WATCH: CNN and the Human Rights Campaign’s LGBTQ Forum with Senator Cory Booker

WATCH: CNN and the Human Rights Campaign’s LGBTQ Forum with Senator Cory Booker

Joining me right now is Senator Cory
Booker welcome senator. Thank you very much, great to be here.
Hello everybody! You’ve talked about your brother’s child
and you have said that your brother’s child is a trans-activist. How has that
shaped your views on this topic Well I have to express a little frustration
sometimes where people evolve on issues because suddenly they visit upon their
own lives and they say well when I found out that I had a LGBTQ child suddenly I
became in favor of these issues. If we wait for our empathy to expand in that
way, we will never get to being the nation of liberty and justice for all. If
you’re a man and you see assaults on the rights of not just women, but the
rights of people to control their own body, you shouldn’t say because I have a
wife or a daughter, no you are a human being you have a body. You should be
able to understand as King said that injustice anywhere is a threat to
justice everywhere and so my views have not evolved because of family
members they’ve evolved because Bayard Rustin and James Baldwin, proud gay
Americans stood for my rights. It’s because people of all black backgrounds
I was taught, as a Christian, I was taught that we are we must bring forth the
radical love of all people and that’s what has always made me be an advocate
for justice and I will continue to be so regardless of the incredibly beautiful
wonderful family that I have. On June 12th 2016 I was present as a man with an
assault weapon murdered 49 mostly LGBTQ people of color at Pulse nightclub. I was
very lucky to make it out unfortunately my friends were not. That
night we were reminded that LGBTQ people specifically those of color are often
too often the targets of hate violence. With the rise of violence against trans
women of color, how will you ensure that law enforcement is equipped to treat
marginalized victims of crime with dignity and respect. So first of all, very clearly, it is a
national emergency the majority of terrorist attacks in this country since
9/11 have been right-wing extremist groups, the majority of them have been
white supremacists and hate groups and I will elevate, as president
United States, an office on hate crimes and white supremacy to make sure it is a
presidential-level effort to protect our country as a whole but I’m
not stopping there. We need to have a Department of Justice that recognizes
this is a problem and investigates hates crimes. We must take the steps
necessary to keep these weapons out of the hands of people that are doing those
crimes, but we can’t stop there. 30% of LGBTQ youth 30% have reported missing
school in the last month because of fears for their physical safety. We live
in a country where we still see regular every day violence and intimidation and
bullying against Americans because of who they are and so number one I am
going to appoint a Secretary of Education first of all that sees the
dignity and the worth and the value of every one of our children and I will
have a Department of Education that takes the steps necessary to protect all
children in America.. thank you senator I’m gonna get straight
to Gavin Grimm a 20 year old transgender activist, Gavin. I sued my school after it banned me from
using the boys restroom because I’m transgender my case was going to be
heard by the Supreme Court but then the Trump administration took the position
the Title IX does not protect LGBTQ students and my case went back to the
lower courts. Do you believe that Title IX should protect students on the basis of
gender identity and sexual orientation? And what will you do as president to
protect LGBTQ youth? Thank you very much. I’m sorry as you’re answering I just
want to point out the Title IX is the federal law that forbids discrimination
on the basis of sex under education. I know you know that. Thank you very much for this question. So first of all point-blank this is a real problem in
America and I will number one change the Trump administration’s guidance back to
what the Obama administration’s guidance was that school’s should allow people to use the
bathrooms that conforms with their gender identity but we cannot stop there.
We must use our Department of Justice and our Department of Education’s Civil
Rights Division to go after schools that are denying people equal rights and
equal protections. And that’s the last point I want to make, again this is very
personal to me because there was a time that people used every excuse possible
to deny rights to women in this country, to minorities in this country ,and folks
literally had to march and fight and struggle to allow there to be laws that
govern equal protection. My parents and grandparents had stories of being denied
the ability to stop at restaurants traveling across country or use
restrooms and bathrooms, had people look down on them and said their associations
that the Bible didn’t justify their associations. We as a society now reject
that kind of bigotry and hate. As your president I will actively as much as
people who are activists who fought for that equality for black Americans, I
fight for with the same ferocity, with the same sense of urgency ,every single
