Tour Blog: Shakira’s Beirut visit

Tour Blog: Shakira’s Beirut visit

What a wondeful day.
I’m in my ancestor’s land. A very special day, right?
Yes, very emotional Byblos. What does it mean?
I think it means “books” We need to check this out.
“Library/Biblioteca” comes from books Xavi, this is your homework.
I will check it on Wikipedia They asked me if I spoke Arabic…
And I said… (counting 1-10 in Arabic) Let’s go SuperToni! My father was worried because in Germany
My hair stood up during the concert

100 thoughts on “Tour Blog: Shakira’s Beirut visit

  1. Viaje de Bahrein hasta Beiruit, fui desde el norte hasta el polo sur,

    y no encontre,
    ojos asi,
    como los que tienes tu

  2. this is awesome! my grandfather is Lebanese but my parents are Mexican:) I really would like to go to Lebanon and visit where my ancestors lived:)

  3. If you're a visitor in Lebanon and for some reason curious about someone's religion, a quick way to find out is to ask him whether Lebanese are Arabs. If the answer is yes than he's Muslim, no means he's Christian. Works every time.

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  5. Shakira taking pictures with that common phone even Iphones were released on the market…Very simple and modest girl…

  6. Question
    did you know lebanon is the most beautiful country.
    Lebanon is my country also shakira is half lebanese

  7. siento que amo a esta mujer , que admiración tan grande siento por ti shakira , siento que debo conocerte antes de morir o no podré descansar en paz ! Te amo shak❤

  8. to those lebanese who said that they are not arabs ..well we don"t need stupids people like you .. we are proud of our arab and the arabians have great and old culture you should be proud in greetings from North Africa

  9. For those who said Lebanese are Arab go and study the history well and see that Lebanon are not a Arab country and also the DNA tast they do it for the lebnenese people it show that the Lebanese are not Arad there's are only 5% in the lebnenese are Arabs but the 95% are not Arabs Lebanese are mixed between Phoenixion and kildan achur kinani and Roman bizantic so you can not said lebnens are arabs just because there's 5% are arabs

  10. Hey I am lebanese I am 12 and we all know that lebanon is very smal country but it is such a beauty I love you plz like ohh and plz shakira come again and all of you come visit this wonderful place thank you ❤

  11. My mom is from lebanon my dad is from the USA i come to lebanon every year its beautiful some people say its not but thats because they didnt went to all the cities at it they didnt know about the cities i visited

  12. I'm a huge fan!! If you are a fan you would know she is only quarter Colombian and quarter italian and half Lebanese and her Name is arabic as well. Shame she doesn't show her true blood line as well. Show her other half. Nationality she is Colombian but not by blood. Fun fact! She even learned her belly dancing from her Lebanese grandmother! Research her and you will know!

  13. Lebanon has some of the worst people on the world stuck up snobs, there is minority of nice respectful people but there not the majority

  14. My mom and dad went to your concert in the summer… I was a little kid but I still remember seeing the tickets and them going

  15. Diosa Shakira siempre puro talento SOS unas personas muy buena cantante de tu hermosa canciones Shakira Noemi

  16. Im russian, i live in israel near to lebanon border.

    Im married to an lebanese man

    And i hope that one day israel and lebanon could be friends.

  17. A lot of people in Latin America come from different countries but as we already know with Shakira she’s 100% Colombian. And there are other Lebanese in Mexico like Salma Hayek who is 100% Mexican

  18. Она мне так нравится😆 заходите ко мне на страничку тоже. И поставьте лайк ведь я так старалась.🙆

  19. Me gusta tanto como baila y canta espero Dios te bendiga siempre muchas veces la miró su historia y veo como un ejemplo para seguir a delante saludos de una paraguaya que te ama y te desea lo más bello que ala te acompañe siempre.

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