Twilight Is Woke Now | Tumblr Deep Dive

Twilight Is Woke Now | Tumblr Deep Dive

I have a fantastic episode of Tumblr deep dive in store for you today So you may be looking at me and thinking huh? That’s pretty impressive that you managed to keep that shirt for an entire decade and the joke would be on you, because I bought this recently We are experiencing a minor Renaissance of the Twilight fandom. These are ad.., presumably, adults who liked Twilight as kids and teenagers, who are just making tumblr blogs about it again. I found one of these blogs a couple months ago, and I followed it I thought it was hilarious. I figured it was just one person But um, it’s not this is a bit of a small phenomenon going on on tumblr people, just getting into Twilight I really want to look at this today because it’s just so… It’s just so funny and so inexplicable and I kind of get it because I myself, without knowing that this exists, relatively recently hate watched all of the Twilight movies. Hate watch, it started as a hate watch, but we genuinely had a great time Okay, we have entered the Twilight tag. The plot of Breaking Dawn Bella will have sex she will get pregnant and die. that’s…. That’s about it, yeah. I picked up some Twilight Barbies at Goodwill, Edward and Jacob were fine though I wish they come with their clothes Bella had glue head. Excuse me? Did they legit restore some Twilight Barbies just for the heck of it. Hook up with kinky singles. Oh tumblr… Oh Tumblr you special special place… It’s the Twilight Renaissance baby. Me, shamelessly writing MarySue like self-insert fics because it’s 2019, life is hard, the world is figuratively and literally on fire and I need every shred of positive energy I could get. Draw your favorite character getting it on, make that saucy self insert, make your original characters Over-the-top. Do it all even for the cringy fandoms My flesh is mortal, but my soul is unwavering, cringe culture is dead and I’m bringing in its corpse for the reward money That’s it [Outro music] This is what you see when Carlisle is about to fist you. This fandom has zero chill Okay, this is a Carlisle fan blog It says “Carlisle is the bee’s knees” If you were not… If you didn’t read all the Twilight books in fifth grade like I did Carlisle is the dad… guy who turned them all into vampires. If you don’t like Carlyle click here This is exactly something that I would have done on my tumblr and been super proud of in like 2011 I used to have, like, all of the buttons that were like “archived” “ask” on tumblr I used to have all of those lead to different pictures of Nicolas Cage. Early tumblr was high culture what can I say? Twilight on main? It’s more likely than you think. There’s something wildly funny about the Cohens keeping a painting of the Volturi in their house Even though they hate them I know this was meant to be a funny post but having recently read all the books I would say Car… Carlyle definitely does not hate them. He disagrees with them. We’re getting into the Twilight discourse. Okay? Listen, I’m 22. Now. My pretend hatred for the Twilight franchise is over I love them all and we’ll watch them all the time as many times as I want to, I am being dragged back to childhood so hard. Oh god, someone did the face app thing on them? I hate that. Fight scenes: toxic by Britney Spears Sneaky scenes: Pink Panther theme. Tom foolery scenes: Cantina band from Star Wars. Romantic scenes: My heart will go on the shitty flute version. Someone do this for Twilight. Lmao. I know it’s coming. I know it’s coming. [Shitty recorder music that is unbearably bad] The urgency and fear in Edwards’s voice when he says you need to see what I look like in the sunlight does not make sense Bro, you just Sparkle. That’s literally it. It’s not a big deal. Why are you such a dramatic whore? This is truly no reason for him to be like that Eddie boy just is like that sometimes. Edward B. Cullen and the B stands for it be like that sometimes. There’s so many just dramatic slow-motion scenes in this movie. When we were kids there was there was social obligation to hate it, to just be like no, I don’t like Twilight It’s for dumb girls cuz romance and boys was ikey and girls who like that were so shallow and stupid you know? At least that’s how it was like, in my experience being like Like 9 to 12 when Twilight was popular. I still, I read it in fifth grade. I read it when I was 10 or 11 There was such an obligation to rebel against it if you were a cool woke kid, and I feel like we just don’t have the energy to be like that any.. “be like that”. We don’t be energy to be like that anymore. At least my experience of watching it now. I could kind of just be like “this is dumb” but it’s so funny and I felt like this was perfect for a tumblr deep-dive episode because my channel is so often about Loving things that are just so weird and dumb and inexplicable. It sparks is