Try Not To Say WOW Challenge.. (HARD)

Try Not To Say WOW Challenge.. (HARD)

Try not to say BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH All right. You just can’t if you say wow you lose. Alright, so don’t say freaking Wow, don’t don’t ow. Oh, oh, that’s not good. That’s the challenge guys. Don’t say Wow. We’ve looked at a bunch of satisfying clips in the past you guys seem to like these videos. But in this one it’s a little different, because we have five lives. All right, if I say Wow, I lose a life. So five lives you guys can play with me. Let me know how many lives you got by the end of the video if you say wow, you lose a frickin life. Anyways, let’s just get right into the video. My name is infinite. Make sure you guys are subscribed. With those notifications on, road to 10 million subscribers. Let’s frickin go. Okay. We’re starting off the video Let’s do this guys. Try not to say Wow challenge in three, two, one. Let’s go. I will set it already dude. Whoo. This is gonna be hard. Is that kinetic sand? Is that kinetic sand? Do you guys know what kinetic sand is it’s amazing and it’s satisfying. Ooh Okay, I didn’t say. Wow. I said ooh, all right That’s really cool. That’s like it’s one of those like fast workers compilation I Keep almost wanting to say it dude. Perfect snowball Ohhhhhhhh Beautiful Oh imagine hitting hitting your friend with that did what was that?!?!!!? Ah, Ooh that Whoa, it just comes right off. I just said Wow, ah who’s alive? Dang it dude. Oh, this is so hard Alright, I lost one life. Okay, that’s amazing It would look like freaking noodles or something. Is that hair? Okay, that’s pretty cool. I don’t know why that’s so satisfying but it is, Ohhhh 100,000 likes and um I’ll dye my hair pink. *Quietly* Ohhh why did i say that? Oh!! That’s beautiful. Okay, my favorite color is blue. So I, I really like that What They did surgery on a grape?!! Who remembers that meme? That died real quick. That was pretty cool though. I’m not gonna lie. *Disgusted* Ohhh Okay, we’re watching a guy squeeze an egg, I don’t know how I feel like that that’s a little a little interesting Okay, I don’t know why but cutting, cutting anything in half is just pretty satisfying not gonna lie it is. That was pretty great. Okay was this doing someone with their sock? Whaaaaaaaat How did they do that? I didn’t say Wow, by the way I said what so it doesn’t count. Okay This is insane, what even is what are these shoes? How is this a thing? Okay What okay, so this cement apparently drinks the water that’s cool no more flooding What the heck dude, how is that even the thing? Okay, that is really cool. Except I don’t think you’d want to burn your phone. So maybe not do that. Whoa Dude, I just said it again!! Ah, ah!! Lost another life dang it dude. That was really cool though. Dude. It’s so hard. This challenge is impossible Oh my g–. What is this? Someone tell me what this app is immediately, please. 🙂 That was beautiful That’s so cool Whoooooaaaaaaaa…… mmmmmm I didn’t say it. Cutting steak or whatever beautiful! Ummmm, I don’t know how I feel about that. That was interesting. Ooh Who was this gonna be like a tattoo thing? ohhh it totally is. Oh! Well, that’s actually dope Me after the gym right there. Uh-ha…. I just need a bunch of candy! 🙂 I just said “whoa” again argh ah!! I think I lost three lives that was really cool though, what what are you doing Oh what What are you? What? There’s no way that’s real. That’s not real. He would be bleeding. Oh you fricking trickster Oh that was so it’s pretty cool. What? Spider-man? Okay, how you doing? Oh, we found this we found, we found the Spider-man guys. Ohhhhhhh Like why why is it so hard Wow, I, I, I.. that didn’t count. I didn’t say it fully so….. This is super cool though. Ooh Okay, that looks fun, but I’m trying to imagine how it feel on his… His private parts, ouch…. Who is that a frickin slinky? I love slinkys!!

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  1. The app is Triple A by Sunglab! I have it downloaded too! I reccomend playing it before you go to sleep💖💖💖

  2. 90 % of comments are about their lives
    5% of comments are pointing out parts in the video
    5% of comments are about some art app

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