Website Tutorial! How to make a website with Wix: Restaurant Website Example.

Website Tutorial! How to make a website with Wix: Restaurant Website Example.

in this video I’m gonna show you how to
make a website for your restaurant quickly and easily using wix which is
a great tool for making websites quickly and easily because it’s so easy to use
its like using a word processor and if you’re making a restaurant website
they’ve got some tools and features specifically designed for restaurants
I’m Tim from Real Website Hints and my mission is to help you find the
best and easiest ways of making great looking websites. If you found this video
helpful if it saved you some time I’ve included some links in the description
below this video these links are sponsored links and they
help support this channel at no additional cost to you so if you find
this helpful please go ahead and use the links below this video let’s go ahead and get started. Getting
started with wix is really easy all you do is use one of the links below
this video to go to the Wix website and then click on sign up then just enter in
your email address and password you actually have to do that twice even
though it only shows one field here to enter it in the first time a new field will
appear and then click on Go and then to get started we’re going to appear to
templates and click on templates and then we want to do this quickly when I
have wix and wix designers help us out so we must select restaurants and
food and then the main thing we want to do here is look for the shapes sort of
the general layout of the website you want to create a link to have the most
important information about the restaurant up front so you can see in
this temple here got a minibar along the top and then what designers call above
the fold so basically on the first part of the screen that your viewers gonna
see the basic information about the restaurant appear that the location and
the hours of the basic things that people can look for this template here
also got that information right up here in the top and I just think that’s a
good idea these are all starting points basically
the way wix works is that little bit different than WordPress if you’re
familiar with WordPress at all where you can switch between themes of the themes
are two of the basic structure of your website with Wix every
page is its own unique design and it’s designed kind of like you would use or
processor so you can’t really switch between templates the templates are there
to help you get started quickly and don’t worry about the colors for your
website because all of these colors are completely modifiable even in these
pre-made templates let’s go ahead and select this template here and to get
started you click on edit then it’s going to go ahead and set it up for us okay and then we go and so this is the
Wix editor and what the Wix editor looks like that basic functions such as
background and then to add elements like text images buttons etc are all right
over here additional weeks marketplace apps it has
the restaurant app included in this template since it was designed for a
restaurant so we’ve got a menu page which is the main thing that we use to get
started with. Then if you want to add your own images you want to upload you can upload
it here or you can also upload it later on as you add images using the image
module for example here and then on this site here but the main toolbar and this
is where were the main functions are for editing as you edit each of these
different modules are sections that you can add your page so let’s go ahead and
get started the first thing I want to do is of course change this text here to
match our business so are we gonna do just click on it and can also
right-click in the center and we can click on Edit Text there or edit text up
here and then we can just slide in here and go ahead and enter in the name of
our business Cafe Website and for this I want my
title to go sort of all the way across here so we can adjust that just by
dragging across here across there until it fits in I like to make this a small as
you possibly can all the dimensions just make sure that
it’s just tucked in there just about as small as you can get it in there and
then I wanna put it up on the top here and then you’ve got these are little
magenta lines that tell you when things are centered such really helpful for
getting a great design and there are two steps to the design process one step is this
which is the desktop setup and it’s really important to make sure that when
you’re done with the desktop setup and I’m going to show you how to do that let you go over here
and switch the editor view to the mobile view. It’s really important for your
website and look great on mobile too especially for a restaurant where lots
of people are going to be looking at your restaurant on their phones you know
on their way to a restaurant or when the talking with friends about you know what
they’re gonna do for the evening is really important make sure your mobile
website is set up it looks great so we know that later but just want you to
know it’s really important to make sure you set that up ok the next thing to do here is right click
again we’re going to click edit text and let’s change the font. There are a couple different things
about changing fonts when is the themes section here which is the default themes
and default places where the different texts can show up to get all of these
items here which are sort of dictated by the theme that we’ve selected so they’ve
already selected different kind of fonts for these different kinds of texts like paragraph text for example huge heading large heading and we
can adjust those and changes of different default text and we do that
right here in this editor the other things great about Wix is we get a
ton of font options these are all great font options that you can use for building a
website with I liked the trend. Each one is gonna change a little bit and size
depending on the font and the design of it can also manually adjust the size of the
font here by dragging. Let’s first try to get this to just widen out and
see if it will fit nicely without changing size too much. Looks like we need to make it a little bit smaller. It’s just a good idea
to keep it inside these guidelines here to 100% necessary it’s a good idea just
a little bit smaller so it fits nicely in there. Drag this across and get it as close as you can before
bounces out and then drag this up and get it was a small as possible then just drag
us back into the center again. There we go we’ve got a different look to our website I
don’t want this lounge bar thing here’s we can just click on Delete and I just
use the delete key to delete it and then the next thing I want to do is make this
