Ways Bloggers Make Money (Answers to Popular Money Making Secrets about How to Blog Revealed!)

Ways Bloggers Make Money (Answers to Popular Money Making Secrets about How to Blog Revealed!)

If you’ve ever wondered how exactly do bloggers
make money, there’s so much noise on the internet. What’s good advice? And what isn’t? By the end of this video, you’ll know the
five most popular money making secrets that bloggers use to create a passive income stream
so that you can do the same. And be sure to stay tuned all the way till
the end of the video and I’ll tell you how you can get a copy of my free quick start
guide so that you can get your money making blog setup right the first time. For the best digital agency tech hacks, be
sure to subscribe to this channel and don’t forget to hit that bell notification so you
can be the first to know when I upload a brand new video. Everybody wants to know how to bloggers make
money. I’m Kate Murray. I worked in corporate and agency marketing
for 14 years and I’ve helped hundreds of companies monetize their website and create six and
seven figure incomes and now I’m sharing the tricks of the trade and Right here on this YouTube channel so that
you can learn how to create a passive income stream the right way. There are five primary ways to make money
online. Everybody’s talking about it, but not everybody’s
doing it right. The first way is obvious you sell your own
product or service. But what if you don’t have a product or service. The most interesting part about setting up
an online business is that you don’t actually need to have a product or service in order
to make money online. To illustrate this concept, let’s take a look
at the specifics of what this actually means. If you are already a business owner and you
have a product or service, then your process for setting up an online stream of revenue
is very different from someone who doesn’t yet have a business but has a desire to start
one. If you have a business. The way you make money is primarily by blogging
to the different phases of the customer journey, awareness, consideration and decision. If you need some
help putting these three pieces into place, download a copy of my free Getting Started
checklist for business owners, you’ll find a link in the comments below. If you don’t have a business yet, you’ll fall
into one of two categories. Blogging because you have knowledge of a special
topic that you can use to inform, inspire or teach other people about or setting up
an online business blogging about products that you can sell from an online store, but
that you don’t actually have to stock inventory or manage the distribution process. In other words, ship things to people yourself. Let’s talk about the online store situation
first. In this case, there are two different avenues
you could set up an Amazon FBA account or a drop ship business. In that situation, you’d be blogging about
a product that you don’t have to have in your possession. blogging about and selling physical products
are entirely different from selling digital products. Which brings us to number two, if You’re a professional who’s been in business
for a number of years and you have a special knowledge, you can actually package that knowledge
up into a digital product. Digital courses have exploded in recent years
with everything from cooking to jewelry making to guitar playing all of these different areas
where you might have a special knowledge can be packaged up and sold as your own digital
product. Do you have special knowledge of a topic that
you’re thinking about blogging about? Tell me about it in the comments below. When selling your own product or service,
the income potential you have online is not capped at all. But there are still other ways to make money
with your blog if you don’t want to sell your own product or service. Which brings us to number three affiliate
links and affiliate link is kind of like making a commission on somebody else’s product. A simple way of thinking about it is this,
your insurance agent, your financial advisor and each Your travel agent. These are all people who make a commission
by selling someone else’s product. When you write a blog and mention a product
or service, you can make a commission if the person reading your blog clicks on the link
and then purchases that product or service. This is done with special link tracking software,
which ties the click back to your website as the source of the referral. affiliate links are some of the most common
ways that bloggers who don’t have a product or service make money. Some of the biggest affiliate networks are
Amazon, Clickbank and share a sale but it’s not as simple as posting a link on your website
and hoping that people will click it blogging for the purpose of making money with affiliate
marketing is just like a regular job. It takes some effort and it’s got to be set
up right from the beginning is your blog set up properly? download a copy of my free Quick Start Guide
to find out there’s a link in the comments below. secret number four bloggers use network advertisers
such as Google, Yahoo and Bing to sell ad space on their website. That means they install a little snippet of
code on their WordPress blog. And then the ad networks serve up ads that
are relevant to the topics that they’re blogging about. While network advertising is a set it and
forget it way of making money with your blog, it’s not necessarily the most profitable blogging
technique. Finally, bloggers can also make money by doing
sponsored content. This type of paid media resembles brand journalism
in that the blogger writes an article in their own tone and voice but talks about the brand
in a very subtle way, instead of being compensated on a per click basis, like with the network
ads that I just discussed, the brand itself pays the blogger and agreed upon amount, then
the blogger and the brand both promote the article at a specified time. This is also very similar to influencer marketing. We’re a personal Or a personal brand promotes a product or
a service. Now you know the five different ways that
bloggers make money with their blog. Want to know even more about how to get your
WordPress blog set up as quickly and efficiently as possible? Be sure to give this video a thumbs up because
next week I’ll be taking a deep dive into how to make your website look like a professional
designed it. What hurdles do you have in getting started? Tell me about it in the comments below. See you next time.

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  1. These are great tips! I started a blog and would love to learn more on how I can monetize it thank you for sharing!

  2. This is such an important video! So many bloggers, especially mothers, are under the impression they'll make a lot of money blogging alone. Thanks for information on "the business behind the blog".

  3. The “getting-started” part is the hardest of all! After that, it just flows! I am so happy I am blogging now!

  4. Love this!! I am brand new to having my own website/blog and this is super helpful! I started too early with AZ affiliates and got cut off since I didn't have enough qualifying sales in 180 days. I'll try again when I get more subs/traffic. Thanks for this!

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