Tumblr is Killing Tumblr | Cocktails and Convos

Tumblr is Killing Tumblr | Cocktails and Convos

24 thoughts on “Tumblr is Killing Tumblr | Cocktails and Convos

  1. Already off to such a fantastic start! And it's only the first episode, I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through! Can't wait to see more you from you guys!!

  2. Y'all are feckin adorable! Very nicely done. I wish I knew more an Tumblr to follow along with the explanation, but it was interesting to see how corporate greed kills another internet staple.

  3. I'm really excited for more! I've always loved Chris on SBB but cant often watch streams and just from this episode I think I'm really gonna like Shane too

  4. Hell yeah! This is chill. Loved to hear your perspective on the whole Tumblr "shutdown" and whatnot. I thought I understood the big deal about it, but I didn't consider how far it goes. I'm holding back here because I don't want to speak out of turn and I sometimes tend to put my foot in my mouth sometimes. I just generally wanted to show my support and am looking forward to what's down the line!

  5. Great episode can't wait for more. I agree with Shane that when the bill was passed it set the cops fight against sex trafficking back years.

  6. Loved the vibe, felt like chillin and having a conversation between friends!
    Just one feedback: if you're set on censoring curses, I suggest you try not to curse so often. There were times the dolphin sounds were just too much.

  7. Another really bad side effect of this whole thing is that a TON of artists had stuff flagged that wasn't even remotely pornographic or NSFW, because their algorithm is very flawed. This was a real good talk, love you two and looking forward to more of this show!

  8. Congrats on the first proper ep – I loved it! It was cool to learn stuff that I didn't know about the whole Tumblr thing, it goes a lot deeper than I first thought. RIP I guess. Looking forward to more episodes!

  9. Riley and I are hooked!
    I found this episode to be both entertaining and informative. Looking forward to the next. ❤️

  10. So a bit more history on this, Yahoo was bought by Verizon, one of the big companies pushing for the end of Net Neutrality. Verizon's plan was always to do this, but when Apple removed Tumblr from their app store due to child porn, the plan was rushed out without fixing Tumblr's already garbage filter system. Porn technically wasn't removed. The blogs are still there, they were just flagged as having "sensitive content" cant can't be found by searching. The blogs can still act regularly and follow and reblog whoever they want, so the amount of porn bots that was already plaguing the site has stayed the same.

  11. DON'T BRING YOUR POLITICS TO MY COCKTAILS!! Seriously now, you guys talked about stuff I didn't even imagine would get affected by this tumblr case. Fascinating. Also a lot of dolphins Chris, a lot of dolphins

  12. Wow… I didn't know a lot about how it negatively affected people's livelihoods 🙁 But I really like the format of the show! Very relaxed and easy to digest since it's a 15 minute video on one topic rather than a 2 hour podcast/video covering multiple topics. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next one. 😀

  13. I don't have a lot to say in regards to the topics, but I will say I had a great time just relaxing and hearing you guys talk. As a new subscriber, I wish you the best of luck with this channel

  14. I haven't used Tumblr in forever, but I remember the emphasis on body positivity within the model/sex working community was beautiful. Everyone supported one another and people grew to accept themselves. It was a small space within our hateful, judgmental society where people could feel like they belonged. The idea that all of that may have been squashed is deeply saddening to me.

  15. I may be ignorant about the process, but did tumblr make it clear to its user base that this bill passing is the reason? Usually if they did it to protect themselves then I know why they wouldn’t need to make it clear but this information would have been so important to know!

  16. The reality of the situation is that the Internet is such a large and unruly place that to implement any form of control means that they'll have to be more general in search filters.

    It may just be an assumption on my part but I don't believe that there are enough ppl looking for offenders on the Internet that can keep up with the amount of offences, so I'm sure there are automated bots looking for the content and flagging it even if it isn't harmful content. It's kind of a double edge sword, there just aren't enough resources to keep track of everything that's going on.

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