Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

Two Years Alone in the wilderness can make a man lonely

100 thoughts on “Two Years Alone in the Wilderness | Escape the City to Build Off Grid Log Cabin

  1. This is by far the best thing I've seen on YouTube in a long time. Beautiful location and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Clickbait! Your awesome doggo was with you so technically you where not alone for two years 🙂 Before people get upset, i'm only kidding.

  3. Do you need to create so much stuff just for Survival ? It seems luxury to me.May be he will go on building an estate for himself in wilderness..All wooden of course..

  4. Damn. Please upload part 2. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Thanks for putting the time into making this whilst builing your own Utopia.

  5. Maybe building a cabin out of salvaged stuff from the city would have been better than chopping living trees…

    The age of free forest exploitation is coming to an end….

  6. So who's doing the filming? You're not really living alone if you got someone operating a drone and editing these videos.

  7. There must always be some ventilation. Should not be air right. Just saying in general. Like the fact he's built a outside lodge.

  8. Min 34:30 you are walking pass a Meglethic wall !!!!!! This is totally unknown!!!! Where is it located???? Please more videos about this wall. It's the first Meglethic wall in N America. An ancient megalithic walls were discovered as far North as Russia. None in Canada so far, this has to be the first.

  9. first, i want to say that this is awesome.
    second, i got some of questions:
    1. did you collect all those logs / wood you used yourself?
    2. did you get cement or was that self made too?
    3. you must have gone back and forth to the city sometimes?

  10. Watching this video is so soothing. I can almost smell the air and fall leaves. Thank you so much for uploading your video.

  11. This is definitely in your backyard somewhere. No hate but u definitely took a few trips to Home Depot & PetSmart my guy…

  12. I think if Dick Proenecke was still alive,he'd approve.Ive only watched up to the part on the vapor barrier under the floor,and I love it!

  13. Amazing video. I wish we coiuld all experiance what you have done , even if only for a few months
    Best wishes from Perth, Western Australia

  14. 23:36-42 Loved the ice cycles hanging from roofs edge!

    At 25:45-48 I was worried your fishing pole would be pulled into the hole by a fish. I’ve see lots of poles be pulled in by a fish, you really ought to anchor that thing down so you don’t have the same experience! And use something HEAVY or STRONG, to out weigh & out muscle a big strong fish!

  15. can I please live with you

  16. Amazing! Best thing I’ve seen in a long time. Robert Stalets, sorry for your loss brother. I have 2 boys of my own and no, I don’t think my heart could bear it. Peace be with you.

  17. Truly amazing watch, & all for free! I'm sure you've made many feel completely lazy, myself included! Incredible footage & editing to match such enviable skills of self reliance. You do your Canadian Ancestry proud Sir. So very f'k'n cool! – new sub in NZ!

  18. where do u get the money Sir, to buy all those equiments and stuff…
    Also,.. why didn't u stop after u built your house in a year?.. Why did u keep making stuff?

  19. You know… moving to a small town is somewhat better in a way, because you still have a few minor things here and there, but still get the peace and quite though.

  20. Wonderful… I have used such a shaving horse you can see at 47:19 …. it´s a great tool for green woodwork.

  21. however you handled the energysource fo filming , drone flights etc…. i dont care.

    this movie was entertaining and inspirational.

    thank you!

    greetings from cologne, germany!

    arthur brehm

  22. If the dog could write, it would be the most informative book on man alone ! This film is outstanding, absolutely inspiring.. thank you and well done

  23. Hi there my friend, I would like to rent your cabinets for me and my 3 girls for a vacation. It seems pretty relaxing and really enjoy the nature there. What state is this in?. I'm in Minnesota. Love it. Thanks for sharing. 8-30-19

  24. nice vid thanx … you certainly have some serious construction and surviving skills … impressive ….. ! 

  25. i noticed something and i wondered why you didnt do it — put moss between timber while you were building ? and a fantastic watch well done

  26. I wished as a society we would push and allow our men to do this.women get time off for pregnancy, men should get time off to go out in the woods and be men

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