Travel Journal Tips #1 · What’s in My Bag (ft. Portable Painter) · semiskimmedmin

Travel Journal Tips #1 · What’s in My Bag (ft. Portable Painter) · semiskimmedmin

Alright you lot! Before we begin, I’m so thrilled to announce
the winner of my 100k giveaway, Christine Altamirano, who’s comment was picked at
random from the pool of comments and instagram followers. Her prize package is already on its way to
her, I’m so excited for her to receive it! She seems so thrilled, I think we’re both
as excited as each other. Thank you all so much for entering, hopefully
it won’t be long till the next milestone and another chance to share the love! So moving on to the video, very casual format
today, I just got back from New York a few days ago. And this is the first chance I’ve really
had to stop and get my bearings since I got back. I thought while I’m finally getting round
to unpacking it would be cool to share what art supplies I took with me and also show
you how I used them while I was out there. I travel light, in all aspects, but especially
so with supplies. I’m always looking for ways to have things
at my disposal to get the look I want, but also not take up half my bag. So to start out, most important thing is of
course the sketchbook. I used to have a dedicated one, fill a like
30 page sketchbook for the whole holiday, but I’m using my sketchbook now as more
of a visual diary, so all my life is kind of documented in here amongst the doodles
and whatever else. This is a Stillman and Birn, Zeta series A5ish
softcover sketchbook. Handles wet media beautifully, no bleed through
so far, lovely, sturdy white pages. It’s been doing a great job and it held
up in my bag really well. You’ll notice there’s a ton of stuff just
hanging out of it. I used to take a glue stick with me on holiday
to paste in all the little souvenirs and things I picked up. I don’t do that anymore, or at least I didn’t
do that this time. Instead I opted to take a stack of post-it
notes. They’re more multi-functional. A- they’re great for covering up mistakes. but the main use I have for them is to take
notes. To sort of plan a spread without having to
commit to it there and then. You wanna enjoy the holiday. So, you might have a spread idea in mind thats
gonna take you a good few hours, things to stick and cute handwriting titles or whatever,
and those hours of perfecting and tweaking could be done at home or back at the hotel
on a chill day in the holiday, and done much better, if you just note down the skeleton
of the idea and then go out and spend that precious little bit of holiday time you have
actually making memories. All I’m saying is, loose bits can stay loose,
but a post-it can tell me whereabouts in the journey that fits in. And, if there’s something I want to write
about on a particular page and I don’t want to forget it but I’m not in a position to
give that writing the time it needs, quick post-it, I can write it out back at the hotel
or when I get home. Speaking of writing, next thing is pens. I take a pencil but I don’t really use it
much anymore and we’ll come to why in a second. Pen, I take a waterproof fineliner so something
like a copic multiliner, micron would work as well. Great for doing all your writing but also
urban sketching, sketching in any situation, to get confident lines down, nice ink flow,
get that fluidity and energy in your work. I
also take a biro, these are like my new pencil. Because you can use different pressures to
go from the faintest of lines to deep black. These have become a real staple for me recently. And the best thing is you can buy them everywhere,
so you’re never stuck without your thing. Also, most of them are waterproof as well. Those are the basics, but I do like a bit
of colour in my work. Obviously at home, for paint, I use gouache
a lot. I like the opacity, the flat colour, but to
take those away with me and like set them up, with my minimal approach, isn’t really
gonna work. So I was rummaging through my things looking
for an alternative, thinking wouldn’t it be great if I had some like paint markers
or something, and I found these. These are chalk markers, a company called
Challkola sent them to me a while ago and they’re cool but I didn’t really know how
I could find a use for them since they’re more designed for non porous surfaces like
glass or not paper basically. But I tried it on paper and it worked pretty
well. I just picked out a few colours that I liked
together, didn’t wanna take the whole set. And yeah, these worked well as a stand-in
for paint markers. Great way to get that bold flat colour if
that’s a look you go for. With them being chalk markers I’m not sure
if I’ll need to use spray fixative to stop the colour rubbing onto the opposite page
but I probably will just to be safe. You could also try traditional alcohol markers
if you prefer more of a watery look. In terms of watercolours, since I’ve started
experimenting with them again especially in my drawings of buildings, I was really keen
to take some with me as well. And I always have brought watercolours to
travel journal with, you might have seen them in my Nice travel video? I don’t remember if I showed it but I’m
pretty sure it was my cheapy, off brand watercolour palette. The paint tin is a bit big and an awkward
shape, doesn’t fit in my pencil case. I also did wanna step up the quality of my
paints, since I am kind of rediscovering my love of watercolour. And as luck would have it- and I am a true
believer in fate- about a week before I headed off, Steve Padden who is the creator of the
Portable Painter contacted me, asked if I’d like to try a sample of this nifty thing. I watched a few reviews and unboxings for
it and it just looked ideal. So it actually arrived a day before we were
flying out. One thing I will say, I was quite apprehensive
with it because I’ve never filled up my own palette before. I’ve been looking into it. You might remember me talking in one of my
30 ways videos about how I do struggle with tube watercolours, and a lot of people commented
saying they had the same issue and found that a great solution was to just dry them out
in half pans of whatever. So I had looked into it, but thankfully, the
little leaflet that comes with this thing also directed me to their website where they
have videos from a few creators about how to fill pans, what colours you might want
to take, the difference in cheap and expensive ones. Really helped, and that evening, you can see
the sun going down in this footage, this was the night before we were leaving and I still
hadn’t packed yet, but I picked out a few colours and I filled my half pans. Had a bit of difficulty at first but kind
of started to figure it out. But yeah it’s basically, just realised I
didn’t even explain it properly, its a portable paint pallete, it folds out, the outer casing
becomes two pots for your water, one for cleaning your brush, one for wetting it. The two pots also act as a stand so you can
put this down wherever. My favourite way to use it was actually on
my lap, so with the sides holding it onto my thigh. You know how when you sit down and your thigh
just expands, this is the one time I’m actually grateful for that, cos it actually holds this
so comfortably and sturdily, even with water in it i felt confident it wouldnt fall. Um theres a little paintbrush that folds out
and has a finer point inside. I know I’m going on about this a lot I just
honestly think its so nifty. I’m really grateful to Steve, who seems
like such a nice guy by the way, its just one of those clever inventions, done just
right. He also really kindly sent me an extra Portable
Painter, which is one of the surprises included in the giveaway bundle. It’s been really hard to keep that a secret! But that’s it. It all fits into this pencil case that I think
is actually a make-up bag, I got it as part of a monthly beauty subscription I was signed
up to at the time. Before I go off on any more tangents, I haven’t
had a proper nights sleep since I got back, I need to finish unpacking. I’m hoping to make a few videos related
to travel journalling, this’ll be a short maybe 3-5ish episode series. If there are any topics you’d like me to
cover, please let me know down below. And let me know if you’d be interested in
a kind of new york blog maybe! I did a bit of filming but I don’t know
if that’s something anyone would really wanna see. And of course I’ll see you all soon with
some painting and drawing videos too! Thanks for watching guys! Bye!

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