Tumblr is Killing Tumblr | Cocktails and Convos

Tumblr is Killing Tumblr | Cocktails and Convos

*enthusiastic piano music plays* Chris: Chuckles Shane: And we’re just starting all right Shane:That’s a gross noise. Chris: That’s the grossest noise. Okay, everyone welcome to a brand new episode of cocktails and convos. I just spInt a lot there. My name is Chris My pronouns are he and him. My name is Shane and my pronouns are he or they yeah, baby! Alright today our drink of the day in honor of the tumblr shutdown its what we’re calling it because we are I mean real Newscasters a tumblr shut down. Our drink is called the fruit tingle it is a tumbled drink and I mean, it just looks tumblr to you doesn’t it? It looks like you would see this on tumblr and you’d be like oh, yeah, I’m gonna make that some day and you’d never make it you just never would you would have reblogged it you have your fairy lights in the background and that would be it, it would be gorgeous. Yeah, it’s true. Alright awesome so our topic today as we sort of introduced is the Tumblr as again, we’re calling it the Tumblr shut down. It’s really not a shut down But let’s be real this what happened effectively. My opinion will kill tumblr it basically already has Already it Tumblr Finally has killed its arch nemesis tumblr I stole that joke, I found it somewhere on Twitter props to whoever figured that one out I feel you dude Okay, so you’re really knowledgeable on this I’m just kind of along for the ride today I’m gonna let you kind of take the range of the conversation and Tell us a little bit about Shane The things that you know about the tumblr topic, you know, yeah okay, so tumblr banned all not safer where content on December 17th of 2018 and This was after way after yahoo actually bought tumblr out from I believe it was Privately owned, you know tumblr like it was like own thing. Yeah It was it was just tumblr tumblr and Yahoo! Was like hey Let’s come in and and- I’m sure Yahoo! Was like yo, this site is got a ton of users Yeah, its making its making money so much money oh, I don’t know about so much, but it’s making money Yeah, but see and yahoo! Being kind of a piece of *dolphin sound* was like I need money came in and was like, yo Let’s get tumblr, right? That’s kind of yeah No one uses Bing, but everyone uses tumblr. Let’s go. I I got this Did you just assume just – Yahoo! Created Bing. Yeah, that’s Google baby. Is it no, no. Wait. No. Oh shit No. Google is Google. Hold on who created Bing who created Bing? I’m a Google who created big it’s I just let’s just let it go. Hey what? Okay. Yeah, it was it was yahoo! Owns Bing Yeah, I think it’s Microsoft I thought yahoo own bing one, okay, we’re gonna do some fact-checking so no one uses Yahoo search No one uses yahoo mail, no one uses Yahoo search we need some there we go. No one looks up. Yeah. Yeah Yes Bing is Microsoft, but that’s okay. Yeah, that was funny. It’s bad for keeping that in that’s real. We’re real here. We’re real Where real people and we make real mistake put your hand down God, damn it Ted. Okay. Thanks ed. Thanks. Dad. We love you Ted. All right, so Yahoo needed some income That’s our story that we read our narrative worked spinning. So Yahoo was like we’re gonna make this family-friendly and slowly started to UM like back off of not-safe-for-work content like when you would go to search for not-safe-for-work content on the app it would be like safe searches on and you’re like safe search what the *dolphin noise* is safe search you had to go into your settings got to Google how to figure out. How do you get your porn on tumblr? Yeah, really, like whatever or your furry fan art, whatever you’re into We are until here now. We suffering no kink shaming basically when end up happening was it? Kind of had a slow lead-up to their ban of not safe for work content But what really fostered this total ban was the passing of the bills SESTA and FOSTA I’m Just a bill, yes I’m only a bill And that is the stop enabling sex traffickers Act and the fighting online sex trafficking act what that did was effectively it made The websites or the whoever hosted the websites Responsible for every single thing that happened on their websites. So if I were to go on to the website and You know you know try and Prostitute myself out and not that I did or whatever not that I would Nothing wrong with that. But if I were to now tumblr or whatever website I was using would be held accountable for that if The government decided to come after them for it So really what that did effectively was Encourage websites to just ban all that content to keep themselves safe. Yep, totally They really didn’t I mean it makes sense if you if the government is literally coming after you in A way that you’re not prepared for What’s your easy response is I’m just gonna not deal with that content right now. Yeah, it is difficult to police Websites for such content when there are so many users if you have a big platform unbelievable amount of people posting an unbelievable amount of things every single day on I You know you’d be amazed at the *dolphin noise* that you accidentally even stumble upon that you’re like Jesus Christ. We’re like, how did I get? Yeah, and you just see the wormhole like everyone’s been down tumblr wormhole. Oh, yeah, I click one thing though I want to see this and then you keep going going going and so like I can imagine the struggle that Yahoo had when they Picked up, tumblr and went, oh my god number one half our website is pornography Number two, we didn’t sign up for this number three. There’s a lot of pornography that is not even legal. It’s not Kosher, it’s not good. It’s very inappropriate content. That is not a consensual or adult, you know And so in a way, I don’t necessarily blame tumblr for the acts that they took Yeah, do I agree with what they’re doing? No, well, but do I understand? Yes, I I um I definitely agree with what they did? I 100% if I was tumblr and SESTA and FOSTA got passed I’m just a bill, yes I’m only a bill I would ban not safe for work content- covering your ass, right? um, you could be punished with jail time and fines And that’s per person that’s per instance that you get caught. Oh *dolphin noise* okay That’s alright know that much glad you’re not like oh that’s not oh this has happened, you know 600 times and you get fined once this is like each thing that gets brought into court is an individual thing Jesus Christ Yeah, and like I never even thought about that way holy *dolphin noise* maybe they could do like this one person has posted it And so it’s gonna be combined into one time. Just one instance. Here’s hundreds of thousands of people who are posting terrible horrible *dolphin noise* You’re so right. It’s all unfortunate, you know, I don’t know what the actual Prison time is. We’re professionals. Let’s just let’s assume it’s five years. Yeah, I mean like for a sex crime there’s varying things it could be anywhere from- it could be zero months to a life sentence. Yeah, you know there could be plenty of repercussions that go into Tumblr being accused of hosting for for example been pedophilic type type content Yeah, maybe the main thing was really to stop sex trafficking. So absolutely yes, and I know that there’s a lot of sex workers on tumblr and You know, like even if the problem being that there are places like, Nevada Where prostitution is legal Yeah, it’s like that’s a I think that’s like they that’s part of their business. Not all of Nevada but It’s totally right but like you saying like Nevada prostitution is legal Yeah, there are sex workers there that want to pursue their careers in a safe. Yeah in a safe way So not be you know, if you’re picking up a John at a bar You have no way of knowing if he’s gonna take you back to his place Are you gonna take them to a hotel and he’s gonna abuse you or not pay, you know? But if you’re on a page if you’re on tumblr or a website like backpages or whatever you’re using You can get information from other sex workers. There’s information on these people. They have profiles you interesting You know who they are based on conversations with other sex workers, so it’s essentially like making your jobs safer and more efficient Yeah, that’s really interesting. I didn’t know that you can have set meetup places So other people can know where you are You can vet that these people so that it’s safer for you And that’s why so many sex workers got mad when this got passed and it make sense I mean, that’s a big you know, that’s a big part of your job and you want to have a like because Sex work in that capacities for example prostitution being the example that that we’re talking about is not not nationally Okay or not Really? Okay a Law, that is Federally passed now It also affects places where sex work is a thing and it doesn’t allow you to do your job in a way that maybe is the safest way for you which might be your source of income and your living which no shame in that like you do you you I think it’s Important to I don’t know. I’m just like I’ve been thinking about this cuz like we’ve been you know We did our research video homework. We’ve been talking with us before we shot the episode and I’ve been thinking a lot about You know, I feel bad for the people like the artists on tumblr Not only like is it like, you know, you’re using your body to post images and maybe make some income you know in Xyz fashion not only in a way that is like for example prostitution but like, you know Like many vids or things about you them you advertise your sites on there. Yeah, and cuz you know tumblr wasn’t just You know didn’t get a you know, the not safe for work ban didn’t just affect like, you know again Prostitutes and affected people who posted their own as cam services, pornography It was even like art like they were artists photographers that shot nudity Yeah, like I mean like there was plenty of things on tumblr. That wasn’t weren’t just pornographic And again, I have no problem with you know, pornographic content or anything about, you know, I’m an avid surfer of pornographic content You know, there were plenty of people that were affected by this and then that’s why to me. I think it’s so *dolphin noise* that this happened and caused this because It *dolphin noise* so many people over and so many people Lost a very strong potential source of like income. Oh, yeah. I know people that can’t afford to pay their rent now, absolutely I know. Yeah, I know people who are directly affected by this and that *dolphin noise* and sucks. Yeah it you know, it sucks It’s so horrible and sad to see it’s not necessarily like Yahoo’s fault or tumblrs fault You know, it’s legislation that led to a problem becoming a bigger problem yeah, and you know and again the the legislation itself is Designed to like we you know, it’s designed to stop sex trafficking. It’s not you know, minors online like that It’s really you know That’s what it’s meant for and that’s all admirable and good But like I’m getting real I’m gonna have to get real political ’cause I’m a little drunk guys. We’ve been drinking for a minute and I’m gonna get a little political here. That’s the problem with part of our system is you know? They pass these well-meaning laws without really looking into Effective implementation y’all do you know what? You know what I mean? I get what you’re saying. I mean the thing is if you actually Listen to or look into what The police forces the people that were working with. Um Sex trafficking um trying to like shut down sex trafficking rings like the law enforcement officers that we’re working with that they Were against these bills they were against this legislation it makes it so much harder for them to do because they can’t just go online and use these websites to Sniff them out essentially Fascinating understand that so now they’re back to trying to find these people on the streets Jesus. Yeah. That sucks Yeah, that makes their job harder too. Yeah puts them back Thirty years thirty years. Yeah. Yeah. I think that we’ll call it for now. I wanna hear what you guys have to say Yeah, I absolutely want to hear, we want This is a show that we want you to be a part of our conversation We want you to be a part of this. Please. Let us know what you think You know if we got something wrong Please tell us to like we want to be as thorough as possible and want to be as authentic as possible Let us know what you think in the comments below like subscribe all that fun Yeah, follow us on Twitter tweet at us. You know, we’ll put all that information in the description box But really we’re we’re just talking. This is our feelings. Yeah, this is what we know This is based our research and exactly how we feel. Ted hasn’t gotten to try the drink yet Ted. You gotta come over Try this. I know you’re a little bit germaphobic, but I didn’t have you try it drink from this end. Try try that with a Drink, come on Ted. Come on, Ted. You got this. It’s okay. It’s right. It’s good try this drink buddy. Yeah. Hell yeah Is that good would you like that Ted? Yeah hell yeah Ted approved Ted approved Ted approved. Okay Ted Thank you, man.I love Ted Thanks Ted. He’s a good guy. All right guys. Thank you so much This has been cocktails and conversations cheers to you my friends and welcome to the conversation *enthusiastic piano plays* Great that’s pretty solid. I’ll take it. Yeah, I think that was pretty solid

