Try Not To Smile Challenge #3

Try Not To Smile Challenge #3

Hello, everybody! My name is Markiplier, and welcome to the Christmas edition of the try not to smile challenge. *air horn noises* I have here before me a number of videos that are supposedly heartwarming, loving, so sweet and tender But I won’t smile. And neither will you because if any of us smile… We will be… I dunno… So try your best not to smile at these heartwarming seasonal videos. Who knows what’s gonna happen. I mean obviously in front of me right now I have a funny feeling of what’s gonna happen, but doesn’t mean I’m gonna smile Alright everybody get ready. Think of terrible thoughts. Unhappiness! Let the darkness flow out of your soul! Here we go You are not cute. You are not cute. You are not cute. You’re not cute. You’re not cute NoOoO Nope. Nothin. Nothing at all, cause it wasn’t entertaining in any way whatsoever *sigh* *Open the present sweetie
*Okay! Ehh, you’re cute, but no- oh! *Hey look behind you, behind you! *Little girl gasps *A cat! *That was in there Mm-mm. No it’s not cute *Laughter and jingling of the kitty’s boots* *More laughter* No. That poor cat is trapped by its boots Not a smile, not a damn smile Not a damn smile. What cruel owners to put this cat through this torment? *More laughter* What cruel cruel owners ahhhHHHHHh. Not smiling. I’m gonna have to do that thing where you laugh without actually smiling, you know [Mark laughing] Oh man! [More creepy laughing] [He keeps laughing] [Please stop it, you’re scaring me mark] [STOP] Ugh. Anyway. Oh god. No. No it’s a corgi. Oh, No *Giggling* Good effort. Good effort kid. Good effort, good effort, good effort *Lively music plays* Nope you know this is… This is not adorable, this is dangerous. All those people standing too close to the yellow line. This is bad news. Who knows what could happen? Somebody could fall Bad. I’m just fearing for them Little kid Not wholesome. Stupid. myuuuuh. *Bell dings *Bell dings *Bell dings *bell dings hmMM. *Ding ding Dguuuuh. Some smart cats [Mark breathes in aggressively] ooooOOOOH OAAAAAOO No no NO No, no the corners of the mouth are trying to betray me oooOoh Gonna be harder than I thought. Have you smiled yet? Did you smile at that? Be honest. Be honest! Tell everyone if you smiled! *Christmas music plays* *It’s the most wonderful time of the- *Yee I knew it was coming. I knew it. I don’t think I smiled. *How much do I owe you? *More movie dialogue Aaaaah. Oooooh. Oooooh. Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow I’m amazed by that. I’m amazed but not enough to smile not enough to smile. I’ma admit. That’s amazing That’s amazing, but not enough to smile. This is- this is unbelievable! This is incredible- look at the detail on this stuff. Look at the detail! Tiny gingerbread house. The fire! Wow. *Laughter* *Laughter grows more intense* *Intense laughter continues* Oh god. No. Mm-mm. NOO. Ooom. No! No. No. NOOO. Don’t try to scoop it back out! Oh, so cute! NoOOOOoo. NOOOO- I think I’m crying. I think I’m crying. I think I’m crying. This hurts so bad to try not to smile [Mark breathes in deeply] OoooAAAAooah. [Deep breath] OOOOH. OOH Oohh-ooh WOW! [snort] AHHHHH. AHHHHH. AHHHHH. OOOOOOOooooh. [Gibberish] Have you guys not smiled?! What kind of soulless demons are you?! [Mark giggles] Anyway, so that was the try not to smile Christmas edition. Thank you everybody so much for watching Let me know what you thought down the comments below. If you smiled, You’re in the same boat as I. We have to commit ourselves to a lifetime of non-happiness And if you didn’t smile, wow you are a robot. So congratulations, take that with pride And thank you again everybody for watching. If you enjoyed this check out my other videos I got more try not to smiles, I got more try not to laughs A whole bunch of other videos- It’s all organized in a playlist- I’ll put a bunch of stuff in the description below. Check it out if you would like to see it, check the annotations, wherever they are! Thanks again, and as always I will see you in the next video. Buh-bye!

100 thoughts on “Try Not To Smile Challenge #3

  1. Souless? No
    Depressed? Yes
    Not that hard to make it through this without smiling…
    I sure other would agree, had this comment been a couple years ago…

  2. 0:33 (para el inadaptado social de los subtítulos español)

    Además de ser un niño autista por usar el pacman de mierda que ya se viene abusando hace mas de 5 años y no sueltan la moda del emoji por falta de neuronas y ratas, te crees ateo solo por odiar las festividades navideñas. Sé que es un consumo de productos pero sigue siendo una fecha importante y sirve para reunir a la familia aunque sea y no suele ser en vano, no todas las familias son perfectas. Consiguete mejores argumentos que esos subtítulos y deja de ser un infeliz

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