Using Salt | Watercolor Painting Ideas & Techniques for Beginners Art Journal Thursday Ep. 44

Using Salt | Watercolor Painting Ideas & Techniques for Beginners  Art Journal Thursday Ep. 44

(upbeat music) – [Mako] Hey, guys. In today’s Art Journal Thursday episode, I’m going to show you three
watercolor painting ideas that you can try out using salt. (smooth music) Don’t forget to make your
notifications are turned on by clicking on the bell
(bell rings) and by adjusting the settings. And for a chance to get a shout-out and to win arts and crafts
supplies in my ongoing giveaway, comment down below, #makoficationsquad, in the first 24 hours. Okay, so for the first
painting we are going to level up our galaxy game by using salt to create unique patterns. Begin by applying a thin coat
of water all over the paper until you see a nice glossy finish. Next, load up your brush with water and a light shade of color
and apply it to the paper. Here you want to build
up the galaxy painting as you would normally do. Start with a light shade
and build up the intensity and the darkness of the
color one step at a time. I wouldn’t use too many different colors, or otherwise you might end
up creating a muddy color that you don’t want in your design. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid using too much water. This will not only make it more difficult to create a nice blended effect, but it will also effect
the result of the texture when we use salt later. If you notice the colors are way too dark or you used way too much water, simply soak up the excess
paint with a dry brush with the help of a tissue paper. Move the paint around until
you’re happy with the design, and then carefully sprinkle
a little bit of salt on top until you evenly cover the paper. Now, different salts
have different results. Here I’m using normal table salt, but you can use any other
salt you have and test it out. While the first painting is drying, let’s prepare the second design
you can create using salt. Another fun idea is to create a beautiful ocean with a beach. Begin by applying a thin coat
of water all over the paper, the same way as we did
for the first painting. Next, go ahead and evenly
distribute blue color paint, starting from the top, towards the bottom. Here I mix cool blue color paint with a little bit of lime green color to create a blue shade that
is similar to the ocean. And then with a flat brush, I went ahead and distributed the paint from one side to the other, while making the shade lighter
and lighter the closer I got to the bottom of the painting. Here the water will be a lot
less deep compared to the rest. Once you create the
gradient layer of paint, we can now go ahead and
add the salt on top. Here you want to focus
only on certain areas. Add a little bit of the salt
to the lower left corner. Here we want to add more paint later. And from this corner you want
to sprinkle more salt on top, making sure you leave
some space in between. And then again leave a little bit of space and sprinkle some more salt on top. We basically want to create
diagonal lines of salt that will turn into white waves later. Now, at this point, the
watercolor should be already in the process of drying, which we can now use to our advantage by creating a cauliflower effect that we usually want to avoid. For this step, load up your
brush with lots of water and then apply it on top of the salt. Since the watercolors that we applied to the paper earlier are a lot drier than the water we’re applying now, the water will flow into
the dry watercolor paint and create a cauliflower effect that I have mentioned
in a few videos already. Instead of water, you can
also load up your wet brush with dark blue color paint and
then add this to a few areas to make them look darker and deeper. If you accidentally use too much water, you can always carefully soak
it up with a tissue paper and/or add more salt on top
so the salt can soak it up. While the second painting is drying, we can move on to the third painting. Here we are going to use
salt to create fluffy clouds. To make the sky and the
clouds look more interesting, I created a gradient
effect using yellow, pink and blue color paint, but you can use any
other color combination. Begin by applying a thin coat
of water onto the paper again, and then distribute
the yellow color paint, starting from the top, towards the center, making it lighter and lighter. Now we can add pink
color paint to the center and blend it upwards into the yellow color by moving the brush from
one side to the other and going up and down from time to time. And then repeat the same
steps with a blue color paint. To intensify the colors, I went over the applied paint again until I was happy with the result. And now comes the tricky part. To create the clouds, you want
to sprinkle the salt slightly in the shape of the clouds. So here I went ahead and added
the salt in a wavy shape, leaving some space in between. Now, salt does its own thing, so it won’t turn out perfectly, but good enough so we can
use the texture later. Now let everything completely dry, and then we can turn these
weird-looking patterns into masterpieces. Once the salt and the
watercolors are completely dry, carefully remove the salt. You can use your finger to
do that or a tissue paper. I also saw some people
use a ruler for that, but you can use whatever you
want that works best for you. Now we can use the pattern
that the salt has created in the galaxy painting to make
it look even more interesting by applying more paint to a few areas and by making the pattern
shine through them. I simply added the same colors on top and made a few areas a little bit darker to give the painting more depth. Since you can’t be 100% sure how the salt will transform your painting, the result might look
different in your painting. So just play around with
it and get creative. The lack of control you
have kinda sets you free, because now you can just experiment and see what you can
turn your painting into without being focused
on creating an art piece that looked perfect in your head. Once you’re happy with the result, you can sprinkle even more salt
on top and let it dry again. To make the ocean painting
look more interesting, we can now go ahead and
add a little bit more paint on top as well. Here I mixed the same blue color again and applied it to a few areas to make the ocean a little bit darker and deeper in some areas. And to create the sand for the beach, you can apply a little
bit of yellow color paint and mix in a little bit of brown and then sprinkle a lot of salt on top. The salt will now create
the perfect pattern that looks like real sand. Lastly, we can finally adjust
the clouds painting as well. As you can see, the salt
created these nice fluffy areas that we can now use to make
the clouds look more realistic. For this step, use the same shade of color that you used earlier for
the first layer of paint and apply it right in between the areas where you added the salt. The pattern that the salt created is basically the top part of each cloud, and we want to create a
contrast and more depth by creating a darker area above them. You can also slightly cover a few areas to make them look a little bit faded in. I also created a few more
darker areas as shadows on top of the yellow
and blue-colored areas. Now let everything completely dry, remove any salt that is
still left on the paper, and then you can go ahead
and add even more details. Here I blended out a
few areas in the clouds and added the silhouettes of
the trees right below the sky. And I also intensified a few
more colors in the galaxy. Once the paint has completely dried, you can use watercolor paint, gouache, or wet ink pen to add stars to the galaxy. I also used the same white paint
to create a few white waves by creating simple wavy lines right in between the
beach and the water area. Lastly, I applied a little bit more yellow color paint to the beach to make the painting look a
little bit more interesting. Now you can remove the tape
and the paintings are finished. I’m really happy how it turned out, and I’m so surprised how versatile a little bit of salt can actually be. Here are some other paintings I created when I was trying out the salt technique to see what I can create with it. As you can see, you can
create different textures and patterns depending on how much or how little salt you use and how much water or
how little water you use. So, I would recommend you just play around and experiment with this technique to see what you can create. A huge shout-out to Karen. Thank you so much for watching my videos. I really hope you enjoyed this
video and found it helpful. If you did, be sure to
give this video a thumbs up to support this channel. And if you’re new here,
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and I will see you soon. Bye!

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