TØP Theory: The TRUTH of Dema and Clancy’s Journal

TØP Theory: The TRUTH of Dema and Clancy’s Journal

Okay guys So as you may know twenty one pilots altered a video on their Store site that sent everyone into a tizzy looking for clues and Unlike a lot of the clues about twenty one pilots that the clip freaks out over these were real and had the ring of truth I won’t summarize them too much except to say that you can read about them on the subreddit Which is pretty good up until update 24 when it starts grasping at straws and instead of talking about everything here Which plenty of people have already done I want to talk about particularly the page from Clancy’s journal if you don’t know what that is basically There’s a secret website with a lot of strange images, and when Josh told us that Tyler was cutting ties with Dema It was indeed about towers of silence and when the eye closed on the word silence when the Twitter account went inactive It was all leading into this. What is a tower of silence well an old religion zoroastrianism Believed that dead bodies were unclean so they would take them and put them on top of these towers they built and let birds pick The bodies clean until just the bones could be removed and Deema is the name of an organization that supposedly Tyler or Tyler and Josh are both metaphorically a part of but as far as this new update basically There’s a map that seems to be of Dema. It has nine sections each with a weird name That’s a snapshot of letters from a Blurryface song like Choke On Smoke becomes Keons and these are the names of Bishops that run one ninth of the town each on the outskirts of town Is a cemetery or a Necropolis ie City of the Dead which fits with the towers of silence There’s a lot here, but let’s turn our attention to the page from the journal I teach college level literary analysis, and this journal piece is definitely Clearly intended as some sort of a piece of journal based literature. Basically in this journal. We see a world being built It’s a piece from the Journal of a character named Clancy And he’s starting to be unhappy with Dema when he writes as a child. I looked upon Dema with wonder today I am wrought with frustration he continues there was a wonderful structure to the city that put my cares to rest. Streets and locations were dependable and the responsibilities of the day seemed to be accomplished with minimal effort Apparently Dema is an organization and a village and Clancy seems to be a part of the working class Though to be fair most people seem to be that way so far in fact The only people mentioned with any form of power are the bishops who seem to have Absolute power not only is someone teaching the inhabitants to do simple tasks But some bishops are rumored to be “ruthless” in a way that makes Clancy quote “Honored” and quote “proud” to serve his stoic elder Keons named after Heavydirtysoul Clancy, though, has become unhappy with Dema after he turns his mind to quote “Contemplate the existential” and to quote “decide what type of impression I wanted my life to make” when he acquires bigger dreams He sees an incredibly high wall that he hadn’t noticed before and that makes Dema Not a quote “home” But quote “my trap.” Once Clancy acquires self-awareness and starts to think deep existential thoughts defined as quote “concerned with Existence” and tries to make a personal difference in the world he finds Obstacles that will keep him from it and this may have something to do with the bridge from doubt from Blurryface Gnawing on the bishops claw our way up their system repeating simple phrases someone holy Insisted want the markings made of my skin to mean something to me again. Hope you haven’t left without me This is an odd twist of imagery. It sounds like he’s singing as someone within Dema Who’s trying to be successful in the Organization and who hasn’t learned to look Outside the system yet these quote simple phrases could coincide with the simple tasks given to the people of Dema But even still the question remains what is this place? And I have no answers because at this point to any answers that we could possibly give no matter How good the best recommendation we could give to it would be oh gee that sounds like it could be it? Whoa but none of us can say this is definitely it But let’s review the facts number one society with simple tasks handed down by leaders with absolute power number two Existentialism drives people to look away from it number three the society fights back against existential thought with invisible walls that act as traps Number four the Society seems better to children who are less mature Number five Kion’s one of the bishops is focused and stoic inspiring loyalty While at least some of the bishops may be ruthless there are any number of situations that fit barely fit or almost fit But there are five that I find at least 20% compelling here are four of them organized religion the music industry childhood the American Dream of those I think organized religion would be the most interesting one to be the answer But it seems a little overt for Tyler and while the music industry theory will likely have many Parallels it too seems to concrete for Tyler and the other two are even weaker Tyler doesn’t do cut and dried allegories about social causes Very enthusiastically or very often so here’s a theory I think more likely I think Tyler may be done with silence Car Radio left him just sitting in silence And now he wants to cut ties with his towers of silence that ended up being more of a trap apparently think about the lyrics from ride. I’ve been thinking too much. I’ve been thinking too much Help me car radio got him thinking Ride found him wanting to think less and now I think we’re gonna go into the next era He’s learned lessons from silence many of them good some of them not good And he’s probably ready to move on to the next thing We’re currently in the – now the Silence of the twenty one pilots symbol And we’re ready for something new which you can learn more about by watching my twenty one pilots hiatus theory video What will this be where is he going what the frick is happening? It would be unproductive to speculate too much more without any more data to help us But hey we don’t have any music to listen to so what do you guys think? Let me know down in the comments, and thanks guys for watching. I hope that you enjoyed this video Don’t forget to check out that twenty one pilots hiatus theory video the link will be around here somewhere or over here I hope that you guys enjoyed this and if you see anything new happen feel free to like message me or Instagram me or tweet me or something like that the only reason I knew about this was because of another lyric theorist so thanks for Watching guys. Talk to you later

