UTAH | Newspaper Rock and Hiking Adventures

UTAH | Newspaper Rock and Hiking Adventures

(upbeat electronic music) – [Georg] We’ve just been walking for about, I don’t know, 30 minutes. Gotten about 300 feet in. I just kinda wanna make this just happen, to just say we’re here now, this second. Let’s go now. Oh my god, I can’t believe
that actually worked. I think we’re here. (upbeat electronic music) (alarm sounding) Nandi, are you ready? (door creaks) It’s 6:30 in the morning. We got to Moab last night. It’s mid-May, and apparently
it’s all booked out, so the entire town is full, all the campsites were taken, so make sure you book early otherwise you’ll be stranded staying at some expensive hotel for a night. Nandi and I got up early, by 8 o’clock all the campsites are taken, so we gotta get a move on. Let’s go. (car starting) We found a campground. Check it out. That is one beautiful
campsite we have here. – [Tara] Look at this! (baby babbling) – [Liv] High! – [Tara] Wow, they’re so high, baby! – [Liv] Yeah! – [Tara] Yeah. (calming music) – [Georg] Alright, let me give you a tour
of our lovely tent home, located right by the water. It’s a bit of a windy area. Even has a chair in it. Wow, this is quite something. The Kingdom 6 should hold us, plus another 15 children easily. What do you reckon? – About the 15 children? – [Georg] Yeah. – One at a time. Do you want a brother or a sister? – Sister. – Sister? – Brother. – Brother? – Sister. Sister? – That’s number three. That’s three siblings
already she’s listing. All right, what should we do? – Okay, so I have an idea. Let’s drive to Newspaper Rock, which is about an hour from Moab. (upbeat music) – [Georg] Action. (hands clap) – We’re at Newspaper Rock, which is about an hour south of Moab. It has over 600 petroglyphs on it, and it accounts for over
2,000 years of history. (upbeat music) – News, paper, paper. (Tara laughs) – Newspaper Rock. – Rock. (Tara laughs) – So, right now we have
Newspaper Rock to ourselves. There’s no one here but us. Check it out. What do you think? They look like aliens, right? – Yeah, that one for sure. – [Georg] Which one’s that? – [Tara] That one, and those. What do you see up there? – [Liv] Elk. (Tara gasps) – [Tara] An elk. Where’s the elk? – [Liv] Right here. – [Tara] Oh, up there. I see it. I also see a buffalo. Do you see the buffalo? – [Georg] Where’s the buffalo? – [Liv] Right here. (Tara laughs) – [Tara] I see it too, yeah. I see toes over there. – Feet. – And feet! – [Liv] Yeah. – I mean, this is crazy, right? 2,000 years of recorded human history. Let’s say, local Utah history. What’s really cool about Newspaper Rock is that the parking lot
is literally butting up to the rock itself, so if you have a dog or a kid, or both as we do, this is your spot. (upbeat music) (serene electronic music) ♪ In the stillness somewhere above ♪ ♪ The city lights are falling in love ♪ – Thought you said one and a quarter. That’s a little different. – [Georg] That might be a problem. – That goes from a three-mile
hike to a five-mile hike. We’re in Grandstaff Canyon doing a little hike with our dog Nandi, and about a couple hundred
other dogs in the Moab area. This is an awesome dog-friendly hike, and it’s about four-and-a-half
miles round trip. It’s pretty beautiful here. – [Georg] Liv, are you going fast or slow? – Slow. – What about now? (Tara breathing quickly) Are we going fast, fast, fast, or slow? – Slow. (Laughs) – [Georg] Is it spikey? – Yeah. – [Tara] Say spikey. – Spikey. – [Georg] Nandi, don’t
follow the lizard in there. Don’t do it. – [Tara] What’s wrong? – [Liv] Spikey. – [Georg] Are your shoes spikey? – Yeah. – [Tara] Do we need to take your shoe off? Nandi, sit. – [Liv] Yeah. (upbeat music) – No spikes, but that’s a lot of sand. – [Georg] Let’s go. ♪ To believe you’ve gotta let go ♪ ♪ Light as a feather, light as a feather ♪ – Hi. – [Georg] Hi! – Go. – She wants to walk through the river. – [Georg] You’re going in here? – That’s what she wants to do. (upbeat electronic music) – [Tara] All right, Liv,
are you ready to keep going? – Yeah. – [Georg] Liv, did you find sand? – [Liv] Yeah. – [Georg] Is there sand on your shoe? – Yeah. – [Georg] But it’s what they’re
made for, for adventures. ♪ You gotta let go ♪ ♪ Just close your eyes ♪ ♪ Lose your dream and
you’re a total joke ♪ ♪ Just close your eyes ♪ – [Georg] Crazy beautiful. – [Tara] This is nuts. ♪ When you wake up you
know what you need to do ♪ ♪ Just close your eyes. ♪ – You drinking enough water, baby? – Mmhmm. – Yeah, is it yummy water? – Mmhmm. – Yeah. ♪ Just close your eyes ♪ ♪ Just close your eyes ♪ – Look at these little fish! You see these fish down here? – [Tara] There are
footprints over here, so. – [Georg] All right, Aragorn. – [Tara] How big are they, Liv? – [Liv] Little. – [Tara] Say “big”! – Little. – I think they’re big rocks. – Little. (laughs) – They’re not little rocks. Little booger. I can see it. – [Georg] Finally. – [Tara] Finally, it’s over there. – All right, are we there yet? Feels like we should’ve
been there a long time ago. There’s something out here
that looks a bit like an arch, so let’s hope that’s it. (upbeat dance music) Nandi, we made it. We made it! – We made it. – [Georg] We made it. – Well, three of the four of us did. – [Georg] Aw, someone didn’t make it. She’s out. (laughs) The hike was definitely not as easy as I made it out to be, was it? – Went on for quite a while, and then a little longer than that. (laughs) – [Georg] So, look at that gap. Looks pretty narrow right here. I do hope it’s not gonna
come crashing down on us. – If it was going to, it’d probably happen when there are people
rappelling from the top. – [Georg] Oh, good thing we have people rappelling from the top right now. – Can you say “yay”? – Yay. (laughs) – We did it! Off to our next adventure. – [Liv] Like! (upbeat music)

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  1. Wow newspaper rock looks amazing! The whole area looks great. I really want to explore some of the areas in Utah.

  2. you can tell you pay so much attention to editing and i love the music. i have been to Utah 3 times i have never been to newspaper rock! I'm back in decmeber i may ask to go! i hope you had a wicked time!!!

  3. Great video! Turning on notification so I can follow along. Check out my page and follow along if you want!

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