Wedding Bullet Journal – Plan With Me | Lucie Fink Vlogs | Refinery29

Wedding Bullet Journal – Plan With Me | Lucie Fink Vlogs | Refinery29

Hello. It’s Lucie. Welcome back to Refinery29’s YouTube channel. If you’re new to this channel be sure to click on the little subscribe button in the corner. For those of you who don’t know me I’m Lucie, I’m 26, I live in New York and I recently got engaged. My fiance Michael and I have been dating for almost ten years, we got engaged in April, and we’re not getting married until next September 2019. So we have just about a year between now and then. But even still, I’m starting to realize that there is a lot that needs to get done for this wedding. Wedding planning is one of those things that you think you’ve got all the time in the world for, and then before you know it the date creeps up around you and you’re walking down the aisle in your dress, and you forgot to order your flowers. Okay, that is truly worst case scenario. I pray that doesn’t happen to any of you. There are certain things I want to track, I’ve got stuff I need to keep tabs on. There’s a whole to-do list, and specific months I need to do everything in and right now everything is just floating around up here. And the odds are if I continue to work this way, eventually something is bound to slip through the cracks and I might forget something really important, and I don’t want to do that. You may have seen a recent video that I put out that’s sort of all things wedding planning, updating you guys on the stage I’m at, and my registry, and the save-the-dates, and everything we have going on. If you haven’t seen it yet here’s a quick recap. So far we’ve picked our venue, our date, our band, our photographer, our videographer and our wedding planners. Some things we have not picked are the caterer, my dress, flowers, lighting, the cake, and a lot more. So we’re sort of halfway there, I don’t know, we have a long time until the wedding day but I’ve been told by everyone that it’s just going to go by in the blink of an eye, so I’m really trying to stay prepared. This video was just on the verge of being a classic October or November plan with me episode. But then I had this moment where I thought, “You know what would be really helpful for me? Instead of just making another classic month of a bullet journal spread, make a spread that’s going to be useful to me!” So I’m just going to shrink away now so you can full screen see this bullet journal in front of you. As you can see, I’m still using the same bullet journal that I’ve been using for all of 2018. It’s the one that has the picture of me and my twin sister doing yoga together. If you flip it upside down you can see our faces right side up but if you flip it right side up you can see we’re upside down. The page just before this page was my meditation tracker where I basically tracked that 21 day meditation challenge from the last video. I have officially gone through the whole meditation tracker. I’ve filled in every bubble, I’ve completed the 21-day challenge, so now we’re onto the next page. Just to give you guys a closer look at my engagement ring, I know a lot of you have been asking me. It’s a circle diamond, it has a split shank going down both sides. It’s actually rose gold, which I love so much. And that is the ring. The first thing I did was I took this picture of me and Michael, I cut it out, and then I realized I had this iridescent washi tape that is sort of pink but when you look at it on an angle it’s sort of green and it glows and it’s really shiny and pretty. I taped in the four corners with that tape. On the top I wrote, “I do” in script. And then I wrote the month and year of our wedding just below it. On the next page I decided to make a tracker. This page is signifying the amount of months until our wedding so I titled it Months until “I do.” And then I drew on these little rings, and then I drew gemstones on the top. And filled them in with all different colors, outlined them with a skinny marker. Because we’re in November right now, I put the sparkle around the November gemstone, and my plan is to add that sparkle to the other gemstones as those months pass. This page was inspired by @laura.bujo on Instagram, and I topped it off with just a few heart stickers in the corner. So the next thing I did was I went to a website where I basically wrote in my entire wedding budget and split it into the different things that I’m spending on and it created a pie chart for me that I then copied into this
ring. So I filled in each section with a different color and then on the bottom I was putting little color dots so that I could make a key down there. The largest section is for the venue and catering, which is going to be about 40% of my total budget. And then in descending order, I have music, photo and video, flowers, the wedding bands, my dress, our wedding planners, transportation, the cake, hair and makeup, invitations, our Rabbi, Michael’s tuxedo, wedding favors, and then miscellaneous. This entire budget tracker was inspired by Victoria Apperley who I found on Instagram. And just looking at this page wouldn’t exactly give you that many details about what percentage each thing is, or how much money is associated with each, but that’s something that I know in my head, so just looking at this breakdown is actually really helpful for me. On the next couple of pages I wanted to make sure that I was actually giving myself some concrete action items. So I created these two really big charts. that have a whole list of things that I need to do, and the months that I need to do them in. The first page was for everything before November, all the way through March. And the second page is everything from April through September. On the left side I put a list of all of my to-dos — everything from throwing an engagement party, which we haven’t done yet, to booking hotel blocks, choosing my wedding party, selecting my dress, my bridesmaid dresses, starting to think about our honeymoon and so much more. And in the April to September time slots I have things like order the invitations, do a hair and makeup trial, confirm the catering menu, the seating chart, packing list for the honeymoon, get our marriage license and so much more. So essentially what I did is I went through and I put a little highlighter mark on the exact month when I need to do these things. And if I have already done it, I wrote down which month I did it in the prior section. This entire spread, with the timeline and the dates was inspired by @bujo.auslife on Instagram. So far the pages in this wedding bullet journal are actually really helpful. I have a countdown until the wedding. I have a budget breakdown. And then I have a list of acton items to do from November through September. So as I was looking through the last two pages that I had made, I realized that they were incredibly useful pages. They’re basically just giant to-do lists. Very organized and neat and orderly. But at the same time it’s very black and white, it just has a little pop of grey. I also need a little pop of color every now and then so I decided to use the next page as just an art page. I picked up my watercoloring pen and just started drawing some flowers. All different types of flowers in all different colors. At first I was just drawing them with the watercolor pen, and then after they dried, I went back on top of them with a skinny pen, and actually filled in the details. Michael and I still haven’t picked our flowers for the wedding yet, although we have sort of talked a little bit about doing a theme that has the colors white and green in it, so if anyone has any great flower suggestions that are white and/or green, comment below. Flowers are something that I think can really just change the whole vibe of the wedding and depending on what color bouquet you pick or what color you put on the tables, you’re really making a major statement and it really does add a lot of life to the room. So after I drew my flower inspiration, I decided that for the last page of this bullet journal, it would be the most helpful for me if I could create just a standard habit tracker. This really doesn’t have a direct tie to my wedding and it’s also just a classic habit tracker for November. But with the items that I drew into it, which include meditating, practicing my handstand, no phone in the morning, no checking emails after 7 pm, drinking my mushroom coffee and exercising. These are all things that have really been helping to calm me down and make me feel a little bit less stressed with all I have going on at work and I think that these are really important things for me to keep up in the months leading up to my wedding. Knowing that planning a wedding can become a stressful experience if you’re unprepared for it or if you’re a little bit indecisive, I want to make sure that I am tracking and doing all the things that I know I need to do, to make me feel calm. So I just went through and I filled out the first and second of November for you, so you guys could see how I was going to fill this
in. After I flipped back to this opening page, I realized that the page to the left of it was pretty bland and empty, so I just added a whole bunch of stickers to it to add a pop of color and bring some life to the page. And that is my 2018 wedding planning bullet journal. I’m really excited with how it came out. I love the colors in it, I love how functional it is. And I love that I really decided to do something that was going to work for me and help me feel more organized. If anyone out there is engaged, or is already married, and has created some form of a wedding bullet journal for themselves, I would love your tips on trackers or spreads that helped keep you really organized throughout the process. Or even if you’re not yet engaged, or if you’re never planning on getting married in your life, just feel free to adopt all of these trackers and spreads to you and your life however is going to help you most. Thank you so much for watching this video. I’m really excited for 2019 when I’m going to start a fresh new bullet journal. I already have so many ideas swirling through my head. I’ve saved so many inspiration pictures on my phone and I’m so excited to create the spreads and share them with you. Comment below and let me know if you like this video and if you want to see more bullet journal videos. I really do read every single comment you guys leave, and I take everything you say to heart. A major part of the reason why I’m doing this wedding bullet journal video is because you guys have asked me for more bullet journal videos and more wedding content. So this is a marriage of the two, no pun intended. And I’d really love to know what you want to see me make more videos about. See ya! Hey YouTube! Thanks for watching. Click here for another video on Refinery29’s channel, here to subscribe to our YouTube channel. And right here for my personal Youtube channel where you can find that wedding video that I was talking about earlier. Bye!