joy if you will and uhm Yeah, so I see why people are just kind of having a crisis and being like “everything sucks but you know what brings me joy Twilight!” Some people are, like legit in the discourse, like seriously still into it but a lot of people seem to be doing this low-key ironically, like there are definitely some blogs here that seem serious, um and then a lot are just like here’s some Twilight memes I felt like making in the year of our Lord 2019. Any time, I glimpse fandom culture on tumblr anymore I’m just like, It’s [random noise]. Tumblr fandom culture trips me out cuz my stupid lizard brain thinks it’s 2011 for a minute, you know? There’s also a lot of Batman related stuff because apparently Robert Pattinson was just cast to play Batman in something Send me your thirstiest Twilight confessions. I would rather not. Twilight au where everything is the same but James is James Charles, “I am Laura, this is Victoria and James” “Hi sisters” James smells Bella. James: “You brought a sister snack.” I’m gonna leave like So many times in this video I can’t with this I’m good. I’m having a spiritual experience today. This is all the dialogue but it’s just switched out to be James Charles adding sister. cinematic parallels. Also in this particular scene in the movie. There’s a whole ass part where they’re just explaining mitosis, like whoever was writing This was like yeah what-what Did we learn in 10th grade biology that we can have them banter about so They just have it like, they talk about mitosis for too long. Okay, but imagine watching Bella and Edwards relationship from the outside like okay this new girl moves to her school. She starts dating that really weird guy from that really weird family and then he leaves her and she’s like really depressed for six months and then he comes back and like six months later you’re invited to their wedding. I would be like “bitch what the fuck?” and then they go on their honeymoon Only to have him come back and be like, “oh, yeah, she’s dead now, so sad” That sounds like an episode of one of those true crime shows where they know he murdered her but never have evidence to prove it. Oh god. Oh god, it does and we were all super woke 12-year olds to be like, um Yeah, actually Edward’s gross and creepy. Like no shit, but that’s why it’s funny. That’s why it’s funny. Okay, that is why in this house we love Twilight ’cause it’s Everything about it is “why would you do this” but it is iconic. It is actually really iconic in its own way I would recommend watching the first two movies, I think? cuz they’re like peak Twilight and they’re genuinely like pretty entertaining movies the third one sucks the two parts of the fourth one are fine Watch the first Twilight movie and have a spiritual experience. I encourage all of you to Okay. I remember reading the twilight books in middle school and wondering why don’t Edward and Jacob just chill and allowed Bella to date both of them since they supposedly love her so much and having to choose hurts her? Yeah, it’s unconventional but seeing as ones a vampire and the others are werewolf They should all be able to handle a little more strangeness. It’s a no-brainer I was proud of myself because I thought I had actually invented the entire concept of polyamory. Now that’s peak woke twelve-year-old. People really be writing Twilight fan fiction these days. I’m not gonna read it but, I’m glad that people are finding joy in this and are unashamed to say I like this thing that was known as peak cringy for like the past decade. Twilight Renaissance quality shit. So yeah, as usual if you’re gonna go check out this tumblr community please be respectful to them. We’ve had issues in the past with certain blogs I look at or certain communities overall, just getting a lot of unwanted disrespectful attention. Probably gonna have to say on all of my tumblr deep-dive videos from now on but please be nice to the Twilight fandom . In 2019 we proudly stand Twilight. Ironically. Does anyone know anymore? Also can vampires nut? I mean he got Bella pregnant. is it just venom or is it actual nut? Is venom the same as nut? I think it’s nut with venomesque properties. And if venom is the same as nut and venom is the fluid that keeps them alive n …. Keeps them alive and shit and nut is stored in the balls, does that mean ball is vampire life? I have no idea what I just read with my own two eyes Not to state the obvious But the outrage over Robert Pattinson being cast as Batman as a direct product of the homophobic jokes made about Twilight ten years ago The camp that sees Batman is someone who has to be hyper Masculine and dark cannot stand the thought of an actor who has been associated with a franchise targeted at teenage girls ten years ago also Most of them are probably completely unaware that he has done movies since where he could really show his range as an actor and I am so tired Edward is