Tutorial: How to Duplicate Squarespace Blog Posts

Tutorial:  How to Duplicate Squarespace Blog Posts

hello fellow Squarespace peeps. This is
Kath from www.kathomalley.com and I am super excited to share with you that you can
now duplicate your Squarespace blog posts. Back in January I wrote a post
all about how I was using my blog to market and that people were finding me
on the first page of Google from several blog posts that were pretty popular
including how to duplicate Squarespace pages and forms and things like that. So,
this was a kind of a revelation to me and I was like, okay, I’ve got to do
a better job of getting more newsletter signups, getting more people contacting
me. What I needed were these common elements on my blog posts. If I scroll down to the bottom I wanted to have an easy way for people to
sign up for the newsletter so I have a few content upgrades that they could click on.
This is a form block in the lightbox mode. They just enter
their email and that gets people on my mailing list. I also wanted people to
contact me directly so they can click on that and email me and enter their message. This also a form block. I want to separate
things with lines. I also wanted to make it easy for people to read other posts
that were related to the one they had just read. So keep them on my website
clicking around. My analytics show that since January people are
signing up for my newsletter, they are clicking around my website, in fact
sometimes, people read two or three blog posts before they sign up so having this has been super helpful. So
the important thing then was to make sure that I had these elements in every single
blog post and that was super time-consuming because you had to do
each post from scratch and it was exhausting. So sometimes I would leave
out information. For example here’s a more recent blog post where I just have
my bio, I didn’t even style it or make sure that
it was laid out the way I wanted it. And then I had a content upgrade here but I
don’t have the related blog posts. I was just like ah no time right. If I go on
this blog post that I wrote in May and scroll to the bottom again I didn’t
even fix this. No related blog posts. The summary block isn’t there.
I just kind of rushed as long as I got sort of the basics that I needed I was
fine but it wasn’t ideal. Now I can create a draft post. So this is a draft and if I go in here I show you
what that looks like. I have in the draft post where I want the image to be,
how to lay it all out using spacers. I have a content upgrade button here. I
have some information about another service I offer with a fellow
Squarespace web designer who’s also a Squarespace specialist with a link
to click over to find out more. There’s my bio with a get in touch
button so they can email me directly and the related posts. It’s all set up and
ready to go so whenever I write a blog post. All I have to do is click Edit … {I’m hoping my battery doesn’t die before I finish this video } aAyway if
I click here on edit all I have to do is click on duplicate. It says copy of duplicate draft post. I’ll write something like
“wow you can now clone a squarespace blog post” and I’m using
clone for a reason because people Google clone and I
have never used clone before so I’m going to do that. Then I’m going to
go in here and I’m going to change the date so in my case I have the date setup
so it’s going to be June 8th when I finally do it. Then, I’m going to write
clone-Squarespace-blog-posts like that and then I’m just going to hit save here
because it’s not ready to publish out and let’s see what happens.
This is going to be my new blog post which is where this video is
going to sit. If you have any questions head on over to www.kathomalley.com
and either get in touch, sign up for my newsletter or have read through the
various blog posts which have a lot of tutorials on how to use Squarespace and
how to write copy for your Squarespace website. Thanks for watching!

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