Tree Update Episode 20

Tree Update Episode 20

Dear Ecosians, welcome to this tree update and it’s a very special tree update because it’s the 20th time I’m talking to you about our projects. The first project I want to talk about is the project we do with Fundación DIA in Nicaragua. Two years ago, we worked for the first time to restore mountain slopes as well as to do agroforestry systems in the valley. Gilberto, the leader of Fundación DIA said “I want to add an additional sustainability element to our work, why don’t we set up an agroforestry systems in the valley that over five or six years also pays back their investment so we can plant even more trees.” And we found this a very interesting idea from Gilberto. So in the past months, we have been working with him to make a business plan to plant agroforestry systems in Nicaragua with different products that pay back their investment, so we can plant more trees in Nicaragua or other places. This is going to be a very interesting lesson for us here at Ecosia. I’m really looking forward to this engagement. From our side it was mainly Edmond Muller, the second tree planting officer at Ecosia, who worked with Fundacion DIA to make this plan. Edmond is at the moment in Kenya. Let’s have a look at how he’s doing. I’m now in Kenya to check on your trees. Actually, I’m standing now in one of the tree nurseries of the Green Belt Movement, one of our local partners. Together with the Green Belt Movement, we have planted 800,000 trees in the main water catchment areas of Kenya. These areas are crucial as water supplies to the rivers in Kenya. Tree roots play a vital role in this because the tree roots capture the water and slowly release it to the rivers, providing millions of Kenyans with clean fresh water. Not only Kenyans but also people in Egypt, because this river flows all the way from Kenya to Egypt, to the Nile in Egypt. The last few days I’ve been visiting various plantations and I’m really impressed by the results. All thanks to your searches. Thank you Edmond, that’s a great update! From Kenya, in the east of Africa, we’re now going to Ghana in the west. There we work together with TREEAID to restore the banks of the river Daka. Together with the communities that live next to the river, we are restoring the banks to avoid runoff and erosion of very valuable soil into the river. This is the second year we’re working together here and look at the great progress we’re making here in the second rainy season in Ghana. If, from Ghana, you go north, you get to Burkina Faso and this is the last project I want to talk about. As you know, Burkina Faso is one of our biggest projects. Millions of trees have already been planted there because of your use of Ecosia. Now we said we want to go the extra mile. How can we make sure that the regained fertile soils will actually also be productive for the people, in a very smart way, in collaboration with nature? So Ecosia hired Ludovic Bourdon, who is a regenerative agriculture expert and he is now working in Burkina Faso to make that happen and he will give you an update right now of his work. We’re working here since the beginning of the year. Here we are dealing with major erosion patterns, so we had to build these well systems which are big ditches on contour to harvest the water. We had a big rain yesterday, so you can see how it works. We had a lot of infiltration over the night already. Around mainly the agroforestry site, we have 3 kilometers of swell system like this. We’re harvesting around 1 million liters when the system is full. This will allow us to infiltrate water, plant trees, rows of trees, so grow a forest system on either side of the swell system and in between. You can see on the left here, we planted some beans and sesame. Beans is to add carbon and nitrogen to the ground – because the soil is very poor here. All around the 3 kilometers of the swell system – which will be 6 kilometers because we’ll be doing 3 km on the downside and upside of it – we’ll be planting rows of trees too, so it’s going to be a very diverse ecosystem. So here’s the work we’re doing here with Hommes et Terre, the partner of Ecosisa. And there’s a lot more to be done under a very hot sun and I hope to see you soon. Bye! Thank you Ecosians, for watching this 20th tree update. Many more will come. I’m very happy we can inform you about the progress in our projects through these updates and also that we can communicate with each other about the progress they’re making.

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  1. I once read that if we planted 100 million trees the entire climate change process could be reversed. ecosia has supposedly planted 70 million yet there climate change is no where close to being reversed. whats going on?

  2. We joined Ecosia this week from South Africa :))) Please come and work here too… We have some projects here, but not enough. Many unemployed youth… so quite high crime. I believe planting trees is part of the solution- :)))))))

  3. Do updates on the trees in Indonesia too please! We're having a SEVERE forest fires that the sky even turns "red" (look it up if needed).We need MORE trees asap.Thank you

  4. When I saw the notification at the top of the page stating that as a collective, trees are also planted in Nicaragua, my heart swelled with joy. My parents are Nicaraguan and most of my relatives still live there. This is wonderful. Thank you Ecosia. <3

  5. Wieso nicht den Gewinn in die Arbeiter stecken? Klar bäume pflanzen ist wichtig für unsre Zukunft, aber würden wir die wirtschaft in entwicklungsländern nicht stärken, wenn die arbeiter den gewinn bekommen? Oder vllt in deren Bildungssystem? vllt ist Klimaschutz nicht das einzige wofür ecosia stehen könnte… Wäre nur ein Vorschlag von mir, aber wie auch immer, ich werde ecosia auf jeden Fall weiter benutzen. Gut das es euch gibt!

