Watch Me Write A Blog Post – How to Write

Watch Me Write A Blog Post – How to Write

This is where it all starts. A blank page.
The daunting, blank page. What will it be?
What can it be? Can I do this?
Will it be any good? The blank page can be scary. But it can also
be exhilarating. Instead of, “What can it be?” how about,
“It can be anything!” Instead of, “Can I do this?” write the
words, “I am doing this!” The blank page is where it all begins.
Such potential. Such possibility! You can form whatever narrative you want.
You can tell any story you choose. For me, I like to start with some initial
points. I just write them as they come to mind. What do I want this to be about? What items do I want to be sure to hit on?
I write these down first and these become the different sections of my article.
I’m writing in iA Writer here using markdown. I add pound signs to turn each of these titles
into headers. Next, I do something similar for each of the
sections. I’ll write a couple quick notes that I want
to touch on and I’m just going with whatever momentum I have. If I think of something for
a section, I just write a simple phrase that will remind me when I go to expound upon it.
Sometimes I work backwards too. Once I have the general structure and outline in place,
it doesn’t matter what order I write in as long as each of the sections flows into
the next one. I can zoom in to each section and flesh it
out as I get the inspiration for it. The hardest part of writing is getting started.
You want to do what you can to continue any momentum you have.
Don’t worry too much about errors or whether you’re doing things in order. Begin with
some initial points and that turns into your structure. Then just write in any section that you feel that
energy for. Coming up with the words is the challenging
part, so once you’re doing that, do everything you can to keep from stopping.
You can always go back and rearrange, remove, and edit or re-write different sections as
necessary. I hope this was insightful for you. If you’d
like to pick up one of these “Show Up Every Day” prints, you can get one at
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Lastly, if you’re looking to dive in a bit deeper on the writing topic, I think you’ll
definitely enjoy this full-length episode on writing. I talk about how I wrote over
half a million words last year and the impact it had on my life and how it can help you

20 thoughts on “Watch Me Write A Blog Post – How to Write

  1. This was probably my favourite episode. Was interesting to see that you use iA writer with markdown. I would like to see more of your workflow using software as well as the camera and studio equipment and how this all works together. Thanks for showing up.

  2. Sean, this is so inspiring! Not only to show up, but to share your process with others. This one is filled with good energy and wonderful music as well. I'm grateful that you show up every day whatever you're doing, even if we don't get to see all of it. Keep being you & always remember to relax, allow time just for you and tap on your shoulder more often saying: 'Sean you did great.'

  3. So I'm discovering this writing app you're using Sean, and I find it absolutely amazing ! Thanks for sharing that too. The tool isn't what will makes a person writes better, yet it will help to focus better 🙂

  4. Great video! I use iA writer myself and it's amazing. 

    Could you share a link to your desktop background? Love it!


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