back in a little bit smaller just to make sure that this basic information
about a restaurant shows up here so we can make this a little bit smaller like
that and next thing to do is change this image of background make it match our
restaurants do that you just click anywhere along the background here and
tell this item here says change strip background of course can also
right-click and then do change strip background. change Strip background and you
get your own images for your for your business to great idea to use that but
the great thing about Wix is that they do include a bunch of royalty free
images that you can use to help you get started quickly so go ahead and do that images here and this is an image on my
uploaded earlier but I want to use It helps you get started without any
images if you don’t have any of course it’s a great idea to show actual images of
your actual business and your actual food but you wanna get started quickly we can
use these free images from Wix so just click over here which is free images
from Wix and then type in a search term and that’ll help you otherwise you
can click on food and drink for example and then scroll down and look at the
different images and then just select an image that sort of matches what your restaurant
looks like we’re definitely preferably use your own images. Let’s go ahead and select this one here change trip background. There we go that already
looks great but now one of the problems we have is that this title doesn’t
really match the colors in here and didn’t match the colors of our brand so
we’re gonna change that by clicking here and then you can right-click or you can
click on Edit Text up here click on the color here and then click on change and
we can see that we’ve got all these sort of preset colors that Wix designers
have come up with for us as you run your mouse over them you can see the colors
automatically changing of course you could change any different element color
if you want to tell this is just a great way to get started quickly and I really
liked the look of this color scheme for this web sites which gonna go ahead and
click on that and then you could gone done so changed over all the default
colors to our website to that color theme so it’s pretty good but it would
be nice to have a background behind this title here so it’s easier for our
customers to read to do that when I click on the Add button here and then
we’re going to select box and it would be themed boxes for these are already
using the colors from our theme that we just selected so very helpful helps you
keep going really quickly so it’s click this first box here and then let’s drag
this box right over our texts here get it lined up so that it covers all of
our texts like that, let’s make sure it is center with our text actually with this font here
it’s kind of nice to just drag it down a little bit fonts kind of a different
size and I want done this box to be below our texts suggest that you can
either right click and then select range and then send it back or from our
toolbar menu here we can click this icon here and then click the move backwards
but there we go all right so already a different looking and looking great now
this is a strange box appears I don’t really like so let’s get rid of it so let’s just click on that and that and then we’re going to delete this item now you
can delete it by pushing the delete key or also over here in the toolbar even
collect the trash button that ok so the top part of our website is looking
really good but since we moved this image stripe up a little bit hold this
information is still down there so let’s go ahead and move all of that up so we
can do that by just clicking on each element holding down the shift key and
then selecting all the additional elements in this section here and then
dragging all of that up to meet up with our top color image trip appear and then
let’s drag all these other elements up on this little arrow here they call
handling gonna drag all of this other information up here we go and now let’s
go ahead and start just changing this information to match our restaurant
information so I can do that by just clicking in here click on Edit Text or
right click and then change it to match your information ago and then of course you change your
hours on end if you have reservations or people can order online can have your
phone number right in here and just change that information here since our
restaurant is not a bar it’s a restaurant we can change this here it’s
a obviously whatever you want to delete some of this text here we can make this
box here a little bit smaller and again we can drag all these items up here I
just cancel it two things at once by holding the Shift
key and then clicking and dragging up and get that little magenta bar is
telling us everything’s in line and then let’s change this to say in so our
cocktails change it to say our food and then let’s change these images to match our
restaurant so and click on change image can either upload your own image by
clicking upload images up here or in this case I’m going to just use some of
their royalty-free images this burrito and let’s just click on this image here then choose image this message here just popped up
which is just trying to get us to get a domain for a site we can choose a
customized domain which were gonna set up later on but for right now you might
want to put your restaurant name in here to see remember which website you’re
working on save and continue and done and we can make some
adjustments to this image of you don’t like the way it’s displaying by clicking
on the crop output in here and we can sort of move the image around I’m
certain of looks the best in this layout can also make this image wider audience
can see more of him dragging it out like that and then let’s drag this a little bit
closer to the food title over here that let’s change this image here also
handle right there and all these images a little bit smaller but might appear you see how easy it is to adjust these
things in it really is just like using a regular word processor get all these
other items here doesn’t line up nicely with our new adjustment that we just
made there and let’s bring this up a little bit here and we can change this
information here and her to match our site again we can also change this image
here and then this is a email signup form so you want to get into email
marketing for your restaurant Wix has got that built in to their platform so
you can change this to say you know learn about specials and then customers will end any
website more interested in finding about out about specials they can enter in
their email address up here and I will help you start collecting the email
