Travel Blogger Lifestyle Lightroom Preset Mobile Pack Demonstration

Travel Blogger Lifestyle Lightroom Preset Mobile Pack Demonstration

Hey guys, Ryan here at Signature Edits, and I want to show you really quickly how amazing and fast it is editing with the
blogger preset pack on Lightroom mobile! So these travel photos I’ve pulled up
are just an example of kind of a wide range of different shots, lighting
examples, that sort of thing. We’re gonna go through and show you how fast and
easy it is to edit. Okay so let’s start back here at our mountain top photo. All
I have to do to get to the presets. Now that I’ve installed them with Lightroom
cc and they’ve synced to my mobile device is select presets here, and then I
can cycle through the different variations. We’ve got a warm and cold
vintage and an earthy and then from those four we have a faded version of
each if you are feeling a little more filmic and moody and we’ve got a black
and white and a faded black and white then as well for low-light situations
we’ve got a denoise version of all eight of those presets for you so all I have
to do is go ahead and choose the filter that I like the most
adjust the exposure and the white balance to make sure they’re exactly
where I want them and my photo is done just like that
how cool hey perfect next all right so let’s dive in here back to my presets
and select there’s warm cold vintage and earthy earthy is hands-down my favorite
I absolutely love editing with this preset I find I use it on pretty much
everything if it’s not earthy I tend to use the earthy fade for a little bit
more vibey great moving on let’s try cold on this one and we’ll go to our
light north at exposure a little bit and we can warm it up very very slightly or
all the way that’s kind of a neat interesting look to perfect so if your images for whatever reason
are not looking great on the very first click probably what’s going on is your
white balance or your exposure are not perfectly dialed in so in this one
things are looking pretty cold so I’m just gonna go back here first off make
it a little bit darker that’s already looking cool I’m gonna go to my color
and warm it up done just like that and expect my presets and I’ll just cycle
through so you can get an idea of what each one is capable of I’ll leave this
one black and white I’m just gonna lower the exposure a little bit and we’re good
so whether you are a travel blogger a lifestyle photographer or you just want
some photos on the go these Lightroom presets for mobile are absolutely
awesome we put a ton of time and work into making sure that they’re perfect
and they add super awesome vibes to all your images you can see how easy and
fast it is to get the look that I’m going for another quick trick there if
you want to save going into that preset menu and just use the same preset all
you have to do is hit the previous button and hit all and it’ll
automatically apply that so let’s go here
maybe grab our vintage look and the reason this one is looking a little cold
is because I need to adjust the white balance and the exposure will make it a
little darker go to the color warm things up and lastly we will just rotate
things so it’s a little bit straighter anyone else have trouble making things
straight with the Lightroom mobile app it’s hard with those tiny little screen
big pudgy fingers what can you do okay let’s go to presets here
Aarthi now let’s try the vintage fade I like that and we’re done so that is how
easy and fast it is to edit using the blogger presets from signature edits I
hope this was helpful and I can’t wait to get these presets in your hands
you’re gonna love them

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