Tumblr: The Story You Never Knew | Treesicle

Tumblr: The Story You Never Knew | Treesicle

So there’s a problem with America. Let’s be real, like, before you start calling
me a flag burner or other inane, embarrassingly ignorant things, hear me out. Criticism is okay, you should criticize everything,
it’s how you learn and others learn to be better. A country’s social norms are no more above
criticism than we are here at Treesicle. Im particularly speaking about censorship. It’s wrong, and I stand by that. Censorship is used in place of education and
acceptance, rather than actually dealing with a concept, or an image, or a youtube video
about some silly game. People in power would simply rather block
it so it can’t ruffle any prude, conservative, fear mongering feathers. Because those people are loud and annoying
and belligerent. That being said, this video will be family
friendly because well….. I dont have another option or way to get this
to people if it’s demonetized and suppressed. So let’s get into the main subject. We know what censorship has done to youtube,
I can still taste the soap they washed my mouth out with, but as social media sites
grow larger so does the demand for soap, y’know what I’m sayin mane? And at last the cleansening has begun, with
none other than tumblr. So PREPARE YOURSELF! For a story of what would happen if four chan
was entirely made up of emo kids from myspace circa 2004, for a tale of a wretched hive
of scum and villainy being washed squeaky clean forevermore, and for a lesson in the
abuse of power. This is the story of Tumblr, the story you
never knew. Intro: On Dec 17th 2018 tumblr will ban all adult
content. The site was the brainchild of David Karp
and Marco Arment. They wanted to create something called a tumble
blog, and since it hadn’t been done yet, they did it and well, it worked. I still dont know what a tumble blog is tho. Tumblr was an instant success! 75,000 users in two weeks, leading to a tight
knit community. By 2012 the site started using paid advertising
and in 2013 it was bought by yahoo for 1.1 billion dollars. Which was a bad idea cause they lost like
400 million on it but whatever, Yahoo is a dinosaur anyway, get a gmail Ryan, Yahoo sucks. Yahoo was then bought by Verizon in 2017,
landing Tumblr in the hands of one of the biggest offenders of net neutrality. By the end of that year Karp left his own
company to the dogs. I’m gonna be real with you, I never liked
Tumblr. It always felt like a huge party I wasn’t
invited to, but (I never wanted to go anyway) so i stayed home and ate a whole bag of cheetos
and drank a six pack instead. A six pack of chocolate milk! I told you this video was family friendly! Call me barney! Anyway, it’s true. I don’t consider myself a tumblr fan or
expert by any means but for the sake of the recent controversy over tumblr banning all
adult content that you may have heard I made the decision to do a deep dive. Perusing every nook and cranny, talking to
friends who frequent it and…well now I know some things. I’ve just given you a brief history on how
the platform came to be now let’s get into what makes it tick. There’s a lot of hate that circles around
Tumblr and honestly there’s good reason for it. Also all these pictures of ponies are getting
to me. But yeah, the hate… basically what it boils
down to is this: What you like, what you do, is represented by the loudest members of your
community. And it may just be me, but i have a theory
on loud people. They are loud to cover up their stupid, it’s
like “Hey, if I’m super loud and aggressive about this no one will notice how flawed and
irrational my logic is!” And Tumblrites are stereotyped as being loud,
obnoxious, fascist, horny, social rejects who have zero ability to communicate with
normal human beings. Sorry normal Tumblr person, that’s reality,
you think I like telling people I’m a Youtuber? You know what people see in their heads when
they hear “Youtuber”? You’re not alone. That being said, pockets of Tumblr are where
the seedy underbelly of the political left lives. These particularly toxic corners thrive on
recycled self aggrandizing confirmation of their own beliefs. If you want the same toxic thing but on the
other side of the political spectrum, just go to 4chan! I would know, I grew up on it. However there is a LOT of good that comes
from Tumblr. It’s a place where people that are disenfranchised
can reach out, find others, and be together in a space of their choosing to communicate
their thoughts and feelings safely. It’s one of the best places to go for hmmm,
how do I put this… education regarding your nono pieces, what to do with them and how
to do it safely. Basically, the best thing about Tumblr was
the worst thing about tumblr, it was free. Not in price, but in spirit. And also in price. Underneath all the ponies, the extreme leftist
fascists, people claiming to be literal fairies and the desperate attention seekers, Tumblr
has been responsible for a huge majority of the internet content we love. Because it was open and individualized Tumblr
