TUMBLR TAG 3! (With Dan)

TUMBLR TAG 3! (With Dan)

P: Hey guys!
D: hello internet! P: So I thought we should make this video as I felt like I was missing something in my life… D: what, uh…the strange mix of beauty, horror, creativity… D: and inappropriate sexualness? (every danisnotonfire video ever) P…I guess
*laughs* P: So I asked you guys to delve into the depths of tumblr and tag your favorite things with: D: and here we are… D: About to go down the rabbit hole again… P: It’s tumblr time! *phil giggles, dan cackles* D: I like, that they made our faces slightly green
P: Yeah D: Just, y’know for realism…and accuracy P: I’m doing such a good raptor face as well! P: I’m like Chris Pratt!
D: *raptor noise*
P: I wanna be your friend! *weird phil noise* D: There you are eating my hair? P: Wow
D: like, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be honest… D…That’s not that erotic D: *giggling*
P: It’s like you’re blowing into my ear, like a shell… P: A book about Phil Lester: the amazing dad (mhm) P: Stop calling me dad! P: Is it weirder they’re calling me dad or son, I don’t even know… D: Make up your mind guys… D: What role do we have in your life?
P: I’m sorry! I’m so confused D: Ugh, how does that make us feel?? D:…That’s a disgrace to Shibes everywhere P: He looks so serious now…
D: Dear god *much tumblr very phan* P: Here’s everything the akinator’s found the crazy demon guessing machine… P: phil’s glasses! D: WAIT STOP! D:IS THAT THE BALLOON THAT POPPED IN DIL’S 1ST BIRTHDAY VIDEO P: WhhhhHHHHHOOOW? P:What are you doing? P: are you like…s-squeezing my nipple there? D: But no like, honestly these edits… D:We need to take some better photos for them D:…cause honestly, it just looks like we’re groping each other P: Probably in a baking video I was like “have I got batter on my nipple?” D: GOD PHIL LEMME SCRAPE THE SUGAR OFF YOU. D: Yeah…
*laughs* P: There we are as dreamy anime charaters! D: Are-are we? We’re not that dreamy in real life… P: No….
D: Thank you guys for allowing us to kind of… D:…live through fantasies where we’re dreamy anime characters P: Senpai! D: Is that how you’d sound?
P: Yes! D:…a dreamy anime- D: Uh…Phiru-senpai? D: ah, Dan-kun? *both laugh* D: Some Dan and Phil Pokemon cards! D: Phil’s moves are ‘potted plant’ P: I throw a plant at the opponent! D: Phil has enough houseplants to use as projectile attacks D: ..and smile!
P: Aww a ray of sunshine! D: a ray of sunshine has blinded your opponent! DING D: …you get a self-esteem and mood boost P: well let’s have a look at yours, dan! P: you’ve got ‘danosaur’ power D:…Opponent is confused, and Dan has a cringe attack P: and you throw memes at your opponent! D: that’s…that’s all I do in any self-defense situation P: RELEASE THE MEMES P: oh WOW, looK AT THAT! D: our (Phil’s) first incredible pencil drawing D: That’s…
P:: AMAZING! P…Thank you, phancil! D: the Dan and Phil pencil drawer
phil: *giggles* D:strong brand P: What someone’s actually put us on their bANK CARD?!
D: *giggles* P: That’s hilarious
D: you’re… D:…You’re gonna hand that over, to REAL people when you buy things for like, five years! P: Just imagining myself going into a slot now… D: *giggling* and..and other sentences Phil has said Both: OOOOOOOHHHHHHH OOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH P: NOOOO! P: I didn’t think I’d be shocked so early!
D: there’s a… D: There’s a bottom half to that picture… D: wooOOOOOOOO P: I am not scrolling down! P: who’s saying ‘be a good boy, ok Dan”? P: is it an otter?
D: is it shREK? P: IS IT SHREK?
D: imagine it guys! D: Whatever you want the fantasy to be both: *laugh* P: i-i don’t wanna look at that anymore D: CHRIST D: QUICKLY FIND SOME DOGS OR SOMETHING P: cat WHISKers!
D: ah-oHHHH P: Hey, that’s a good one!
D: o-oh my god… D: I just realised… D:…that the word whiskers has ‘WHISK’ in it… D: Tiny Dan and Phil, riding a nyan llama P: CUTE P: Dan-iraffe! D: High effort content there! P:that must’ve taken HOURS!
