[VHS Rip] Sonic Adventure Production Presentation at Tokyo International Forum

[VHS Rip] Sonic Adventure Production Presentation at Tokyo International Forum

Hello, everybody. I am Naka from SEGA. Today, we have decided to announce the first title for the Dreamcast in this assembly hall. On this day, 15,000 people will see the new SEGA. To those who are supporting SEGA and could not come to the assembly hall on this occasion, I believe you’ll be able to experience this big event in the form of video. By all means, please take a look at the new Sonic with your own eyes. Also, please support the Dreamcast by all means. With all that said, please take a seat. (President & CEO) Irimajiri Shouichirou:
Good morning, everyone. Good morning! Usually, game production presentations are very restricted. They are only shown to the media people, but… Well… For something amazing as this, we’ve decided to show it to a much larger number of people. This is the first experiment for SEGA, and… In this large assembly hall, We will show it to all of you. Please enjoy the upcoming presentation to the fullest. With all that said, let’s start the Sonic Adventure production presentation. What must be done, the seven chaos. Chaos is power, power comes from the heart. DREAMCAST: THE FIRST STEP SPECTACULAR SUPER ACTION SONIC ADVENTURE PRODUCTION PRESENTATION Hello, everybody. Welcome to today’s Sonic Adventure production presentation. Thank you for coming. From here, I’d like us to proceed with me, Chris Peppler… and Hamaya Yuuko. Pleased to meet you. Now then, as you all already know, SEGA’s brand new game console, the Dreamcast, was announced. Indeed. We heard this from manager Irimajiri earlier as well. Best graphics, best sound quality, as well as connection capabilities, et cetera. Looks like it’s shaping up to be a game machine we haven’t had until now. That’s true. The best game console needs the best game title, and the Dreamcast’s first title is Sonic Adventure. They’ve formed a truly amazing title. Everyone is like, “hurry up, I wanna see it”, so let’s not waste any time and show it. The Sonic series has sold more than 14,000,000 units worldwide. Its brand new title, Sonic Adventure, is about to set the stage! Sonic Adventure was created to draw out all capabilities of the Dreamcast by the world-representative Sonic Team. It’s an amazing masterpiece. Being 128-bit, it was able to realize a world that has never been experienced before. A grand RPG-like story packed with dreams, friendship, and adventure. Turned-3D high speed action that’s becoming more and more well-executed. Sonic Adventure is super spectacular high speed role playing action, so to speak. With that said, let’s not waste any time and go out on an adventurous journey to Sonic’s world. There exist 3 worlds in Sonic Adventure. A modern city, Station Square. A jungle of Mother Nature, Mystic Ruins. An air fortress, Egg Carrier. And these 3 worlds are coupled with various action stages. The game world of Sonic Adventure promises you a wide and boundless adventure that you’ve never had before. Sonic is not the only one adventuring. Tails, Knuckles, Amy, And the new characters who will make an appearance for the first time, E-102 Gamma and Big. The players will use these 6 characters and proceed through 6 actions and 6 stories. Along the way, the characters’ encounters, partings, occasional oppositions, and occasional cooperations will increase their friendships. And, when you reach 6 endings, The mystery that the Emeralds hide will be explained. Also, the sub characters, the artificial life A-LIFE, are able to grow into various shapes. Moreover, they can be brought outside using a new handheld game device, Visual Memory, that can be connected to the Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure’s world of adventures is now reaching a point where it’s separated from the CRT. All of that and more, which was not able to be realized in an action game so far, is the full picture of the innovative game system. And Sonic Adventure is lifting that stage to a future standard. Boy, this is truly something huge, isn’t it, Ms. Hamaya? Indeed. A truly amazing game has been born. Hey, this is a single game title, right? Yeah. Which means we have something earth-shattering. How’d you like that? Now then, I’m sure everyone is like, “I’d like to know more about this “Sonic Adventure””, right? Isn’t that right? That’s what I think. Yeah. Thank you very much. And thus, we will call upon the person who will introduce this super spectacular high speed role playing action game, Sonic Adventure in detail. Sonic Adventure’s creator, also called–well, if all of you are Sonic fans, I think you already know this person. Sonic producer, Naka Yuuji! Producer of the Sonic Team, Mr. Naka! Producer of the Sonic Team, Mr. Naka! Ladies and gentlemen! So, with that said, let us introduce him once again. Sonic Adventure’s creator, Sonic Team producer, Naka! We are pleased to have you. Thanks for having me. Alright, so first of all, Mr. Naka, could you first