Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Zheng Jiang In-Engine Trailer

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Zheng Jiang In-Engine Trailer

She’s just an outlaw! What threat could she really pose? Threat? The cut need only be slight… But if it is left unchecked… …the wound will fester all the same. The pain will be so unbearable… …death would be a mercy.

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  1. Great move changing three kingdom with made up faction and character. First EA with their battlefield series and now CA, show some respect to the source material guys, we don't need your creative input on a historical literature read by millions of people

  2. I am native Chinese, I read the original novel and some history documents of [Three kingdoms]. But I have no idea who she is. Is that Feminism or LGBT?OK, the lady still makes sense in some way, but I Hope there is no BLM in game. Not sure about the EU-USA market, but you may encounter failure on Chinese market.

  3. hey guys, its 2019 so let us introduce to you a strong wahmen character. I understand CA has creative freedom with a well known novel as source material, but cmon now.

  4. Zheng Jiang, the forest bandit queen, will still be a mysterious character. Because in the historical records it is written very short. The three kingdoms game total war: three kingdoms created this character To be a new choice for gamers only Do not have any tips or important content with the story of the Three Kingdoms. But the idea is that the time of Zhengjiang rebels That occurred in the year 210, after two years of the Red Cliff battle, and when Cao Cao began to influence As for the pi and Sun Guan, the feud is in the city of Cao Cao. Not far from the city of Toh. Zhengjiang's rebellion Therefore should be caused by the resistance of Cao Cao's influence Which at that time had power overflowing Rather than against the Han Dynasty If, as a result of this assumption, Zheng Jiang is considered to be another brave person.

  5. lmfao at all the alt-right incels whining about sjws and feminism instead of doing something productive, like finding a job so they can move out of their mom's basement

  6. This game is going to flop. The total war crowd likes historical games when set in reality. STOP MESING WITH HISTORY because you want to virtue signal. It harms the game you idiots. Whats next? Total War civil War with strong black female generals leading the confederate army?


  7. "in-engine trailer"; sure, but every single gameplay demo has had terrible lighting, terrible jaggies with zero anti-aliasing.
    In-engine suuuure.

  8. I honestly don't understand the rage in this thread. While no Takeko Nakano or Tomoe Gozen (both legendary Japanese warriors), this character is based on two real people, while minor. The game is also based around a legendary story, unlike Joan of Arc or the female Japanese warriors above, that is very loosely based on reality.

  9. I disagree with all you unhappy people。 I am Chinese and I understand the character is not a major one, but this is so good.

  10. I can almost here the incels screeching and shitting their pants in rage.

    Looking at the comments down here, looks like I was right. The basement dwellers are scared shitless of a female character. XD

  11. KOEI: makes every female individual they can think of a frontline warrior, includes a fictional woman that does not exist in either history or Romance of the Three Kingdoms, includes individuals they have to make up names for, and takes years to include far more important individuals as playable characters if said individuals make it in at all and no one bats an eye in response
    CA: includes a woman that was real and actually fought on the battlefield and, thus, has more historical authenticity than Zhurong and more basis for fighting in battles than Sun Ren/Sun Shangxiang, who has had a strong battlefield presence in adaptations of the Three Kingdoms period for decades without causing a fuss, and somehow people lose their minds and throw out accusations

  12. HANDS DOWN a fantastic trailer. A beautiful symbolic build up from the start to an explosion hit at 1:11 I mean, seriously, this trailer is a masterpiece. I wish it was a movie or TV show honestly. I think it's really cool that CA fused two historical characters into one. I get they're more so a footnote in the tale of the three kingdoms, but this still fits well into the worldbuilding and provides the player more variety in their desire story. I hope CA is proud of whomever fabricated this character/trailer together, because it's done really well. Awesome job.

  13. Man, what I wouldn't do for a Game of Thrones esque HBO series on the Three Kingdoms period. Tywin Lannister's got nothing on Cao Cao.

  14. Why not have Zhu Rong instead? She was the wife of a barbarian leader, was a decent horseback fighter and fought with throwing knives.