24 thoughts on “Tumblr is Killing Tumblr | Cocktails and Convos

  1. Already off to such a fantastic start! And it's only the first episode, I thoroughly enjoyed it the whole way through! Can't wait to see more you from you guys!!

  2. Y'all are feckin adorable! Very nicely done. I wish I knew more an Tumblr to follow along with the explanation, but it was interesting to see how corporate greed kills another internet staple.

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  4. Hell yeah! This is chill. Loved to hear your perspective on the whole Tumblr "shutdown" and whatnot. I thought I understood the big deal about it, but I didn't consider how far it goes. I'm holding back here because I don't want to speak out of turn and I sometimes tend to put my foot in my mouth sometimes. I just generally wanted to show my support and am looking forward to what's down the line!

  5. Great episode can't wait for more. I agree with Shane that when the bill was passed it set the cops fight against sex trafficking back years.

  6. Loved the vibe, felt like chillin and having a conversation between friends!
    Just one feedback: if you're set on censoring curses, I suggest you try not to curse so often. There were times the dolphin sounds were just too much.

  7. Another really bad side effect of this whole thing is that a TON of artists had stuff flagged that wasn't even remotely pornographic or NSFW, because their algorithm is very flawed. This was a real good talk, love you two and looking forward to more of this show!

  8. Congrats on the first proper ep – I loved it! It was cool to learn stuff that I didn't know about the whole Tumblr thing, it goes a lot deeper than I first thought. RIP I guess. Looking forward to more episodes!

  9. Riley and I are hooked!
    I found this episode to be both entertaining and informative. Looking forward to the next. ❤️

  10. So a bit more history on this, Yahoo was bought by Verizon, one of the big companies pushing for the end of Net Neutrality. Verizon's plan was always to do this, but when Apple removed Tumblr from their app store due to child porn, the plan was rushed out without fixing Tumblr's already garbage filter system. Porn technically wasn't removed. The blogs are still there, they were just flagged as having "sensitive content" cant can't be found by searching. The blogs can still act regularly and follow and reblog whoever they want, so the amount of porn bots that was already plaguing the site has stayed the same.

  11. DON'T BRING YOUR POLITICS TO MY COCKTAILS!! Seriously now, you guys talked about stuff I didn't even imagine would get affected by this tumblr case. Fascinating. Also a lot of dolphins Chris, a lot of dolphins

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  13. I don't have a lot to say in regards to the topics, but I will say I had a great time just relaxing and hearing you guys talk. As a new subscriber, I wish you the best of luck with this channel

  14. I haven't used Tumblr in forever, but I remember the emphasis on body positivity within the model/sex working community was beautiful. Everyone supported one another and people grew to accept themselves. It was a small space within our hateful, judgmental society where people could feel like they belonged. The idea that all of that may have been squashed is deeply saddening to me.

  15. I may be ignorant about the process, but did tumblr make it clear to its user base that this bill passing is the reason? Usually if they did it to protect themselves then I know why they wouldn’t need to make it clear but this information would have been so important to know!

  16. The reality of the situation is that the Internet is such a large and unruly place that to implement any form of control means that they'll have to be more general in search filters.

    It may just be an assumption on my part but I don't believe that there are enough ppl looking for offenders on the Internet that can keep up with the amount of offences, so I'm sure there are automated bots looking for the content and flagging it even if it isn't harmful content. It's kind of a double edge sword, there just aren't enough resources to keep track of everything that's going on.

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