D: definitely, yeah D: WhAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO- OKAY! *laughs* P: Made me laugh! D: Okay okay right…
P: I wanna keep it in! D: That has nothing to do with us! P: Maybe we were on that road!
D: AT ALL P: Before that happened
D: But thank you, so much for submitting that P: Casual spon there… D: Thanks, just workin’ some product placement P: Lovely bags on the danandphilshop… D:*giggling* …shut up P: OOOHHHH
D: OHH G-GOD P: The one thing you see before you die… P: *makes Phil noise*
D: Th-that’s… P: that’s a nightmare! no thanks! D: And then directly underneath it… D: same D: though to be honest, with it coming out a week from the moment we’re filming this that is how i feel right now P: yeah
D: that feel when… D: IM NOT READY P: WOOOW D: Oh my god that’s amazing P: that’s *voice crack* incrEdible D: *laughing* wait a minute, wait… D: In case you thought, that just the digital drawing was impressive D:…notice the Shibe, D:…and the Haru P: ohhh
D: and the Muse and Tumblr logo D:…and the Pepe D: Just worked *laughs* into the night sky behind… P: that’s so beautiful i wanna cut my own ear off… D: Good ol’ Van would surely be proud of that D: oh it’s one of these things, ok swipe in 3 2 D: 1, SWIPE PHIL P: woOOO *both laugh* P: i-I feel like I was controlling you D: we-we all lured the Dan onto the page P: 3, 2, 1 P: SWIPE
D: WAAAH P: hey look, it’s Dan and Brendon Urie, except THEY’VE GOT THE SAME FACE SO NOTHING HAPPENED! D: Oh my god, in that picture…that’s worrying P: yeah D: i’ll take that as a compliment P: there’s the new shrek movie! if you wanna go see it D: D-do any of those pictures…even fit on the faces that they were-
P: no… P: that…deserves no more time D: a-and i don’t even care! D: thank you! P: *laughs* D: yeah…oh god
P: amaziNG D: of course
P: The pope loves our book! P: he reads it every day
D: real photo P: That’s what heaven looks like P: Awe that’s cute! D: y-yea-ah *while chuckling* P: to-toro, to-to-ro P:WOOOAAAHHH D: HA
P: That’s so weird… D: ok, right… D: i-i don’t have a neck thin enough for that to actually be a good hairstyle for me P: I think that really suits me! D: When have you evER pulled that face? D: That-that is so, that is your actual face?
phil: wait, wait lemme do the face P: Just-just imagine that
D: yeah, you’re totally recreating it right now Phil… P: It suits me! P: that’s we-eird! D: That’s, kinda- I mean P: it’s cute but weird
D: hehbuhabuh P: I don’t know what to think… D: The art style is really, wonderful P: um… P: Wh-h-*laughs*
D: wwhAAT D:WHAT AM I EVEN LOOKING AT! P: A new phone background, I think
D: *laughs* D: yeah, f-for sure D: WHAT THE F*CK, sorry
P: *cackling* P: That looks really wrong… D: Can you do that in real life, Phil? D: go on then, give it a shot P: No P: If I was a blonde cartoon… P: ..then it would suit me P: uUUUUUUUM D: What…?
P: nOOO P: The orange queen! D: I’m reaching the point, Phil… D: I JUST, I’M STRUGGLING… P: What noise would he make? D: ‘H-help, please kill me’ D: ‘…I’m made of sliced oranges’ P: ohH it’s these ones! D: OH SWEET GOD HAVE YOU SEEN THESE I HAVEN’T SEEN-
P: I’ve never seen that one before! D: OH MY…
P: wooooOw D: CHRIST D: WHAT IS THAT BOTTOM ONE ?? P: *laughter* i-i don’t know…
D: WHAT IS HAPPENING P: The universe is melting… D: SOME PEOPLE SHOULDN’T BE ALLOWED THESE PROGRAMS P: I wish you actually looked like that… D: heh, i think everyone does D: eeeeeeeeuuuh
P: I’d feed you oats everyday P: OH-KAY P: There’s a pentagram on their basement floor! D: Someone’s trying to summon Dan and Phil using the powers of the occult D: What is there? um… D: some merch, a pooh bear… D: video equipment, a lion, and a laptop D: I think that’d work
P: yeah! D:yeah, try it out guys! P: ‘when it’s the middle of netflix and phil and he gives you this look…’ D: You invited that with your tweet, Phil!