typically He’s not a very hyper masculine character he’s very like Perfect and clean and groomed and pretty Twilight was woke the whole time actually, I’m Please don’t quote me on that. I’m kidding Of course Twilight has a lot of problematic shit in it But Twilight fandom I am back. Game of Thrones is canceled… So… Edward is Batman now? What if I am NOT the hero what if I am the coolest hero Bella, there’s a quote in the movie Possibly the books where he’s like “what I’m not the hero” as if to imply like I’m dark and brooding and I am a bad guy and I drink blook This is my batwings apparently. Wait, that’s vampires.. Is this… is why is this why everyone in Twilight is freaking over Edward being Batman cuz these Vampires are also bats. Did mi… Was this obvious am I a dumbass? I don’t know Ten reasons Batman and Edward Cullen have always been the same person and we just never realized it” “Edward is supposedly a vampire vampires turn into bats.” That’s what I just said Pretty more Bachelor loner, the heir to a successful wealthy family of sorts the menacing throaty voice theeee constipated scale of watching from the shadows while you sleep Yeah, as soon as they said that I was like everyone’s such, that he’s cast as Batman, I’m like if anything the character of Edward is so like broody, constipated man that I feel like that’s how I see Batman too – so the recent Batman casting, I guess is bringing up some of this old Discourse. I do think that the cultural hatred of things geared towards teenage girls it is usually disproportionate to how bad those things actually are like Twilight is bad, but it’s not as bad as we all thought it was. I actually saw a really good video. It’s I don’t think it’s a super new video, but it was a video by Lindsey Ellis basically talking about all of this stuff I think it was a fantastic video and you should watch it Imagine being married to spark and getting to cuddle him and it’s a picture of Edward and Bella’s wedding with the tumblr anonymous icon and Spock photoshopped onto their faces someone made that Also another thing for all of the legitimately bad and problematic things about Twilight the soundtrack slaps, especially in the first movie Absolutely iconic. Then a doctor walked around the corner and my mouth fell open. This is from the book, by the way He was young he was blond and he was handsomer than any any movie star I’d ever seen he was pale though and tired looking. That’s her type obviously with circles under his eyes. From Charlie’s description This had to be Edwards father Here’s the thing It’s bad But you can like it anyway. Let’s just like bad things to 2k-19. Edward being happy mood board. Adorable, look at this man being wholesome. Okay, but in 2018 you know forks high school would have a meme page and all the clicks would have running jokes in their group chats. The memes would be about the Cullens and how we were there and someone would be like I saw Rosalie Hale take a bite of an apple today and another person would be like sounds fake but okay and people would constantly be making jokes about Cullen family incest and there would be a running gag of What diet are the Cullen’s on this week? Just imagining the Cullen’s being half cryptid half meme at forks high and this..
this deserves all of its almost 4,000 notes because yes. Walk us through that truly iconic baseball scene. Oh Lord Oh shit wait These are all… these are reblogged from an official twilight account So this was like genuinely like the cast members we’re making this in. Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit Okay, they have no header image the official Twilight at least hide your header. When was the last, oh my god This has to be an active. When was the last post? Twilight 10th anniversary 25th October 2018, okay so before September of 2018 their last post had been December of 2013 So I guess they kind of like came back to get everyone hype for the 10th anniversary? We had Kristen Stewart with Stephanie Meyers the woman with the brown hair and I assume the other woman is the Director of the movies? Can’t believe it’s been five years since the first Twilight movie. What does 2014 have in store for you? Oh my Lord this entire thing is just…. I Don’t even I’m speechless. Let me save my screen recording here so that we can make a nice video The Twilight Renaissance is a thing that’s happening. It’s honestly kind of great and wholesome to see people reclaiming something that was so cringy and subjected to so much hatred that was rooted in misogyny a lot of the time It’s just nice to see people being happy and liking things. I’m absolutely here for the Twilight Renaissance. I think it’s great I wore this in public today Quick announcement. I finally have a P.O. box Send me some Twilight merch. Send me some fanart. Send me whatever you want Thank you ever so much for watching friends and I’ll see you in another video very very soon

