[Music] we all know that at this point I’ve done so many coffee making sequences there’s no way for me to really do it differently or more interesting than I thought before by the way someone commented in one of my videos that Pete’s coffee does not deserve a cabin I do this purely out of ease because I do have whole beams this is stuffed out downtown in LA but I just I can’t bring myself to grind beans right now but I’m also just not a coffee snob this works for me I’m happy with it I feel like there’s not much I can do differently as far as how I make my coffee in the morning but it’s so much ingrained in like my morning routine and I find such contentment out of doing it that I don’t want to not do it at the same time so this is just a little different because we’re talking you guys through it but basically for those of you who’ve been asking don’t know if this is it’s just a chemist pour water in let it drip through their coffee it’s very simple I don’t think it’s very overly complicated which is why I liked it and switch from doing the French press because the French press just got to annoying clean you want to put the filter in with the double fold towards the spout or else when you pour the water in it will suction to the spout and this keeps it from doing that or your water in this kind of just takes away any possible paper taste from the filter again I don’t always do this I feel like super lazy I just pour my coffee on and pour the water in I don’t notice a massive difference but this is what my understanding is of what you’re supposed to do it it’s also kind of heats up cleans out the bowl a little bit and pour it out and then you slowly you know ideally you would have a gooseneck kettle I just haven’t decided to make that jump yet this works fine you just want to evenly coat the grounds and let it soak through another round and ideally I think with a gooseneck then this would be a much more smooth even process so again if you’re a true coffee snob or not necessarily a snob in a bad way but a true coffee connoisseur you might be like Claire you’re not doing it right and I say this gets coffee into my system the fastest way that I know how and it tastes good so that’s all I care about and then as far as what I put in my coffee because you guys know I usually I used to do half-and-half and stuff but now I just use silk creamer and this is the French vanilla or vanilla I’ve been trying to convert to something that’s like almond milk because I know soy is not ideal for some people I don’t really think I have a problem with it but I just haven’t found anything else that I like instead and I’ve tried a lot of things so that’s what I use for now what I do sometimes like to do is put a little bit in this I guess it’s a frother like for a locked eyes and stuff it doesn’t really froth because it’s not real milk but it warms it which is what I like because I don’t want to put a cold liquid into my hot liquid because then it cools it down I want to try to get them at least closer and temperature [Applause] [Music] and there you have my morning cup of coffee once it hits your lips it’s so good I was wondering if I could make an appointment for my cat Bruce Lee to come in perfect thank you so much I just rented a car because I have some stuff that I need to get done today including taking Bruce to the vet and the cheapest option was an SUV which is probably one of the biggest cars I’ve driven no I’ve driven an Escalade before when I did a show once so I drove an Escalade but that was huge this one is equally large though so I’m back the apartment I was gonna put Bruce in his carrier but Stefan are gonna go grab some food real quick she got sent home from work because she’s sick but yeah so we’re gonna go grab some pho cuz I think that that will be very good for the soothing of the throat yes and then come back pick up Bruce head to the office real quick before the appointment and then hopefully they won’t have bad news but I’ve noticed his like he lost an even bigger chunk on the side of his face so I’m just like oh my gosh it’s like practically bald on his side of his face and I’m sure I mean again he doesn’t seem bothered by it but it’s just I know something is wrong like I feel like in my heart I know something is wrong we’ll just get some blood work to be safe I just would rather for the most part cancel out anything awful that it could be like the worst case scenarios I’d rather at least know that it’s not any of those and like Whittle it down to something else Stephanie you’ve been sick quite a bit in the last like couple months and luckily I haven’t gotten anything yet but yeah it is a strike not any syrup I think it’s just like other kids are just constantly cough coughing in your face yeah when you do this jobs yes guys this is the spot if you’re close to downtown where we like to go it’s all about this this is the magic sauce of course had to get an iced coffee [Music] in the spot figuring out what I was told that you have to eat a little bit first to make it it’s so that it’s sure connected to you before you read it okay be persistent and pursuing the goals in your life cool I think that’s good oh shit tomorrow will be a productive day don’t oversleep which is ironic because I have these legs I can see my pain do you want this back good spit on you that’s like a regular ring look at these not oh my gosh so that’s it for today I kind of dark now am I just that it for this vlog you know when you just have one of those mornings where you need to let all your frustrations out I feel like I’m having one of those mornings I just finished Pilates I felt really good to just like concentrate on that I was gonna vlog but it just wasn’t in the mood we are about to have a little bit of deja vu because in this vlog I already did what I’m gonna do today we’re gonna stop by the