tell us about the passionate feelings regarding Sonic Adventure’s production? Yeah, sure thing. Regarding Sonic Adventure… For the series, it is Sonic Team’s brand new work after four years. And so far we thought that Sonic had to be at the forefront of the era, whether it’s a game or video, and when I experienced the Dreamcast, I had one conviction. “With this, I’ll be able to show everyone the future standard of digital entertainment that I envisioned.” The time that became a reality is today, and now. I’ve heard rumors that in order to give this game quality, you went out of your way to go on a data-collecting trip over to Central and South America. That’s true. I went on a data-collecting trip over to Central and South America. There were two goals for that. The first was to understand the meaning of adventure from experience by going to the jungle and historic ruins, the main settings of Sonic Adventure. The other was that in order to make the best use of the Dreamcast’s expressiveness, we went there while having things like video and cameras to act as documents. And by collecting various materials, we could depict the world of Sonic Adventure more realistically. I see you were working to the utmost. You’re not at all playing around anymore. Not at all. You went through many sever situations in that research trip. huh? Very severe, I think. Yes, indeed. Also everybody, we have compiled that one event into a Making-Of Video, so let’s take a gander at it now. This is a story of passionate men who gave birth to the new Sonic. THE STORY OF SONIC TEAM Today, here at Sonic Team, everyone was thinking about the new Sonic as they preferred. Love is what Sonic lacked. Our new game will be: Sonic Love Story! Director: Iizuka Takashi It would be nice to make the characters more charming. How would this realistic Sonic do? New Sonic Character Design: Uekawa Yuuji
Original Sonic Character Design: Ooshima Naoto Check this out, if you sprinkle it like this, you get… Sonic Tonic! Art Director: Hoshino Kazuyuki
Designer: Honda Nobuhiko Designer: Nishiyama Hiroshi
Main Programmer: Katano Tetsu Guys! What are you doing? Producer: Naka Yuuji Sonic will start with action and end with action. We’re gonna return to that starting point now! Easier said than done… The current game console can’t express what we wanna do, you know… Look at this! Oh! The Dreamcast! Whoa! Cool! Naka: Follow me, everyone!
Everyone: YEAH! Thus, Sonic Team’s journey began. Sonic’s new main setting. A journey to search for ancient ruins. And first, the group laid their eyes on the Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico. The land where the Maya civilization originated, Chichen Itza, is the greatest historic ruin in Mexico. While climbing the pyramid that stands towering over the surrounds, the group couldn’t help but have a hunch on Sonic’s new adventure. Entranced by the beauty of the lake in the depths of the earth, Sonic Team heads to the Tulum ruins. How exactly were they impacted by ruins that faced the Caribbean Sea? Moreover, the group stretched their legs, crossed the jungle, and finally arrived at the new ruins. Whoa, that’s huge. The Tikal ruins of Guatemala. In the midst of the scenery overlooking the temple, they discovered a new setting for Sonic. The ants’ path… Whoa, they’re fighting. Various dangers awaited them along their journey. Among those being… Whoa! Incredible! It’s huge! The encounter with a giant tarantula was truly risky!
Naka: I did my best! The bat house is a burnt and concealed maze-like ruin. This is an integral element of Sonic’s journey as well. “Ah, that’s a hand!” Then, when the group was on board the Cessna, they spotted the famous Nazca Lines. It’s Xevious, it’s Xevious! Those aren’t Xevious. Those are the Nazca Lines! The city in Peru, Cusco. A capital of a once prosperous Inca Empire. 3400 meters up this city were the ancient ruins. However, this is where something completely unexpected happened. Programmer Katano couldn’t go on due to an altitude sickness. He pulled through that situation using an oxygen cylinder, but the team’s level of fatigue has reached its peak. Still, that doesn’t mean the trip will end here. Sonic Team heads to where more high mountains lay dormant. The mountain railway that took Sonic Team on board rode them to the mountain peak! A citadel city, covered in see-through air and pure white clouds. Machu Picchu. The “city in the sky” that exists on the steep green mountain looks quite like a beautiful illusion. Thus, the Sonic team built up numerous magnificent images and finished their adventurous journey. Hoshino: Alright, the images are done! Iizuka: It’s Sonic’s great adventure that takes place in our world! Yay! Naka: Wait, we were supposed to be working, weren’t we? Ohshima: Whoa-whoa. Good luck, Sonic Team! STAGE INTRODUCTION Peppler: With that extremely dynamic camera work… It can’t be a demo, right? It’s real-time… Naka: That’s right. The footage was played on an actual Dreamcast. I’ll be able to see that footage in my own home too, right?