100 thoughts on “Twilight Is Woke Now | Tumblr Deep Dive

  1. 9:13 Do Twilight's fans really think that when people say Edward's a fairy they mean it in the derogatory term for gay people way? They don't. They mean it in the sense that he sparkles in sunlight and the fairies in mythology are little flying creatures that sparkle. Them playing the victim and saying "It's only hated because it's targeted at teen girls" is also funny. People hate it because there's hardly any story, the characters are boring, freshly dead corpses are more lively than the actors in the films, obsession, lust and control is passed off as love, paedophilia is brushed off as "imprinting." And Bella does nothing but whine about how hard her life supposedly is.

  2. I remember hating Twilight because I was aware of how creepy it was but I also never went out of my way to rant or make that obvious I think the only times I ever mentioned it were when someone asked me if I hated it and I'd go 'yeah'.

    I remember having to do an assignment in 9th grade to critic a book we disliked, and instead of twilight I did cujo because I hated the fact that 90% of it had nothing to do with the premise and my teacher thanking me for being one of like three people who didn't just write about twilight… that being said I still hate it but its a super low energy 'meh' hatred more connected to the fact everyone associated Robert Patterson with Edward Cullen instead of Cedric Diggory.

    tl;dr I Hated twilight but never really cared enough to really voice it, hated Cujo more, Sorry Steve but I don't care if his cereal made people think there kids were shitting blood or that his wife fucked the carpenter because she felt old, I read it cause i thought a big rapid dog was gonna eat some fucking teenagers.

  3. Its easy to hate on teen girl stuff mostly because its over marketed and teen fan girls act like Jesus came back
    I remember when this came out. It was every where, non stop ads and interviews and hype. Presidential elections have less fan fare and supporters are less passionate.

    Its easy to say "misogyny" but society still mocks fan boys for being really into a franchise. Its easy to mock because the person is fervent about a movie. A MOVIE
    If someone showed the intense passion they did about some movies as others do about politics or religion they would be labeled "radicalized" "brainwashed" "indoctrinated"

    Yes some fans just like a movie but others it becomes a life style.

  4. Why is not misandry when society mocks male fan boys and their obsession with a product? But it's sexist and misogyny because a girl exhibits the same behavior.

    Equality is having equal consequences for the same behavior.

  5. In ninth grade i had sparkly primer so when the sun hit my face i looked like an actually vampire from twilight and no one ever called me out on it

  6. To be honest it was the fans I hated not the books. The book are still bad for my eyes, but I wasnt really bothered by them till everyone and their mother (litteraly in one case) In my friend group tried to get my to read em. At some point put a lost book claim on my local library. Payed about $100 read em. Then used em to make a bonfire. Cept the first one. That was one of the copys with all the see errors

  7. Honestly twilight slapped for the first two movies like I’m HERE and PRESENT for that shit the rest was just kinda okay??? I heard Meyer got a really good deal to make another book and she was running out of ideas so she just made Jacob an asshole which was kinda shit??

  8. The movies were terrible. I haven’t read the books since I was 14 but I remember them actually being pretty okay.
    But then again, I read them as a young teen so I’m sure that helped. 😂

  9. What Twilight is: the first attempt at literature of a woman raised in a very strict enviroment

    What Twilight also is: a masterpiece of trashyness, the ironic bible

    Also I don't understand this "don't criticize Mary Sues and terrible fanfictions" trend I've seen around lately. If you post something on the internet it means you agree to have people read it and judge it. Moreover, kids and teens NEED criticims to grow up properly. Sure, be nice about it, but if you keep telling someone that whatever they do is great and flawless you are encouraging them into never getting any better. Just look at so many modern shows, books, games and movies, and how the characters are just… awful. Either edgelords who are the heroes just because the author says so, flat characters that give you no reason whatsoever to love OR hate them, and characters who clearly exist almost exclusively as an author avatar so that the fic writ- ehm, the show writer can rant about how people who write "problematic" stuff or eat the wrong things are horrible and should die or "not interact thx".

    I mean… just look at Steven Universe. Saying this as an ex fan, the only good characters are basically just Jasper and Peridot. Steven is 100% a gary stu who gets new powers as the plot demands and apparently thinks he has the right to forgive people who have commited genocides or almost exterminated life on Earth, but god forbid he does the same to some annoying dude whose only sin was being a jerk to a woman. Pearl and Lapis are horrible people who are frequently painted as victims or even heroes. And let's not get into the whole diamond thing. And this is, while an extreme case, just one example.

    The spoiled kids of today are the badly adjusted adults of tomorrow. Constructive criticism is the way.


