and all of the spins also are related to the keyword Which was searched for the meal prep keyword And I’ll tell you honestly one of the most common mistakes I see in the accounts of my clients is poor search optimization of the Pinterest board because the title and the description of your boards of The board to which you’re saving your pins is also very important factor that helps Pinterest understand What your pin is about? So if you want to be successful on Pinterest you need to use popular keywords in your board titles and don’t miss a chance to add as many related keywords in your board description because Usually the board title doesn’t have that many That many characters over here. So if you can you should include more keywords in the in the board description My tip number two is make sure that users can save pins from your site Something that a lot of people don’t realize about virality on Pinterest. Is that original pins? meaning the pins saved by users from your site for example like this are a very important signal for Pinterest if people liked your content so much that they even bothered to save it on Pinterest It really must be great content Right and even though I show all the ways of making your site optimized for saving pins on Pinterest In my course, it’s significant part of my students simply refuse to see the value in this Optimization of your content a lot of people don’t want to include a big Pinterest optimized image in their posts but honestly what difference does it make if you include a couple of smaller horizontal images or Instead of them you include one Larger vertical image for Pinterest at the end of the post if your image is optimized for web and it’s not too heavy then you can easily use it on your site and if you don’t add any image to the page just because you think that it makes Paige heavy and slow for for Google maybe for Google SEO Then how do you expect that users are going to share your content on Pinterest? So you have to kind of find a compromise and just upload images of lower size or not lower size But let’s say that are not so heavy Optimized for web once they’re on your page that helps immensely with them the number of original pins saved from your site So let me tell you some of the things you could do to get more saves from your web pages Always have at least one printable image per post. That’s what I’m showing you already and Also add social sharing buttons to your site something like this I’m actually using social pack plugin That’s what I recommend currently to all my students and because if you’re on WordPress That’s a plugin that is the best in terms of optimization for Pinterest It has a free version too But if you want all the functionality to maximize your optimization for Pinterest, you will need to use the paid version It’s not too expensive by the way. It’s just about 30 34 dollars per year for one side. And if you have multiple sites you can even get a better deal for the for the plug-in and the other thing that you want to have on your side is Prefilled pin descriptions for all the images that you want users to save from your page make sure that these descriptions are optimized for Pinterest what I mean here that These descriptions have hashtags and all the keywords Which you want to target on Pinterest and to add this Pinterest optimized descriptions to your images You can either do it manually in the HTML code by adding a data pin description attribute to each image which you want to be saved on Pinterest or You could do it much easier If you use social Park plugin, it even allows you to add the same optimized pin description to all of your images Which means if you have multiple images per page, you can add the same text in one place under the page It’s like when you have Yoast SEO plug-in under the under the post you have a field to fill the post title SEO title and post SEO description and then I love the Yoast plugin you will see a similar field for social park plugin for pin description and Then once you have it Set in the social pack plug-in when a user is saving something from your site they will see a long pin optimize Pinterest optimized description with all the hashtags and It’s much longer than you could add as an alt description and you also have to remember that out Descriptions they should be used for Google SEO and there should be much shorter and you should never include Hashtags, so in this case the plugin is doing automatically what you would have to do manually when you need to add this data ping description attribute in HTML code code of your image so the plugin is doing this automatically and all your users have to do will just click on this social pack social sharing button and it automatically substitutes or Pre-fills the pin description now if you have an e-commerce site But it’s not on the WordPress platform It may be a little more difficult to find solutions similar to social pack plugin You have to do your research and test other solutions available for your platform and Since a lot of people use Shopify platform nowadays, I can tell you that for Shopify It will be pretty hard to add data pin description attributes to all of your images product images But you could at least add the social sharing buttons Including Pinterest Save button and there are some paid apps in the Shopify store for this You can just search for social sharing in the store and you will see Enough options for you to choose from and some of them even have free trial period so you can try and see how it works My tip number 3 is create Clicquot type in images Pinterest has a great page with the main thing. You need to know about pin design I would recommend you to check the link to this page Which I will give you in the description to this video and most of these tips are super obvious But I’m sure that you might be missing at least some of these points So the first thing you need to realize about Pinterest is that you cannot just save whatever image you have on your site already or your Instagram account Or your YouTube account if you’re promoting this content on Pinterest for example YouTube thumbnails are horizontal Instagram posts are usually square and these types of image ratio