  6. I changed my homepage from Google to Ecosia. I'm just doing what I'm always doing with searching stuff, but this time I'm making a small but positive difference in the world. Feels good.

  7. Ecosia is probably one of the only search engines Ive been using for a few months now. On my mobile and my desktop as the default 🙂

  8. I use ecosia because it's a good browser and they plant trees, that's a 2 in 1. But recently YouTube on Google and via their app have really started to play way too many ads to the point I was really was going to just stop using it, but with ecosia I get a normal amount of ads. I don't mind ads I know that's how people make money but it was ruining the experience more ads than tv. I will use ecosia forever but if you follow YouTube with that many ads I won't keep using it. It's every video before during and after but not on ecosia. I probably won't ever pay for the premium yt it's not worth it.

  9. these tree updates are becoming more than just trees! absolutely awesome!

    🌴🌲🌳☘🌵🌾🌿🍀🍁🍂🍃🌳🥦🥀🌱☘🌳🌴🌵🌾🌿 😀

  10. pls plant a tree at coastal Orissa which was damaged by repeated cyclones and dry spells the home to Olive ridley turtles

  11. Thank you for doing this wonderful project. This is the first time I've watched your tree update video. Nice to know what's happening. Keep up the great work.

  12. Very proud of you,team Ecosia. It's good to see that all of you are working hard to reverse the climate change. I am gladly waiting for Ecosia to spread out to the world and plant trees in the other parts of the planet as well.Much love from India..

  13. Keep in mind once a forest has been destroyed, it's impossible to restore the ecosystem biodiversity to its original state.
    I would like to know what will stop the charcoal gangs from cutting down the reforested areas once the trees reach maturity.

  14. I finally ditched shmoogle as my main browser for ecosia and I am so glad to see that it's actually making an impact in this world! Keep it up guys!

  15. Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to the preservation of our beautiful planet.

    I am a teacher and have introduced Ecosia to all my students and colleagues. A vast majority of them have now switch over from traditional search engines. I hope the trend continues so we can see more projects like these shaping up around the globe. Again, thank you!

  16. I know that you are Carbon Negative as Ecosia itself. But how does Bing contribute to this? Is the part you use from them Carbon Neutral as well? I would rly appreciate yn answer since people were using this as a con Ecosia argument.

  17. Why not try to enhance the size of the trees rather than just planting them the bigger the trees the better the invierment right? So by doing that all we will need to do is only take one out of 5 trees and plant 7 more to take its place.

  18. Lovely!!! One day, I hope I'm able to see a forest that was made out of all our searches and your hard work!
    One question: To you actually acquire the stretches of land that you plant on? I mean you mostly work with local partner if I understood right, but do they hold the ownership over the land? Or how does that work?


  20. Hi guys,
    I have a similar project for CO2-negative energy production and soil enhancement with Terra Preta. I’d like to implement this on a global scale and look now for funding. Crowdinvesting could also be an option. Let me know if you can help! 😃

  21. I love seeing your updates. Thank you for all that you do. Whenever anyone tells me to Google something, I tell them I'll Ecosia it!

  22. Dear Ecosia, I am incredibly pleased with the amazing amount of effort put into planting trees and bettering communities in different parts of the world. I was wondering if you were able to take a look at the country of Somalia, as they have been suffering from many droughts and water insecurity (from the lack of rain). Therefore, this has left devastating results for communities (especially for coastal communities). There are some small organisations involved in bringing sustainability to the country, but I thought it would be even better if you could help too.
    Thank you

  23. Wow i am Kenyan i tried it for some time and didn't feel the refinement of google but from yesterday i have been trying to use it solely like 90% the times i use google hopefully with time i'll divorce google😅

  24. To reach a billion, 1000,000,000 trees by December 2020, I calculate that the planting rate needs to speed up to 30 trees per second. Get more people using it ASAP.

  25. ahja ^^ schön auf Deutsch Werbung machen und in Afrika rumtingeln ne xDD Diese 1 Millionen Bäume die ja so vorbildlich gepflanzt wurden in Afrika, die hat, und das bestätigt ihr mir hier wieder einmal, Deutschland bezahlt!! Und mich würde es auch nicht wundern wenn einer von den Verantwortlichen mir hier noch antwortet und mir erzählen will das es nicht so ist, obwohl ihr es wahrscheinlich irgendwo schwarz auf weiß stehen habt! Und diese eine Millionen Bäume werden wir auch weiter finanzieren müssen um igendwelche C02 Legenden aufrecht zu erhalten, wenn Deutschland komplett zu allem was von außerhalb kommt, egal ob es eine Zahlung, eine Bitte oder sonst was der Gleichen, NEIN sagt, seid ihr unter anderem die Mitverantwortlichen dafür!! Deswegen, gebt Vollgas und holt euch noch schnell was ihr bekommen könnt, es ist bald vorbei!!

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