P: I did P: There’s a screenshot from titanic 2 P: Ohmygod it’s real-life Dil! D: Ah-wait isn’t that agent Carter? P:What?
D: *chuckles* D: It’s someone cosplaying as our sim… Both: with agent Carter?? D: What is…LIFE? D: THAT…FRICKIN D: THAT IS EVERY DAY OF OUR LIVES, PEOPLE D: ‘ooh, Dan, get the door!’ run downstairs and it’s Phil who’s bought like another… D: FrickiN HOUSEPLANT D: or something… D: It’s so true…please P: I’m a heavy sleeper! Both: give us a twirl! D: it’s like you’re some tsundere, Phil P: I am P: BAKA
*dan laughs* D: Thats cute!
P: Yeah P: OHHHH P: Apparently that’s me and Nick Jonas!
D *cackling* P: w P: whe- P: why-why does my face do that when I’m mixed with Nick Jonas?? P: What happened?? D: What can I say? Dick would have cuter children… P: ‘hey buddy you in london? ‘ BOOP P: ‘Ok, but can you get lessons on how to hold phones?’ D:stOp cyberbullying us! ok? P: I just don’t know how to grip things! D: I’m sorry, ok? He doesn’t know what he’s doing P: Another totally…real image P: of a…
D: We are gonna send John a copy of our book D”:…That doesn’t need to be a photoshop fantasy P: Wow so spoopy Daniel! D: What is this gonna be? *my ringtone plays* P: wow… D: this is my legacy…when I die… D: this is what will be left of me
P: yeah P: it will
D: for the universe to discover P: meme queens! D: I jUst…..Ican’t.,, D: I’m-I’m reaching D: I’m reaching it, Phil… P: You’re almost there…
D: The limit… D:..I’m almost there D: In an alternate universe…
phil: ohh… D: Where the cheese is eating Phil! P: That’s terrifying!
D: It’s the not-Phil challenge! duhduhduhduhdUHduHDuh P: There’s you, as a ginger person D: That’s… D:…kinda, cute
P: it suits you D: I love ginger people D: and their freckled faces D: I just wanna — D: Sorry P: I’m concerned…
D: You’re not objects D:…but i do wanna put you in jars P: Why did we sell those masks?? P: why did we think that was a good idea? D: We’ve had… D: a-a lot of bad ideas over the years, Phil… P: and that is definitely one! D: This entire experience is just basically us just reaping what we’ve sown! P: yeah
D: We should be proud of our crop D: That’s you guys D: You’re our…wonderful harvest P: What? D: Sorry, I need to drop this, don’t I? P: yes… P: heLP P: HELP P: HELP, NO P:STOP
P ohHHH P: Stop melding my face with things!
D: HA HA HA HA D: how much did they even change your face for that?? P: I am the molester moon! P: ohhh-kaayy D: Where did you get that photo of my body? P: *laughs*
D: That’s what I look like naked P: I thought that was some horrific photoshop, but that’s my actual face! P: thaat’s just a normal photo, Phil, that someone submitted D: That is, an AmazingDil P: Incredible!
D: That’s cute P: Is that someone’s bedroom?? D: Holy f*ck… P: ‘Hey kids, wanna buy some memes?’ D: Literally me in three years P: Definitely
D: …when my career’s over P: Hey Dan it’s your favorite –
D:: what? –
P: it’s you as Christopher Robin! D: noooOOOO NO I CANT HANDLE THIS EMOTION D:SSSSTOOP P: here comes the tears…
D:: …DRAWING ME IN THE WINNIE THE POOH UNIVERSE “to build a home starts playing* P: ..you’re remembering me cause I died! D: HAHA HA HAH D: WHY AM I LAUGHING
P why do I always die?? D: please guys D: stop killing Phil in your fiction!
P: yeah P: …kill Dan for once!
D: ok? it’s my turn *they both kill Phil in their fics* P: wooOW, that’s aamazing!
D: that- D: that’s actually incredible D: I love that, like-honestly… D: when I see things like this, I’m like… D: i-i don’t deserve to have inspired P: no
D: Like, what is it about me D: …that’s inspired someone to make something that good? D: whAT THE HECK IS THAT OH MY G- P: nooO
P: whAt- P: What’s with all the tongues today?? D: I was like, is that some like, camel part or something? D: …what is it?
P: it does look like… P: …a camel part P: I just wanna eat my screen right now! D: HOLY CRAP D: Did they bAKe the whiskers into the cupcake?? D: WaaaaAAAAA D: Phil-eki!