  10. If anybody is interested in reading a literary dissection of Twilight, why it's more feminist than we thought, and why it gets a disproportionate amount of hate, check out this Tumblr post: AND this Guardian article celebrating the 10th anniversary of Twilight:

  11. One summer in middle school I was really sick so my mom bought me a bunch of books to read while in bed. I sat on the couch all summer eating popsicles and reading twilight. Best summer of my entire life!

  12. Haha I honestly love twilight again too, like hate love. It brings me so much joy but also anger because Bella and Edwards relationship is SO unhealthy and all the other characters know it and try to tell Bella, but it’s so Iconic it has to make you happy in some way

  13. “Lets just like bad things in 2019”
    looks at all the other tumblr deep dives and controversial things on tumblr
    I think we passed that already

  14. the only reason I like twilight is because it takes place in Washginton, where I grew up, and it NAILS the scenery in the movies

  15. The way Kristen's face creases on your tshirt… 😂
    I still remember picking up the first book having genuinely never heard of it (it must have been right when the film came out, before it super blew up) and learning the word irrevocable ^^ good times.

  16. The blonde lady is the director of the first movie I believe. After the movies for big they gave them to a bunch of dudes.

  17. I never stopped liking it. I have not watched all the movies but going to see the first one in theaters is still to this day one of the funnest movie theater experiences I have ever had. There were squeals of delight when Carlisle walked onto the screen. It was hilarious.

  18. Let the Right One In came out simultaneously and I just enjoyed a legit take on vampires in a movie so much that Twilight never felt worth my time.

  19. No but
    I’ve been thinking about twilight wayyyyy too much over the years entirely thanks to An Underestimated Emotion, a Twilight fanfic that dares to say “hey, you know the 3rd book? well what if edward and jacob were hooking up the whole time just off page?” and it ACTUALLY WORKS and is one of the greatest stories of all time

  20. Uhm.. Twilight is literally mormon proaganda. How can it ever be interpreted as "woke". That being said I do watch it ironically sometimes. It's actually pretty hilarious with people and booze involved.

  21. 1. I loved the books, never stopped liking them. I think Meyers is a fine writer. (although personally I prefer The Host because sci-fi bitch) I especially love Breaking Dawn, I reread it fairly often, Bella's character grows so much
    2. I have this scholastic book titled 'Zombies, Vampires, and Werewolves' and it's got Edward but for some reason he looks like The Joker and it cracks me up. If I had a social media account of any notable variety I'd share it with you

  22. I still don't like some of the stuff that went on in the books (I found the relationship toxic tbh), but god it's not nearly as cringe as people made it out to be.

    But that post about 'why don't Edward and Jacob just S H A R E Bella?' was wildly me. I said to a friend 'if I loved someone as much as Bella, I'd rather share her than hurt her by driving away her friend' and got Looks. But ngl I stand by it. I'd rather know I'm not the Only One for a partner if it meant they didn't feel weirdly obligated to force the other person from their life.

  23. I was team Jacob because in my 12 year old brain I was like well at least he's not creepy weirdo that watches her sleep. Then breaking dawn happened turned him into pedo. Now that I'm older look back I think what the fuck was I thinking this movie straight trash. Me and my sister were like twilight was basically picking between fucking wolf or dead guy

  24. "My flesh is mortal but my soul is unwavering. Cringe culture is dead and I'm bringing in its corpse for the reward money"

    That's powerful.

  25. idk man apparently i had the opposite experience to a lot of people because twilight was definitely not cringe culture when i was 9-12 years old. shit makes me uncomfortable because it was always really gross and misogynistic and written by a mormon and totally beloved by pretty much everyone around me. it's fun as fuck to like it ironically as an adult but it being this cringey thing that girls got bullied for liking was definitely not universal. i loved lindsey's video too but twilight being cringey was really really not my experience. seeing twilight positivity now gives me mixed feelings to say the least.

  26. One iconic thing I loved about bella un the books was her wearing a skirt to her first meeting with the Cullens, and also her sarcastic humor.

  27. I tend to think of myself as an intelligent human being. I can't be alone, but I know I am in the minority. I have never and will never cringe at twilight. I've loved it unironically from the beginning. Open to KIND discussion. Team twilight. Also, I'm 27 so forget THAT argument.

  28. Totally not ashamed to say I enjoy Twilight. I’ve had in depth conversations with one of my friends about it and we both agreed that we love everything about it except Edward and Bella lol.