  15. So, apparently, it seems that a good portion of the comments section missed out on the fact that the trailer basically said that people/factions, otherwise unthreatening and minor, can grow far beyond your ability to handle them and become more dangerous so long as you fail to even consider their existence, which is something many TW players enjoy doing with Minor/Weaker Factions, and which pretty much sums up the reason why they're including and promoting what amounts to footnote in the annals of the Romances…

    Brilliant display of competence on part of the Gaming… "Community".

  16. Who is this woman barbarian 1:34? Total War: Three Kingdoms 2 will feature Diablo as new playable warlord… on a smartphone.

  17. Someone tells me why there is a problem with one fictional character in a 3 Kingdom game? There has been many in other 3 Kingdom games thru out the years already

  18. Ok, I found something interesting from someone. There is no one named “Zheng Jiang”! There are “Zheng”and “Jiang”.Two women. And they don’t have much information! Just died soon since they appear!

  19. Zheng Jiang has 1 sentence in history. And peopel are still bitchng how shes a woman.

    generation Z really makes me angry.

  20. You know you're screwed when the wolves follow Zheng Jiang everywhere, because they'll find food easily, smart animals!

  21. So it turns out she’s my favourite campaign to play so far, you get to go around slaughtering generals while maintaining a 2-province core province + a bunch of subdued tributary warlords paying you rent. All the while you get focused gameplay & a choice to insert yourself anywhere in the story.

  22. She’s gotta be the best duelist in the game. Played an entire campaign with her on hard and in one battle once I Dueled 5 people and killed them all.

  23. 1323 people are chinese ultra nationalists unhappy for the introduction of a semi-fictional character. Half of them are patriarchal because… you know… China.

  24. Well I just won My Zheng Jiang campaign.. one of the most fun I ever had in any total war… the most surprising of all.. I ended up married with Lu Bu hahahaha

  25. In my campaign I had 4 bits of land and was on the verge of bankruptcy in a war on all fronts. so I got all the units I could get (four officers and 12 units.) and risked everything to get the Han emperor. Almost lost the entire game 30 turns in. But it was worth it, 3000 gold per turn I was invincible.

  26. This hero is so over powered I manage to destroy her entire army but she killed all my remaining heroes and I end up losing with her being the only enemy alive in Romance mode lol

  27. In real history material there's very few description for her, so the game company can creat her personality and settings

  28. As a Chinese who read whole 3 Kingdoms novel,I can tell you guys that this girl has never exist in both real history and novel.
    Acturally in real history Zheng and Jiang are two seperated people instaed of one.
    I dont know why the hell they added this woman into this game.

  29. They apparently had to make this character up or all the sjw would scream about how sexist this game is. I'm surprised they didnt make the character black too.

  30. After playing her, my only complaint is her victory goal. I dislike how her ultimate goal is to become empress and not getting rich AF. The finery and false courtesy is beneath her. Her goal should have been destroying numerous factions and turning China into a chaos hellhole. She should have been a horde faction too that can have numerous hideouts set up beneath commanderies settlements. That would have given a true bandit experience.

  31. Two female pirate leader Zheng and Jiang combines themselves to form one super pirate called Zheng Jiang.

  32. Here we have an awesome trailer for an interesting and badass-looking character who will offer a different playstyle and contribute greatly to the replayability of the game as a whole.

    Oh, but she happens to be a woman… I wonder how far I have to scroll before I find people complaining.

  33. I love when he says shez just an outlaw
    What threat could she really poss
    General:Threat? The cut may only be slight but if its left unchecked

    I love this Bandit Queen she seems like a badass!!!

  34. I really love her. I have a weak spot for historical accuracy, but I have a weaker spot for warrior women/amazons.
    Zheng Jiang is the kind of character that makes me happy and her design is something that could've escaped my mind. I didn't remember her from my reading of the Three Kingdoms, but I don't remember half the people in this game, so I feel like that's irrelevant.
    And since Total War has always been about alternate history (or alternate course of history) and we DO have proof of Zheng Jiang (or rather the two bandits Lady Zheng and Lady Jiang) actually existing in the Records of the Three Kingdom, I really don't mind seeing her. The trailer was, in fact, fascinating and I'm kind of sad that I didn't see this trailer when it came out… but I only became a big Total War fan during the course of last semester.

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