Travel Journal Tips #3 · WHAT AND HOW TO JOURNAL · semiskimmedmin

Travel Journal Tips #3 · WHAT AND HOW TO JOURNAL · semiskimmedmin

Alright you lot, I just wanted to come on
here and get an art video out for you all before my birthday celebrations and festival
goings begin. And this has been hugely requested since I
started my travel journal series, so while I work in this spread in my Mexico travel
journal, demonstrating what I’m talking about, I’m basically gonna go over all the things
you need to know to get started with your own art journal or travel journal. So first
of all, as I always say, there’s no right or wrong way to do things. We all experience things differently, see
things differently. And therefor we’ll want to have our own way
of showing and displaying those things. Note down the things that stand out to you
personally and represent that on paper however you prefer. You might be more into cut-outs and photos,
stickers, more text, more drawings, no drawings. And whether you put together your journal
on location or maybe once you get home, these are the key points that I think are relevant
to anyone. Firstly, Keep note. I’ve talked about it before but I’ve been
in the habit of keeping a holiday diary since I was very young. Mum called it the captain’s log and every
evening we’d each take turns in being able to write down what we got up to on that particular
day of the holiday. It was all in the same little notebook so
on our next holiday when she got the book out we could look back on all our other adventures
as well. Now, I tend to keep my captains log in the
notes section on my phone. I always have my phone on me, so it’s always
within reach to fill in a bit of my goings-on if I’m waiting as a station or on a longish
journey from one part of my holiday to another. Plus it’s always there for you to look back
on when you’re home and wheneber you want. Go into as much or as little detail as you
want. I thought I’d read you a couple of examples
of entries from two different holidays of mine. The first was in Rhodes, Greece and we’d just
got to our home for the week. It says ‘…The large wooden double doors
open to a bright courtyard roofed with the vines of a lemon tree. All the plants that surround the two seating
areas are green and vibrant. Doors on the side lead to the bathroom, kitchen
and a small side-room with a bed. The main room has a medieval, exotic feel;
wood and stone, lanterns, candles, pottery and tribal art. On either side of the huge, high-ceilinged
room on a platform are big double beds. White stairs outside go up to another table
area and higher still is the roof where you can see the entire town. The buildings, the beach, the cliffs, the
acropolis….’ okay so lots of detail there. The next one is from a trip to Berlin, Germany. It was an equally as exciting trip and re-reading
my journal brings back the same vivid memories but my writing style is much different. This one says ‘Day 1; Freidrichsain, prenzlaurberg,
neukolln. Bus 100 tour: brandenburger tour, siegesaeule,
opera house, Tiergarten Zoo and aquarium, Train drama, Met daisy and friends, Chalet,
Got shawarma to eat, Gorlitzer Park with rene and friends.’ Very different writing style but for me the
second one makes as much sense and stirs as many memories as the first. Good things to note would be what you ate,
how was the weather, standout moments from the day and people you met (especially names
if you can remember them, it’s a really nice detail). Next tip, Collect everything. Pick up any relevant brochures, maps, business
cards, keep tickets for buses, trains it all makes great stuff for sticking in. Also, Take pictures
To refer to for drawing but also to stick in. You can use your phone, camera, a disposable
or even better underwater disposable. With digital photos, I print them on my regular
printer with regular ink but order cheap photo paper from amazon to print it on. It makes such a difference to the quality
and colours. Now then, when assembling a page; If I’m doing the whole thing at home, I
lay out all the things I’ve accumulated, print out pictures, put it all in a timeline
and start mentally dividing up the sketchbook; ‘on this page I could do something to do with
this day, the next page could be about the next couple of days’, and I slot in the loose
bits that are relevant to each bit. A post-it to let you know what you have planned
is great as well. You can also freestyle it which is generaly
how it goes when you’re journalling on location, in your hotel room the evening or day after
these things actually occurred. For a spread, I personally will start out
with an idea of what I want it to look like, once I know what I’m going to be talking
about. I might lightly block out areas of the page
to say, writing here, photo here. You could also just go ahead and start drawing
or painting or sticking things in and see where it takes you. I start with drawings. I refer to photos taken, use google maps street
view if I need to, or even pinteerst, It’s also great to try to draw from memory or even
from your imagination. This isn’t an enclycolpedia, it doesn’t
have to be exact, its about how you felt and how you interpreted what you’ve seen and done. Landscapes and buildings are always a nice
thing to draw in a travel journal, landmarks and even people youve met if you can. If you’re wondering about the tools I use
and how I use them, you can check out the video I have on exactly that. Next I stick in things that need sticking
in. I also sometimes include envelopes or pockets
for loose bits that I want to keep but not so much display. Then in the gaps I might write a bit, depending
on how self explanatory the page might be. If you prefer to focus more on the writing,
I’d recommend doing that first and working your art and stick in bits around it. Experiment with different page layouts Fill a page spread with one big drawing, do
lots of little drawings, layer drawings over each other, write a full page of text, make
a collage of photos, set it out like an illustrated book, or newspaper article. And that’s pretty much it, you can add embellishments
to the page to give it a bit more vibrancy and dynamic, I like paint splatters but I
use them in moderation, not on every page. You could add stamps, stickers, nice tape,
glitter, other textures, whatever you’re into to give it your unique touch. Don’t forget to go out and have fun. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to
create the perfect picture book. Make memories and make art. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than
that. See you later guys. Bye!

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