brought a wellspring of art and ideas, language, and well, memes. There is TALENT on Tumblr, all over the place,
individuals who make what we do look like peeing in a sandbox. You know, you just gotta wade through the
animated tentacle gifs doing naughty things to get there. Honestly I don’t mind though. Speaking of tentacles, that was one of the
best things tumblr had going for it. No not the tentacles themselves, but the adult
content. And also the tentacles. See, people are strange. We like all sorts of different things. Some people like ponies, some people like
feet, some people like a squid and ayane from dead or alive trying to procreate. Some people (I kid you not) like all of that
together except all the participants are made out of bubbles like that weird dream sequence
from dumbo. I know that’s oddly specific, but I found
it on Tumblr. If it was adult, and it was messed up, it
was on tumblr, rule 34’s most talented home. And we aren’t just talking animated stuff,
i mean i’ve seen some people I know let’s say, in their birthday suit, cause of tumblr. That never woulda happened otherwise! It was the cool thing to do a few years back,
don’t ask me, i dont tumblr. Accept when I do. Tumblr is gross, it’s annoying, it’s the
essence of cringe, but it’s also beautiful, funny, and well, terrifying at times. Its tumblr, it’s the internet, and its life. Or well, it was. Remember the intro, when you called me a flag
burner and then i told you that you were dumb and then you kept watching the video cause
you like it like that? Well yeah i made that point for a reason. Like Youtube, Tumblr is being censored. Really badly too. The idiots flagged their own flagging announcement! And just ‘cause I’m not personally a fan
of the platform doesn’t mean i can’t appreciate the value it brought. A few days ago it was announced that Tumblr
would be banning ALL adult content, and naturally people are… upset. See the thing about adult content is that
it’s fine.. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it. YOU might not like it, but that’s your opinion
(and my opinion cause youtube is my daddy, and daddy hurts me when im bad). Opinions are subjective, meaning they aren’t
right or wrong, it’s just a feeling you have and absolutely no one has to care. And most of them don’t and never will, because
they have opinions too, it’s kind of what makes us human. Get it? Anyway, adult content is labeled that way
because it’s considered “too graphic for children” that’s fine, there’s legitimately
some things you don’t want kids to see so they can preserve some semblance of innocence,
or whatever. But to take a community that thrives off of
expression and then censor said “expression” is wrong. Part of what made tumblr unique is that you
can have your animal crossing fandom, but you can also have all the twisted bdsm hanging
from your chest dots video side by side and sprinkle in home drawn hentai and an article
about how elon musk is going to remove gravity and suck out our atmosphere. Tumblr was a melting pot, it was also a place
where people felt they could expose themselves and be proud, it thrived on its ABILITY to
create adult content in all forms, whether its users chose to create it or not.. Tumblr is an app, anyone who has that app
gets it willingly and should educate themselves on it beforehand. If you don’t want your child seeing something
on Youtube or Tumblr, simply don’t let them, or just don’t have children at all, that’s
worked for me so far. Much of the censorship issues we have are
because of inept parents who depend on companies to do their work for them. But that in turn ruins everything for everyone
else who’s just trying to get their comes on. Or make a joke about sweater yams in a fnaf
vid. dont worry though, this may all be her fault, but i still love your mom. Now that I’ve gone on a tangent about what
Tumblr is, and how all the free expressive and often naughty goodness makes it tick,
let’s bring it back to reality. Ope there goes gravity… wait, i mean how
and why Verizon is ruining everything. In november 2018 some pictures slipped through
tumblr’s filters that depicted what your parents do when they lock their door and tell
you to go away, except it wasnt your parents it was chitlins i tell ya chitlins! This is what’s claimed to be the reason for
the mass censoring. Surprisingly, Apple is also largely responsible
in for the change in policy. Turns out apple doesn’t like dirty pics of
kids, makes sense, thats a big ole nono. Exactly what these pictures depicted is unknown,
but something slipped through the site’s filters. All platforms have filters, youtube included,
but they’re automated algorithms and are not full proof. So instead of working with tumblr, apple removed
the app from its store, and as of this video’s release, it’s still not back. This removed all apple users mobile access
to the website. So tumblr freaked and did, well, this. Now apple throwing their big banana around
