Weebly: Changing the Cover Photo

Hello, everyone! In this video I am going
to be showing how to change the cover photo for your Weebly ePortfolio. The cover photo
is this image right here at the top. To change it, there are two ways that you can access
the Edit Image menu. To do that, just hover your mouse over this image here at the top
and click on edit image. Or, you can go up Theme up here at the top and click on Change
background. They do the same thing. Weebly has a large gallery of stock photos that you’re
allowed to use. It’s up to you if you would like to use any one of these. If you don’t
like any of these pictures you can just upload an image of your own. To upload an image of
your own click on Upload Image, Upload a Photo from Your Computer, and you can find the picture
that you’d like to make for the banner of your ePortfolio. I’m going to choose this
one and click on Open. Once it uploads the picture you’ll see that you have a few options
of how you can edit the image. You can adjust it, move it up or down. You also have the
option to zoom in or out on the image, to blur the image, to darken it, or they even
have a few filters that you can use; it’s up to you. You also have the option to save
this image on just this page, on multiple pages, or use the same image on all of your
pages throughout your Weebly ePortfolio. How you would do that is you would click on this
little green downward arrow right here and you can choose which ones you’d like. You
can Save to Just this Page, Save to All Pages, or Save to Selected Pages; it’s up to you.
If you want to save it to multiple pages click on this one and you can just check the box
for whichever pages you would like to make that cover photo for and click on Save once
you’re done. And that is how you would change the cover photo for your Weebly ePortfolio.
I hope this has been helpful for you and I will see you all in the next video.

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