Naka: Yes, that’s right. Now we are already having a look into the game but… If one were to think of a 3D action game, I’d associate it with getting lost all the time. Indeed. That does tend to be the case, When it comes to Sonic, making the player feel exhilarated by the speed is our maximum priority, We are devising camera work in such a way that you won’t get lost. Ah, but what do you mean by “devising” specifically? We’re making it automatically change to the most suitable camera depending on the terrain. Being a 3D game, you might end up being unable to understand where you should go as you walk, but for Sonic, we’re making it so that the direction of where you should go is always displayed on the screen to you. Furthermore, in order to produce a sense of nervousness when in high places, the camera looks downward, and it looks from the side when you’re having fun running through loops and such. It also has the role of producing dynamic action. If that’s the case, then people who aren’t very good at games should instantly be able to have fun while playing it. Indeed. It’s so that anyone can play it. Not to mention, there’s a lot of fine details here, huh? All those spectacles and such. Talk about incredible processing power. That’s lava under him, right?
Yeah. Speaking of, the stage has changed, but what could this be? This is the Lost World of Mystic Ruins. This is a stage of ancient ruins that will play a central role in this game story-wise. We’ve collected data on lots of ruins during our trip, but among them, we’ve constructed the world based on Guatemala’s Tikal, the ruins of the biggest scale. We photographed the actual ruins with a camera, processed that data, and used it in the game, so I think we may have depicted a realistic world appearance that surpassed our imagination. The appearance of the world that we saw in the Making-Of Video looks like it’s actually real. You can even see that stone wall in detail. It looks really realistic, and I assume this realism is supposed to enliven the feeling of adventure. And those are textures of the real thing. They’re based on the actual ruins. It feels like you’re actually there. So, what about this stage, then? This is Speed Highway. Right now Tails playing through it. Tails is one of the 6 characters, right? Yes. Each of the characters have their own story and ending respectively. And most importantly, Each of the characters have brand new game styles. Hm. Ah, like how Tails is flying. Ah, it’s switched to the cute girl just now. She’s playing Whac-A-Mole, right? So the 6 characters’ game styles change slightly, right? Yes. For Tails, who was shown in the clip earlier, the goal of his gameplay is to catch up with Sonic, and for Amy, her goal is to escape and hide from the robot that’s going after her. E-102 Gamma’s gameplay is action shooting. Using his infra-red alignment laser, he can lock-on lots of enemies at once and destroy them. And this is? This is Knuckles. His gameplay is treasure hunting and his goal is to find 3 Master Emerald pieces hidden in the field by relying on radar hints. Finally there’s Big, and his gameplay is fishing. There’s fishing? There is. His goal is to fish out his friend Froggy that he suddenly lost. He’s shown on the screen right now… Yeah. Big’s objective is to use fishing to find him. And this large thing is called the Egg Carrier, and it’s like this flying fortress, right? Yeah. It’s the giant fortress Eggman has created this time around. It’s quite imposing. It gives out this feeling of a an evil fortress. And this is the transformation scene of a plane called Tornado. There is a 3D shooting mini-game where you use this Tornado. With all these mini games and stuff, as well as the Whac-A-Mole game from earlier, the game seems to be packed with all kinds of elements… Yeah. This is that same mini shooting game. The goal is for that Tornado to push its way to the Egg Carrier shown earlier. Those visuals are pretty realistic, aren’t they? Yeah. There’s so much variety. With so much stuff to do, you won’t be able to stop playing even if a lifetime passes. Ah, who are these cute guys? These are the A-LIFE, artificial life. So cute… The first time we introduced A-LIFE was in NiGHTS that was released in ’96, and this time we’ve evolved it further. Their name is “Chao.” Please call them by the name ‘Chao’ this time. CHARACTER INTRODUCTION The gems that hide infinite power. The seven Chaos Emeralds. Since the distant ancient