Voices of UNREASON!! Volume 3 | Thomas Sanders

Voices of UNREASON!! Volume 3 | Thomas Sanders

Talyn: I gotta get outta here! Thomas: [Laughs] I kinda want that to be the intro. Right before the title happens. “I’ve gotta get out of here!” [laughs] [Title Theme] What is up everybody?! Alright, you guys have asked for it to be brought back, we always have fun doing it, so, once again we are doing another “Voices of Unreason” video where I and a bunch of friends do our best to provide voices to different characters and drawings that you all have created and submitted to us. As always to help me out with this video I am being joined by some awesome friends of mine. Rafaela: Oh get it, yess. Joan: Hey team. It’s Joan. You know me, maybe, maybe you don’t Thomas: You should know them. Joan: Hah! Terrence: Hello! [Laughs in background] Thomas: You’re just saying hello! (ARE JOAN AND TALYN MAKING OUT?!?!) Terrence: It’s not the same! Thomas: Wait, you didn’t even say your name. Terrance: Oh! [Thomas laughs] Terrence: Hello, my name is Terrence. [Talyn laughs] Joan: Ah! Thomas: Okay. Talyn: Am I supposed to… do something? Joan: Yeah, you’re supposed to be like “Ay, its Talyn.” Talyn: Ay, its Talyn! Rafaela: From where we’re standing it sounded like you were saying “Egg salad!” [laughter] Thomas: I love this look! Rafaela: Hey, I’m Rafaela. Thomas: Perfect. Rafaela: What up. Thomas: You’re new. Rafaela: I’m new! Thomas: You’re a new friend! [laughter] Joan: I’m Joan. Thomas: You already said it. Joan: What are you talking about? [laughter] Thomas: And just like in the last two videos, I asked you all on twitter to submit different drawings of random creatures, wacky characters, of any skill set, you didn’t have to be good, it could have come straight out of your imagination, whatever it may be, using the hashtag FanderFinds, and now we have to find them and give them their own voices. You guys seem ready for it, I don’t know what just happened behind me. Are you ready kids? Talyn: Aye aye, Captain! Thomas: There we go. Oh! Round one! You’re going first? I’m excited! Joan: Okay. [Thomas laughs] [Hughbert crying] I don’t know why medical doctors don’t like seeing me! [laughter] You’d think we’d go hand in hand. The doctor would say, “here, take an apple with you when you go!” But they don’t. They say, “Here, take them some prescription medicine” We get paid by the pharmaceutical companies. [Laughter] All you need is a good old fashioned apple, like me. Hubert. [laughter] [sobbing dramatically] Oh, no. My mama’s a tree. [laughter] My- my dad was a pigeon. [laughter] Do- do you follow that line of logic? Like, he ate a seed He, he, he pooped… Thomas: Oh! Thomas: Ok. Rafaela: Yeah, that actually makes sense! Thomas: I get it now. So, if my life is “The Kids Are All Right”, the pigeon [Thomas laughs] was Mark Ruffalo. [Laughter] Do you wanna go? Terrence: Ugh! [Thomas laughs] Terrence: Wooooah! Thomas: [makes clicking sound] Terrence: Ohhhhh, snap. [Thomas laughs] [laughter] My manager Becky had a problem with the way I wore my Jesus sandals. So I had to eat her. Thomas, Rafaela, and Talyn: Oh! Terrence: They tried to get me for attempted murder, but uh… [laughter] Terrence: Uhhh… In the studio. Ohhhhh hell yeah, dude. [laughter] I could do a little opera for you. Joan: Sure, go for it. Thomas: Ooh. Terrence sings: RICOLA! [laughter] I don’t know what my main gig is. I work from home. [laughter] I uh, I watch the stock market. [laughter] I just watch it, I like looking at the arrows go green to red. [laughter] Holler at me, though, if you looking to, uh, invest. These pants? I made ’em myself. I’m also a seamstress. Thomas: Oh, it’s a girl! Terrence: Oh! [laughter] Joan:” My name’s Terrence.” Thomas: My name’s- my name’s Terrence? [Joan giggles] My name’s Terrence. Joan: What do you like to do for fun, Terrence? Thomas: Community theatre. [laughter] I just participated in Phantom of the Opera. It was- it was delightful. Joan: What part did you play? Thomas: I- coincidentally, I played the phantom. And, uh, they had to make a mask for my full face, in order to really sell it. But, you