addresses of your customers in and which also has a functionality now hope you
send out email newsletters here customers that’s a really great feature
there and then here at the bottom and this footer section as they call it with
course when a change this to the name of our restaurant and then we of course why
change all this location and our information here for the most part this
website is what they call a one-page website that is with the exception of
the menu so when you click on one of these items up here and many of which we
can’t click on right now because we’re in edit mode but these will take us to
the different parts of this front page all with the exception of them many
items when I just a menu in just a moment here so let’s go ahead and click
on publish and its gonna save the changes to our website click done here you click on preview and we can see what
our website is pretty much gonna look like to our viewers course it won’t have
this menu bar up here it’ll just start from right here on down to see all these different things and we
click on like the About tab for example can automatically scroll down to this
next part of our website mailing list will take us down to the
mailing list section there so it looks great so so far we’ve got you know
almost complete website here with the exception of the menu for a website so
please click back here on the top and go back to editor and now let’s adjust the
menu to 20 just different pages on your website with quick over here on the top
down arrow they split the page that you want to adjust these pages that are on
these links they go to the homepage are called anchors and you can see the
anchors right behind this bar here so this is an anchor here if you want to
link to a specific part on a page you can add an anchor and you add the
anchors by selecting add and then scroll down to more and then you’ll find the
anchors there soon add more sections here home page that you can link to they
find it right here under section under more so go ahead and adjust the menus
were going to click on this icon menu now the menu functionality of which is
actually its own app as they call it and so when we see a page like this that has
our menu on it you just a little bit differently don’t actually click on each
individual item and change it is designed to help you quickly change the
formatting of your menus without having to go through and adjust each individual
section like this he just click anywhere on the menu page and click on Settings
as you can see here with all the different kinds of layouts if you wanted
images in your menu choose an image layout when he’s got three items across
with the title bar along there and that’s the default for this template
should go ahead and edit our menu of the to set up and use the menu functionality of
Wix we need to set up this Wix restaurant feature so go ahead and click
on let’s get started and then enter in your restaurant name And the address for your restaurant
and then a restaurant phone number and then click Continue so this is one of the restaurant features of Wix and the
information that you just entered in can be used things like connecting your
website with your Facebook business page and then under restaurants here we can
add some additional information about our restaurant including email address
and the opening hours in the opening hours you just click on here just select
the hours that your restaurant is open and then click Apply so go ahead and
adjust our menu we’re going to click on menus so this is the menu page in one additional
many pages if you want don’t want all the many do appear on one page you can
adjust that up here by clicking Add new menu that’s going to add a different
menu page so this is the title area for the page for this menu page here so you can enter in you know the name of your menus and can change this to our menus and
have one menu page for this example could have some description text down
here about the menu then we get these different sections so is a section here
this example it’s martinis and you had images you could we would add your
images here don’t need to have images the menu looks great without them into
edit this you just click on Edit here and you can change this to something
like appetizers and they can have a description for appetizers here in the
news go ahead and adjust all of these different menu items that you have just
by clicking the edit button here and typing in a name given you can add a
price and a little description for each item and you can remove items by
clicking the Delete button if you was to add something like special dish you can add
that the news these buttons here to change the order of your items you
decide after you’ve entered everything that you want to change which order they appear
in a new dish at the bottom here by clicking the new dish button and scroll
all the way down to the bottom if you want to add another new section and
click on new section and then when you’re done adjusting your
menu and adding in all of your menu items and if you want to see how your
menu looks on your website can hear the bottom you can click this preview button
to take you back to the editor and your menu page so there we go that’s what our
menu pages gonna look like if you want to preview it on the live version their
customers are going to see the preview button up here back to editor and you like what you see
what you see and you think you’re pretty much ready to go to work on save just to
save your changes it’s not going to publish it to your website just yet
unpublished until you click the Publish now button or publish up here but it
will save the changes that you made to that is how you add menu to your Wix
restaurant menu website so we have just a few more things that we need to do
before we make our website live on and ready for our customers so lets go back
to the home page we created and let’s make sure that our mobile website looks
friendly for our viewers so all we do is just click on this Mobile icon up here
and then click Edit mobile view is one thing about the week’s platform is that
when you’re creating websites mobile of you and your desktop you are a little
bit different so you need to sort of make those adjustments for that you can
see here the text doesn’t quite look right so let’s go ahead and stretched
down and let’s make the font a little bit small record these little minus
arrows until we get it all nice and on one line and stretch this out here and let’s
close this back up. Let’s just drag this right back there box ok so that looks good to scroll down here
make sure everything else looks good and anything that you type in to your
homepage or any page you’re working on will show up here just the formatting