was part of this issue but there is also verizon’s OATH agreement which yahoo and inevitably
tumblr fall into. Marni walden, verizon’s exec VP explains
that “Oath’s strategy will be to place the same content — whether articles, videos
or ads — in multiple locations to reach the widest possible audience”
There’s a phrase in there I want you to burn into your brain: “widest possible audience,”
you know who likes the weirdest stuff on the web? The most marginalized, socially outcast, and
disenfranchised people. The people that needed tumblr the most. The problem isn’t that i can’t find videos
that would make my mom grow a mustache anymore, (though i mean, let’s be real that sucks)
it’s what these new censorship algorithm changes are doing to tumblr and its community. Don’t get me wrong, i’m okay with not seeing
pony on foxxy love while sonic the hedgehog watches and buzz lightyear films, but as we
all know (adpocalypse) these algorithmic filters can either be total trash, or at least take
a while to become effective. In the meantime creators suffer. Demonetization Algorithm. Things are and will be censored that have
no right to be. Adult art, queer imagery, particularly say,
a pic of two shirtless men kissing… etc. this is ruining the careers of thousands of
artists and they may have to go to DEVIANT ART! It’s like if tumblr was dropped as a baby
two times instead of just once! I kid, I kid. I love deviant art. BUT THERE’S SOME WEIRD STUFF ON THERE TOO,
MAN. But do you know how difficult it is to move
platforms? Twitch.tv/Treesicle How hard it is to get
your fanbase to come with you? Every weekday at 3pm. Or to simply click a link (buy our shirts
on pixelempire.com/treesicle) It’s nigh impossible. In an interview Tumblr CEO and possible pizza
spinner Jeff D’Onofrio said “There are no shortage of sites on the internet that
feature adult content. We will leave it to them and focus our efforts
on creating the most welcoming environment possible for our community.” Welcoming environment, more like, profit maximizing
environment. A place where you can express yourself to
the point of hiding coke cans inside your organs is about as welcoming as I can imagine. Basically, tumblr isn’t banning the good stuff
because of an incident with their filters, its to maximize profit and they would rather
ruin the safe place of marginalized human beings than deal with the risks of maintaining
them. Instead they’d rather make it into another
stale disneyland ride. Same thing that’s happening with Youtube,
whats next? Xvideos? Bad dragon? Don’t take that from me. We all poopy on tumblr because it’s easy. Because the most vocal part of it’s user
base are kind of the most annoying people on the planet. Because it’s the land of bronies and fnaf
rule 34 and people who literally think they’re faeries and that that’s somehow a gender. But underneath allllllllllllll that sonic
fan art is a place where people who felt alone found others like them, a place where you
could get in your birthday suit and share some naughty vids, disgusting heathanistic
fan art, and pics of your feet. Or learn about the facts of life, discover
what it means to be queer, or how to empower yourself as a woman, even if you don’t have
lady parts! Some adult imagery can be necessary simply
to explain those things, even anatomy pics are being removed. Tumblr is but another haven removed in the
name of the widest possible audience, maximizing profits and basically putting the dew piston
to the little guy while he bites the pillow. Tumblr was considered a safe place, but now
we know how fragile that is, nowhere is safe when you’re up against people with money. Eventually our generation will be the ones
with the majority power and seniority, so maybe start thinking about what’s important
to you. How much money is enough money? How large of an audience is large enough? Is 441 million bloggers not enough? Is that not WIDE enough to respect? I may not like tumblr, you may not like tumblr,
but its user base is largely 18-29 year olds, that’s our generation, tumblr was our app
(sorry i think i almost just seized out there for a sec) and it’s being destroyed for profit
under the guise of an underaged photography shoot scandal. Wake up sheeple. That’s the story of tumblr, the story you
never knew. I gotta go take a shower. I’m back and I’m so fresh and so clean
clean! But not as fresh or as clean clean as our
awesome new came to conquer shirt. Aliens exist! And they want your mom. I’m just putting that out there. So join the legion! Get our shirt before it dissapears into hyper
space forever! They’re comfortable, stylish AF and best
of all, inexpensive. Get one for you or your friend, we have mens,
womens, and tanks, hoodies and t’s. Go to Pixelempire.com/Treesicle and use Code
TREESICLE for 10% off your whole order. Help out our channel so we can continue to
bring you info on how the money man is tearing down all that we love. Have a nice day and stay family friendly,
or else! Was that good daddy?