know, I got quite a voice, and they really liked it. [singing] The phantom of the opera is here, inside your- [speaking] it was delightful. [laughs nervously] Yeah… [laughter in the background] [sings] Uh, somethin’ somethin’, music of the night- [speaks] You know, I always forgot it, every night, a little bit. Rattles around in my head. [sings] Yeah, slowly, softly, somethin’ somethin’ somethin’- [laughs] Uh, the girl never wanted to kiss me, though. She’s the rare one. Joan: Most people like the upper-bite? Thomas: Most people dig it. You know, look at how ripped I am. I could bench press you in a heartbeat. [sings] Daddle diddle doo dah! Rafaela: [makes pterodactal screeching noise] Ooh! Hey, ya’ll, I’m Marvin. [laughter] I’m literally the coolest cow you’ll ever meet. I got udders. [laughter] That’s a good one I got the biggest udder. [laughter] In all the- what’s it called- plains? Farm. Thomas: All the plain. Where’d you get the glasses from? Rafaela: Uh, well, I’m blind. But, I got sensors in my udders. Thomas: That’s good! Rafaela: That’s why they’re so big. [laughter] Cause I- they drag on the ground, and I feel the vibration of the other cows. Thomas: Wow! Rafaela: They know when I’m around, cause they’re like, “There’s Marvin.” [laughter] I’m like, “Hey, ya’ll! [laughter] ‘Cause of my udders! [laughter] Thomas: It’s Marvin! Thomas: [makes zooming sound] Talyn: Oh my goodness. Jemmy! [laughter] Well, got it! My name is Jemmy! I love flowers! I only have one eye so people kind of bully me, but like, mm, whatever, I know I’m cool, I mean guys, this cute little top hat, my little bow, you know I’m fancy, mmm. [laughter] Well, it’s kind of a secret, like, I don’t want people to find out that I sing, cause like, it’s kinda nerdy, but like, mm, I’m real good at singin’. [sings very high note/scream] [laughter] Thomas: Scream. Alright! Talyn: (?????) i s my favourite. [laughter] Joan: Hi! My name is Umberto. It’s Scandinavian. [laughter] Thomas: Umberto, why do you have a bunch of people on you? Joan: They are my old figurines from when I was little. I used to play a lot of role-playing games. They hold a lot of sentimental value for me. That’s a banana. [laughter] I have a potassium deficiency. [laughter] Oh, thank you. Those are my eyebrows. [laughter] In my species, our eyebrows are beneath our eyes, so a lot of people have trouble reading our expressions. Uh! I take offense to that. I am a Radish. [laughter] And don’t confuse that with the vegetable radish, I am of the Radish people, from planet Ooglohm. I’m rad-ish. [laughter] People think that my figurines take me down a few notches on the rad scale, but I say Willy Nilly Bo Billy to those people. She’s definitely goin’ like this. Okey! Ello! My name is, uh, Fluff. I’m winking at you because uh… Oh yeah! I wink ’cause uh our joke is inside. [Laughter] My people, uh, they tell me to shave my belly, what I say: “NO” [Laughter] My nose is a heart because, uh, I smell love, and uh- Actually, I help them fall out of love. Thomas: Aw. Terrance: I smell the BS, I point it out! [Laughter] I have a star on the end of my tail, you know why? It’s definitely a defect. [laughter] But! I’m here, and I’m proud to be a defective, uh, Shnorkendover. [Laughter and claps] [Rafaela laughs] Rafaela: Heyy, I’m Mr. Fly! I’m pretty old. About- Thirty minutes. [Laughter] I dream to be a hat-man. [Rafaela giggles] [laughter in background] Thomas: How much time you got left to live? Rafaela: Well, scientists say about a day. Flies hit an old peak, and then they just kinda, [Imitates sound of a dying fly] [Laughter] Driftin’ through a café, landin’ on the perfect blueberry scone [laughter] and someone with the most beautiful green hat takes a off their hat and goes, “That’s nasty!” and bam! [Laughter and claps] Talyn: Oh! My God! [Thomas laughs] My name’s Danny De-BEE-to [Laughter] Thomas: What’chu doin’? Talyn: Pollinatin’ the earth. [Laughter] Without me you’d all BEE dead. [laughter] You better BEE-lieve it! Thomas: Why do you look a little different from the other bees? Talyn: I have Danny Devito as my face! [Laughter] Thomas: Okay, well