are not going to work well on Pinterest at least the image ratio if you’re saving square or horizontal images will always be a Disadvantage compared to the vertical images created by your competitors Specifically for Pinterest the recommended image ratio is two to three and in terms of image size You should be creating larger images of about a thousand to 1500 pixels Because this is the new size Pinterest has been recommending lately and it also emphasized this recommendation over here use text overlay because it adds context and tells people why they should ever Click through to your site and there is some recommendation also about the text overlay that your font has to be large enough and easy to read on the smartphones My tip number 4 is create pin images in canva. It’s an easy and fast online tool So the tool I used to create most of my pins is not any kind of fancy graphic design software It’s not Photoshop even it’s a free online tool called canva. You can find it on this side and Try the tool you can do pretty much everything with the free version of canva But I’m also using premium just because it allows me to quickly create video pins and I already published a detailed video actually, which shows you how to create pin images and and you will find a link to that video at the right top corner of your screen and you can watch that video later and I will also give you a link to that video in the description below this video And by the way, I’m going to show you how to create video pins in canva, but this will be in my next video So stay tuned and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss the new tutorial next week My tip number five is schedule pins with tailwind to save hours of work So I also used this tool called tailwind to scheduled pins on Pinterest You can have lists of boards on tailwind. Let me show you board list and You can schedule each of your new pins to be saved to 5 or 10 relevant boards with intervals and it would take you so much effort to keep track of each pin you already saved and about all the boards without tailwind Tailwind also shows you the best times for saving pins it’s the hours of the day when your audience interacts with your pins better and Tailwind allows you to save pins in these best hours without having to actually log in and save the spins manually using dicta win especially makes sense when you have a big website with Multiple pages if you try to save each of your pins to several boards manually Pinterest will have to be your full-time job, but that’s not what you’re looking for in online business, right? It’s also much better to have your pins scheduled with tailwind for a couple of other reasons The first reason is because when you save pins manually you usually tend to do it in one session For example, you see for 20 minutes and save let’s say 20 or 50 pins in one session But all your audience doesn’t log in on Pinterest at the same 20 minutes when you’re saving pins so your pins will show up in their feet in this 20 minutes and by the time when they log in There will be other pins from other people on top of your pins so you want to use tailwind to safe pins at more random times and spread them throughout the day and The second reason why tailwind might be a better solution than manual pins is because it creates the so-called original pins When you repeat something manually You actually make a direct repeat of your original pin URL and since about the middle of 2018 Pinterest has been very clear about direct ribbons. They said that they consider direct repeats which are made by the content creator as Family practice and they don’t recommend doing it and a lot of people were using director pins to increase engagement on their original pin URLs but that doesn’t really help interest grow the numbers and Now that they are a public company They really need to show the growth in terms of income and also in terms of numbers of original pins Saved to their platform. So talen technically creates original pins on your behalf from your site it calls the application goes to your web page which is linked to the pin and Saves the pin from that web page with your pin title post title and post description And so it kind of creates every time an original pin and That’s what Taylor Pinterest wants from us so using tailwind, you might be actually keeping your account safe from Pinterest spam filters, which probably don’t really like directory pins made by the content creator that much Now you can check my detailed tailwind tutorial if you use this info icon at the top right corner of the screen I will also give you a link to this other video in the description of this video and also in the description Below the video. I will give you a link to one month of free trial of tailwind and I also wanted to remind you that I have a tailwind course very affordable course Which will show you all the settings you need to know? About this tool so that you use it efficiently from day one and you don’t get your Pinterest account in too any risk by choosing some wrong settings in Thailand and Don’t worry. I didn’t forget about the checklist I promised if you’re serious about setting your Pinterest SEO strategy for success Make sure you get that checklist below the video It’s free But I promise it has a ton of value because it includes my entire SEO process for every pin I create and It helps me drive a ton of Pinterest traffic to my website and I’m sure it will help you as well I noticed there is a lot of interest about Video pins on Pinterest because Pinterest is now showing video pins at the top search results on mobile devices So there is a lot of potential of growth and if you want to learn how to create upload and optimize video pins I will be showing you all of this in the next video So I publish Pinterest tips every Thursday as you know, and if you’re not subscribed yet to my channel make sure you click that subscribe button and Also the Bell button so you get notified when I publish my new videos You can also check out my other Pinterest tips here and here meanwhile I wish you a great week and I will be happy to see you on my channel again next week

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