times, They’ve observed numerous joys and sorrows. And this time, What comes around, shall come back around. Hello everybody! My name is Sonic! Sonic the Hedgehog! In any case, I can’t stand around! No one can outrun me! One day, I encountered a mysterious liquid life form in the city. His name is Chaos, apparently? It looks like the evil scientist Dr. Eggman is involved with this. Hah, now it’s starting to get interesting! I won’t let Eggman have his way! How’s that? Can you keep up with me? I’m Sonic. Sonic the Hedgehog! I’m Miles “Tails” Prower. I love playing around with machines, and I guess I have a sort of gentle personality. One day, while I was doing a test flight on a new plane that used the Chaos Emerald as a power source, The emerald was too powerful, and the plane ended up crashing. But the one who rescued me at that moment was my idol, Sonic! Sonic is the one who encouraged me when I was a bullied kid long ago. Alright, I’m gonna look for the Chaos Emeralds together with Sonic! Because this time, it’s my turn to rescue Sonic! I’m Knuckles the Echidna. I’ve been guarding the Master Emerald without knowing why for as long as I can remember. It has nothing to do with anything else. It’s all that I have. However, one night, a streak of lighting broke the Master Emerald. Then, a mysterious monster emerged from it. What is he, anyway? I can’t let him get away with this, but besides that I’ve got to recover the scattered Master Emerald first and foremost. Also, while collecting the Master Emerald, I’ve been seeing mysterious visions. Does the Master Emerald have some kind of terrible secret? I’m Amy Rose! An energetic and lovely girl! One day, while I was walking around the city, Dr. Eggman’s flying fortress, the Egg Carrier, was attacking! A small bird escaped from there! No way, the robot that Eggman sent out is after the birdie and chasing us! Alright, leave it to me! I’ll protect you no matter what! E-102. Codename: γ. A robot created by Dr. Eggman. Dr. Eggman is my master. Master’s orders are absolute. Eliminate everything that stands in my way. Blue hedgehog is the enemy. But is this really okay? Is what I must do really okay? Hmm… I am a cat. Big. I love fishing at a leisurely pace together with my best friend Froggy. However, one night, When I woke up from a loud noise, Froggy swallowed the Chaos Emerald and ran off somewhere. What’s wrong? Why are you going away? Hey, wait for me, Froggy! Muhuhahahaha, haahahahaha! Sonic. I am the world’s greatest genius scientist, Dr. Eggman! Did you see him? This is Chaos. A monster who gets more powerful for every Chaos Emerald he gets. I’ll use him to destroy the city and build Eggmanland over the ruins. Destruction, destruction! Sonic, will you be able to stop Chaos? Muhahahaha, naahahahaha!! At the end of the 6 characters’ adventure, they will be greeted with Sonic Adventure’s true climax! Sonic stands tall! When the seven Chaos Emeralds become one, a miracle will happen! Sonic Adventure! You have a truly amazing project for everyone who gathered here, don’t you, Mr. Naka? That’s true. The project being that all those who came here today will have their voices recorded and put in the game. Fujioka Hiroshi (Segata Sanshirou): One! Two! Three! Sonic! Sonic! Okay. Thanks for supporting Sonic, everybody! How did you like that? This is Sonic’s new world. We are currently hard at work making Sonic Adventure something fun, even just a little. And at the end of the year, Sonic will cause a huge racket in everyone’s rooms. Finally, as a special treat, I will show you a little bit of the deluxe video that I could not show at the venue. With that said, please continue to support Sonic. Thank you very much. Everyone is asking how do they enter, and they’re told that they’re going through that duct. It’s like unwrapping a hole in a balloon. That’s how you enter, I guess. These… These are what everyone is going to look at. This is the Dreamcast in its entirety. This is what it looks like. With an actual CD inside, this is how you close it, and it all operates in real time. All of it. Same thing here. Lately I wanted to be able to show off the game. At first we really struggled to make it in time, but I think it’s really great that we were able to somehow do it and show off the Dreamcast in the flesh to everybody. Production, Copyright: Sega Enterprises The game footage in this video is a work-in-progress.

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