day for LGBTQ Americans. I will stand up and call this country to remember that
patriotism is love of country and you cannot love your country
unless you love all of your country men and women, and love is not a sentiment, it
is not saccharine, it is not anemic. Love demands sacrifice and service and
the understanding that if your rights are denied then my rights are
compromised that’s the kind of leadership I will provide in the White
House. Hello senator, I worked as a health educator providing HIV education and
screenings at an LGBT Center I told my clients about a drug called Truvada,
which when taken daily can help provide almost absolute protection against
becoming HIV-positive. monthly supply of Truvada costs less than six dollars to
make however its manufacturer Gilead charges more than $1,600. This severely
limits access to preventive care. What actions would you take as president to
address this cost barrier? So thank you that is a really great question and you
know I live in a low-income Black and Brown community and in fact when it
comes to HIV and AIDS we see often the communities that are most seeing the
expansion the ones that are least able to access a lot of the drugs that can do
preventive like PReP. And so to me it’s unacceptable that pharmaceutical
companies are gonna profit in this way off of the backs of people who urgently need what could be life-saving drugs and so we’re gonna do a number of
things to lower prescription drug costs right away if I’m president United
States by using Medicaid Medicare to negotiate down prices, taking patents
away from companies that unjustly raise their prices, creating a law in this
country that you cannot raise the price of drugs higher in this country then
you’re selling than others these are all things that we’re gonna do. But PReP is
so important in this country right now and I’m gonna make sure that like Gavin
Newsom did who pushed in California to have it be over-the-counter without a
prescription that’s a great step in the right
direction, and more than that we’re gonna fight to make sure that
health insurance companies actually cover this so more people are accessible.
Medicaid and Medicare to cover this as well. I want to say one last thing
because this idea of preventing the spread of HIV and AIDS is so critical
and that’s why legislation I’ve introduced is United States Senator we
need to get back to. Number one we need to do more sex education in this country
that is science-based, which is something that’s really important. Good
evening senator. That is one of the most handsome haircuts, you are a beautiful
man. Make our president bald again. Yes! Many
people have no idea that for decades gay men were permanently deferred from
donating blood in the U.S. because of outdated draconian regulation
regulations not supported by science. The FDA has only recently reduced the
ban to one year after intercourse. Gay folks should never be discriminated
against, but it’s particularly painful when our community wants to help after a
disaster or a mass shooter targeting our community as in the case with Pulse. Will
you commit to working with the FDA to remove this harmful ban? Two words absolutely yes
and one statement, you know when you’re president United States you have to set
the tone and the temperature. We should be using our platforms that the new
generation of presidents, we see a president everyday that’s using his
platforms in un-orthodox ways to demean to degrade to put in
misinformation and outright lies. If I am your president as the first X Gener in
that office ever, I’m gonna be using my platforms every day to dispel ignorances,
to challenge people to have a more courageous empathy, to create a more
revival of civic grace that’s why even on this campaign I’ve gone out and been
tested for HIV trying to get rid of the kind of stigmas that still undermine
this society. We have a whole lot of truth-telling to do in this country and
we’ve got a lot of work to do to pull, pull out of the shadows people who often
relegated their struggles there injustices. We’ve just seen yet another
black transgender American murdered in this country just last month
this makes the 19th this year. The suffering of so many people in the LGBTQ
community the truth about them is shrouded in the ignorance and hate that
we see in this world so not only am I gonna change policies change laws, get an
activist Department of Justice but I’m gonna be using my platform every day to
tell the truth to heal to bring the truth forward. So that we can be a nation
that’s far more progressive on these issues. Thank uou senator. Thank you so much.
and we’ll see you next week. Hey this is Cory Booker if you like
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  3. How does CNN give candidates 10-12 minutes on issues that in my opinion are important but not the most important issues in this country. In other debates candidates get 30 seconds to talk about health care, war, taxes and foreign policy that affects ALL!! Sorry if I don’t feel empathetic toward a person that was born biologically a man and feels they are women. The LGBTQ community can vote, marry, have equal pay and jobs! Let’s get to the real issues…!

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