gleam offices because I need to pick some stuff up and then I also need to stop by the vet to pick up Bruce’s medication so just to catch you guys up because I didn’t really talk about Bruce’s diagnosis I guess you could say so we went to the vet and we had to get a test on we basically wanted to rule out that he had ringworm or not which was I think kind of possibly the worst case scenario and his tests came back negative so he doesn’t have ringworm thank you guys so much by the way to those of you who left comments and you know especially those who were vet techs or actual veterinarians and had suggestions or things to kind of have in the back of my head so that when I was you know going in there I kind of knew what I was talking about or knew what to say I never want to go in there and being like this is what I think it is but it was just nice to kind of have that in the back of my head he had had already a kind of senior panel where he’s gotten bloodwork and all that stuff done and checked out and my vet said that there was nothing showing that would make her concern that it was like a thyroid issue or anything like that he’s pretty much been the same weight for the last like year or so so she said there wasn’t too much of a concern there also his diet change hasn’t kind of coincided with the issues that he’s having as far as like losing the hair and whatnot she thinks it possibly could be like a behavioral like almost OCD thing I think is what she was describing it as or allergy so we gave him some flea preventative because he hadn’t been on it for a little while just in case he came into contact with fleas and because you know there’s other animals in this floor and the building so he has gone in the hallway it’s possible he came into contact with fleas that really hasn’t seemed to have an effect on him yet maybe it’s too soon we gave it to him a couple days ago and then yesterday was the day that I got a call saying that it wasn’t ringworm so the next step is that we’re gonna put them on a steroid to make sure that you know if it’s an allergy or something like that I think a steroid and that way he will not lose any more hair and the hair can grow back but she said if that isn’t it that maybe he needs to go on an antidepressant because it could be stress related or something like that those are the issues two issues that were looking at right now right now he’s sleeping he’s pretty content but he is missing a bit more hair than he was before you saw him so I’m gonna run out I don’t have a car with me today so I’m just gonna take a bunch of lists or ubers and see how I get along I’m actually kind of annoyed that I have to do it because I’m so used to just like being able hop in my car and go do it but that’s fine we don’t have a car anymore we’re gonna make it work hi guys so we were finally back at the apartment I almost had a heart attack because I totally thought that I just left my vlogging camera in the uber and I was about to freak out but you’re good with math department got Bruce’s meds here hi proceed you want to take a medicine now these are actually pills that he’s taken before because of his asthma but it’s an I think at that time he took him for like a week and now he’s gonna have to take them I think for a close to one but see how good he’s gonna be about it cuz he usually knows when I’m giving him medicine that it’s gonna make him feel better but we’ll see pills are not his favorite all right ready [Music] so proud of my little child good morning guys I needed an extra big coffee today I’m actually gonna take another sip now I just wanted to catch up with you guys a little bit because I know that this week’s vlog has kind of been all over the place and there’s a few reasons like I think Wednesday I only vlogs a little bit because I was just having a day like you know when you just have a day where everything is annoying you and you know you’re just in a mood and you would not have liked me that day that was not a good vlog day and then I think it was Thursday that I was shooting some stuff all day and editing the photos for something that’s coming out or like will be announced in a couple weeks you guys have been getting little teasers here in the in the vlogs as well as on insta stories so I don’t know I just get so excited about certain things that I just can’t not talk about it or like show you something so I just like couldn’t not share a little bit but you guys will get the official announcement next week or not next week the week after I think anyway long time coming very excited and then you guys saw yesterday so yeah for today I just want to ease into it I just want to get this vlog up for you guys obviously but I think I’m gonna work on my bullet journal this morning although I don’t really like calling it a bullet journal anymore because I don’t think that it’s very bullet journal II probably thought it more has just become like a journal and a diary of the things that I need to do lists and ideas that I have and various tasks and calendars and I actually find it to be really therapeutic and almost like a self-care thing on the weekends because I really enjoy excuse me because I really enjoy the process of like organizing it not a very organized person in my mind but I think doing it allows me to like let go of certain things and and allows me to kind of focus on something and produce something that I like I also need to do some filming some like mein videos I guess you could say because when blocked embers over obviously I still want to have some videos up for you guys and I want to vlog as well but I’ll probably keep them more to like a weekly or bi-weekly basis I don’t know it depends on what’s happening because as much as I enjoy blogging and I feel like this happens to me every time as soon as I start doing like vlog timber or vlog baldness