Tumblr Collage Chrome Extension

Tumblr Collage Chrome Extension

Hello, my name’s Xiaoxin and I want to
introduce you to my Chrome extension Tumblr Collage I believe collage browsing is the best
way explore tumblr photo blogs once you have the extension installed
simply click on the collage icon this icon is active on any Tumblr blog it even appears on blogs with the custom
address once clicked it will open a new tab that
instantly displays all photographs for the blog to see more simply scroll down there are no buttons to click simple to enlarge a photograph simply click on it open the post directly by control click
or command click if you’re on a mac a new tab is opened displaying the post you can also navigate between photo
posts or photo sets by using the arrow keys in the back and four buttons work as
expected the image size can be changed and
you’ll find some presets sizes under the options page and yes you can bookmark any collage for
later browsing we’ve added better integration with your
own Tumblr account in the latest release a request a feature is the ability to
browse your own dashboard in collage mode this is now possible simply go to your dashboard and click on the collage icon you’ll need to link extension with your Tumblr account before you can do this linking is done under the options page and just takes a few clicks linking the extension will also allow
you to like to post directly from the collage to like the post simply enlarge a
photograph and press the Enter key a heart appears showing you have liked
the post and of course if you change your mind you can unlike the same way now that you liked these photos wouldn’t it be great if you can browse your likes in a collage too? well now you can simply go to your Likes page and click on
the collage icon all your likes appear you can unlike directly from this page
and the photo magically disappears well that’s it those are the basic features in
a nutshell i hope you try out this extension and if
you found it useful please leave a review thanks for watching

3 thoughts on “Tumblr Collage Chrome Extension

  1. love it, now if you can make a photo viewer for the desktop. I have a bunch of pictures that i'd like to view easily but i hate using photo gallery

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