that answers that question! Talyn: I saw some rum soaked ham, and I just, I had to touch it, then of a sudden, I took a little nibble, and my uh, my face just, Danny Davito’ed. [Laughter] or, Danny De-BEE-to’ed. You see? You BEE? (Shakes head in realization of bad joke) [Laughter] Yeah, My- Thomas: If you can handle this responsibility, this was actually submitted to us from Butch Hartman. So, no pressure! Here you go. Joan: Okay. Woof, woof! Greetings fleshlings! [Laughter] My name is B-0-2-7 a.k.a, ” Bork” Thomas: Oh! [Laughter] I am the idea-man around here, I mean, canine. Thomas: Bork, what uh can you- Joan: Bork, bork [laughter] Now you’re speaking my language! Hit me two times, bork bork Hit me three times, bork bork bork Hit me eighteen times, bork bork bork bork bork bork… BORK! BORK! BORK! Thomas: Alright, shut down, shut down. Joan: [Shutting down sound] Thomas: [Laughs] Alright, turn back on again. Joan: [Turning back on sound] Cat robots… My developers know better than that! Dogs are trained for loyalty and for purposes! Cats are just like roomates that don’t talk to you. [laughter] My best idea, hm, *Covers mouth with hand* I would have to say that my best idea was self-eating pinapples. [laughter] Thomas: What percentage good boy are you? Joan: You could dial up and down my good boy ratio So if you need a guard dog you could put it down to one percent. Thomas: Oh boy, wow. Joan: Bork can be a very bad boy, [laughter] if he needs to be *winks* Thomas: okay, don’t- [Joan laughs] Thomas: Don’t do that. Joan: (seductively) Bork… Thomas: You weren’t programmed for that! Joan: Bork bork 😉 Thomas: Turn off! Joan [turning off sound] [Laughter] Thomas: Aw!! He’s like side-eyeing- What’s up everyone? Uh… Joan: That’s a nice outfit! Thomas: Thanks I… made it myself Joan: Why’d you pick those colors? Thomas: They’re…well, just trying to fit in for the- for the month. I like this combination of colors for just one reason in particular. Uhm. [Sighs] I- okay, well, I’m just a lil’ bit different… if you catch my drift Well, okay, [stutters] uhm, [Laughter] I’m shouldn’t like [sighs] have to say it. [Laughs] I’m tryna swing the other way here. Uhm. Rafaela: You’re into baseball now? [Thomas laughs] We’re getting closer, getting closer- A lot of people are one side- but I play for the other team Talyn: You don’t play for the cubs? Terrance: You’re a traitor?? Thomas [sighs] you guys… You guys are really- [Thomas laughs] Somebody else, I really like, their name happens to be, uh, uhm, Steve Joan: Cool. Thomas: Like, like-like Thomas: No, uhm [Laughing] OH, COME I’M GAY! [Laughter and claps] Joan: Ha-cha cha-cha-cha! I’m Benny the Bean! Thank you all for…- (coming)
[Applause] You’re all here to see me, I’m the main act of the night! You all know what I do! T…ap-dance! Magic shows! Even though I said tap-dancing That was the shedup (set-up). Shedup(Set-up) . [laughter] Shut up! That was the shedup(set-up) ! We’re gonna need some music from my DJ! Rafaela: [DJ sounds] Terrance: [Some other noise] Joan: Two golden rings! Three, two, one! Joan: [Explosion noise) Terrance: Ta-daa! Thomas: Did it just explode? Joan: Yeah it exploded and I lost my arm! [laughter] No! [Joan laughs] At least I can still do my tap-dances! *Wha-di-chi-ta ka-ta-ka-too* [Applause] Thank you! Thank you! (Thomas: Have my babies!) Joan: Benny the Bean..- Talyn: Huh-ha! I’m Muscle Mutt [Laughs] I’ve got a ten-pack , but I still feel love. Got hearts around my head, cause like. You don’t have to be soft to be a softie. I put the buckle on the back so my butt shines. Come sniff this tight bod. Yeah , walks are for fun and for like being with my dude, my dude takes me on walks and I’m like “Yeah, dude.” My dude’s Chad. He’s a real sick dude Aw man, he wishes. [Thomas:Do you walk him or does he walk you?] Aw yeah, you bet I walk him. [Laughing] [Laughing in background] Terrence [R]: I agreed to do this video because , uhh, I don’t have a choice Ishmael dragged me into this, and uhh, I honestly don’t want to be here I: Calm down! *laughter* I: Look, I told him to do the video cause I was like “We need to get out