Hey guys welcome to our channel Its 06:00 in the morning, and we are at Siliguri we shall be going to Darjeeling. Its quite sunny in the morning and we are at Siliguri Tenzing Norgay bus terminus. we shall be getting our cab from here. Today travelling with me are my friends, here is Suparsha… and here you can see these two people inside.. we are at Siliguri junction and areabout to go to Darjeeling we have booked a cab to Darjeeling, you can see the cab here.. so we shall leave shortly for Darjeeling… lets enjoy… so guys our cab has started from Darjeeling.. the taxi fare between Siliguri and Darjeeling is 150 rupees (INR) per person. we took the middle seat, so lets go right now we are
passing Sukna cantonment and from here you can see Kurseong
and the iconic Kurseong TV tower at a distance There are few ways by which we
can reach Darjeeling from Siliguri first is the NH 55 or the Hill cart
Road, the second is the Rohini Road and the third is the Pankhabari Road. we are taking the shortest one the Rohini road. which goes through Rohini and from there
to Kurseong, this is the Rohini road you can see and this is a shortest one it takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour from Siliguri to Kurseong and after kurseong all the three
roads merge from there it’s a single way so we’re passing the I LOVE KURSEONG viewpoint right now.. as you can see on your screens from here is half
way to question from siliguri and you can see Kurseong town the Kurseong town looks very beautiful
from this point and especially because of the TV tower you’ll see the TV tower
on your screens after one hour drive we have reached Kurseong the car is going to
unload a few passengers at first and then we’re going to continue our journey we have continued a journey from Kurseong and you can see the Kurseong railway
statio this station of the Darjeeling Himalayan railways or the toy train we continue
through Kurseong on the hill cart Road and here you can see a bunch peaks around
kanchenjunga right now we are crossing Sonada and
we are going to take a break just outside the town as the driver has told us hey guys we are right now around Sanada and we have stopped for a break you can see
there is a hotel out here and the driver has gone inside we too like others have stopped here break out here
these are our team inside you can see we came from this way that’s towards Siliguri we’ll be going out there again so guys there is a stream
and here’s the place the noise is coming from and here are our friends taking photographs hey guys after the break we have started
our journey once again and right now we are at GHUM and you can see the Ghum
railway station of the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway and this is the highest
railway station highest altitude railway station in India and this is a very
famous place and you can see people out here they’re playing in a railway
station the few kids playing football with passing the Ghum station and we
are going towards Darjeeling leaving Ghum behind And here comes the toy train well guys we’re at the last phase of our journey and we can see the Darjeeling town at a distance from here so we were about to enter the Darjeeling town right now and there is the Darjeeling railway station It is a very important part of the Darjeeling and the toy
train is also standing by, this is the last station of the darjeeling himalayan
railway or the toy train and it has a significant presence in the history of
Darjeeling this station has been used in many Bollywood movies like Main Hoon Na and Mera Naam Joker It’s one of the important landmarks in Darjeeling and from here you can see the mt. kanchenjunga on clear days but today it’s cloudy so
the clouds have obstructed the view… well so we leave Darjeeling station and we movetowards Darjeeling town finally you can see we are entering darjeeling town andthe streets of the town are not so clean it’s a bit crowdy and the shops are
very gingee.. but in earlier days it used to be quite a nice place but due to overpopulation it has become very crowded right now our driver is
taking us to the club side stand there are two motor stands in Darjeeling this way, a little bit further we’ll find the bazaar motor stand but we are going to the club side stand which is uphill and it’s used mostly for tourists we are passing the Darjeeling post office
and moving to the club side stand right now we have almost reached our
destination it’s a long time since I left Darjeeling and it’s such a thrill
to come back to this place there is an excitement inside me which I cannot control so guys that was our journey from Siliguri to Darjeeling we’ll be staying the day in Darjeeling and I’ll take you
to various places and various attractions in Darjeeling as well as I
will try to find out my roots where I lived ten years back I’ll try to catch
up with my old life as shall try to visit my college, the places we used to hangout and of course my old street where I lived
10 years back and see if the things have changed… so please keep following our
YouTube channel

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