like in this example here might not be correct so you just need to make sure you look at
that ok so click Save up here make sure all the changes are saved and then let’s go back to the desktop editor
and we go and then one of the final thing to check is in this box up here
the social bar for using social media to promote your restaurant wanna make sure
that these links actually go to your social media things through easy do you
just have to click on it either right click Go to edit or go to social links
here and then click on the social link that you want to change and then right over here you need to make sure that this link goes to your Facebook page or
Twitter account or what have you want to add a different icons click on Add icons
up here find the icon in the style of icon that you want to use or you want to use
YouTube choose from the various different YouTube icons like the icon
and then just change the link for now let’s go ahead and get a domain name for
a website and make our website goal of unpublished up here and then it’s now
time to upgrade our site to your own branded domain so we can either do that
by clicking on this link right here or if we go up to site and then connect domain we can
choose to either get a new domain so if you haven’t already registered domain on
this is fairly straightforward he just click on here sign up for a plan I would say for most
businesses the combo plan at $12 a month will be sufficient unless you want to add some of the cool
with features they have like being able to take orders online or accept online
payments to use the weeks unlimited you probably don’t want to use the standard
connect domain option because it does have Wix ads on your website click on
this and then click on Buy Now button to add a domain or connect a domain that
you already own a few select that option if you type in your domain name here
which will walk you through the instructions on how to create your
domain to your new which website it was like a new domain can simply click here
to buy a domain and search to see if your name is available. If your name is not available try adding like the name of the town at your restaurant is
in or something like that to just sort of help you find a good name that people
easily recognized and then go ahead and click on get it and this one window here
will appear you can choose how long you want to register the domain for for me
since I’m just doing this to show you how this works on select one year and
then click Continue and enter in the contact information for the domain and
click Continue and then private registration probably a good idea or maybe a good
idea depending on whose information you put in to buy the domain but this will
prevent people from just looking up your domain name and seeing who the owner is
it’ll show the owner as some company related two weeks rather than your name
so that is an additional 9.90 a year if you use weeks to host your domain you
something like DreamHost which I use or some of the other services they might
offer this private registration for free and it’s like to the public registration
because on this just a demo just to show you how this works continue and enter in your credit card
information to pay for it and he had a mailbox to their new domain they just
registered you can do that by buying a mailbox here through weeks which
actually is pretty much the same price as it would be if you bought it directly
from Google Apps for work I’m gonna do that in this demo but Google Apps for
work definitely sort of one of the better
email services that you can have to go and click on Close and every click on the publish button
and we can see that our website has been connected to our new domain that we
already own we can be worse I i’m for some reason your site is not connected
to your domain it might take a little while all of the configurations to get
setup you can also connected by clicking on site here and then go to my dashboard and then go down to domains in mailboxes
and in the same that we created restaurant name is showing it might just
take a little bit of time for this domain to fully configure it could take
up to 12 hours I would think and now if you wanna keep building your website to
leave this quick side that we made up you can do that and really easy to do
that we just go back to our dashboard here and then we can click on templates
again and you can suck a new template start working on a building your final
site if the site that we do quick so we created it doesn’t quite meet your needs or if you want to start from scratch you can click on
the blank template templates here and once you’ve finished with that site you
can go back over to your dashboard video either back over your desk water ago
here to subscriptions and domains you can disconnect this website from your
domain and then you can connected to the new website that you’re making and I
will automatically transfer all the information from this bomb first quick
website we made to your final website when you’re ready to go that is how you quickly make a
restaurant website using more in-depth tutorial on how to build your
website and how to set up your business online click on the icon at the top of
the screen if you found this video helpful go ahead and let me know by subscribing
to my channel given me a thumbs up on this video leaving a comment below or if
you really liked it you can use the support this channel button to the right
of this video thanks for watching and keep an eye out for more tips and
techniques on how to make great websites

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  1. Thanks, a very helpful video! I am now in the process of making a web site for one cafe, and was just searching for the tool, that will help me cope with this task. Wix is also an option I was thinking of, however, there are some other good website builders, which are specifically for the restaurants (allow booking the table, etc.): Unfortunately, they are not free, as Wix.

  2. ok if I want to make people buy thro the website and add thing to a cart and things like that. is that possible with wix ?

  3. Hi there really appreciate your videos. Well done and highly informative. Question for you. I would like to create a website about my experiences with stock trading from home. Would include reviews of various brokers and educational organization related to trading. Additionally, I would add links for products or services that I would hope to generate revenue from. Would you recommend WIX for me? I like your explanation of Wix vs Square and WordPress. (Tried Wordrpess earlier this year but didn't find it very user friendly.). Thank you very much.

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