Watercolor Pencils Painting Ideas San Francisco Inspired | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 45

Watercolor Pencils Painting Ideas San Francisco Inspired | Art Journal Thursday Ep. 45

– [Woman] Hey guys, in today’s
Art Journal Thursday episode I want to show you how to paint three beautiful San
Francisco inspired sceneries you can try out using watercolor pencils. Let’s go. (lo-fi hip-hop music) Don’t forget to make sure
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in the first 24 hours. For more information, check
out the description box down below. Now let’s jump into the tutorial. Since in this week where I post this video I will be in San
Francisco with my friends, I thought it would be fun to recreate some of the beautiful sceneries. Let’s start by preparing the backgrounds for each painting first. To create the background
for the sunset skyline above the ocean, begin by
simply drawing small areas with watercolor pencils
onto the dry paper. For the upper and lower
part, I’m using a blue color and for the areas in-between I used a pink and an orange color. Keep a little bit of space in-between as we will blend all
these colors together. Now load up your brush with
clean water and start activating the watercolor pencils by
applying the water on top. Start with the sky first and
then blend out the blue color while moving downwards. Here we want to create a gradient effect. Repeat the same step with the pink color but here you want to go
upwards while lightly blending the pink color into the blue sky to create a nice purple transition
between those two colors. Now do the same with the
orange watercolor pencil. Activate with clean water and then blend it out by moving upwards. Lastly, do the same with
the blue color on the bottom but here don’t let the blue and the orange color
blend into each other. While the paint is still
wet, grab a little bit of tissue paper around something round like the end of the pen and then soak up some of
the orange colored paint right in the center. Here we will add the sun later
and to create the clouds, use a little bit of tissue paper again and soak up some of the
paint by dabbing it over the different shades of colors in the sky while creating the shape of clouds. We simply want a few areas
in the sky to be lighter. While the first background is drying, we can move onto the second scenery and that’s the Golden Gate Bridge. The steps are similar, cover
a third of the upper part of the paper and a
little bit on the bottom with the blue colored watercolor pencil. And then, activate them
with water and blend the upper area downwards
and the lower area upwards. We want to create the center
of the page slightly lighter. For the third painting,
we are going to paint a part of the famous buildings
called, painted ladies. For this step, apply some blue watercolor
pencil to the upper area and green watercolor pencil
to the lower part of the paper the same way as we did in
the first two paintings. Now blend out the sky towards the center but the grass will stay just
below the horizon like that. To add more dimension to the blue sky, you can now go ahead and
soak up some of the paint with the tissue paper to give
the sky a few small clouds. All right, by now the first
painting should be dry and we can continue working on it. To create the clouds begin
by drawing a few swirly lines of blue, orange, and yellow
using your watercolor pencils to create the overall shape of the clouds. Next, load up your brush with clean water and start activating the paint while slightly blending
the colors together. Another cool trick you can
use to add more and more paint to intensify them is by
loading up your brush with pigments straight
from the watercolor pencil. Simply load up your brush with water and then use the watercolor pencil as you would use the watercolor palette but here by picking up
the pigments straight from the pencil. For the clouds, I added
red to turn a few areas slightly purple and create shadows above the bright yellow areas. To create shadows of
clouds around the sun, I used a little bit of orange and brown color watercolor pencils and lightly went over a dew areas. From here you can intensify a few colors such as the blue sky and the ocean and to give the water more dimension, I applied a few blue
colored lines horizontally to a few areas to make
them slightly darker to create shadows in the water. Once you’re happy with the result, we can switch to second painting. Draw a thin line with
brown watercolor pencil right above the bottom blue area and blend it out with water. Make sure the brown color you’re using turns into a slightly yellow shade. While the second painting
is drying, I went back to the sunset to finally
start adding the skyline. For this step I used a black
colored watercolor pencil and simply lined out a few buildings and then I used a white
brush to carefully activate a few areas to make the buildings darker. From here, you can use the same techniques that you saw me using so far. You can load up your brush
with pigments straight from the watercolor pencil and
while the pen is still wet, you can dab on some of
the paint onto the paper to create textured and more darker areas. Here using orange and red colors while to create a few areas
full of light during the sunset. Let’s switch to the second painting. Here we can now add the hills that will be in the background. For this step, draw a few hills
right above the water part and then activate the pigments with water. To add more texture you
can go back with the same or darker shade of color
and lightly color over it. This way the wet surface will take some of the pigments
creating a textured surface. Now before we add the
bridge, let’s quickly outline the buildings above the grass
hill in the third painting so we can work on them
later once they’re dry. Here simply outline the
shape of the buildings using different colors
and then blend it out the watercolor pencil with water to create a soft layer of paint. All right, while this drying
we can work on the bridge. Begin by sketching out
the lines of the bridge so you know where you should draw with the watercolor pencils later. Now to create the base for the bridge, I use two different
shades of red and recreate all the guidelines I just sketched out. First I used the lighter shade and then went over all the
colored lines with clean water. To add more dimension, I
went back with a darker shade and added it to a few
areas to create shadows. You can also use a ruler to
help you with straight lines as here it’s a little tricky to create several straight
lines in a small area. Once you’re happy with the result, you can also add a few
rocks inside the water to make the scenery look more interesting. Here apply the pigments straight
from the watercolor pencil and then blend in the
black color into the water to make it look like the rocks are slightly visible under the water. Okay, the last painting requires
a little bit more patience because here we will need
slightly more details. First, I drew a few more
lines inside the houses without trying to make
it super accurately. The goal here is to make it
look more like a sketch for now. Next, I create the
background behind the houses by painting subtle outlines of buildings making them look like
they are disappearing. While this part is drying, I
went back to the grass hill and added more depth and
details by drawing a few lighter and darker areas with
different shades of green and a black color. From here, I outlined
these disappearing shadows in the background to make them
look slightly more visible and then just went over all
the paintings we just created. I darken some areas here and there and created the sun
reflection in the water using an orange color. If you want, you can also
use watercolor paint or wash to add a few more light
reflections in the buildings and on top of the water. Intensify more and more areas
and create more and more lines until you’re happy with
the result and you’re done. Remember that a painting
always develops over time. Don’t get discouraged during the process just because it doesn’t
look as good as you hoped. Give it more time and keep working on it. During the process you will
see more and more clearly what you should change or
add to make your painting look better. Also, today’s Art Journal Thursday episode is the last episode before summer break. I just wanted to take this Thursday off to recharge my creative
tank in order I come back with more fun videos in the future. I hope you understand and
look forward to new videos. Of course, there will be Saturday videos in the future so don’t worry. A huge shout out to Mira Jane. Thank you so much for watching my videos. I really hope you enjoy this
video and find it helpful. If you did, be sure to give
this video a thumbs up, support this channel and if
you’re new here don’t forget to subscribe and to click
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and I will see you soon. Bye!

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