Is it gonna work? I don’t think so… WOAH!! What is that?! [Intro] Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! TODAY! Oh yes today! We are … What are we doing ? We are not playing games! I don’t like games anymore! i’m kidding i love video games Today I was looking at my YouTube channel Ladies and Gentlemen I found this video I uploaded this on September 4, 2015 that’s like almost two years ago thats crazy But this video, Ladies and Gentlemen It’s my most viewed video so far! it has 17 point 1 million! ‘MILLION’ that’s a lot of views 😀 and it’s a weird game and then I’ve got another video over here the… …most useless video ever where I look at… …some odd websites, you see like some some really cool ones and you guys love this it has 4.7 million views! I mean w-w why WHY?! So, I figured for today We’re going to look at some more weird… …websites and if you want to see more websites, after this video. Then make sure, you will LEAVE A LIKE!! Let’s try to go for a And I will uhh… CUT MY HAIR!! I will do it… *Laughs* ladies and gentlemen we’re starting off with something that I love this is something that i love and we’ve got a jello Can I lick it. It tastes pretty good. I’m more into -the lime taste though. Anyways what is -this about what if we touch the jelly ha ha funny. what if we touched from this side alright this is just. Stop now -that’s ridiculous it is time to play a little bit of a game. I don’t know what this is about but it’s called feed the head we’ve got a head over here oh look look the eyes! the eye’s are following my cursor cursor okay I’m supposed to click on the nose what I’m supposed to pull it don’t want that I don’t want to do the Michael Jackson come on no it just grows back okay okay let me just take your nose then oh if we put our cursor on the eye and start tearing oh no that’s stupid that’s so gross I don’t want to see that ever again I just I just got rid of his eye what what’s happened to his nose yes no no SHREK oh my god can we can you spin it hey that was sick guys this is seriously the most useless and weird website ever let’s see what else do we do oh we can click here what is that you I’m just going to click on it wat a camera like a beamer we can watch a movie why they look the eye is looking at this thing now wait awesome oh well this is just what oh no that’s gross I don’t want that just one weird website guys we can pull the ear oh those few well I have no hope for humans anymore this is the weirdest shit ever alright so I think I’ve seen this one before but it’s really really weird alright so we’ve got our cursor over here and we’re just going to put it somewhere in this square watch watch me we’re going to put it right over here and they’re supposed to be someone pointing at the cursor now oh hey Wow okay now can’t get the curtain what about over here ne’er come on you’re not gonna get me this time what okay we’re going to put it in the middle exactly in the middle porner located ah come on this is ridiculous this website’s the weirdest thing ever stop pointing at me I don’t watch with any wires eyes red it’s really creepy dude alright let’s put it in the corner see if you can find me there you’re never gonna find me this time see I don’t see no one pointing I don’t see no important ladies this website is called the mobile tracker com and if I fill in my phone number here which is a Dutch number let’s go to Holland it is supposed to tell my location right now we’re going to try this out and if it works that’d be really really weird I’ve got my phone over here my number alright got my number in the text box and please don’t please don’t call me my phone’s turned on as you guys can see we’re just gonna we’re just going to see if something pops up on my phone I don’t know what’s supposed to happen all right click the track here we go come on tracking your phone nothing’s happening nothing nothing’s happening connecting to the satellite GPS is tracking what I am so confused is this for real object sound please wait a moment where where what what what no haha know what we hope you appreciated our mobile phone tracker prank god damn it they pranked me alright so next up we are on a website called jibjab and um it’s asking me to upload a photo of myself I’ve got a photo of myself over here use it all right Oh position the head okay scale like this like this i guess like that next click and drag a face onto the image okay i’m going to be on every single guy done all right now let’s see let’s see the result I’m not excited warning this video contains really buff dude dancing without shirts okay Mimi I guess right supposed to be me what depakote yeah hey I got damn it I gotta sign up for that she well the first part was cool I don’t want to sign up that was pretty pretty weird though okay next up we’ve got okay hi what am I supposed to do I understand to shut up you can do I don’t understand okay I’m done next