turning ourselves into Bratz Dolls (my worst video yet) (i’m SO sorry)

turning ourselves into Bratz Dolls (my worst video yet) (i’m SO sorry)

I’m gonna skip it or like maybe do it like six months from now. I really just looks like that’s too much I’m not gonna get it up on time. It’s just not gonna fucking happen I thought the same thing and then I just kept seeing more and more people do it And then Jenna did it on Julian Like if she can do that – Julian I can do like that to my own face dude I’m so happy that like you thought of that – because like me and Mike were watching it and he was like oh babe I want you to do it to me, but I was like then she comes in I’m just like literally the next morning. she’s like Ashley Can we please do this together? and i was like yes, cause like you like what’s hotter than like one dumb whore turning into a bratz doll i wanted to put a spin on it obviously everyone’s turning into bratz dolls but Ashley and I are literally twins were both just like bratz in every bratz photo We’re like we have this outfit we have this outfit We just dress like radsolv on a daily basis anyways, I’m so excited if they can use photos book So we’re just gonna turn in doing Tanka Taoiseach sprouts. All right now like this is not Jean Charles, you know Maybe we could be like before take a Carlos face tube fist No, just not even a little bit. I’m sorry. Maybe you could be We got our handy-dandy clown Peggy we haven’t even done out what we’re doing and he’s pulling up his video. I’m so sure so we’re Part seven when I run out of video ideas and views that I just copied James Charles Yes, I guess I’d hop right into it you guys I’m Jenna This is my best friend Ashley and she has been on my channel for a while. She was busy getting new fucking tits and Ass can’t it. I’ve never done this me neither thank mojo. Oh, it’s a purple what sex? No, I think better I watch things. Nice. Nobody. Do you spare time to watch things? No one else really watches YouTube like us. I thought it was a big did you see here? Like, yeah Okay, see I’m really fucking bored still engineers get Bopper and the Beast weights always he look like Yes, so does boob up in the yeah and be like, yeah Like he leaves it up like this cuz they did like all like me runs a shop this book My brows my botox brown one of me all the time if you lose you can’t make them face it huh, like really no, you’re Yeah, I’m finally getting into little movement here. Finally. Oh my god. I literally saw some Cara Delevingne needs Barney bull shit bitch before the notes that one and I’m already having I just Realize that like Ashley’s is gonna be so much better than mine. And nothing is so good with your Hairy girl, oh we have fucking ate. Why don’t you follow me? Maybe that could be about to wet cast. Well, we’re not looking at people or – yeah, we are moving The little ding wait wings It’s just scary Because you know that James like stack there – was I just like, okay good Do you see this and just dump you Know we’re gonna see which one of our boyfriends is willing to fuck us first Once we’re ready like really already fucked up like this wasn’t good and it’s not like really not Nothing a little smoother can’t fix it’s like smoother safe smoother saves another state Yeah, yeah, yep this whole videos of you even stole yeah I can’t wait like step one like we’re already like taking it off from starting over again. Oh my god Oh my god, the glue when it like oh There’s too much of in one area and you like moving around too much. It becomes like those like little like rust-eze, you know Oh, I know exactly everybody was just pulling off like there’s nothing on earth like that. We never What do you mean this come as a girl like not? You know when you get mail, yep Auntie card or 25 minutes in and we’ve literally done a portion of the first step James Charles Me Baby I’m actually gonna be giving this film to my editor me on at 4 a.m. Tomorrow. I Totally use like makeup forever lipstick but fit me James Charles using so if you make a forever Suz to fit me Ashley Oh Do be like show them our inspiration So I’m going for this and how she’s going for this. I literally just turned on Melrose Yes Yes, what do I do? Why are they like love me? My head itches, I’m sure Use co-tenants and something for some house. Would you all spend receive me as the body one of your gifts? Oh My god, okay, so I really wanted to cover my brows But I think that if I do it one more time, like I literally might have like break a window Damn, so I’m gonna be the only duck. I look like a stupid you literally bottom line is I’m just too fucking stupid This is been a week of me like not being able to do shit but like everyone else can do and we’re just feeling like a fucking Oh you raise your heart rate, huh? No, but I do actually we’re gonna go know what three weeks ago Yeah, they literally said like don’t travel and just rise Heavy things like yeah, don’t raise your heart rate Don’t lay on your stomach for six and don’t take off the like trainer bra No, literally you’ve been like lifting water jugs off the way to Tokyo, you know, pedasi the top I’m just crazy pretty more than toys and I really wish the Givenchy blade and which is like I see the room you Can’t Beautyblender piece of shit You can’t fucking contour Personality James very did it better than anyone could ever want to so if we shoot for the stars, mr Stark we can land in New York So if you just make a hole underneath of his Isle of Wight, yeah. Oh my god. Oh My god, oh my god. Yeah, I could never be directly. I could never be someone who’s actually good at makeup I’m just gonna wing this on like