Tumblr for Windows Phone

Hi Nokia fans, I’m Mark for The Nokia Blog.
Tumblr for Windows Phone was released today. You can post on your Tumblr, check your dashboard,
and explore different topics. It’s fast and it looks really good. When you open the app, you see your dashboard.
These are posts from people you follow. With one swipe, you can explore different topics
from people you don’t follow. This app makes it very easy to post, like, and reblog so
Tumblr users on Windows Phone will be happy. Another cool feature is support for animated
images. You see the animations only after you scroll a page. So for example, if I click
on this topic here, a page will show up. The images won’t animate until you actually start
scrolling down. There are a couple of things to complain about.
Right now, you can’t swipe through photo galleries. You actually have to press the left and right
buttons below the photos. Swiping would definitely feel better and I hope it gets added in an
update. Another complaint I have is that I can only post one photo per post. In the next
version, I would definitely like the option to upload multiple photos. Even with these complaints, I still think
this app is really good. It’s fast and it looks beautiful. It’s available right now
at the Windows Phone Store for free. You can scan the QR code I’ve included in this video
so you can download it directly. That should be it. If you liked this video,
please click on that LIKE button. It lets me know that these videos are actually helpful.
I’m Mark Guim for The Nokia Blog. Thanks for watching.

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