up we’ve got Reeve net you’re quite loud by way all glory to the hypnotoad what do I do no the tote is hypnotizing me your hips ascribing me know okay well it didn’t work what’s this I’m the little hand I can move around I’ve got some glasses here oh we want so glasses off ha you all have those glasses can I pull the nose or anything no I can’t all right I guess I’m supposed to put the glasses on his face what’s going to happen next and I get really glad I don’t want anyone Wow well this is dumb WWD not go don’t click here everyone make the mistake you just clicked on a place you shouldn’t click on please go back peacefully please don’t click here don’t click here stop am I making it clear or what do not collect me I’m just going to click okay that didn’t didn’t work so you are not a driver maybe you don’t have a driver’s what I do maybe are just one of those awful or lawful pedestrians you must understand this do not click me what happened okay well that was just really weird I don’t know how I’ll follow this website but the URL is literally ww1 dot-com press in dire situation if you’re eating an android we’ve released a no button as a free app I don’t want that free Apple right I guess I’m going to have to click on the button okay well that was quite amusing so it’s fine to listen someone in vain click to remove whoa whoa this is awesome yes sorry I’m just going to keep on clicking guys hey no way why just remove the box hahaha alright so next up we’ve got ya boy duck meat and it’s kind of like flappy bird but a very annoying version sound is on press em stop writing you all right so uh let’s just mute it so it’s a little game where I’m supposed to jump Oh must get all these points the power jump oh look at that jump house free oh god triple jump oh I died that was weird 1 million giraffes calm on the sixth of June 2009 I made a bet with my good friend he didn’t believe it was possible for me to collect 1 million giraffe ok yeah so those are quite a lot of giraffes is it just it’s just going to keep on going isn’t it look at the scroll bar look it’s getting smaller and smaller what the Jesus Christ what’s wrong with you people and this is not a giraffe by the way where’s the giraffe adhere where is it oh there it is any more giraffes anywhere when you sneaky one what is wrong with people make these websites I’m trying to find a picture which doesn’t really look like a draft then there needs to be one which is not a giraffe right let’s look over here then is it all right still only see giraffes what’s that Oh nevermind guys guys I think I found one thing i found one look where’s the giraffe r is it the guy standing here okay is that as your ass I don’t know I don’t get it no trap face merch okay nope don’t like it are you a real human being a min bar this is like one of these robot tests you know what I mean Phil submit thanks guys I’m a real hero all right so what have you type it and wrong submit you’re definitely not a real human being but you are definitely not a real hero don’t cry Ryan I’ll try again legit shaker yeah I’m a real human being okay so this is really weird this is a little game on the internet where you can draw right I’m just going to clear this up for example I can put a door here like that that’s the door we’re just going to put a couple windows here I know this is really worth to you guys but once I click on this process button the output will be a real image of a real building in the real world all right all right this is a wall oh that’s the wall this is the shutter I didn’t want a shutter is balcony area here we got a balcony all right process Oh what’s it gonna be what’s it gonna be can he find the output Oh what why why is this a thing that is what I put there how did he do that it’s a photo shot that so much is quickly Photoshop that so weird we’ve got a similar one over here it’s called edges to cats where if I draw something let’s try a little penis oh yeah there should be one rule nice nice cream to see all right so if I draw that and I click process it’s going to look like a cat process these are going to do is it going to do it you’re going to do it I’m waiting for it that’s just a hairy dick all right let’s try again we’ll draw a legit cat and we’ll see what it looks like all right let’s go eyes with a hat or four source or cook gospel to the poor you struggle things now you know the cat says meow process is it going to work I don’t think so Oh what is that yeah that’s ugliest cat I’ve ever seen since s not here I’ve got edges two shoes it’s going to turn anything into a shoe okay let’s see if that works that is that going to be shoe now that’s it smells like a shoot of me no doesn’t work well guys thank you so much for watching this video I hope I give you a good tutorial of some weird websites thanks for watching and I’ll catch you in the next video hoohah


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