100 thoughts on “Tumblr: The Story You Never Knew | Treesicle

  1. I was watching this video and my dog licked my phone and his tongue hit subscribe. I was annoyed, BUT in the end I hit notications ON. Lol

  2. Ok so like. You're insulting the Sonic art but about half the stuff you put up is stuff I would probably reblog. I mean. Classic Sonic? Hell yes! Also where the hell did you find that pic of Gaster with the rainbow shirt, that s t y l e

  3. You forgot to mention the "female-presenting nipple" being among the banned thing, and all the memes and the joke about: but how will you know it's a female presenting nipple? If we photoshop male-nipple over is it fine?

  4. Before I say anything else I want to be as crystal clear and honest as possible. I don't like Tumblr and I have never held much appreciation for it. With that being said I will bring up the rise of a cultural idea that I think is toxic in nature, which is the idea that everything is subjective and that very little cab be talked about in objective terms. I know very little about the politics you surround yourself with (and tbh its none of my business), but I will say conflating the general self censoring nature that conservatives possess with the mass censoring nature that much if the far left has partaken in is disingenuous at best, manipulative and misleading at worst. I don't believe you gave bad intentions, nor do I think anyone who defends the right to put up sexually questionable things on the internet. The way I see this is that Tumblr might be trying to attract a family friendly audience since they might think it isn't morally acceptable to allow "adult" content on a platform without proper delineation between child friendly content and other content. To a certain degree it's similar to the battle for or against making it a requirement by law to show proper identification/age before being able to view pornographic material. And this is where the beginning if my post comes into the equation. I think it is a terrible thing that many kids develop addictions to pornography and things among it because of how little their parents understand the internet and because how easy it is to get that kind of content. Call it cheesy, but reason for my desire for this change is like the same reason why I don't believe any type of drug or alcohol should be legally allowed for minors either us because of the inherent meddling of development that occurs within doses. Unfortunately I have the honor to say its the case because it is an addiction that I caught early on when I was still a minor. Since you aren't a child i don't think it would be necessary to explain the nature of addiction, but you probably get where I'm going with this. Since this is getting too long, I will wrap this up by saying as much as I dislike Tumblr, it isn't my decision to make and as much as I may approve of their decision, I would say it wasn't aa smart idea for them to ban the content because it in general tends to be a place where all sorts of unacceptable behavior in a civil society breeds. But I guess that's just my opinion…

    Also one last thing. Speaking loudly is supposedly proof you don't know what you are talking about? Oof. Who told you that illogical colloquium? And plus bringing up nobody except political figures really discredits your point because it seems like that is a political jab in nature, rather than something that could actually be proven and studied.

  5. The filters are shit because I nearly got a strike on a fucking fidget spinner video of me flicking the spinner and saying, it's so cool, as a joke, this vid was made years ago and the strike happened as of today, lucky for me I appealed the strike, and I swear they use bots to make decisions on appeals and their reasons.

  6. A lot of Tumblr users moved from DeviantArt or put uncensored adult content there because of DA's policies. You could use Pixiv which has hardcore content, but subjected to Japanese censorship laws. Many hentai artists can just put thin black strips covering at minimum. Many start migrating to Newgrounds making it relevant again.

  7. It makes perfect sense to consider kids that have very, very easy access to the internet. I think the "Don't let them line" is especially out of touch with… like, childhood? Go back to when you were a kid and tell me if "don't let them" worked on you.

    Anyways, it makes sense to consider the horrendous garbage that younger netizens would most certainly have access to, but the solution is to block access from younger netizens, not censorship. I agree that censorship was the worst route to take, but honestly a place like that is where deviancy *festers*. It's not an outlet, it's a pickle jar. So I personally don't mind, the depths of that site were rock bottom.

