what’s up everybody, welcome back to my channel! hi how are ya? now today I know you all are dying to meet our new puppy so I’m gonna stop running my mouth in a second and show them to you but I need to say hi, drama all right so as you guys know we got Drama last year and her birthday is on October 31st my little Halloween baby so she will be turning a year old next month and we and Nate have been wanting six dogs that was our limit a while ago we said we really wanted six okay so it is really hard to get all five dogs together this is gonna be a little Jeffrey star Nathan star family dictionary cuz a lot of people don’t know all the dogs names so a lot of people thought that diamond was our new puppy because she’s so little but diamond is actually eight years old and if you did not know she has her own lipstick with jeffree star cosmetics you better work girl and diva right here is nine years old he would be ten in April he is my oldest and of course I had diva and diamond before I met Nate and these are our children together this is drama delicious and Daddy and Eddie back here he’s like I don’t want to be on camera where’s my feet so of course drama and diva are tans and Daddy here is a whoops table Pomeranian of course delicious is pure black she is so stunning I love his features bless you Gesundheit now our new baby is about to come out and say hi to you you want to grab music now me and Nate couldn’t figure out a name we had a name in mind yes we did but why’d we change it dude I don’t know I mean when we got him you know it just didn’t seem like the name we had picked you know just seeing his personality and just how he acts and walks around you know yeah it definitely didn’t fit so we do see the puppy oh the puppy is about to be here so we decided on a different name and we are about to introduce you to our new son all right you guys this is our brand new baby his name is DaVinci hi little boy look at how adorable he is I know it’s a puppy so everyone’s like oh but no he is the cutest puppy I have ever seen close your ears drama close your ears this is the newest addition to the star family diva diamond delicious daddy and drama are all obsessed with da Vinci already we’re about to play you guys the footage from yesterday when he first arrived at the house and we weren’t even sure of his name so we’re gonna have to do some bleeps or some cuts because we didn’t know what to call him yeah we were calling him different things and then has me yeah as Nate said as we got to know him more and he was home for the full day but previous names we were thinking of just didn’t really fit they weren’t in and da Vinci is perfect he is a sophisticated young man that wants to dive into the arts and musics of the world drama drama what do you think about your brother honey never drama in him we’re playing so hard this morning it was the cutest thing now we’re only on 24 hours of having him of course but he slept really good he’s eating his drinking is going to the bathroom perfect Jesse um I’m joking yeah he is perfect and hi little man we are so excited to raise him and of course the other dogs will be helping erase him as well oh you gonna ear in part of the pack now alright I think we should take him inside let’s give him some food and we’re about to play you guys the footage right now of when he came to the house and when he met the dogs for the first time good morning everybody today c’mere angel today we have a new addition coming to our family our sixth Pomeranian puppy is coming here in like 20 minutes it’ll come unique look a little diamond she’s ready for her brother so our new puppy is almost here and he’s ready to come home the mama and papa I’m so excited we had like four hours sleep last night he’s on the way and wait till everyone sees them I know he’s so cool baby a daddy is like obsessed with me so I’m not sure how jealous he’s gonna get lucky with this boy anything babe because when we got drama the dogs were a little we call it the stage of like what do we call it I mean it’s kind of like a rejection stage but yes they’re like really into it for the first couple days yeah yeah they’re not sure they’re like you’re in my territory who is this yeah so it’s gonna be really interesting to see what happened now that we have our sixth edition I think drama is gonna be over the moon mm-hmm I think diva might move out for a week two weeks for sure so all right she’s almost here so the dogs are gonna forget no I think deep is gonna flip okay you guys ready no one knows I’m holding a dog funny hey Deva he’s gonna be mad no baby good boy do his tail oh my god last hug it when he first met delicious he ran and it was like nope we’re not doing this look she’s not sure he’s so little so delicious act a little hyper for like 10 minutes and then oh you guys look daddy look at daddy this is like the intro stages looking at they always get like I think is there so little to look at the little man he’s nervous he’s like there’s a lot of damn dogs we switch and imagine our utopia these expectations if we meet inside the upside honey I’m a food and I start to you guys I hope you enjoyed that footage now it’s been a full day and all the dogs are really loving to Vinci already which thank God because in the past we’ve had some issues cute memory I remember babe is when we first got delicious and diva and diamond had never like had a brother a sister obviously and they were not having it and for the first week Deva was like rejecting delicious and like ignoring him and running away and I was panicking I was like what if they really don’t ever get along like do I have to get rid of the new puppy and we were scared but then all of a sudden on day 8 they fell in love and they’ve been inseparable ever since so I’m really happy that the family is already living little davinci we’re gonna be doing some vlogs over the next few months so we can all watch our new little boy grow up into a a man huh DaVinci are you guys thank you so much for watching today’s video I know it is short but I really want to introduce you to our new little baby so we’ll see you on the next one

100 thoughts on “WE GOT A NEW PUPPY!!!!!

  1. Can people stop committing who is here after diamond died it gets annoying just enjoy them and binge watch

  2. holy- i did NOT know jeffree had so many dogs. i thought he had like 2-3. also rip diamond, poor little baby❤️?

  3. I want a Pomeranian but one we already have two dogs and that’s enough for my parents two they kinda expensive

  4. Diamooond!!! ??? I’m crying, Jeff and Nate I am sending to you and your dogs big hugs and love… ? Little DaVinci is sooooo cute ??????


  6. 5:42 this shot looks like it should be a family photo(even though it already is) , I mean like Nate looks like he should be with the older sibling whilst Jeffree is with the little baby..just me?

  7. I have a two month old male black Pomeranian named Crow <3 and my mom has a two year old female black labradoodle named Pearl!

  8. You can feel the tension from Nate…I question his motives In this relationship..his body language speaks volumes…your either gay and want to be with a MAN..or you like women..but a man who wants to be a woman?

  9. …when nate said "Gesundheit" ?? oh my god! How cute is that! Have you guys been in germany? Or will you?
    Greetz & love from germany ??

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