more.” I’m really trying to get him out of his comfort zone. R: Out of my comfort zone? Making me do a video, R: I am not comfortable doing? I: It’s okay! We’re having fun R: I’m leaving you and the kids, Ishmael. I: *in sad voice* What? [Laughing in background as Ishmael starts crying] R: Look I’m sorry, I just can’t do it anymore, okay? I: You know what, I knew this was coming. I: I should’ve known I: All those long trips, WHO’S BRENDA? I: WHO’S BRENDA, ROBERT? R: Let’s not talk about that here- Brenda I love you- Let’s not talk about that here. I: YOU KNOW WHAT? SC-SCRAT, SCRAT, SCRAT, ROBERT I’M DONE, DONE [Thomas in background] That was awesome. ACTION CACTUS! Just nobody gets in my little counter Or else they’re going down. The cat comes up- *aggressively pretends to fight off cat* Action Cactus! This bandanna was a gift from the only love I’ll ever have. Thomas: Aww Action Cactus: My cactus flower. [Various “Awwww” in background] She’s not here no .more. She is my bandanna Talyn: Oh Joan: What??? Thomas: What? I am Sir Fidgeo! And this is my cat Bilbo! And we are off on a grand adventure To avenge my parents’ murder… [Various “Oh…”s in background] My cat will carry me on the way to the man Who murdered them both and transformed me into a tiny puppet boy. Look at this tiny fairy that follows me! She haunts my every nightmare. Ok, my cat Bilbo seems to be burying a tiny human body! Oh Bilbo! You tiny tiny murderer! I carry these two dice that I have to roll, which will carry me on my way and also inflict 2 punishments.[Laughter] Don’t know what it’s gonna be everyday but my head was not square before starting this morning. I can’t move until I roll the die. That was one of the punishments. [Joan: It’s a curse.] It’s a curse. My whole life’s a curse! HOORAY!!! [Laughter] Hey listen up *censored* [Laughter] Thomas: NO! Terrence: Wait who is this? Joan: *shows picture* [Laughter] Thomas: NO! Joan: Listen up you *highly sensored* [Laughter] You’re either with me, you’re with me, or you’re dead. [Laughter] So choose one real quick before I put two bullets in you. I don’t tread the beaten path. I beat the- path that’s tread. [Laughter] I kick feet with my *censored*. Terrence: Your name? Joan: My name… is Doug. [Laughter] The name’s Doug. I love pugs. And when people ask me questions I just shrug. Thomas: You’re starting to BUG me. Joan: *clicks* You’re so smug. Thomas: *laughs* OK! We’ve gone through all of those characters. Those were some good ones too, by the way. Joan: You’re a good one. Thomas: Really tal- You’re a good one. You’re all good! Thank you all for submitting in all those drawings, that was a lot of fun. You guys did fantastic. Joan: Thank you! Thomas: Staaahp! Thank you all for joining in This is awesome. [Joan: You’re welcome] You guys are fantastic. *laughs* Rafaela: I’m new! Thomas: Uh.. Yes, Rafaela’s new! I always say this at the end, but if you have stories centered around those characters, please develop them. Butch Hartman, if you got something in line for Bork, Joan’s right here, ready to be a voice actor for that character if you’re interested. Joan: *burps* Thomas: There you go. We’ve spent all our voices on this video. Joan: I’m just finding mine. Thomas:Alright so I’m going to do a close-out at the endcard Thomas and Joan: *sing a single note at the same time* [Laughter] Hope you enjoyed the video! Thank you so much to my friends! Talyn, Joan, Terrence, and Rafaela for joining, all of their information is down in the description below. If you’re interested in the previous videos, click over here, *points* if you’re new to the channel and would like to subscribe, click down here. *points again* Also if you’re interested in become Featured Fander, click down here in this corner! *more pointing* Rafaela: Me! Thomas: That is it, and until next time, take it easy guys, gals, and non-binary pals! Peace out! Terrence: Yeah! [Laughter] Joan: I gotta mean mug! Not really. That’s why I play tough. You following me? Thomas: No. Joan: You on the Doug Train? All Aboard. Choo choo! On my fists! [Laughter]

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