100 thoughts on “Wedding Bullet Journal – Plan With Me | Lucie Fink Vlogs | Refinery29

  1. For my wedding, we used basic greenery! We had had big ferns behind us but we also used little white flowers and babys breath for some pops

  2. For the flowers you can do green zinnia, white Arum-lily flowers, green dahlia flowers, and lily of the valley flowers

  3. Hydrangeas! Also, I've seen a lot of people using succulents in their wedding bouquets on social media, and I feel like you may be interested in that because of how you want your bouquet to be white and green. 🙂 All the best to you and Michael!!!

  4. Wow I’m getting married at the same time. I have forgone all this stress mess by going overseas and letting a luxury hotel in Vietnam organise it for me – I’ll still have massive input to make it ours and w3 need to cut our list by a quarter but totally worth remove all this stress which means nothing to none but you in the end. Watching this video is stressing me out and you sound incredibly stressed about this whole thing.

  5. I really want to know what rings Lucy always wears in these videos! I can only see clearly the cartier love ring but all the others are always confused and they're to die for!

  6. I think that white magnolias are beautiful. They are one of the most amazing flowers I’ve seen. Like if you agree💐

  7. My friend Elena has an incredible bullet journal instagram — definitely check her out for ideas and inspiration! Her handle is @mightierthan. Congrats Lucie!

  8. Your so kind and sweet you deserve the perfect wedding and I bet your fiancé is the best man you have ever met

  9. I am starting a bullet journal and I have gotten a lot of ideas from your bullet journal videos! I want to see more bullet journal videos!

  10. where did u get the notebook because i want to start a journal this new year but i can’t find one that has thick paper and is dotted

  11. Buckwheat is a really nice plant… you could put it as accents for your wedding. It also represents love in some countries in Asia

  12. If you're looking for green and white inspo for flowers, you could try succulents or ferns for the green. There are tons of varieties and you could either keep them as house plants or give them as wedding favors (if they're used as centerpieces)

  13. I'm not in a relationship even but being an Indian girl im obsessed with wedding. Wanna make a journal for my wedding with all my wishes for marriage. Your ideas are helpful. They will definitely help me with my wedding journal.

  14. I wouldn't suggest lilies or lily of the valley, because they have a smell that not all people like, and lilies' pollen stains… so maybe jasmine or tulips. there are some very beautiful tulips that are have white petals with green veins. dahlias are also beautiful 🙂

  15. 5 days of learning sign language, a language not many people speak or an invented language like esperanto

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