I’m rushing I really was on the crime an idiot You blow up the same setting that yeah, you know, it could go tell them look everyone the storeroom Do you think that’s a big enough like shape? No, okay. Now I’m gonna unleash my inner artist. Oh, My god you use like like jeffree star liquid lipstick because it’s like and and like really pigmented. Yeah James literally using a good Geoffrey start liquid lipstick in like drug lord versus us using a mix jumbo eye pencil in milk any makeup Milo Like a beauty girl like you. Yeah you get that Actually don’t feel as bad about this as I did though. Yeah fucking scare me. It’s giving me anxiety loopy you do that Okay, cool fun fresh good where am I treating the signal rings – literally fuck Buddies at the same moment. I got my fucking TWiki little crackhead. There’s a fucking shaky. Mm-hmm What the fuck am I doing and it’s so crazy to like I have all the tools to be good at makeup Because we’ll do it like 40,000 morphe brushes like all the nice products I’m like looking up this like brand new unleash your inner artist all like and I just fucking suck It Bitch Nice and white sparkle and sparkle blue eyeshadow is literally Oh fine better to like my little eyeball then like my waterline Oh my god, I think I should do this over my head. I look like the Black Swan like when homeless on crack Let me show you like what like what we’re going for You wouldn’t fuck me like this, right? Oh My god I’m single dose didn’t that You’re single we’re saying that you would only fuck me and doggy like this I can’t do anything. But idiot talk about we know the moon might be in gatorade. Never know Retrograde, but it’s also literally mercury you up Well, that’s like mean like he’s just lying Yeah, should we still try to mate soon yeah look at my doing I’m like, it loves contoured in photos and it looks like shit you realize lose your job Just like you woke up with her to the prom. I feel like pointing out your saying it looks good on it We opened our crossing on beneath about like always me about to use your fucking eyeliner. I don’t wonder why I think that most of The blue eyes is so pretty. No the Blues is Not your angle. It’s like so bad. I’m not even carrying to share anything. I’m doing. Yeah, I feel so manic with it I felt so manic that was Just get done. Just get to bed get to bed get to then. You will be a brat stop I did not even know that I can make up the shitty We’re just going to easily yeah, yeah I Feel so bad for us right now Like he doesn’t deserve to be like represented like this with your dating this move anomaly looking juice. Ooh I gotta feel like a bride Like the one second wing challenge This is the long second face challenge if we were trying to let you race. I feel like this might have turned out better Maybe should we just title it up? I make this video. Let’s take it away for this 20 minutes of people do anything Of course you would be the person to Wake up Michael, what’s that like saying anything at all? My makeup is done with the letter All I can do to make myself feel better just put on a more fatty lip paint God I feel it wrong with the home like me something else They ask you how are you just to say that you’re fine when you’re not really fine But you just can’t get into it because they would never understand good Okay guys so I’m actually gonna sit here and shade her lip for the next 45 minutes but other than that, we’re actually those living on so we’re gonna go put our clothes on so This is happening. Oh My I tied this one to try to think this shoelace literally to short below shoelace, yeah from black shoes We’re not your fucking vagina here To see Your Vagina It’s normal well weight from afar it looks really good like your mate you The illusion is insane would you close are you guys closed because when you like look down beyond my clothes Sugared gay you sounds so dumb. That’s amore low. She pissed him off I keep it. She called me a sugar Giggs. I want to see her fucking pubes But I’m doing you a favor and you’re over here calling me a sugar gay I’m sorry to Me just putting this. Oh my god. Holy shit. Actually, you look so good You look like a barbarian oh Yeah, guys everything actually I are wearing that we don’t want our bodies will be Ondi pop Yes, look look this looks like a really bad Halloween costume You look like a Mortal Kombat character Oh my god, yes bus down tatianna. This is literally Bloods and Cripps of breath I Hope you enjoyed the breaths challenge. I’ve never actually not enjoyed a video. Yeah. This has been like torturous I know I say this in every video, but if you guys found any joy in my misery Ashley look down actually looks so good Oh My god Ashley looks so good Hey my real life when you order it online versus when it comes I Think gang signs are probably the best thing for example right now. No literally like me joining a gang would be better than this

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  1. I can’t even explain, how many times I watch and come back to this video. And STILL laugh my ass off every single time😂😂😂 you guys are literally me

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    but also congrats to both of you for being relatable and hilarious 🤣

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  6. it is so weird seeing brad, knowing that he cheated on her and knowing that tana is now married to jake paul. time flies

  7. Ashley is sooo damn beautiful without make up also with but she doesn't need much. anyways she is the intelligent and the beautiful one SHE should be the STAR instead of Tana!

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