  8. I stole this meme from a guy on Twitter who used to have Tumblr Tumblr: I'm going to censor everything 5 days later. Twitter: hey Tumblr where's all your users. Wait a second I got a better joke I got a better joke that I made myself. every brony watching this video. Why did you talk about us first pulls out a shotgun just why

  9. Seriously tho, don't want kids to see shit then don't shit out stupid fucking kids. best thing you could do for everyone. Don't congratulate those that do and don't treat it like something that just happens naturally be responsible for something ffs..

  10. Tumblr is done, no one gives a shit about it now because they censored everything. What's hilarious about this is their site is in the toilet because of this move and nothing else.

  11. I know you said you weren't a Tumblr user, so allow me to add to the outrage a lot of us felt. Before December 17, the staff went around removing what they considered to be offensive tags, such as "porn", "sex", "nudity", etc. HOWEVER, and this is a big HOWEVER, even though hate speech is and always has been something they claim isn't allowed on their platform, you could still find white supremacy blogs. "White Supremacy", at least for a time, still had results. Yes, they took care of it eventually – I don't know if it's still like that though – but that's beside the point. The point is, they made white supremacy, the call for the mass genocide of millions of people for looking, loving, or worshipping differently, was more accessible and easier to find than "female-presenting nipples". Answer me honestly, what's going to screw someone up more?

  12. Why is YouTube getting all so “child friendly” and tumblr you have to be 13 and up this isn’t a fucking park aughhhhh

  13. the Beauty of Tumblr was that it was very easy to find a Niche you wanted to look for, I mostly used it for fanart (both SFW and NSFW kinds) and fanfictons and the occasional fandom debate that I would read halfway through before thinking that both parties of said debate were dumbumbs and go looking for prons of my current top fave ship. Im an adult what can I say.
    if you didn't want to see the fetishy weird gross shit…it was really easy to just avoid it all together, they had a safe search that was easily toggled on and off and was locked on until users reached 18.

    there is a young site called Pillowfort, sort of like a baby version of tumblr before the purge that sprung up sometime last year or maybe before I dont really know. it's servers crashed when hundred and hundreds of Users from Tumblr mass migrated to save their adult content on a new platform.

    and heres the thing, it didn't fix the issue some smaller end blogs had their stuff spared from the Thanos snap as they called it by having obscure tags, Pornbot blogs are still thriving like the scammy little rats they are by doging the algorithims and using the same obsure Tags. for fucks sakes some people are bringing back the fanfic citrus scale from FF.net to godamn tumblr now
    Grapefruit – soft gentle make out stuff. Orange – sort of smutty/foreplayish make out stuff. Lemon – doin the naughty, Lime – doin the naughty extra hard. DA did some wierd ass shit with their 'prime/core' memberships that drove people to tumblr. and now those that were once driven to Tumblr are now reviving their DA accounts that they they have to pay to use, you can't even change your username on there without shucking out some cash first.

    there are multiple petitions to the Tumlr higher ups to repeal this frankly stupid ban, so even if you dont have a tumblr or dont use is spare us a moment to sign one, every signature counts.

  14. "occassionally some things are worth censoring" shows image of a totally harmless conspiracy theorist who also happens to expose the real crimes of the US government
    How do I block a youtube channel?

  15. The only reason why people used tumblr it was that good porn and nudes i deleted my tumblr account a week after they ban adult content. never been there.

  16. i know this is old video but some funny and ironic rumor news "Verizon is looking to sell Tumblr and Pornhub is interested"

    Heres the article : https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/2/18527177/verizon-seeking-tumblr-sale-rumor-blogging

  17. I'm just waiting until pornhub buys Tumblr… Then the worlds nut amount shall rise once more!!!

  18. when you said "hiding coke cans inside your organs" i legit got mental images of someone hiding pepsi bottles inside their liver

  19. Actually, the reason they had to get rid of the porn was to comply with FOSTA-SESTA, said acts holding the websites (just as) accountable if sex trafficking happened through the site.

    It's because of these acts is why a few a few personals website shut down, why Craigslist and Backpage got rid of their personals, and why Tumblr and other websites started making something of a crackdown on adult content.

    Now, it should be worth noting that adult websites are practically exempt for all intents and purposes, as those don't offer/allow personals ads (usually) but more general websites like Tumblr, Facebook, Craigslist, etc are.