100 thoughts on “TØP Theory: The TRUTH of Dema and Clancy’s Journal

  1. U people think too much in stressed out he talks a little about blurry face then in migraine is about dema and 1 line says in order i can fight him i can let yhe lion in then in heavy dirty soul he is trying to lure blurry face bow in jumpsuit he finally gets him closer and in nico and the niners 1 line says like well fight and win but some wont get freedom

  2. wait wait wait the new song niko and the niners and there are nine people in the middle if the blueprint they can be the nine guys and i can see one saying nico

  3. Thank you for this, I’ve only been a twenty one pilots fan for about a month and I’ve been so confused. This video explains it perfectly. I’ll have to check out the subreddit, too.

  4. at 1:12 there's 9 names and a name that's called nico …they have a new song called nico and the niners …

  5. So this theory of Clancy being dead, could mean that the character is at a Dema? Or whatever? Since he was apart of the supposed religion?
    (Edit: I’m not very educated or caught up with the conspiracies)

  6. I was kinda thinking Dema was kind of like FEMA as in FEMA camps mostly because I feel Tyler would like to warn people since he is religious and most people who know about stuff like that are Religious but I don't know the more I think about it , it makes less sense lol

  7. this got me messed up bc I love them and I never understood they're deeper meaning. I listen to them bc I relate to them. now I know so much more

  8. Check we don’t believe what’s on tv lyrics go
    We don’t believe what’s on tv cause it’s what we just want to see and what we want we know we can’t believe we all learnt to kill our dreams

  9. Thank you! I'm so glad I found this channel. We need more people to appreciate songs with meanings that require us to think about it.

  10. DEMA is also the name of a marketing organization, and TØP was late in releasing a new album (they had a contract to release every 2 years, that should've been 2017)

  11. When I first heard about the song of the new TØP….I thought the song "Nico and the Niners" said,"Demon don't control us." I felt really scared.

  12. Look into the Noble Gas fluorine. It’s atomic number is 9 . And exists usually as a toxic yellow gas. Also references it’s electron shell or wall.

  13. Yo that's the map frome the video that came out 3 days ago that's awesome the dema city from nico and the niners 😅😅😅😅🤨

  14. Hello is it hard to Believe that maybe there the illuminati and a new world order is in play and the music industry is the cause of our blind mentality to the reality that it is, we are so blind we encourage our youth to Believe and worship them…..

  15. This is not just a music story ! wake up people ! One for all , they showed us ! All for one , now its our turn !

  16. Its all just metaphors
    Its how artists express creativity, the beatles did it too years ago with hidden messages and backwards tracks. Twenty one pilots is amazing.

  17. Ok no… You put way to much thought into this dema is from ancient times. There refering to the illuminati as dema and the bishops as the would of singers and pop stars and that they need to come together and rebel against the illuminati. I mean think about when it says ''they wanna make you forget'' and the illuminati brain washes people and ''makes them forget''

    TØP – No new music (hopefuly yet)
    P!ATD – No meet n greets anymore
    h e c c

  19. I think everyone keeps passing up the ties between Doubt and Dema. Doubt mentions the bishops and insecurities with image.

  20. Woah your point about him moving on from the silence was spot on. The lyric in Levitate "I got back what I once bought back in that slot I wont need to replace" , Which is basically him moving on. Brilliant.

  21. I’m gonna sound dumb for saying this but is dema like an actual thing or something? Or was there an author who made a story about dema??

  22. Hey uhhhh…….what is the website called?? With all the strange pics??? I've searched everything. Still cant find it.

  23. In nico and the niners when it says “I’m flying from a fire, from nico and the niners”, do you think it has to do with choke on smoke (keons)

  24. There is also a theory that the nine bishops are Tyler’s insecurities (ie anxiety, depression etc) and Clancy is the like better side of his brain (ie happiness, joy etc)

  25. i think that josh is clancy (clancy is like happy thoughts of ones brain/opposite of blurryface) because he is the leader of banditos (that comes to get him out everytime)and he know the handshake with tyler

  26. Yall realize that on the cheater gif, if you slow down the letters it says "UNSTILIDONTCKNOWOHISNREALINAMECDOU?". There is like a bunch of random letters in between but I think it says: "U still don't know his real name, do u?".

  27. Is there ever vanta
    The meaning of the darkest black you will ever see
    So dark it's. Like a hole in reality
    Is it the feeling for need of suicide so you can give yourself a choice

  28. Actually dema isnt a physical place in this story, its your mind, and the bishops seem to make him mentally ill, making him want to escape his mental illness.

  29. Honestly I could do a English report on Clancy’s Journal entries and I would get an A because not even the teacher would understand

  30. I think dema could potentially represent hell. Maybe trench is speaking about heaven and hell. Heaven is trench and hell is dema.

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