View Mobile Version of Website In 3 Seconds – How to View a Mobile Version of a Website

– Hey guys, Josh Johnson here. Today I’m going to show you
in less than a minute video how you can view your website as it’s on a mobile device in like five seconds. So, super easy, there are
a ton of tools out there, but we’ve tested probably at least ten of them and not all of them work. There are a lot of them
that have bugs in them, they are kind of quirky, and when you view them and you test them, when you show the actual website on the mobile device and
you start testing them, you can get a lot of
different things coming up, and so this is probably the most consistent and easiest way to view it. Just keep in mind when
you’re doing a conversion from your website to a mobile conversion, you are going to run into
particular instances where it doesn’t show up the way
that you think it might. So always test, tweak,
test, tweak, test, tweak, and it’s worth really going the extra mile to make sure that your
website’s cross-compatible. Okay, so here we go. I’m going to share my
screen with you right now. We are going to go to here. Here’s my website, I am
going to push Control, I’m on a PC so if it’s a
Mac it might be different, but Control+Shift, and then the letter I, all at the same time,
three buttons at once. So, Control+Shift+I, alright? So now you’re going to come up
with a bunch of code, right? This is basically a developer tool, so make sure you’re in a Chrome browser, and just click on this right
here, this little mobile icon. If you click on that, right here, it’s going to show up as an Apple iPad. Now, look at all these, all
the different mobile devices. So, you can go here, iPhone 6, and it’s gonna show you
exactly what it looks like, just like that, okay? So, I promised you five seconds, so five four, oops, sorry, let’s start over again. Five, four, three, two, one. Boom. Okay, it’s probably like three seconds you can view your website in a mobile, the way it looks like in a mobile. Cool? Alright, good stuff. That’s it for now, bye!

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