or whatever that I remember how much I enjoy blogging but I feel like I start to become redundant as far as things that I’m doing or even the editing that I’m doing and I even thought about doing like how to pick a hair pay Claire vlog because I think there are very specific things that I like to do in my vlogs that I’m sure a lot of you guys noticed but also I just noticed what I’m doing them so when I do things like on a daily or more regular basis I start to become a little hyper aware of things and it also kind of annoys me that I’m doing it sometimes so I don’t know for me to continue vlogging I need to spread it out I think I’ve gotten questions about whether or not I’m gonna do vlogmas I’m gonna say no right now just because I’m doing vlog Timber ish but I you never know it could be that once December comes around I’ll be more excited about doing it and I’ll want to do it I love vlogmas I love watching other people’s vlog missus I think it’s really enjoyable but I think for me it might be different so I don’t know I’ll get back to you as it gets closer let’s not think too far ahead but yeah so anyway back to like thinking of main videos I’m overdue for a monthly favorites but I didn’t want to do one last month because I felt like I just done a current favorite so I thought it was a little too soon but I think a lot of you guys really tend to like my monthly favorites video so I’ll probably do with September favorites but anyway let me know what you guys think in the comments section because I’m always open to hearing your suggestions and sometimes someone will say something that’ll trigger some kind of inspiration in me so you never know no matter what idea it is crazy or not I be interested in hearing what you’re interested in seeing bruises what is this position look at his face I mean honestly I feel like the hair loss bothers me more than it bothers him clearly it bothers me more because I see it and if and he looks different I think but he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it look here he comes it’s one of those things where I think it’s just me worrying and being a mom I’m just being a worry mommy and yes you want to be close but yeah look at his face oh my gosh it bothers me so much because they feel like I mean he doesn’t look I can touch it it’s not bothered by it I mean and technically he hasn’t lost anymore you know in the last couple days I guess that’s a good sign but the other thing I did do or I’m going to do is I’m switching his food back to something that is fish base because a lot of you guys said that chicken was not ideal and maybe he’s grown a sensitivity to chicken I actually had Monica my friend tell me that that was kind of a similar thing that happened with her dog so we’re gonna go we’re gonna give you more fish and then okay you’re done okay did you get what you needed but yeah so I think I’m gonna switch his food back see if that has any effect but I don’t think that it’s a food thing so I’ve gotten onto the floor where I like to do my staff ooh I need to sharpen my pencil real quick best thrift store purchase ever okay back to the floor grease is over here so I guess I’ll show you what I used to make my little layout here so I just have a clear little ruler and the reason why I like a clear one is because I can see all the dots and then use a pencil and I use an eraser I mean obviously if you had a pencil with an eraser you wouldn’t have to have both and and I have a little marker here just to write out the month and then this is the pen that I use it’s a high-tech pilot I don’t know I got it off of Amazon I’ll link it down below for you guys if you’re interested I like this a lot because it is a fine point it doesn’t bleed on to the other side of the pages the only thing is that it does take a little while to dry so sometimes if I write something and then my hand smears over top of it it can kind of smear it a little bit so that would be the only thing that I would say I don’t like about this pen but I just try to make sure that everything is dry before I get too crazy with writing everything in and then sometimes I use washi on the edges just so I can flip to the monthly layout more easily I just happen to get this coppery color one in a PR package I think so I was thinking about using that but all of my months are with this color so I figure I might have to stay consistent with that I think these purple ones are work-related tabs and then I just have this whiteout I don’t love this but it works fine so usually start the calendar about one dot in and one dot down but because I want to start a little bit low I’m gonna go eight dots down because all of my boxes usually are 7 by 7 I’d like to outline everything in pencil first because I know even though I’ve done this several times that I’m gonna mess it up if I do it in pen first you started a cold clean to only broken home to lost and heavy to carry we all need to learn to home riding around for you nothing washes nothing grows know-how fails me myself we all need someone to stay [Music] alright guys so I finished my October layout for now filled in what I know so far penciled in things that are not definitive yet I feel actually really gross right now because last night at like 8 or 9 o’clock at night I was like oh I’m really craving my favorite indulgent meal I guess you could say which is dope okey so I ordered that really late and then went to bed and this morning I woke up and felt kind of gross but I kind of had some left over so I was like yeah some more of that uh it was just a really bad decision on my part I regret everything thank you guys so much for watching today I’m gonna end the vlog here because I just want to edit this and post it for you all and I will see you in the next vlog sometime next week ok

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