  29. i used to like twilight as a tween and I remember feeling really bad when i discovered how mean and shitty people were about it. Like, no one made fun of me irl because i had no friends and no one knew i liked it so much but when i would see so many comments online making fun of people who liked it it made me feel ashamed of just normal hormonal teenage girl feelings. It's really shitty how teenage girls arent allowed to have dumb stuff to feed our silly young fantasies when teenage boys have a ton of problematic and toxic things for them that are considered okay.
    But yeah in hindsight twilight was really funny, and rewatching the movie i just?? had so many questions about the cinematography decisions???

  30. Was anyone for team Edward x Jacob? Like what percent of people were for that years ago
    Me and my friends hated Bella and thought they'd be better together

  31. One time some months ago one of my friends forced me to watch the twilight movies for the first time ever. I had such a low expectation. I watched them literally expecting the worst thing ever.

    And I was shocked to understand that I actually liked them very much!
    And, giving the fact that I'm an adult, I am absolutely not ashamed to say it.
    I like twilight. A lot.

  32. I still hate Twilight but also in the words of tumblr- the ice caps are melting, the rainforest was burning and the old rules don't apply anymore so get out there you vampire/werewolf fuckers and have a great time. "Cringe culture is dead and I'm bringing in its corpse for the reward money"

  33. I've always loved Twilight never took it seriously just enjoyed it for what it was. I was in high school and everyone liked it lol no one gave anyone shit we all admitted it was stupid but also we all when to the midnight showings. . . . .

  34. Bella dating both Jacob and Edward actually levels the playing field for her. It at least gives her some level of safety since both of her partners are equally strong. Her safety wouldn’t be completely reliant on Edward being nice enough to not piss off Jacob.

  35. twilight is a weird thing like I don't hate it but I don't love it either it is just kinda there I mean I can laugh at some of the stupid shit in it but also appreciate bits here and there especially the doggos (because I of course was one of those kids who grew up to become a furry) and can also really appreciate the hatred the actors have for the films but I will never truly hate it but will instead sit back and laugh at the weirdness of the hatred people have over these films and of the things that make no sense in the films/books.

  36. Twilight should have told 13 year old me that i was gay… I had two straight best friends that were oBSeSsEd with Jacob from twilight and would constantly swoon over him like he was the pure embodiment of perfection. They were trying to include me but i guess i just wasn't interested in his sHirtLeSs bOdy. Turns out i wasn't interested in men at all.

  37. I remember I got into Twilight because my mom and grandma were rushing to finish the books before the first movie came out and were always talking about it. I watched the movie with my mom when I was like in seventh grade or so and loved it so much and quite a few of my friends loved it too. No one ever really went into the hating faze that everyone else seems to experience, it just fizzled out eventually. The only time I started hating it was when I got into I think the second book and I just thought "this is just about a whiney ass teenager who hardly knows this guy and is now all depressed and wants to kill herself and shut herself away and be overly heart broken about his dramatic vampire ass for no real reason" and didn't even bother finishing. Now that I'm older I rewatched the movies just cuz it was on and although I hated the books so much I actually really love the movies now and still watch them with my mom.

    Btw anyone remember when the big Edward vs Jacob war got so popular that even McDonald's was getting in on it and had special cups for Edward fans and Jacob fans and those peel off prizes and stuff? Crazy how big this all got haha.

  38. I'm a 26-year-old boi and I love twilight I think its great and ill fight anyone who says anything bad about it.

  39. I never related to Bella in the Twilight series. But the suicidal Volturi vampire, was a man after my own heart ❤ he was pretty much the only reason I watched New Moon and the last movie 😂

    When they were about to kill him and he closed his eyes and opened up his arms while whispering "ah, finally." That shit hit.

  40. heyo coinkydink I'm doing some tenth-grade bio right now, sadly not mitosis but I mean, a good video to be doing my homework too ^-^

  41. I recently spent an entire day binge watching all the movies with a group of friends: my love for Charlie and Carlisle is undying. It was hilarious I loved it

  42. As someone who only read one twilight book, I feel like twilight is just a worse take on the Vampire: The Masquerade universe tbh. But hey I only read one book I’m probably full of shit

  43. Nothing against Robert Pattinson, but even reading the books, I hated Edward. He seemed like that wierd kid that has a 50/50 shot between graduating and being found having hanged himself in the woods behind his house.

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