  20. And the ULTIMATE IRONY. Tumblr might get bought by Pornhub. THAT FURRY PORN KEPT THE SITE GOING I HAD TO TELL IT TO UM

  21. Well at least this allows sites like Deviantart and Newgrounds (betcha haven’t heard that name in a while huh?) to grow and flourish

  22. Five Months Later.

    The Ban has ultimately failed in the long run, porn is still being uploaded but now with SFW tags, Hentai blogs are still there, and Verizon/Yahoo is now selling Tumblr

  23. ‘Tumblr had good content’

    (Shows *nothing but pages of recycled tweets, Instagram, f0urchan memes & screenshots)

  24. 5 months after the NSFW ban, Verizon is now trying to sell the company to someone who could remove the NSFW ban.

  25. I was wondering why you referred to some sections as Tumblr as "leftist fascists"? That statement itself is an oxymoron, considering that fascism is on the "right" side of the political spectrum. Also, I think it would be worth it to mention that there are scores of blogs dedicated to neo-nazism that have not been taken down since December. As much as people hate to realize it, people from all over society use Tumblr.

  26. I love how kind and objective you are, even for topics you’re not particularly interested in or agree with.

  27. I case nobody else knew, in Tumblrs banning of all “sexy” imagery, they also banned 3 regular, casual pictures of former Vice President, Joe Bidan. Not explicit pictures, just pictures of him. God bless America.

  28. I didn't miss that bad dragon call out.

    Why do YOU know what that is? Where have you heard that? I'm a degenerate, so that's why I know that is.

  29. Guys then 4chan will be child friendly nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Biggest difference with 4chan and tumblr's far side activism is that on 4chan most people were just fucking around to vent frustration (this is not to say there was no real 'extrimist' or other shay people over there) but most of us ended up growing somewhat functional people, remember rotten?..

  31. Is that the pixelated image search results for the meme of Robbie Rotten saying, "Don't let your kids watch this!" ?

  32. Look man
    I'm just a gal on Tumblr who posts sfw art (I hate drawing anything that's even just anatomy and heaven knows I would hate drawing porn)

    So why did my drawing of friends hanging out and laughing get flagged
    But the segestive and sometimes flat out nsfw artwork that pops up when I search "pennywise" is in full view for everyone to see

    (Fun fact I never went through an emo/goth/edgy phase, not even while using Tumblr)

  33. I've never seen NSFW content on Tumblr. I even went looking for it, searching for my fav ships of the time and nothing.
    You'd think there'd be at least one picture, one post but no.

  34. https://www.change.org/p/verizon-encourage-verizon-to-sell-tumblr-to-pornhub

  35. i still love that even though the filter has been implemented and tumblr insists on being a safe place for kids there’s STILL child porn, nazis and suicide baiters all over the place

  36. They did a fantastic job getting rid of all the 18+ stuff, not a porn to be found! sarcasm

    Legit though, their automated systems are garbage

  37. You realize you criticize loud aggressive people as being stupid as you are being just as loud and aggressive as the people you showed, or more, right?

  38. I used to love Tumblr but had to leave it because no matter what I posted, be it a headshot of a character I like or a pet portrait, Tumblr flagged it and I was tired of sending it for review.

  39. I don’t want to sound like I support pedos, but I believe stuff like lolicon and drawn pornography containing children or people resembling children shouldn’t be banned or censored. Yes, it’s vile. Yes, pedophilia is illegal. But, if it isn’t real, then it shouldn’t be illegal. Technically it’s art and censorship of art is completely and utterly wrong. If it is real child porngraphy though, then it’s illegal and should be thrown down into the depths of the shadow realm.

  40. …and now Tumblr is owned by WordPress.
    No, they're not reversing the ban on adult content.

  41. I love how they deleted a bunch of porn but not a user (MatriarchalMuffin, I don't care about censoring her name.) who bullied a SU fan nearly to suicide over her being "racist" and a bunch of other stuff. She still is in her own head, thinking she is right. I wish I could just bash it open.

  42. if tumblr wants a bigger audience, maybe they should stop glorifying mental illnesses such as ocd or depression (which almost killed me). and maybe they should restrict users under 13 from seeing NSFW content.

  43. Tumblr is cancer
    I used to be one of them

    Their all angry 5 gender woman
    Looking for their rights on the internet
    We want WW3 it might fix the whole thing this time

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