P: dur dUUUUR D: …you as a cannibal P: I’m actually a ghoul P: Dan and Phil Harry Potter AU! D: Wi- Including young Dan and Phil! P: oh yeah?
D: In the little Philosopher’s Stone period D:…and then, oh D: OH MY GOD THEY’VE GONE ALL THE WAY
P: Wow D: OH MY GOD D: uuaAAAAAAAAHH P: I’d watch it!
D: ssSsSSs P: Would you watch it?? I’d watch it P: What is that?? D: ‘The Dil Howlter rap’? P: WhAt D: ok, this sounds amazing, but after what we’ve seen D: i- i kind of need to end this on a high, Phil
P: yeah.. D: ok, let’s see, juST CLICK JUST CLICK P: THIS IS AMAZING
D: oh my gOd… D: OH-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH D: I’m blockin out the…oh my gOSH D: They’re funnier than us, Phil! Pl: I know…
D: More talented and creative… P: wow… D: Should they just replace our channel? P: I think so, yeah
D: Yeah yeah, I think so D: This is the next in line, guys P: yep…
D: right here D: AaronCello D: And that, Phil… D:…is an awesome note to end it on! P: Yes!
D: Do that before we go back to any more… D:…bondage arts.
P: Okay! P: So thank you to anyone that submitted something to the tag!
D: Yes D: As always, yknow D: We make these videos, just to show our appreciation D: …of how awesome you guys are!
P: Yes D: You know that we think you are the funniest guys D:…and the best audience in the entire world! D: And this is just to appreciate your… D: …creativity… D: Let’s just…call it that P: Yeah! and speaking of creativity… D: What? oh, really? D: really? that was your segway, into that?
P: yeAH! D: sure, fine D: we are kind of… D:…freaking out! –
phil: yeah! –
D:…if we’re being honest with you P: I can’t believe it’s real, it actually smells like a real book
D: i know…. P: give it a sniff… D: h…hph, you want me to sniff the-
P: SNIFF IT! D:*sniiiiiff* it’s a great-smelling book! P: yeah!
D: confirmed… P:and we spent over a year working on this and now it’s here and i’m just like P: ERGH
D: yeah, i-i can’t believe it’s actually real D:and YOU can go to D: …to really easily see where you can get it, RIGHT NOW D: From ANYWHERE in the entire world! D: So make sure you go check that out! D: I’m probably gonna go sit in the corner D:…and rock backwards and forwards and cry for a bit P:…ookAY P: So if you enjoyed this video, please give it a big thumbs up! P: You can click on Dan’s face to subscribe to his channel D: ha ha…as I’m just sniffing my own book, don’t mind me D: I’m not a weirdo… P: …or you can click here to subscribe to me! P: And make sure to check out danandphilbook.com if you wanna get our book! D: and thank you all for watching this video D: I hope you’re all having a wonderful life P: yes!
D: great people Both: Goodbye!

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  1. Dan freaking out about how cute ginger people are while Phil looks at the camera uncomfortably is one of the best things I’ve seen in a while

  2. WHEN DAN SAID HE LOVES GINGER PEOPLE AND PHIL TOLD US HE'S A NATURAL GINGER 😂 everything hits differently now but I just thought that was funny

  3. Guys at 7:42 dan says that he loves ginger people


  4. "I love ginger people."
    Looks at Phil
    oh shit wait he's ginger crap
    turn this creepy so they won't suspect anything

  5. Dan: I love ginger people * continues to obsess over gingers *

    Phil said he is really a ginger omg I’m crafting

  6. 7:31
    Me, a ginger person with a lot of freckles : cries into cat whiskers mug with happiness Dan wants to put me in a jar!

  7. Dan: "I love ginger people"



  8. dan (and phil) i hope you know that you deserve all of that beautiful art inspired by you, cause that's how you make us feel which means it's part of you

  9. My friend and I both watch you and my friend literally just screamed “PHILL IS MY MUM!”
    I’m questioning why I’m friends with her

  10. “We are not as dreamy irl”

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